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									Monday, June 09, 2008

ImagiPlay Puzzles, Rattles, and A Giveaway
Posted by Jeremiah McNichols

ImagiPlay has been producing environmentally-friendly toys for a decade. We recently took a look at a
couple of items that piqued our interest.

The company's PuzzlePlay sets, and virtually all of their other wooden toys, are made of rubberwood, a
tropical hardwood that would otherwise be wasted. Rubberwood is harvested after a rubber tree's efficient
production of the sap used to make rubber has ended (about 20 years), and it makes great toys because it
is dense, durable, and doesn't splinter.

                                        The insides of the puzzle.
                                                The outsides.

The exterior pieces of this Dinosaur Puzzleplay Set form an odd corral as shown, but you can use
individual ones as individual backdrops for a dinosaur adventure. The four "themes" are Air, Land At
Night, Land with Smoldering Volcano, and Land Full of Fossils.

None of the pieces stick or fit together roughly, a problem we've had with some puzzles by Melissa &
Doug. This puzzle is simple enough for Z (nearly four now) to put it together at least partially by herself,
although her preference is to make the dinosaurs hug each other ceaselessly, when not saving each other
from invisible wolves. And you thought you knew why dinosaurs went extinct.

Imagiplay also sells a Sea Life version, both retailing for about $19. The one thing that feels a bit odd is the
lack of any type of containment device for this puzzle. We'd like to be able to store it put together rather
than taken apart, but without a tray of some kind, that just isn't practical. The company is better known
for their freestanding animal puzzles, many of them quite beautiful.

The one thing Imagiplay sells that is not made out of rubberwood is infant rattles. We asked them to send
us their Hedgehog Rattle, a nice little piece of wooden design made out of beechwood from managed
forests, the same kind of wood favored by European toy companies for infant and toddler toys. Imagiplay
finished these with beeswax, and makes the rattles in four designs - elephant, bird, fish, and hedgehog -
all with the same cute spinning discs inside, and each retailing for $12. They chose beechwood instead of
rubberwood, the head of the company told us in an informal phone interview, because after having
samples made out of rubberwood, "when we bit on them, they didn't feel right" - gritty, and too hard.

We took her word for that, because we really wanted to give this rattle away to a reader, and thought
teethmarks might detract from a giveaway.

                        Want to win this cute Hedgehog Rattle for your little rattler?
We want to give it to you! Comment on this post with the name of the last forest or otherwise wooded area
you spent time in. We'll accept entries from U.S. residents until Wednesday at 5 p.m. CT, will draw a
winner at random from eligible entries, will contact them if they leave an email address in their comment,
and will post the winner's name to PRIZEYWinners. We'll also select a couple of alternates and do the
same for them, and if the winner doesn't respond by June 14 with their mailing address, we'll give the
prize to the first alternate who did.

Cheryl said...

         Spent time last month in Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia. It was beautiful! (

         3:02 PM
Jennifer said...

         Those are beautiful! We were in the redwoods of CA.

         3:05 PM
Susan said...

         Mt. Baker National Forest in WA. Cute rattle - perfect for little fingers to grip.

        3:19 PM
Nieka Apell said...

         This hedgie makes me think of the woods in Russia that I spent time in! The last ones? Hmm.....probably a
         nice wooden lake/park area in suburban Boston called Horn Pond.

        3:27 PM
redheadedhowler said...

         Oh that rattle is so cute. We have a little area near our house we call "the valley" that is wooded with a
         stream, we always spend lots of time there.

        4:09 PM
Andrea said...

         My parents live in an area called Forest Hills. We are fortunate to be able to visit often and enjoy all the
         lovely shade provided by the trees.

         4:12 PM
Paige said...

         American Fork Canyon is just up the road from us, and we're gearing up to hike to the Timpanogos Caves in
         the summer.

         4:22 PM
SquirrelGirl said...

         Cumberland Island National Sea Shore... not traditional forest, but beautiful coastal wooded areas.

