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Application procedure for exchange students at the Faculty of


									Application procedure for exchange students at the Faculty of Science -
Universiteit Leiden
International students have to apply before 1 April for the 1st semester and before 15 October for
the 2nd semester; applications received after these dates will still be processed, but requests for housing
can only be met upon availability.

                             What to do in your Home Country

1.Discuss with your (Erasmus) Exchange Co-ordinator of home university when to participate in the
exchange programme. A general pre-requisite for candidates is fluency in English (like IELTS 6.5) and
a BSc degree or equivalent in the related field, as only our MSc programmes are taught in English. Your
exchange coordinator should introduce you to me (per email) as selected Exchange candidate, and (if
you did not do a TOEFL or IELTS test) he should mention if your English has the required level.

2. Please see:
(general info) and

application form for exchange students. Fill out the application form

3. Make a list of courses or 3 research topics (including the name of the professor) you are interested
in, ask approval of your coordinator at home. In general the Faculty of Science of Leiden University
advises foreign students to come for a period of at least 6 months (at most 12 months) in order to do a
research training project, in combination with one or two courses in the related field.
For research possibilities and description of courses please check
The course list and course schedule of next academic year will be available in June/July but you are
advised to make a choice out of the list of this year.
Please note: our BSc programmes are taught in Dutch, only our MSc programmes are taught in English!

4. Fax your application form asap to the International Office (Int.Office, p.o. box 9500, 2300 RA
Leiden, the Netherlands or by fax: + 31 71 527 7298) including a transcript of records (=list of grades and
credit points of all courses you’ve attended and practical work you’ve done), your learning agreement
(=list of selected courses/research you want to do at Leiden university) and a copy of both your passport
and student Identity card.

Approximately 4 weeks after receipt of your application form, transcript of records and learning
agreement, I'll inform you if you are welcome at our faculty, if your study plan is approved and who
will be your supervisor. At that moment the learning agreement can be undersigned at both sides.
Please send me an e-mail when you do not hear anything! (

Information on visa, mvv and residence permits can be obtained at

Academic Calender: The academic year 2008/2009 will start on September 1st, 2008, the second semester
will start February 2nd, 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Dutch Language course: an intensive Dutch course during the summer:
or at Leiden university after arrival:


Housing: If your application has been received before the deadlines, usually a room will be offered,
although there is no guarantee. The International office will inform you per email about your chances of
getting a room. If your chances are bad they’ll send you a list of internet-addresses where you can try to
find a room yourself or you could extend your arrival till the second semester. If your chances are good the
housing company will inform you about 2 weeks before arrival which room is available for you. You can
reach them by E-mail:

Mid August an Induction ( broad Introduction) programme will be offered for new international
students (2 weeks programme, costs approx 200 euro).
The last 2 days of this programme (28 and 29 August 2008) are free of charge and available for all
International students who applied for it.

 Have 4 photographs (passport size) made, check the validation of your passport.
 Ask at home country for a (legalised/verified) copy of your birth certificate (for registration at town hall
  when you are staying for longer than 4 months).
 Complete your normal health insurance with a supplemental insurance that will cover your medical and
  dental expenses, extraordinary costs, accidents, liability, legal aid, luggage cover and household goods
 Make sure to bring enough money to cover your expenses at arrival: you have to pay the rent and a deposit
  of one month in advance
 Approximately one week before departure you should send an email to your supervisor in Leiden about the
  exact date and time of arrival. Make an appointment to meet him or her .
 Make an appointment with the caretaker of the Housing Company to get the key to your room
 Check:

                               What to do in the Netherlands
   At Amsterdam Airport you can take the train to Leiden Central Station, a journey of only 15 minutes.
   At Leiden Central Station, you can go to the Visitors’ Centre of Leiden University at the front
    entrance, left-side of the station. It is open from 8am till 8 pm on weekly days. They’ll offer you your
    student identity card of Leiden University and a map of the city of Leiden/ They’ll show you the way
    to your room, and to your department etc. If you do not have a room yet, they can book a room in a
    hotel for you (you can make a reservation by sending an e-mail to: or by
    giving them a phone call: + 31 71 527 8880. Or make a reservation and Eva’s bed & breakfast:
   Pay the rent of your room, sign the contract and get the key to your room.
   Register at town hall if you will stay for 4 months or longer.
   Meet your supervisor or study advisor and register at the Student Administration of your department.
   For road maps/route description to the labs : please see Locations:
   Meet Gloria Schildwacht during the faculty morning (=part of the introductory programme), 28 August
    2008,for the registration at the faculty; Bring a copy of passport (or id card) , health and third
    party liability insurance papers and 2 passport-size photographs. In case you are not able to join
    this programme make an appointment with her.

UNIVERSITEIT LEIDEN, p.o. box 9504, 2300 RA Leiden, the Netherlands. Visiting address: Huygens
Lab, Niels Bohrweg 2, (at the end of Wassenaarseweg left side), room 127 Leiden. Office hours: Monday
9-5, Tuesday 9-5 Wednesday closed, Thursday 9-5 Friday 9-1
E-mail: Tel. + 31 71 527 5783,   Fax + 31 71 527 4195.

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