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									           Needles & Pins 2007 Updat e On
       Making Great Quilt s For Babies & Children

What Could Be More Fun!!
Making quilts for ba-     ily be done on the         an infant has been
bies and youngsters is    home machine, or you         loved t o t at t er s -
a treat! Because          may want to take a         t hat means it s t ime
these projects are        bit more time to hand      for a new quilt!
usually smaller, you      quilt , knowing it won t   Making a quilt for an
have the option of ei-    take forever. What-        expected baby of-
ther a) using simple,     ever your choices,         ten brings a new
easy designs for          patterns and designs       customer to our
faster work or b) tak-    abound for quilts that     door. What better
ing the opportunity to    will be loved by chil-     reason to enter the
indulge in more com-      dren and parents.          wonderful world of
plex piecing since        We love to hear the        quilt ing! But don t f or -
there is less of it to    stories our customers      get: babies grow up
do. The same goes         tell about their gifts     and new quilts must
for the quilting: these   of quilts to children!     get larger: onward
quilts are great for      Most quilters are de-      in your quilting
practicing machine        lighted to know that       journey!
quilting that can eas-    the quilt they gave to

Yummy Flannels J ust For Baby!
Flannels continue to      baby flannels and          other models for patterns such
be popular for making     hope to add several        as Baby Loveys, Simply Ducky
soft and squishy baby     this year.                 and Butterfly Flip. For best re-
quilts or just for        Be sure to see the         sults with flannels, keep your
backing them. We          popular Jungle Ani-        pattern design simple and piece
are watching for          mals panel now in          with your walking foot or built-
great new lines of        stock as well as our       in even feed option.
Ot her Great Gif t s For Babies and Youngst ers
Quilts are not the only great        The Hat, Mittens                          derful accessories
gifts you can make for babies,       & Kids pattern                            for use with special
children and parents. Try            makes fun outdoor                         clothing.
these great ideas on for size:       wear that look like                         Slippers are fun
    Make a quilted diaper            frogs, bears and                         to make for kids. We
    bag. We have lots of pat-        more.                                    have the Grid Grip
    terns. You can use pre-          Animal Wrappers                          you need for the bot-
    quilted Sandcastle for           make great gifts!                        toms. Use it on the
    strength and to cut quilt-       These towel                              back of a flannel
    ing time.                        cover-ups are perfect for            changing mat, too.
    A flannel Snuggle Up is a        swim lessons, the beach              Paint Smocks, pillowcases
    great winter wrap for            and the bath.                        and tote bags are always
    baby.                            Covered Hangers are won-             fun to share!

About Batting and Thread...
We recommend choosing the         easily and doesn t shr ink. I t      soft. Choose cotton without
batting for your quilt with the   has a low loft but shows the         scrim (binder that holds the
user and care in mind. All of     quilting well; easy to hand          cotton fibers and makes the
our Hobbs bat t s ar e good       quilt.                               batt denser) if you want to
choices and all come in the       Cotton batting must be               hand quilt.
 baby (45x60) size or can be      quilted fairly closely and will      We do not recommend quilt-
cut from the bolt.                shrink upon washing; gives the       ing with nylon invisible
Polyester batting washes           ant ique look and is ver y          thread on baby quilts.

Choosing The Right Fabrics For A Baby Quilt
Some new parents                              be sure to find out      The more you can know about
want everything in                            in advance. Do you       parent expectations, the bet-
the nursery to be                             want to make an          ter you will feel about your
color coordinated                              inf ant quilt t hat     gift. Look for neutral
and matched to a                              needs no fabric          themes: ducks, sheep, bunnies
theme; others will                            gender matching,         and other animals, polka dots
love whatever they                            or do you need to        and stripes, teddy bears, cir-
receive. If it matters to you,    avoid f lower s in a boy s quilt ?   cus prints and baby toys.

