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					                                                                             Wednesday, October 24, 2007
                                   Track A                                        Track B                                     Track C                                          Track D
                                                                                Breakfast (starting at 08:00) and Registration
                                                                              Venue: Level P4 Entrance Foyer, Graduate House
                                                                                              Opening Remarks
                                                                               Venue: Wong Gungwu Theatre, Graduate House
                                                             Keynote Speech I: DTTN - The E-Commerce Platform by Justin Yue (Chair: Lionel Ni)
                                                                               Venue: Wong Gungwu Theatre, Graduate House
10:15-10:45                                                                                      Coffee Break
              Session 1A-EL: E-Commerce: Models             Session 1B-EI: Service Management           Session 1C-ES: Workflow and RFID                 SOSE/SOAIC Workshop
              and Applications (Long Papers)                and Solutions (Industrial Track)            Technologies (Short Papers)                      Session S1: Service-Oriented
              Chair: William Cheung                         Chair: Ying Chen                            Chair: Santhosh Kumaran                          Architecture and Frameworks
              Venue: P601, Graduate House                   Venue: P602, Graduate House                 Venue: P603, Graduate House                      Chair: William Chu
                                                                                                                                                         Venue: P503, Graduate House

              The Design and Implementation of              Service Obligations Management in IT          Analysis of RFID Adoption in China             DRESR: Dynamic Routing in Enterprise
              a Semantic Service Mediation System           Outsourcing                                   Zhongwei Luo, Zhining Tan, Zhicheng Ni,        Service Bus
              Liangzhao Zeng, Hui Lei, Michael Dikun,       Liang Liu, Hui Lei, Dongjun Lan,              and Benjamin Yen                               Xiaoying Bai, Jihui Xie, Bin Chen, and
              Henry Chang, and Guo Tong Xie                 Raymond E. Rose, J.S. Seymour, and                                                           Sinan Xiao
                                                            Murthy V. Devarakonda                         Agile Business Process Management
              Model-Driven Specification of Software                                                      with Sense and Respond                         Adaptive User Interface Generation for Web
              Services                                      Relooking at Services Science and             Alexander Schatten, and Josef Schiefer         Services
              Boris Shishkov, Marten van Sinderen, and      Services Innovation                                                                          Jiang He, and I-Ling Yen
              Bedir Tekinerdogan                            Hong Cai, Jen-Yao Chung, and Hui Su           Design an OSGi Extension Service for
                                                                                                          Mobile RFID Applications                       A Dynamic Reconciliation Service of RBAC
10:45-12:25 A Tool Framework for KPI Application            Collaborative Workflow Management             Jie Wu, Dong Wang, and Huanye Sheng            Policies for Virtual Organizations
              Development                                   with Alerts: An Integrated Retailing System                                                  Sun Weiqun, Han Yanbo, and Shan Baohua
              Mari Abe, Jun-Jang Jeng, and Yinggang Li      for Garments Brands                           An Approach for Workflow Performance
                                                            Donald S.F. Wong, and Dickson K.W. Chiu       Evaluation Based on Discrete Stochastic        MCTSE: A Commerce Topic Faced P2P Search
              Worksheet-Driven UMM Modeling of B2B                                                        Petri Net                                      Engine for Mobile Devices
              Services                                      Business-Driven SOA Solution Development      Hao Jiang, and Peian Wang                      Zhiyuan Fang, Zhang Jingchun, Wang Lei,
              Christian Huemer, Marco Zapletal,             Lianjun An, and Jun-Jang Jeng                                                                Zhou Yu, and Mo Minghui
              Philipp Liegl, and Rainer Schuster                                                          Practical Access Control Management for
                                                                                                          Outsourced EPC-Related Data in                 A Concurrent G-Negotiation Mechanism for
                                                                                                          RFID-Enabled Supply Chain                      Grid Resource Co-allocation
                                                                                                          Sergei Evdokimov, and Oliver Günther           Benyun Shi, and Kwang Mong Sim

