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Internet the World’s Biggest Auto Marketplace

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The Internet has become the largest used car & bike marketplace in the world. Auto classifieds sites are
offering buyers and sellers the facility to trade vehicles online at the click of the mouse. The used car
business is evolving and going hi tech.

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The next time you need to sell or buy a used car you don’t need to rush to dealers and spend precious time
negotiating the best deal. The internet has come to the rescue once again. Following the success of various
classifieds sites including job sites, dating sites, real estate site etc auto classifieds sites are the next big
thing. Online used cars & bike classifieds are a big draw for buyers and sellers because of the many features
they offer which conventional newspaper classifieds lack.

Features of Online Auto Classifieds:

1.Full page color ads
2.Multiple photos of your vehicle
3.Country wide ad listing for long periods up to three months
4.Personal account & response management system
5.Privacy options (manage responses via online mailbox only)

These features are available to users of most auto classifieds websites such as Users can
search according to various parameters such as city, make, model, year etc and get the exact match they are
looking for much easier than browsing through pages and pages of newspaper classifieds. US based sites
such as have gone a step further and conduct their own research on used cars to ascertain the
desirability and pricing of various models in the used car market. An Indian auto classifieds site has gone a step further and introduced separate sections for cars, bikes and commercial
vehicles. is also India’s first carpool site where users can search and post carpool ads. Its not just
individual users who are using these sites, car dealers are finding it very beneficial to sell their vehicle
inventory online considering the many features on offer. For people who do not know or use the internet
dealers can help in selling their vehicle via these auto classifieds sites. You must be wondering about how
much it costs to post an ad on such sites. Certain sites are paid sites while sites such as are
completely free to use. Financially it makes a lot of sense to use auto portals since buyers and sellers never
need to pay any commission or brokerage for deals done via the site. The site gets buyers in touch with the
sellers directly.

So the next time you need to buy or sell a used car or bike look no further that the internet.

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