Page 2                                                                       Needles & Pins 2007 Updat e On
We Have Great Models To I nspire You!
Be sure to see the many baby           animal panels in flannel           Quilts. We ve made it in
quilts we have on display!             and cotton!                        the new Garden Tales
    Snow Patches is a lovely           We have                            fabric line (Beatrix Pot-
    quilt with a planned               the new                            ter characters) from
    scrappy nine patch block,          Baby s Ark                         Quiting Treasures.
    alternate snowball blocks          panel and                              We made Kat ie s But -
    and a piano key border in          coordi-                             terflies from the book
    soft pastels. Very popular!        nates from                          Quilts For Katie Rose in
                                       Timeless                            1940 s r epr oduct ions and
    The Tortoise & The Hare
                                       Treasures, too. Quilt, bind        love it!
    line and quilt are bright
                                       and ready to go.
    and fun. We still have kits                                           The popular Pirat e s Cove
    in the pastel version.             Look for our new model of          line should be back in
                                        Playmat es f r om t he book       stock soon.
    You ll laugh at our jungle
                                       Sweet & Simple Baby

What Can I Do Wit h A Novelt y Print ?
We just love novelties don t        for the ever-popular I Spy         a Happy Bir t hday pillowcase
you? From farm animals to           quilts.                            for the honoree of the day!
motorcycles, school prints to       Don t over look t he wonder f ul   Don t f or get t o make holiday
cats, books and baseballs to        gift of pillowcases! Kids love     pillowcases children love to
chickens the list is endless!       special pillowcases for all oc-    celebrate everything from
Novelty prints can provide a        casions you might include          Valent ine s Day t o Chr ist mas
great theme for a simple            one with the gift of a quilt,      with a special pillowcase that
child s quilt and ar e essent ial   too. Every family should have      says I m t hinking of you!

I s I t An Heirloom. . . Or A Quilt To Carry?
Sometimes the quilter has a         You might want to:                    Add a rod pocket to the
different vision of how a quilt        Ask what the parents pre-          quilt back if you think, or
for baby will be used and              fer!                               wish, the quilt to be hung.
maintained from that of the                                               Provide washing instruc-
                                       Give an heirloom quilt with
parents receiving the gift. Do                                            tions.
                                       an acid box and tissue pa-
yourself a favor: be sure your
                                       per and an explanation of          Specif y t his quilt should
purpose is clear and your ex-
                                       how to keep the quilt for          be loved t il it r avels away
pectations are warranted.
                                       generations to come.               if you want to see it used.

Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                 Page 3
                                    I t s A Beaut if ul Day I n Our Neighbor hood!
Needles & Pins
                                           When I worked in Pittsburgh for several years, I lived
310 East Church Street
                                    j ust down t he st r eet f r om t he st udio wher e Mr . Roger s
Frederick, MD 21701
                                    Neighborhood was taped, and a college friend of mine worked
301-695-7199                        for the show for several years. Fred Rogers made children
1-877-695-7199                      feel at home, loved and comforted. He knew that children            need certainty and security that come with routine that nur-
                                    tures good behavior, manners, curiosity and exploration.
                                           A simple quilt can be par t of a child s secur e connect ion
                                    to his or her world: wrapped in a favorite quilt and held on
               T he W eb A
                               t    someone s lap can banish a bad dr eam; t he same quilt secur ed
    W e r e On                 om
                 s- n- pi ns.c      with a clothespin can become the cape of a daring crusader.
                                    The combo of quilt, book and glass of milk can anchor quiet
                                    time and encourage a lifetime of reading.
                                           Shar e t he j oy of your neighbor hood: don t let anot her
                                    day go by without making a quilt for a child you know or
                                    maybe one t o be given t o a child you don t know t hr ough a
                                    charity project. You never know when your quilt will become a
                                    safe harbor and a reminder that someone cares.

Excellent Books To Consider
Looking for design ideas?               Baby by Elly                        Jean Van Bockel
Here are some resources to              Sienkiewicz                          Happy Days Quilts by
consider:                               PS I Love                           Tammy Todd
    Sweet & Simple Baby                 You I, II,                           Alex Ander son s Baby
    Quilts by Mary Hickey               III and IV by Possibilities         Quilts With Love
    Alphabears, Bless the               Growing Up With Quilts              Priorities from Gathering
    Beasts and the Children             by Mimi Dietrich & Sally            Friends
    from Brandywine Design              Schneider
                                                                            Mostly Kids by Calico
    Jack & Jill Quilts For              Quilts For Katie Rose by            Printworks
    Boys and Girls by Retta             Marsha McCloskey
                                                                            Peek- a- Boo Crib Set by
    Warehime                            Panels & Patchwork:                 Amy Bradley Designs
    Covered With Love from              Quick Quilts For Kids by
                                                                            Quick Colorful Quilts For
    Piece O Cake Designs                Janet Wecker-Frisch
                                                                            Babies and Toddlers from
    Sweet Dreams, Moon                  Polka- Dot Kids Quilt s by          Good Books

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