                                                                                                          A Dynamic Load Balancing Approach Based        Mediation Architecture for Integration of
                                                                                                          on the Standard RFID Middleware Architecture   Heterogeneous Discipline Focused Workflow
                                                                                                          Jae Geol Park, Heung Seok Chae, and            Languages
                                                                                                          Eul Seok So                                    Ray Farmer, Adam Raybone, Rehan Uddin,
                                                                                                                                                         Michael Odetayo, and Kuo-Ming Chao
                                                         Venue: Golden Shanghai Cuisine, Dragonfair Garden, 455-485 Queen's Road West, Hong Kong
              Session 2A-EL: RFID, Sensor, and Service       Session 2B-EI: Case Studies and               Session 2C-ES: Analysis Modelling in              SOSE/SOAIC Workshop
              Technologies in Business Processes             Reports (Industrial Track)                    E-Business (Short Papers)                         Session S2: Service-Oriented System
              (Long Papers)                                  Chair: Ying Chen                              Chair: Yinsheng Li                                Requirement Analysis and Modeling
              Chair: Steven Miller                           Venue: P602, Graduate House                   Venue: P207, Graduate House                       Chair: I-Ling Yen
              Venue: P601, Graduate House                                                                                                                    Venue: P503, Graduate House

              Subscribing and Matching RFID-Related Events   Problems and Prospects of Multi Application   A Human-Centered E-Business System                A Service-Oriented Collaborative Development
              Beihong Jin, Shuang Yu, Xinchao Zhao,          Smart Cards in the UK Financial Industry      Analysis and Modeling Method                      Platform for Digital Courts
              Zhenyue Long, and Yifeng Qian                  Konstantinos Markantonakis, and Keith         Lixin Zhou                                        Yingxiao Xu, Yinsheng Li, Lansheng Wang,
                                                             Mayes                                                                                           Junshuai Shi, and Jianping Shen
              RFID Assisted Object Tracking for                                                            A Requirement Analysis Pattern Selection
              Automating Manufacturing Assembly Lines        Service Information Hub for Service           Method for E-Business Project Situation           A Domain-Independent Ontology for Non-
              Jiahao Wang, Zongwei Luo, Edward C.            Lifecycle Management: A Progress Report       Guo Shu-hang, Lan Yu-Qing, Jin Mao-               Functional Requirements
              Wong, and CJ Tan                               Yew-Huey Liu, and Jun-Jang Jeng               Zhong, Gao Jing, and Li Hong-Juan                 Glen Dobson, and Gerald Kotonya

              Extending SOA/MDD to Sensors and               E-Monitoring of Outsourcing IS Project in     Analyzing and Improving Internet Voting           Service-Oriented Modeling: An Ontology-based
              Actuators for Sense-and-Respond                Financial Institutions: A Case Study on       Protocol                                          Approach
              Business Processes                             Mandatory Provident Fund Projects in Hong     Bo Meng                                           Budan Wu, and Zhi Jin
              Han Chen, Paul B. Chou, Norman H. Cohen,       Kong
              and Sastry Duri                                Vincent C.T. Chan, Dickson K.W. Chiu,         Concern Oriented Business Process Modeling        Model-Driven Service Development for
                                                             Stephanie Chow, and Patrick C. K. Hung        Jian Wang, Jun Zhu, Haiqi Liang, and Ke Xu        A-posteriori Application Integration
              Deep Structure of Service Management                                                                                                           Haase Thomas
              Santhosh Kumaran, Yingjie Li, and Pankaj                                                     Analyzing Service Usage Patterns:
              Dhoolia                                                                                      Methodology and Intended Usage                    Task Oriented Web Service Requirement
                                                                                                           Q. Liang, and J.Y. Chung                          Framework
                                                                                                                                                             Yu Cheng, Ji Gao, and Hua-Mao Gu
                                                                                                           Social Network Analysis of Online Marketplaces
                                                                                                           Pushpa Kumar, and Kang Zhang                      Requirement Engineering in Service-Oriented
                                                                                                                                                             System Engineering
                                                                                                                                                             W.T. Tsai, Z. Jin, P. Wang, and B. Wu
15:40-16:10                                                                                    Coffee Break
              Session 3A-EL: Security, Trust, and            Session 3B-EL: QoS of E-Business        Session 3C-ES: E-Business Case                          SOSE/SOAIC Workshop
              Privacy in E-Commerce (Long Papers)            Middleware and Servers (Long Papers)    Studies (Short Papers)                                  Session S3: Service-Oriented Discovery
              Chair: Shin-Jer Yang                           Chair: Thomas Kwok                      Chair: Lianjun An                                       and Process Modeling
              Venue: P601, Graduate House                    Venue: P602, Graduate House             Venue: P207, Graduate House                             Chair: Zhiyuan Fang
                                                                                                                                                             Venue: P503, Graduate House

