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NAVY CFC Info Sheet


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Combined Federal Campaign
                     27 September 2010

   2010 Leadership and Planning Committee
              Admiral Patrick M. Walsh; Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet

                                 Executive Agent
           Rear Admiral Dixon R. Smith; Commander, Navy Region Hawaii

                               Executive Advisor
   Rear Admiral Jonathan Yuen, Deputy Chief of Staff Logistics, U.S. Pacific Fleet

             FEB Local Federal Coordinating Committee CFC Advisor
                             Yolande ‘Yogi’ Fong

                 Principle Combined Fund Organization (PCFO)
              Nita Yates - PCFO Director (Nita@auw.org) 543-2233
        Melanie Kaaihue - PCFO Asst. Director (melanie@auw.org) 543-2232

         Operations Cell                             Information Cell
       CDR Jeanene Torrance                             LT Kevin Peters
        CFC Project Officer                      Assistant CFC Project Officer
        cni_h_cfc@navy.mil                        kevin.m.peters@navy.mil
          (808) 772-0130                                (808) 772-3369
      CSC Lane Jones - Training                LT Casey Two Bears - Public Affairs
        lane.jones@navy.mil                        casey.twobears@navy.mil
           (808) 473-1735                               (808) 473-2880
    ITC William Gullaba - Materials           CSC Randyronan Basat - Special Events
       william.gullaba@disa.mil                    randyronan.basat@navy.mil
            (808) 772-3822                               (808) 772-3568
HMC Scott Comer - Data/Progress Reports    ENS Crystal Campbell - Charity Coordinator
      scott.comer@med.navy.mil                   crystal.v.campbell@navy.mil
             (808) 471-0194                             (808) 772-3817

                                  Mailing Address
                           Commander Jeanene Torrance
                               Navy Region Hawaii
                850 Ticonderoga ST STE 110; Pearl Harbor, HI 96860
                               Fax: (808)473-2497
                    2010 Fundraising Drive Dates - 1-31 October

    In 2010, we will make 100% Face-to Face contact with every Federal
    Employee and exceed the funds raised during any previous campaign

Welcome to the 2010 Hawaii-Pacific Area Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Commander U.S.
Pacific Fleet, Admiral Patrick Walsh, is the Chair for this year's campaign. The fundraising drive
commences October 1 and runs the full month of October.

This year's theme is: iContribute iAssist iRenew iEnrich .….iCARE!

Additional information on the 2010 campaign can be found at http://www.cfc-hawaii.org.

The Hawaii Pacific campaign will be contacting over 83,000 federal employees starting this week, so
get ready for the biggest and best campaign ever. This week starts Training and Materials distribution,
and we start hosting numerous kick offs on Oahu. For those of you on the outer islands, Guam, the
Northern Marianas, and American Samoa, we are working hard to get your materials to you.

On behalf of the entire Planning Committee, I look forward to working with you this year to support
over 2000 great charities.

                                         CDR Jeanene Torrance
                                         2010 CFC Project Officer
                                Major Milestones for the 2010 Campaign
Milestones Completed
January 14       Admiral Walsh, U.S. Pacific Fleet selected as the 2010 Chair
July 7           Letters mailed to Agency Heads
July 16          Deadline for assignment of Agency Project Officers
August 5         Agency Project Officer Meeting #1
                 Review Project Officer Guide and Schedule
August 16        Makeup Agency Project Officer Meeting #1
August 31        Agency Project Officer Meeting #2
September 9      Unit Project Officer Orientation Meeting
September 10     Charity Meeting

August 24        Deadline for Agency Find Forms
                 Agency Project Officers email Find Forms to cni_h_cfc@navy.mil

Future Events
September 27     Promotional Blitz (Media/Banners/Posters/Marquees)

Week of Sept 27th      Training Extravaganza and Materials Distribution
                Who: Agency Project Officers, Unit Project Officers, and Keypersons
                Where: Training at various locations around the island (Pearl Harbor, Schofield, Kbay, and Federal Building)

                 Agenda (2 hrs):
                 Welcome and overview of CFC and its importance (10 min)
                 Charity Talk Story (10 min)
                 Training Part I (30 minutes)
                          -2010 Agency Organization /Project and Keyperson Responsibilities
                          -Asking for Donations / Events and Charity Speakers
                 20 minute Break - Talk to some local Charity Reps over refreshments.
                 Training Part II (30 min)
                          -Materials Accountability and Admin
                          -Weekly Progress Reports
                          -Unit and Agency Self Audits
                 Materials Distribution (Keyperson Packets, Charity Books and Gifts)
                 Opportunity to ask questions and talk to the charity reps