       4:49 PM
K's Mommy said...

         We took a walk through our local park, Lake Accotink.

       5:27 PM
Wendy said...

         We had a picnic in Ridley Creek State Park (in PA) Memorial Day weekend.

         The rattle is awesome, and the puzzles fantastic.
         5:34 PM
Erin said...

        We live in The Woodlands so just about everywhere is foresty. On the small scale but forests nonetheless. I
        was out wandering around with my son in the park today.

         5:52 PM
jessilynn said...

        The last forest I spent time in would be unfamiliar to everyone I am is just a place locals go to hang
        out. It is called the Mondex and unfortunately right now it's on fire..200 acres have burned. :(
        Thanks for the giveaway!

         5:54 PM
sarah said...

        The last woods we were in was Ayre's Gap, a little hiking area and waterfall near our house. Nice and cool on
        a hot day!

        sarah dot brassard at gmail dot com

         6:02 PM
Jenni said...

        Last wooded area I spent time in would be the woods behind my parents house in Woodstock, IL. Small, but
        wooded nonetheless.

       6:11 PM
kamewh said...

        Nicolet forest :) Thank you for the giveaway!

         6:25 PM
Suzie G. said...

        We don't have too many wooded areas here, but the last place I've been that's close to the great outdoors is
        Mission Trails Park.

        6:28 PM
Naomi said...

        Our backyard. Seriously, it's pretty woody.

       6:44 PM
MamaBird said...

        Rock Creek Park in DC. Thank goodness for the foresight of urban greenspace.

         6:58 PM
Jessica said...

        What a great teether rattle, the last wooded area we spent time in was Lovers Leap State Park (CT)

         6:58 PM
saleha ( said...

        i went to yellowstone national park several years was beautiful.

       7:11 PM
Happy Veggie said...
         I fear it has been too long, but since I am from minneapolis, we do kind of get that tree filled feeling all the
         time. Last named one was most likely somewhere in Maine on my honeymoon.

       7:13 PM
Opera Mommy said...

         Oh that rattle is darling!

         Well, I just left the Evergreen State and the Emerald City, so that was my last "woodsy" area.

        7:54 PM
Joanne said...

         The woods around Camp Barrett's obstacle course, in Quantico VA. That was over a year ago! Wait... do palm
         trees count?

        7:58 PM
Joanne said...

         ^ JoanneMMHolt(at)gmail(dot)com

         8:02 PM
Rose said...

         Tongass National Forest (in Juneau, Alaska). Beautiful. :)

        8:07 PM
Cuddle Cottage said...

         I visited Yosemite for the first time - awesome, awesome place.

        8:48 PM
quitecontrary1977 said...

         We have a great camping are by us, called Sardis Dam.. lots of lovely woods and the what was once the
         largest man-made body of water in the world.

        9:32 PM
Anne said...

         Just got back from visiting the Oregon Coast with my 2-month-old (long trip from Virginia!). We spent quite
         a bit of time admiring the gigantic trees there, particularly along the Pacific Coast Highway and at Carl G.
         Washburne Memorial State Park. jstaple2(at)gmu(dot)edu

          9:48 PM
tab said...

         Cook County Forest Preserve.

          10:47 PM
justleni said...

         Took our 6month old son to the Ventana Wilderness this weeked. Saw a forest fire so we then went to Pfeifer
         Big Sur State Park

          10:57 PM
justleni said...

         Oh and (Ventana Wilderness)

         11:00 PM
misty said...
            Wayne National Forest in Ohio. Thanks so much for the opportunity.


         11:36 PM
April & Pedro said...

            Glenshiel in Scotland. Lovely rattle.

       3:23 AM
Mam said...

            Beautiful Stephen F Austin National Forest in east TX.

         3:48 AM
Cate said...

            We were just in Sugar Hollow in Albemarle County, VA. A regular favorite for the whole family...even the 12-
            week old!

          4:24 AM
Lila said...

