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How to Submit Sitemap of blog to Google, Bing and Yahoo


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									How to Submit Sitemap of blog to Google
Bing and Yahoo

Hello bloggers, our today’s topic is how we can enter sitemaps of our blogs to Google,
Bing and Yahoo.

Google is stand alone and have its own Webmaster Tool to enter a sitemap. On the other hand
Bing and Yahoo have collective Webmaster Tool to submit sitemap. You just submit your
sitemap to Bing Webmaster, Yahoo will automatically index your site.

Problem with Blogger Sitemap

There is a serious problem with blogger sitemap because when you submit it, Google will only
indexed most recent 26 posts of your blog due to old blog pages. So I recommend you to submit
complete sitemap to allow crawlers to read your all pages of your blog to get index.

Complete Sitemap Submission Process

This process is worked well for both bloggers that host on BlogSpot (For example
and for those which are hosted to custom domains (For Example: You just all
need to follow certain steps to enter a complete sitemap.

Now comes to the process, we will learn whole process step by step.

First Step:

      Open Sitemap Generator and enter your site address like this.
     Copy the entire generated code.
     Then go to your blogger dashboard.
     Go to Settings.
     Then under Settings, Click on Search Preferences.
     Then Click on Edit just after Custom robots.txt under Crawlers and indexing.
     Enable Custom robots (If disabled).
     Then Paste the code and Click on Save Settings.

Second Step: (Submission of Sitemap to Google and Bing)

     Now open Google Webmaster Tools and Sign to your account.
     Then in Webmaster Tools Click on your site for which you want to enter sitemap.
     Click on Optimization on the left hand and Click on Sitemap under Optimization.
     Now Click on Add/Test Sitemap.
     Copy and paste highlighted text on there.
      Then Hit Submit Sitemap.

You all done to index your site to Google. Now Google will index your site as soon as possible.

      Now Open Bing Webmaster Tool and sign In to Bing account.
      Click on Submit Sitemap.
      And Copy paste your sitemap shown in image then Hit Submit.

When you exceed 500 posts and so on then generate your sitemap again and follow above steps

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