Various          CFC Kickoffs
October 1-31     Fund Raising Drive
October          Weekly Progress Reports - Due each Tuesday (Oct 5, 12, 19, 26)
November 2       Final Progress Report and Agency/Unit Audits Complete

NLT November 5            Unit POs return materials to Agency POs

        Material Collection Goals
           – Agencies with <100 (40) Turn in complete by 5 Nov
           – Agencies with 100-1000 (25) Turn in complete by 10 Nov
           – Agencies over 1000 (35) Turn in complete by 19 Nov

NLT November 19           All Agency POs materials returned to CFC PO
TBD                       End of Campaign Recognition Event
TBD                       Turnover to PACOM
                                              Training Schedule

If you have not already done so, sign up for Training and Materials Distribution online:

Agency Project Officers, we will bring your charity materials to the Training Session that you sign up for. If you
have over 750 employees, please call me to coordinate a pick up at the warehouse. It is best if each Agency Project
Officer brings their Unit Project Officers and Keypersons to the same session, but we understand this is not always
possible. The Training Guide will be posted on the website this week.

Note: The Pearl Harbor Training session on 28 Sep at Sharkey Theater has moved to Ford Island Conference
Center from 1300-1500.

Contact CSC Lane Jones, lane.jones@navy.mil (808) 473-1735, for any questions or for directions to the training venues.

        27 SEPT 10           28 SEPT 10            29 SEPT 10             30 SEPT 10               1 OCT 10
      Moanalua Navy       Moanalua Navy      Moanalua Navy Services     Moanalua Navy       Moanalua Navy Services
      Services Center     Services Center           Center              Services Center            Center
        ROOM 293            ROOM 293               ROOM 293               ROOM 261                ROOM 293
       SEATING 70          SEATING 70             SEATING 70             SEATING 25              SEATING 70
        0800-1000           0800-1000                                     0800-1000               0800-1000
                                                 Federal Building
                                                  GSA Conf Rm
                                                   SEATING 20
      Moanalua Navy        *Pearl Harbor         Federal Building       Moanalua Navy       Moanalua Navy Services
      Services Center     Ford Island Conf        GSA Conf Rm           Services Center            Center
        ROOM 293               Center              SEATING 20             ROOM 261                ROOM 293
       SEATING 70            1200-1400              1200-1400            SEATING 25              SEATING 70
        1300-1500                                                         1300-1500               1300-1500

                            *KBay Movie       Federal Building Coast                              *Schofield
                              Theater         Guard Executive Conf                              Small Conf Rm
                             (Bldg 219)           Rm 1200-1400                             (Behind SGT Smith Movie
                             1300-1500                                                             Theater)
                                                                                                 SEATING 110

*Note: The Training at Pearl Harbor, Kbay, and Schofield is only available for Federal Employees with existing base

                                                 Materials Issue
Materials will be issued immediately following the training sessions. Materials will be issued only to the Agency Project
Officers who will then be responsible for distributing the materials to their Unit Project Officers and Keypersons as
applicable. If you have over 750 employees, please call me to coordinate a pick up at the warehouse.

                         Deployments and other Special Considerations
Units deployed during the entire fundraising Drive (1-31 October) are not required to participate. If your agency needs
any special consideration regarding the deadlines, please let me know.
Kick Off Events
   – Sep 29 Federal Building 1000-1200 in the Courtyard
   – Oct 1 Schofield Barracks
   – Oct 5 Naval Shipyard 1100 on the Front Lawn of Building 1
   – Oct 7 Navy/Air Force Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam 1000-1200 Ward Field
Fund Raising Drives
   – Oct 4-5 Oahu NEX CFC Benefit Coupon. For a $5 donation, customers will get at least 10% off store
       merchandise (see flyer for details and exclusions)

End of Campaign Recognition Event
   – Nov/Dec TBD

For more info on Events, contact CSC Randy Basat randyronan.basat@navy.mil (808) 772-3568.

