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					              HOW TO REACH HOTELS in THE HAGUE and RIJSWIJK
                   from AMSTERDAM “SCHIPHOL” AIRPORT

When leaving the luggage area, follow the signs to the trains ("treinen"). After passing through the
shopping area you will find the “Schiphol Plaza Hall”, from where you can access the railway station,
which is located beneath the airport.

In the Schiphol Plaza Hall you will find train ticket vending machines. A single one way ticket to The
Hague train stations costs less than EUR 10. A taxi from the Airport to the European Patent Office can
vary from EUR 60 to EUR 80.

The Hague has 2 stations: Den Haag HS (Hollands Spoor) and Den Haag CS (Centraal). Den Haag is
the Dutch name for The Hague.

From the Airport take the train to Den Haag HS or Den Haag CS and then take the tram 17 to Rijswijk.

Trains from the Airport to The Hague leave every fifteen minutes from platform 5.
There are no direct trains from Amsterdam “Schiphol” Airport to Rijswijk.

Direct train Airport to Den Haag CS: about 35 minutes
Direct train Airport to Den Haag HS: about 40 minutes
From both stations tram 17 runs to Rijswijk (direction “Wateringseveld”)
                          HOTELS in THE HAGUE and RIJSWIJK

The Bastion hotel in Rijswijk:
The Grand Winston hotel in Rijswijk:
Ibis Hotel:.


The European Patent Office (EPO) is located in Rijswijk (ZH) (Plaspoelpolder), which is situated
between The Hague (Den Haag) and Delft.

By car

Coming from ROTTERDAM on the A13
Follow signs for Rijswijk, Den Haag. This road becomes E30, follow the signs for Rijswijk, Den Haag-
Zuid, Hoek van Holland (A4/N4), On the A4/N4 the exit is PLASPOELPOLDER (do not take exit for
Turn right twice at the traffic lights, you will find the EPO on the right.

Coming from AMSTERDAM on the A4 or from UTRECHT on the A12
Follow the signs for Rijswijk, Den Haag-Zuid, Hoek van Holland (A4/N4). On the A4, exit
PLASPOELPOLDER. Follow directions as above.

A porter will show the way to the parking.

By tram

Tram 17
Runs from Den Haag CS, Den Haag HS, The Hague town centre, to tram stop “Patentlaan”. The
direction indication is “Wateringseveld”. From Rijswijk station the direction is “Statenkwartier”. From
EPO building to The Hague, direction “Statenkwartier”.

Tram 1
Runs from Scheveningen, via Den Haag CS, Den HaagHS to Delft. Stop at “Vlietbrug”. From this stop it
is a 10 minute walk to the EPO. Walk up the steps, cross over the bridge alongside the motorway, down
the steps, turn to Tinbergenstraat/Koopmanstraat to EPO building.
From Delft station, direction “Scheveningen”, stop at “Vlietbrug”.

By train

From Schiphol airport- Amsterdam
- direct train to The Hague CS, tram 17, direction “Wateringseveld”, stop “Patentlaan”
- direct train to The Hague HS, tram 17 , see above
- direct train to The Hague HS, change to train Rijswijk, direction “Rotterdam” -(Grand Winston hotel is
next to Rijswijk station) to EPO tram 17 from station, direction “Statenkwartier”, stop “Patentlaan”

General Information                                                                                       2
EPO The Hague
                   HOW TO USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT (Tram and bus)

The public transport ticket is called “Strippenkaart”. The strippenkaart is not valid on trains.

Zones and strips
for pricing purposes the Netherlands is divided into zones for travel by bus and tram. From the HTM
zone-map you can see how many zones your trip will cross. The map is available when buying the

Boarding, alighting and changing
When boarding buses, which is only via the front door, you should present your ticket to the driver for
stamping or simply show him a valid stamped ticket. If you should change to another bus (or tram), you
should show your ticket again.

                                 •   Good News Shop at EPO
Where to buy                     •   HTM Klantenservice (ticket office) at Station Centraal
“Strippenkaarten”                •   HTM Klantenservice (ticket office) at Hollands Spoor station
tickets                          •   Tobacconists

                      To travel by bus or tram you need the strippenkaart. This ticket is divided into strips.
                      You decide beforehand how many zones your trip will cross and then count off the
                      required number of strips from your strippenkaart. Each zone costs one strip. You
                      add one more strip to the total (basic rate) and then you have the exact number of
                      strips your trip requires. fold the ticket at the bottom of the correct strip; stick the
                      card with the fold forward into the stamping machine until you hear a click.

                      On HTM buses and trams the driver can also stamp your strippenkaart for you. Just
                      tell him your destination.

                      It is possible to have more than one person travelling on one strippenkaart. Then
                      each person has to stamp the correct number of strips.

                         EVENT AT THE EUROPEAN PATENT OFFICE

European Patent Office (EPO)
Patentlaan 2
2288 EE Rijswijk (ZH)
The Netherlands
Telephone:        + 31 (0) 70 340 20 40 (General switchboard)
Fax:              + 31 (0) 70 340 30 16 (General fax)

Entrance: Patentlaan (Veraartlaan) - “The Hinge”
For more detailed information:

General Information                                                                                         3
EPO The Hague
All persons must produce proof of identity when entering the building. An identification badge will be
handed to you, which must be worn visibly whilst in the buildings.

The canteen, cafeteria and Good News shop are open to visitors to the Office, visitors are not
authorised to access other parts of the buildings.


Dutch Currency
Since January 2002 The Dutch unit of currency is the Euro as in most European countries Exchanging
money at banks and Post Offices. Commission can vary considerably; it is strongly advised to inquire

Tourist Information Offices (VVV)
The Hague - (Office located outside Den Haag CS
Tel. 0900-3403505
Amsterdam - (Office located outside Amsterdam Central Station)
Tel. 0900-4004040

Train Information
Within the Netherlands – 0900-9292
International Rail information – 0900-9296

Recognisable by the “taxi” sign on the top of the car and their blue number plates. It is not customary to
stop a taxi on the street. Taxis can be booked by phone (at the EPO, ask at the Porter’s desk by the
main entrance).

End of October, the weather in the Netherlands is generally windy and rainy, average temperature
8-10 C°.

The nearest shopping centre to EPO “In de Bogaard” (20 minutes walking distance) from EPO or tram
17, in front of the EPO building, direction “Wateringseveld”, stop “In de Bogaard”, to return to EPO, take
tram 17 direction “Statenkwartier”, stop “Patentlaan”.

Telephone area codes
The Hague: 070
Rijswijk: 070
Delft: 015
Rotterdam: 010
Amsterdam: 020

General Information                                                                                      4
EPO The Hague

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