            So many wonderful parks around us. One of our favorite...Marsh Creek State Park. But the Redwoods in CA
            take the cake on gorgeous trees we have spent time around.

          5:27 AM
gillian said...

            shelly lake sertoma park, raleigh, nc


       5:35 AM
mannequin said...

            We just drove up towards the Pocono Mts. last weekend. Beautiful!
            And so are the puzzles!

        5:40 AM
Foley Mason family blog said...

            Duke Forest

       5:43 AM
IGNYC said...

            At my childhood home in Morris County NJ. (

        5:58 AM
melonkelli said...

            Mt. Hood National Forest.

        6:36 AM
sunshinedia said...

            We live in nyc so the closest wooded area would be central park, we try to go there as often as possible

            6:38 AM
p said...
         I was last at William B. Umstead State Park.

        6:39 AM
RoseV said...

         We hiked last weekend here in Indiana in the woods of Brown County State Park with our 4-month-old son.
         Didn't see any hedgehogs, but there were deer, hawks, owls, pond frogs and a woodchuck!

         rosevondrasek at yahoo DOT com

          6:48 AM
Kelly said...

         We often hike up to the top of the "bluff" to our family farm. My sister tells me that my half is the "back 40".
         It's covered with trees, ponds and wildlife. Great place for the kids to enjoy the outdoors and toast some
         marshmallows. (

      7:10 AM
Anonymous said...

         We took the kids hiking in the Lake Ramsey Wildlife Preserve (Louisiana) on a Nature Conservancy trail.

        7:13 AM
Andrea said...

         We were last in Grand Teton National Park-Signal Mountain area for Mother's Day and boy was it still

           8:31 AM
lisa said...

         Old School Forest Preserve in Libertyville, IL. I love local forest preserves - some serenity right around the

        8:34 AM
kevnjacks said...

         We were in Acadia National Park in Maine - absolutely bea-you-tiful! :)

        8:45 AM
Bezen Hindistan said...

         Seven Lakes in NJ. That rattle is really cute by the way.

        9:10 AM
chickamonpie said...

         The forest around Coba in Mexico. My little ones would love this. Thanks.

      9:13 AM
Anonymous said...

         We have a brand new bike trail that surrounds several condo complexes in our neighborhood. It is great and
         goes through a great forest/wooded area. It's perfect for stroller rides with my little one. She's 6 months old
         and loves the scenery.

         She's also teething so this rattle would be GREAT!

         9:26 AM
Baxzter's Mom said...
             We spent this past hot weekend under the beautiful chestnut trees in our Grammie's backyard in Ohio. We
             were learning to roll just like the nuts do!

         10:11 AM
cherry said...

             We had our Easter Picnic in one of the recreation parks at The Woodlands.


        10:18 AM
rudylover said...

             Jefferson National Forest in VA just over the past weekend.

             rudylover_1999 AT yahoo DOT com

        10:33 AM
Dawn in Hawaii said...

             we recently spent time on the kilauea volcano... believe it or not there is a forest of sorts on one side of the

        10:36 AM
happyathome said...

             The last forest or wooded area I spent time is Cockaponset Stae Forest in Connecticut.

        10:49 AM
innabelov said...

             Stillwater Cove Regional Park, Sonoma County, California - beautiful place.

             innabelov at hotmail dot com

         10:50 AM
Lesha said...

             The woods behind my parents house are the last woods we've walked through.

             Very cool toys!


         11:13 AM
Melissa said...

             That's a beautiful rattle! We recently hiked in the woods at Hunting Island State Park in SC.

        11:21 AM
Deanna said...

             The Outdoor Learning Center at Stillhouse Hollow Lake in Texas. It was beautiful, and ds's first hiking trip
             (at 4 months)!

             11:58 AM
bk said...

             a private campsite on lake george, vt

        12:17 PM
Whitney A said...

             Prince William Forest in Virginia.
             wakeyes AT yahoo DOT com
         12:59 PM
Barb Z said...