              The Design of A Rule-Based and                 Adaptive Self-Configuration of Component      Research on Service Oriented Platform             ASM-TL: an Abstract Service Model Enabling
              Event-Driven Trust Management Framework        Middleware: A Performance Model Approach      of Integration Application for Textile Industry   Adaptive Matchmaking
              Yan Wang, Kwei-Jay Lin, Duncan S. Wong,        Jianjun Hu, Heqing Guan, Hua Zhong, and       in China                                          Chen Wanghu, Han Yanbo, Liu Chen, Wang
              and Vijay Varadharajan                         Tao Huang                                     Zirui Gao, and Bingyong Tang                      Jing, and Yan Shuying

              Real-time Correlation of Network               A Dynamic QoS Driven Pluggable GIS            Empirical Study on the Influence E-Shopping       Roadmap to a Full Service Broker in Service-
              Security Alerts                                Grid Service Architecture                     Prejudice to E-Customer Satisfaction              Oriented Architecture
              Zhitang Li, Aifang Zhang, and Dong Li          Wenjun Li, Yingwen Wen, Dan Chen,             Sizong Wu, Weibing Yin, and Guoyue Xiong          W.T. Tsai, Xinyu Zhou, Yinong Chen, Bingnan
                                                           Yongji Li, and Kaisheng Chen                                                                 Xiao, Raymond A. Paul, and William Chu
              A Study of Security and Performance                                                       Management and Education on the Case-
              Issues in Designing Web-based Applications   Partition-Based Profit Optimisation for      Based Complex E-Business Systems Based          Service Composition Using Product
              Shin-Jer Yang, and Jia-Shin Chen             Multiclass Requests in Clusters of Servers   On Agent Centric Ontology and Simulation        Configuration Technology
                                                           Ligang He, James Wenjun Xue, and             Games                                           Mikko Paatikainen, Katrine Jokinen, Paavo
              Towards Quantifying the Possible Risk        Stephen A. Jarvis                            Shen-Tzay Huang, Ming-Chuan Hsu, and            Kotinurmi, and Varvana Myllrniemi
              in E-Commerce Interactions for RDSS                                                       Wen-Hao Lin
              Omar Hussain, Elizabeth Chang, Farookh       WMQ: Towards A Fine-grained QoS                                                              A Dynamic Dataflow Driven Service
              Hussain, and Tharam Dillon                   Control for E-Business Servers               A Case Study: Adoption of Information           Composition Mechnism for Astronomy Data
                                                           Wei Wang, Wenbo Zhang, Lei Zhang, and        Technology in E-Business of United Arab         Processing
                                                           Tao Huang                                    Emirates                                        Man Wang, Zhihui Du, Yinong Chen, Suihui
                                                                                                        Fahim Akhter                                    Zhu, and Weihua Zhu

                                                                                                        E-Business in Thailand: A Case Study            Consumer-Centric Web Services Discovery
                                                                                                        of Two Thai Search Engine Business              and Subscription
                                                                                                        Strategies and Models                           Li Zhou, Gang Huang, and Hong Mei
                                                                                                        Vasin Chooprayoon, Chun Che Fung, and
                                                                                                        Arnold Depickere                                "Service Hyperlink" for Exploratory Service
                                                                                                        Study on Credit Evaluation Model and            ShuYing Yan, YanBo Han, Jing Wang, and
                                                                                                        Algorithm for C2C E-Commerce                    Chen Liu
                                                                                                        Chunhui Piao, Jing An, and Meiqi Fang
                                                                           Venue: Joseph's at the Graduate Restaurant, Graduate House

