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					8th June 2004

                   TRACKING TECHNOLOGY

During the coming months Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and KLM Royal
Dutch Airlines will track baggage carried on flights to and from Tokyo's
Narita Airport using baggage labels containing a Radio Frequency
IDentification (RFID) chip.

The Dutch airport and KLM are testing the RFID chips to determine
whether the technique is better or faster than the bar code currently
used on baggage labels. Until August 2004, baggage labels containing
RFID chips will be attached to baggage checked in at Amsterdam
Airport Schiphol and Narita Airport carried on KLM flights between the
two cities.

The chip located on each suitcase can be tracked at any time during
baggage processing using a special antenna installed in the baggage-
handling system at both airports

The chip also has the capacity to store more information than the
current bar code system and enables faster baggage tracking. It is
particularly useful if a suitcase is to be loaded or unloaded within a
short space of time, which is vital to a transfer airport such as
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

At the check-in desk, a special printer prints the usual baggage label
with a bar code while simultaneously writing the RFID chip, which is
attached to the inside of the paper label.

Around 30,000 labels containing an RFID chip will be used during the
pilot programme between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Narita

Baggage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Over two thousand people are involved in processing over forty million
items of baggage on an annual basis at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol,
150 of whom are directly employed by the airport. They are responsible
for developing and managing the baggage systems, sorters and
computers. Handling agents are responsible for physically processing
baggage, the largest of which is KLM. The airport is continuously
working on developing new baggage areas and baggage sorters as well
as testing advanced baggage-handling techniques.

The RFID baggage tracking system represents yet another
technological innovation from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Privium, a
unique initiative from Schiphol Group introduced in October 2001,
speeds up border passage for frequent flyers using the latest iris-
recognition technology. Since its introduction, membership of the
Privium programme has grown to approximately 11,000 members, of
which around 13 per cent are British. Membership starts at EUR 99
(approx. £71) per annum. Travellers can register for Privium online at: or by visiting the Privium service point at the
airport, located on the first floor between Departure Halls two and three.


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