         A nice park up near Traverse City mi, near bellaire. Cute rattle, my little one would love to chew on it!

         1:09 PM
jenny said...

         wow how cute i love to try and win this for my little one thanks . and well theres all kinds of trees here but i
         dont know what kind thay are and well i'm in muncie ,in and well when we go out for walks we go to the
         gradens to walk and we get to see all kinds of neet things not much here but at this time of year its realy

      1:09 PM
Mommy T said...

         We walked this weekend on the wooded W& OD bike trail in Arlington VA. Great toys too - I just saw the
         company featured on Big Ideas for a Small Planet and have been meaning to check their products out!

          1:27 PM
Tricia said...

         Last time we were in the "woods" was in was beautiful.


        2:38 PM
simpli mama said...

         San Bernardino National Forest. It's gorgeous here!

         2:58 PM
Alice H said...

         Today I went to the Powell Gardens in Kansas City, MO - there is a beautiful wooded nature trail there. It
         was great!

        4:22 PM
Panjo Kids said...

         There is a nice forested park right along the river here in Wilsonville, Oregon.

         5:50 PM
jocelyn said...

         Oh I love the woods, and hike in Patapsco State Park here in Catonsville, Maryland quite ogten with my 6-
         month old in a sling!

         It's great photoraphy fodder, too...

        6:06 PM
bridge1872 said...

         forest preserves in the burbs of chicago

       7:44 PM
Meghan said...

         Muir Woods in California--We saw the redwoods on Memorial Day!

        8:28 PM
- Marybeth I. said...

         probably Mount Baker in WA or off the Mackenzie river outside of Eugene OR. Love the west coast.
      8:54 PM
Anonymous said...


        9:44 PM
brandy said...

         independance virgina, it's a small mountain town. my grandparents have a cabin up there. i love to feed the

         7:46 AM
paige said...

         Muir Woods, in CA

         darling, darling rattle/teether

         8:24 AM
gkstratos said...

         We just got back from a 3-day camping trip to the Donner State Park (CA)

        9:35 AM
Aubrey said...

         We hiked up by Kootenai (sp?) in Montana - gorgeous!
         byubabe14 at yahoo dot com

        9:43 AM
Kathleen @ Katydid & Kid said...

         Our town has a little park/trail that follows the Sacony creek and was built by the scout troops. We just went
         for a walk there the other evening with the babe and it was nice to hear the water and be surrounded by
         trees. I'd love to win this, as we are in need of some eco-friendly baby toys! Thanks!

         10:09 AM
michelle said...

         The last forested area that we spent time in is in our backyard. It is one of the reasons why we purchased the
         home we did. The kids love playing out there and we can observe a wide variety of nature, just a few steps
         outside our back door.

         michelle at northofthe49 dot com

         10:12 AM
Carly & Garrett said...

         The Shenandoah Forest in Virginia. It is beautiful. I would love to win this prize for my little girl.

        10:15 AM
JenO said...

         This is so beautiful, I'll have a hard time giving it to my baby! (but I will! ;)
         Here in Oregon there are woods all over. My in-laws live in a forested area (near Jasper, OR) and have
         acreage, we were up there enjoying the outdoors a few months ago.

         10:17 AM
Beki said...

         We spent some time around Loon Lake, MI.
        10:20 AM
Brooke said...

         The last wooded area I was in was sneaking through someone's property in Dunellen, Florida to go tubing in
         Crystal River.

        10:20 AM
EJW said...

         I got lost running in the woods of Jeckyl Island, GA, although it worked out OK as the whole island is only 5
         miles long!

        10:28 AM
sweetsue said...

         In May I took a hike in the Mt. Hood National Forest. It is breathtaking!

        10:43 AM
LisaW said...

         It's been awhile, but it was probably Hocking Hills State Park.

         10:58 AM
Danielle said...

