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									                  Taiwan San Yang Pharmaceutical Works Co, Ltd.

The President:CHANG CHAO LIN Address:No.36.Rong
Tyan Road.Chao Chou .Ping Tung Fax:( 08)7895597 Web
 The Transformation of Taiwan San Yang Pharmaceutical
 Works Co, Ltd.
San Yang Pharmaceutical Factory established private organization in 1967.
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After30yearsofeffortandstrongmana gement,wehav egone through an expansion into pharmaceutical
dosage form equipment in 1970, an increase in capital in 1972, the change to a company structure in 1980,
an increase in the range of pharmaceutical dosage form equipment products from 1981 to 1985, and a
factory extension in 1987. The factory gained “GMP certification in Western medicine and Chinese
medicine concentrate as well as general Western medicine" in 1988. The company implemented GMP
for traditional medicine dosage form according to the government GMP regulations of July 2006. The
object of Taiwan San Yang Pharmaceutical Works Co., Ltd. is to save lives while saving the world, and to
serve the people by producing various internal / external Chinese and Western medicine to benefit the
health of consumers. Since its early establishment right up to the present, Taiwan San Yang has always
strived for constant improvement and for perfection. By paying close attention to research and
development as well as quality control, Taiwan San Yang has evolved into a modern pharmaceutical
1、2005 Year 8 month 30 day no.署授藥 0940004236 Passed Herbal Medicine GMP Regulation.
___year___month___day no. ___the□ Addicitional Medicine Type______Passed Herbal
Medicine GMP Regulation 2、Current Medicine Type:            Concentrated Medicine:■ Powder□ Pillar
□ Granules■ Capsule□ Tablet□ Film Coated
                                 Tablet□ Sugar Coated□ Tablet□ Other
   Traditional Medicine:□ Precese■ Powder■ Pillar□ Hard Gelatin■ Oral Tincture□ Oral Solution
■ Syrup□ Solution for External Use■ Hard Ointment■ Ointment □ Other
   Western Medicine:□ Granules□ Capsule□ Tablet□ Film Coated Tablet ■ Plaster 3、
Currently obtained Certificate: 101 Page 4、Concentrated Medicine Certificate: 13 Page
   Powder 2 Pillar ___Granules ___Fine Granules ___Capsule 11 Tablet ___Film
   Traditional Medicine Certificate 88 Page:
        Piecese___Powder 27 Pillar 28 Granules___Capsule___Film coated Tablet___Hard
Gelatin___Oral Tincture 5 Oral Solution___Syrup 1 Solution for External use 4 Power for
External___Hard Ointment 2 Ointment 3 Plaster 18 Other___Page
5、Certificat of Medicine produced by request:Concentrated 0 Page、Traditiona 15 Page.
6、Major Picducts:

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