                                                                               Thursday, October 25, 2007
                                  Track A                                        Track B                                    Track C                                          Track D
                                                                                     Breakfast and Registration
                                                                         Venue: Level P4 Entrance Foyer, Graduate House
                                                                                         Opening Remarks
                                                                          Venue: Wong Gungwu Theatre, Graduate House
                                        Keynote Speech II: Digital Communities and Implication for e-Business by Josephine M. Cheng (Chair: Jen-Yao Chung)
                                                                          Venue: Wong Gungwu Theatre, Graduate House
10:15-10:45                                                                                 Coffee Break
              Session 4A-EL: Electronic Contracts and Session 4B-EL: Agent Systems and             Student Workshop                          SOSE/SOAIC Workshop
              Knowledge Management in E-Business      Document Exchange (Long Papers)              Chair: William Cheung and Zongwei Luo     Session S4: Service-Oriented Techniques
              (Long Papers)                           Chair: Zhexue Huang                          Venue: LG103, Chow Yei Ching Building     of Security, Trust, Privacy and QoS
              Chair: Soo Dong Kim                     Venue: P602, Graduate House                                                            Chair: Yinsheng Li
              Venue: P601, Graduate House                                                                                                    Venue: P207, Graduate House

              An Email Driven Electronic Contracting       Secure Search of Private Documents in        Design of an Adaptive Controlled Object-based   A QoS View of Web Service Choreography
              System                                       an Enterprise Content Management System      Storage System                                  Zhao Xiangpeng, Cai Chao, Yang Hongli, and
              Thomas Kwok, Thao Nguyen, Linh Lam, and      Trieu C. Chieu, Thao Nguyen, and             Xin Li, Changsheng Xie, and Dezhi Han           Qiu Zongyan
              Trieu Chieu                                  Liangzhao Zeng
                                                                                                            Data Warehouse Model for Audit Trail Analysis     Service-Oriented Business Process Modeling
              The Design of an Intelligent Accountability       The Computational Group Concepts in         in Workflows                                      and Performance Evaluation based on AHP
              Architecture                                      Business Document Exchange                  Kin-Chan Pau, Yain-Whar Si, and                   and Simulation
10:45-12:25 Kwei-Jay Lin, Mark Panahi, and Yue Zhang            Jingzhi Guo, and Xin Guan                   Marlon Dumas                                      Sen Zeng, Shuangxi Huang, and Yushun Fan

              A Framework for Model Checking Web                User Controllable Data Grouping for         Intelligent Multi-Party Multi-Issue Bargaining    A Privacy Protection Method for P2P-based
              Service Compositions Based on BPEL4WS             Structural Business Document Translation    System for e-Business                             Web Service Discovery
              Guilan Dai, Xiaoying Bai, Chongchong Zhao         Shyh-Kwei Chen, Jen-Yao Chung, and          S-M Tam, C-L Lai, Y. Yang, and                    Kuien Liu, Qing Wang, Jun Han, and Hu Wu
                                                                Michael J. Ding                             Raymond Y.K. Lau
              Knowledge Enhanced IT Service                                                                                                                   QoS Metrics for Evaluating Services from the
              Management                                        A Multi-Agent System for E-Chartering       Online-Forum Topic Detection Based on User        Perspective of Service Providers
              Hao Wang, Bo Yang, Liang Liu, Qian Ma,            Manolis S. Sardis, and Maria A. Lambrou     Participation                                     Si Won Choi, Jin Sun Her, and Soo Dong Kim
              Ke Wei Sun, Ying Chen                                                                         V. Cheung, Z. Wu, and C. Li
                                                                                                                                                              An Adaptable Fault-Tolerance for SOA using
                                                                                                            Design and Implementation of the Data             a Peer-to-Peer Framework
                                                                                                            Synchronization Platform - E-Sync                 Stephen Hall, and Gerald Kotonya
                                                                                                            W. Wu and G. Wang
                                                            Venue: KamBoat Chinese Cuisine, Shop 243, 2/F, The Westwood, 8 Belcher's Street, Hong Kong
              Session 5A-EL: Service Design and                Session 5B-EL: Workflow and               SOSE/SOAIC Workshop                       SOSE/SOAIC Workshop
              Collaboration (Long Papers)                      Negotiation Systems for E-Services        Session S6: SOA Applications and          Session S5: Service-Oriented
              Chair: Yan Wan                                   (Long Papers)                             Education                                 Applications and Case Study
              Venue: P601, Graduate House                      Chair: Dickson Chiu                       Chair: Xiaoying Bai                       Chair: Weider Yu
                                                               Venue: P602, Graduate House               Venue: P603, Graduate House               Venue: P207, Graduate House