         What a cute toy! I love their Animal Puzzles. We spend a lot time at the Blue Ridge Parkway exploring all the
         cool waterfalls.

         eric_danielle at netzero dot com

        11:29 AM
Adventures In Babywearing said...

         I'd love to win! We are about to go in the woods today, but the ones I was in before that was at Deep River
         here in Indiana! My boys love hiking.


        11:32 AM
Leeanthro said...

         What a cute rattle!

         We took a train ride through the woods of the St. Louis Zoo in Forest Park last week.

        11:34 AM
Johnny and Alisha said...

         I'm not sure it would count as a forest, but probably the rice paddies and along trails surround by bamboo in
         Southern China.

        11:50 AM
Tuesday Girl said...

         We were just in the harriman state park in NY last weekend. We love to hike and picnic there
         tuesdayef(at)aol (dot)com

          11:54 AM
PS said...

         We are lucky enough to literally LIVE in the woods. We own about 150 acres of woods and that is up against
         about 300 acres of state forest. LOVE IT. But we were in the Redwoods last summer which was amazing
         because we don't have any trees like that here!

         12:09 PM
blueviolet said...

          The last wooded area I was in was the Smoky Mountains as we were driving to/from Florida.

         12:37 PM
Cory H. said...

          I'll have to get some puzzles for my son. We spent Memorial Day camping. It was so nice to be outdoors.

         1:20 PM
Sundi said...

          The last forest I was in was in the piney woods of East Texas! Great giveaway -- thanks!

          ksrutledge at hotmail dot com

        1:57 PM
Genevieve P said...

          We took a walk in the woods in the park near us--Central Park, but not THE CP! : )

        2:06 PM
Mary512 said...

          The last time we were in a wooded area was when we went camping a few weeks ago out on my familys land
          in east texas. Its on a lake and it was a ton of fun! Great giveaway, thanks!

      2:27 PM
mom2boys said...

          The last time we were in the woods was last weekend at Highlands Hammock
          State Park. We love going camping out there! Thanks!

       2:32 PM
DesignHER Momma said...

          that would have to be the "woods" behind my parents house in west michigan. Not "extreme" by any means,
          but sill quite and lovely.

         5:29 PM
Katie said...

          I haven't been in the woods since we lived in Flagstaff, AZ three years ago. I really miss it. Kansas has a lot of
          katiekarr at gmail dot com

        7:27 PM
Kate Etue said...

          the beautiful mountains of Burnsville, NC--right outside Asheville

         7:39 PM
Bhav said...

          The last one we went to would be the Centennial Park in MD. Its really close to where we live.

          bvbabybv at

        8:25 PM
Amira said...

          busse woods in schaumburg IL...its getting smaller every year :(
         8:56 PM
Jenn said...

         I recently went jogging through a small park near my house. There are lots of trees and it is very peaceful.


       10:52 PM
Dianna_Ball said...

         Besides my backyard? ;) There's a rollingblade/running/walking trail near my house called Linear Park in
         Cheshire, CT. Very picturesque. Very nice to spend time at.


        3:55 AM
Just.Me said...

         I live on a mountain and my backyard is a huge wooded area. There used to be lots of beautiful trees, but the
         owner cut lots of them down for $$$. There are still trees, but it is not the same.

         3:59 AM
bison61 said...

         last September - the Maplewood State park in Minn.

         tiramisu392 (at)

        8:47 AM
melissad.williams said...

         I was in the woods yesterday!

          10:50 AM
Kristie said...

         I think the last woods I was in was probably behind my parents' place.

        7:19 PM
CJW's folks said...

         I live with next to a forest that is part of our piece of land. I gaze at the trees every day.

        9:10 PM
The Chatty Housewife- said...

         Birch bay State park, I walk through it daily and part of it is forested, I love it!

         10:37 PM
Becca said...

         Our backyard is pretty heavily wooded. Maybe a little too much so, since my daughter got a couple of spider
         bites when we were playing out there on Friday.
         beccachristensen at hotmail dot com

         8:56 PM

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