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Gabrielle by P-OakPressLlc


In a modern day spin on the famous story "Gigi" (originally told by Colette), Gabrielle LeGrande knew her grandmother was a famous courtesan in France, many decades ago. But Gabrielle never thought that legacy had anything to do with her or her destiny...until the day her grandmother tells her about the curse that goes live on her 18th birthday...a curse that has affected the women in her family - and the choices they must make - for hundreds of years. In Lucy Kevin's latest novel for teens & adults, GABRIELLE, a 17 year old songwriting student at a high school for the arts, suddenly finds herself caught between a good boy, a bad boy...and an ancient curse. (GABRIELLE is book 1 in the Ancient Legacy series.) BONUS MATERIAL: This ebook contains 5 songs written for the book.

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