              Design of Autonomic SLA Manager for               Information Retrieval through SVG-based     Automated Recommendation of Quality               The Design and Implementation of a Search
              Service Applications                              Vector Images Using an Original Method      Requirements for Software Services                Engine Marketing Management System (SEMMS)
              Changyeol Choi, DuWan Cheun, and Soo              Kaiyuan Jiang, Zhiyuan Fang, Yuanting Ge,   M. Li, C.H. Chi, C. Ding, S. Chen, and Y. Huang   on Service Oriented Platform
              Dong Kim                                          and Yu Zhou                                                                                   Weider D. Yu, and Andy Lin
                                                                                                            Designing a Service-Oriented Computing
              Towards Accountable Enterprise                    Facilitating Agile Model Driven             Course for High Schools                           A Framework for Extensible Collaborative
              Mashup Services                                   Development and End-User Development for    W.T. Tsai, Y. Chen, X. Sun, G. Bitter, and        Asset-based Service Engagement
              Joe Zou, and Christopher J. Pavlovski             Evolving Web-Based Workflow Applications    M. White                                          Fan Jing Meng, Ying Huang, Shun Xiang Yang,
                                                                Xufeng Liang, Ioakim Marmaridis, and                                                          and Hui Su
              Research on Entropy-Based Collaborative           Athula Ginige                               QoS-Based Web Services Selection
              Filtering Algorithm                                                                           Hongbing Wang, Ping Tong, Phil Thompson,          A Practical Framework of Dynamic Monitors
              Chunhui Piao, Jing Zhao, and Jun Feng             Machine Learning for Negotiation            and Yinsheng Li                                   in Service-Oriented Computing
                                                                Knowledge Discovery in E-Marketplaces                                                         Du Wan Cheun, Jeong Seop Bae, Won Young
              Forming Fuzzy Coalitions in Cooperative           Raymond Y.K. Lau                            Parallel XML Transformations on Multi-Core        Jeon, Hao Yuan, and Soo Dong Kim
              Superadditive Games                                                                           Processors
              Minghua He, Xudong Luo, Nicholas R.               A Hidden Credential Based Oblivious         Yuanhao Sun, Tianyou Li, Qi Zhang, Jia Yang,      A Rewriting Based Model for Nondeterministic
              Jennings, and Michael Wooldridge                  Automated Trust Negotiation Model           and Shih-wei Liao                                 Composite Web Service System
                                                                Zhensong Liao, Hai Jin, and Deqing Zou                                                        Junfeng Wu, and HuaiKou Miao
                                                                                                            DJ: A Transparent Java-Intergrated Data
                                                                                                            Access System                                     Towards a Component Model Supporting
                                                                                                        Shih-wei Liao, and Keqiang Wu            Proactive Configuration of Service-Oriented
                                                                                                        A Practical Approach for Measuring IT    Holger Klus, Dirk Niebuhr, and Andreas
                                                                                                        Effectiveness of Business Processes      Rausch
                                                                                                        Rahil Hosseini
                                                                                                                                                 Architecting the Service-Oriented Data Center
                                                                                                                                                 Enrique Castro-Leon, Jackson He, Mark
                                                                                                                                                 Chang, and Hugh Mercer
15:40-16:10                                                                                     Coffee Break
                                                           Plenary Panel: RFID for Supply Chain Management: Status, Directions, and Challenges
16:10-17:50                        (Organizer: Zongwei Luo; Moderator: Edward C. Wong; Panelists: Paul Chou, Steven Miller, Lawrence Cheung, Benjamin Yen, Charles Lo)
                                                                                        Venue: P603, Graduate House
                                Banquet and Keynote Speech III: Proposition for E-DoD: An Overall Plan for Network-Centric Operation by Raymond A. Paul (Chair: Wei-Tek Tsai)
                                                                             Venue: Jumbo Kingdom, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen

                                                                                   Friday, October 26, 2007
                                   Track A                                        Track B                                   Track C                                    Track D
                                                                                  Breakfast and Registration
                                                                        Venue: Level P4 Entrance Foyer, Graduate House
                           Keynote Speech IV: Emergent Trends on Green Business and Accountable Services by Jen-Yao Chung and Kwei-Jay Lin (Chair: Michael R. Lyu)
                                                                                 Venue: P602, Graduate House
10:15-10:45                                                         Coffee Break                                                     SOKM Workshop
            Session 6A-EL: Design and                Session 6B-ES: Performance, Security      No Event                              Session 1: Service Discovery and
            Collaboration in E-Commerce Activities   and Personalization Services                                                    Modeling
            (Long Papers)                            (Short Papers)                                                                  Chair: Dickson Chiu
            Chair: Zhiyuan Fang                      Chair: Trieu Chieu                                                              Venue: P207, Graduate House
            Venue: P601, Graduate House              Venue: P602, Graduate House

              A Fair and Transferable Off-line Electronic   Toward an On-Demand Option Rating                                                    A Rough Set Approach for Clustering the
              Cach System with Multiple Banks               Service for E-Business                                                               Data Using Knowledge Discovery in World
              Changji Wang, Qin Li, and Xingfeng Yang       Raymond Y.K. Lau, K-S Wong, K-F Fung,                                                Wide Web for E-Business
                                                            and S-Y Ho                                                                           Hrudaya Ku. Tripathy and B.K. Tripathy
              Design of a Dynamic Composition
              Handler for ESB-Based Services                Measuring Website Usability of Chinese                                               A Service Model for Customer-Centric
              Soo Ho Chang, Hyun Jung La, Jeong Seop        Enterprise with a Heuristic Procedure                                                Electronic Business
              Bae, Won Young Jeon, and Soo Dong Kim         Jinling Chang, and Huan Guan                                                         Garyfallos Fragidis and Konstantinos
              Value and Goal Driven Design of E-Services    The Contribution of Intelligent System in
              Martin Henkel, Paul Johannesson, Erik         Forming Trust and Competitiveness during                                             A Semantic Web based Peer to Peer
              Perjons, and Jelena Zdravkovic                Online Transactions                                                                  Service Discovery Mechanism for Intelligent
                                                            Fahim Akhter                                                                         Business Process
              Strategy, Model, and Platform for                                                                                                  Desheng Li, Ruzhi Xu, and Haiyang Wang
              Collaborative Commerce                        An Enhanced Verifier-Free Remote User
              Shuangxi Huang, and Yushun Fan                Password Authentication Scheme                                                       The Impact of Organizational Learning
              Wei-Chi Ku, Chun-Hao Hwang, and                                on Lack of Team's Expertise Risk in
              Hao-Rung Chung                                                 Information Systems Projects
                                                                             Chui-Hui Wu and Kwoting Fang
              A Data Flow Optimization Based
              Approach for BPEL Processes Partition                          Session 2: Knowledge Management
              Yanlong Zhai, Hongyi Su, and Shouyi Zhan                       Chair: Raymond Lau
                                                                             Venue: P207, Graduate House
                                                                             The Proposal of Conditions of Personal
                                                                             Engagement in Knowledge Harvesting
                                                                             Che-Hung Liu, Dasaratha Rama, and
                                                                             Irma Becerra-Fernandez

                                                                             SOA-Trust: Towards Developing
                                                                             Trustworthy RFID Enabled Intelligent
                                                                             Service Solutions
                                                                             Zongwei Luo, Jenny S. Li, and Edward Wong

                                                                             Adaptive Algorithmic Schemes for e-service
                                                                             Strategic Management Methodologies:
                                                                             Case Studies on Knowledge Management
                                                                             Alexandra Lipitakis

                                                                             Trust Assessment in Web Services:
                                                                             An Extension to jUDDI
                                                                             Hrushikesha Mohanty, Kakarlamudi Prasad,
                                                                             and R.K. Shyamasundar
                                                   Closing Ceremony
                                               Venue: P602, Graduate House

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