Long term accessibility of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol The Netherlands

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					Long term accessibility of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
The Netherlands

                                    A low land-side accessibility of an airport can seriously reduce its attractivity, and
                                    thereby reduce the competitiveness of the airport. On the other hand can an excellent
                                    accessibility increase the attractivity of airports. Spatial and economical developments
                                    around the airport affect its accessibility. The airport authorities of Schiphol were
                                    concerned about these developments and therefore regarded it an absolute necessity to
Client:                             develop an integral vision on the airports’ accessibility from an aviation point of view, for
Schiphol Redesign                   the period after 2010. At the same time it is not clear to what extent developments on the
(Amsterdam Airport Schiphol,        airport itself contribute to the increasing traffic densities in the direct vicinity of Schiphol
Dutch air control,aviation sector   airport.
represented by KLM)
                                    The assignment
Financing agency:                   The aviation sector has asked DHV to investigate whether there are limiting factors to
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol          the growth of Schiphol from an accessibility point of view. If limiting factors are present,
                                    directions for solutions should be defined that ensure good accessibility of the airport
Services provided:                  during its further growth.
Strategic accessibility study
                                    The project
In cooperation with:                DHV made problem descriptions for three groups of travellers (passengers, employees
Errocon bv                          and others) on three different spatial scale levels (Schiphol, the Schiphol region and the
                                    national international level). Directions for accessibility solutions were suggested during
Project name:                       a number of workshops with representatives of the aviation sector.
Long term accessibility
of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol       Long term forecasts (2020) indicate that the accessibility of a continuously growing
                                    airport will deteriorate if no measures are taken. Fortunately there are good solutions
Location::                          available for these accessibility problems on all three spatial scale levels.
Schiphol, The Netherlands
                                    To what extent accessibility will become a limiting factor for the airports’ development is
Period:                             strongly dependent on the direct accessibility control options available. Without
2001                                implementation of new solutions the worsened accessibility will reduce the airports’
                                    home market, thus directly reducing its growth potential. On a local level the airport is
DHV Transfer & Rail                 able to develop solutions. On a regional and national international level however, the
P.O. Box 1132                       aviation sector is strongly dependent on the actions of other stakeholders, thereby
3800 BC Amersfoort                  limiting the control options for the airport.
The Netherlands
Tel +31 33 468 2000                 Because of this a good coordination with partners in the region is crucial to achieve a
Fax +31 33 468 2801                 balanced spatial development. The airport has an important role in the development of
Internet                optimal solutions for society in close cooperation with regional and national government

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