                                             Charity Speaker
Invite a Charity to come to your Events
    • Use the form from the website
    • Contact ENS Crystal Campbell, crystal.v.campbell@navy.mil (808) 772-3817 for more information or to answer
        any questions.
                                            Weekly Status Reports
Reports are due starting October 5th and every Tuesday until your campaign is finished (Oct 5, 12, 19, 26 etc).

Weekly Status Reports will be submitted online at:
If you want to try it out with a fictitious entry, one of the pull down choices for Week of Report is test. Go ahead and
give it a try.

Only Agencies and Units with assigned Code numbers will submit weekly reports online. We have prepared a “Weekly
Status Report Worksheet” to help you collect your keyperson’s status and prepare for your submission. It will be
available online for download after the next web update.

Please use your Agency Code and Agency Title off the list at the end of this newsletter. Do not use old Agency Code
numbers. They have been completely redone this year.

Each week's totals are a running (cumulative) sum. On Tuesdays, provide all the information that you have from your
keypersons. Do not hold reports waiting on individuals. Just submit what you have and include late info with the
following week’s report.

Once your campaign is complete, audit all of your Keyperson’s Envelopes, submit a Final Report and contact HQ to
return your materials.

                                Lessons Learned – Leave a Legacy for 2011

Please let us know what you like or do not like about the 2010 Hawaii Pacific Combined Federal Campaign. Taking a
few moments will allow us to make changes this year and make the 2012 Campaign even better.

                                                      Web Sites
The CFC website has been updated and there are many products to support you: http://www.cfc-hawaii.org.

Under the "For Volunteers" tab
       -Campaign Guide
       -Training Guide (coming soon)
Under "For Donors" tab
       -Suggested Giving Guide tables and handy calculator to determine 1% and 2% levels of giving
       -NEW! Charity List

New! 2010 Honorary Chair, Hillary Clinton, message on CFC:

President Obama's message can be viewed at http://www.opm.gov/video_library/cfc/9cpswpo.asp.

