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       General Information
• Louis Cyr was born on October 10,
  1863 in St. Cyrprien-de-Napierville.
• Louis Cyr was famous for being the
  strongest man alive.
• He broke 7 world records like lifting
  4300 pounds on his back and lifting
  535 pounds with only one finger!
               Early Life
• Louis Cyr was born in St. Cyrprien-de-
  Napierville on October 10,1863 and spent
  his life there until he was 20 years old.
• At the age of 17 Louis Cyr pulled a heavily
  loaded wagon out of a mire where it had
  became stuck.
• He was then given tougher challenges to
  face and was put into a competition against
  Michaud of Quebec but Cyr had beaten him
      Sequence of Events
• A man named Richard K. Fox told Cyr
  that he would promote him only if he
  beat all challengers to come and face
• Louis Cyr beat all of them with his
  amazing strength and Richard K. Fox
  promoted Louis and took him on a tour
  of England from 1885 to about 1891.
          Sequence of Events
                               • Along his tour he beat
                                 many other strongmen
                                 like August Johnson,
                                 Cyclops, Bienkowski.
                               • He wanted to defeat
                                 Eugen Sandow but
                                 could not because
                                 Eugen did not want to
                                 ruin his reputation.
                               He also married an
                                 attractive woman
                                 named Melina (nee
Photo from Canadian Encyclopedia
Information about Louis Cyr’s
               • Louis Cyr was very
                 strong and many
                 people thought that
                 his strength came
                 from his mother.
               • His mother was
                 Amazonian and his
                 grandfather was of
                 tremendous size so
                 that made Louis a
                 Human Hercules.
As he went along his career he had
 many challenges and triumphs.
He lifted 535 POUNDS WITH ONLY
He lifted 18 men on his back which was
 the total weight of 4300 POUNDS
  Measurements of Louis Cyr
• Louis Cyr was also big in size so here
  are his measurements
• Neck- 50.8 centimeters, biceps- 51.5
  centimeters, forearms-41.4
  centimeters, wrists-20.8
  centimeters, chest,normal as if
  resting-140.2 centimeters,
  chest,expanded-152.4 centimeters,
  Measurements of Louis Cyr
• Waist-120.4
  centimeters, hips
  122.0 centimeters,
  centimeters, knees-
  43.1 centimeters,
• Those are the
  measurements of the
  strongest man in the
• Louis was the
  strongest man in the
  world, but he was also
  one of the heaviest.
• Louis Cyr had Bright’s
  disease and died
  because of it. He died
  on November 12,1912
  in a Quebec hospital.

          Picture from St.Cyrprien-de-Napierville Tourism
• Louis Cyr was the strongest man in the
  world and was one of the best men in the
• He was an idol to many people including
• He was an amazing man and if he was not
  that heavy he would be able to die with a
  smile on his face.
     Why I chose this Topic
• One reason that I chose this topic was
  because I read about Louis Cyr in a book
  that my friend gave me and I read through
  the whole book and saw a page about Louis
• Another reason I chose Louis Cyr was
  because not many people know about him
  and that I thought the world should know
  Louis Cyr.
     Why I chose this topic
• Another reason I chose him was
  because I could not think of anyone
  or anything that interested me more
  than Louis Cyr.
• search for “Louis
• Weider, Ben. The Strongest Man in
  History. Mitchell Press 1976. Pages

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