For more information on the Combined Federal Campaign, visit the OPM site: http://www.opm.gov/cfc/
For the detailed Federal and DoD Regulations covering the Campaign:
        Federal Regulations
        DoD Regulations
                                      2010 CFC Agency Codes
Agency Code   Agency Name                                                       Location
301           Air Force - 13th Air Force                                        JBPHH
302           Air Force - 15th Wing                                             JBPHH
303           Air Force - 515 Air Mobility Operations Wing                      JBPHH
304           Air Force - 647 Air Base Group                                    JBPHH
311           Air Force - 734th Air Mobility Squadron (Guam)                    Guam
310           Air Force - Andersen AFB 36th Wing                                Guam
306           Air Force - Pacific Air Forces (PACAF)                            JBPHH
316           Army - 9th Mission Support Command (Army Reserve)                 Honolulu
317           Army - Army Corps of Engineers, Pacific Ocean Division            Ft. Shafter
319           Army - Army Garrison Hawaii                                       Schofield Barracks
321           Army - Installation Management Command, Pacific (IMCOM)           Ft. Shafter
323           Army - Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC)                         Honolulu
329           Army - University of Hawaii ROTC                                  Honolulu
315           Army - USARPAC                                                    Ft. Shafter
385           Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES HI)                        JBPHH
318           Army - Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District
327           Army Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii
386           Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS)                  Honolulu
530           Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms                              IVO FED Blg
330           Coast Guard - 14th District                                       IVO FED Blg
400           Customs and Border Protection (CBP)                               IVO FED Blg
387           Defense Commissary Agency                                         JBPHH
388           Defense Contract Audit Agency                                     IVO FED Blg
389           Defense Information System Agency, Pacific (DISA PAC)             JBPHH
390           Defense Logistics Agency Pacific (DLA PAC)                        JBPHH
600           Department of Labor (DOL)                                         IVO FED Blg
391           DoDEA Guam                                                        Guam
540           Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)                             IVO FED Blg
550           Equal Employment Opportunity Commission                           IVO FED Blg
551           Executive Office for Immigration Review - Immigration Court       IVO FED Blg
700           Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)                             IVO FED Blg
552           Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)                             IVO FED Blg
553            Federal Detention Center                                         Honolulu
401           Federal Emergency Management Agency, Pacific Area Office (FEMA)   Ft. Shafter
710           Federal Highway Administration                                    IVO FED Blg
720           Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)               IVO FED Blg
500           Fish and Wildlife Service                                         IVO FED Blg
800           General Services Administration (GSA)                             Honolulu
801           Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board (FEB)                    IVO FED Blg
802           Housing and Urban Development (HUD)                               IVO FED Blg
402           Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (DHS-ICE)                    IVO FED Blg
803           Internal Revenue Service (IRS)                                    IVO FED Blg
340           Marines - Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH)                         Kaneohe Bay
341           Marines - Marine Forces, Pacific (MARFORPAC)                      Camp H.M. Smith
392           Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)                       Honolulu
353           National Guard - Guam 254th Air Base Group                        Guam
351           National Guard - Guam National Guard                              Guam
352           National Guard - Hawaii Air National Guard                        JBPHH
350           National Guard - Hawaii National Guard                            Honolulu
804           National Labor Relations Board                                    IVO FED Blg
510           National Park Service - Department of Interior (NPS)              IVO FED Blg
370   Navy - Joint Region Marianas (JRM)                                                Guam
360   Navy - Navy Region Hawaii                                                         JBPHH
365   Navy - Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & IMF
200   NOAA Mauna Loa Observatory                                                        Big Island
201   NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service                                            Honolulu
202   NOAA National Marine Sanctuary (ONMS-PIR)                                         Maui
203   NOAA National Weather Service, Pacific                                            IVO FED Blg
204   NOAA Pacific Services Center                                                      IVO FED Blg
205   NOAA Port Office                                                                  Honolulu
806   Office of Personnel Management (OPM)                                              JBPHH
554   Office of U.S. Trustees                                                           Honolulu
380   Pacific Command (PACOM)                                                           Camp H.M. Smith
807   Passport Agency                                                                   IVO FED Blg
403   Secret Service                                                                    IVO FED Blg
808   Small Business Administration (SBA)                                               IVO FED Blg
809   Social Security Administration (SSA)                                              IVO FED Blg
410   TSA American Samoa (PPG)                                                          American Samoa
404   TSA Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan / Rota)                  Puerto Rico
405   TSA Guam                                                                          Guam
406   TSA Hawaii (Hilo-Kona)                                                            Big Island
407   TSA Honolulu                                                                      Honolulu
408   TSA Kauai                                                                         Kauai
409   TSA Maui County Airports (Maui/Lanai/Molokai)                                     Maui
560   U.S. Attorneys’ Office                                                            IVO FED Blg
561   U.S. Attorneys’ Office - Guam
430   U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services                                         IVO FED Blg
810   U.S. Congressman Charles K. Djou                                                  IVO FED Blg
811   U.S. Congresswoman Mazie Hirono (District 2)                                      IVO FED Blg
570   U.S. Courts - Bankruptcy                                                          Honolulu
571   U.S. Courts - District Court                                                      IVO FED Blg
572   U.S. Courts - Federal Public Defenders                                            IVO FED Blg
573   U.S. Courts - Pretrial Services Office                                            IVO FED Blg
574   U.S. Courts - Probation                                                           IVO FED Blg
575   U.S. Courts -District Court of Guam                                               Guam
580   U.S. Marshals Service                                                             IVO FED Blg
812   U.S. Senator Daniel K. Akaka                                                      IVO FED Blg
813   U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye                                                     IVO FED Blg
999   United Way CFC
100   USDA - APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine                                      Honolulu
101   USDA - Farm Service Agency                                                        IVO FED Blg
102   USDA - Food and Nutrition Service                                                 IVO FED Blg
103   USDA - Forest Service                                                             Big Island
104   USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service (NCRS)                              IVO FED Blg
105   USDA - Rural Development                                                          Big Island
106   USDA - Statistics (NASS)                                                          Honolulu
107   USDA - U.S. Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center (PBARC)                    Big Island
108   USDA - Wildlife Research                                                          Big Island
520   USGS - Geologic Division, Hawaii Volcano Observatory                              Big Island
521   USGS - Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center (PIERC)                          IVO FED Blg
522   USGS - Pacific Islands Water Science Center (PIWSC)                               IVO FED Blg
900   USPS Postal Service District Customer Service                                     Honolulu
920   USPS Postal Service Processing and Distribution                                   Honolulu
                     814       Veterans Affairs (VA) Honolulu Regional Office   Honolulu
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815      Veteran's Affairs (VA) Pacific Islands Health Care System                          Honolulu

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