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					                                                         IPL        TONY

Detailed              Product   Xenon flash lamp IPL hair removal
Description                     super big size spot :16X57mm
                                for all skin type
Scope of treatment:             Permanently remove unwanted hair on all parts of the body and for hair colors
                                Remove vascular lesions on face and bottlenose
                                Remove the wrinkles and shrink the skin pores
                                Lighten and remove all kinds of pigmented lesions e.g. speckles, age-spot, sun-induced
                                Lighten and remove acne
                                Remove skin flaws and improve the skin quality;
                                Skin-rejuvenation, skin-whitening and enhancement of skin elasticity
Trait and advantage:            1. Efficient Hair-removal:
                                Super big spot hair-removal
                                 2. Simple operation and maintenance:
                                BLOCK inside design makes installation and repair quite easy.
                                3. Safe and comfortable treatment:
                                water cooling, semi-conductor cooling system would make the temperature of hand piece
                                crystal get at -4°C during IPL treatment safe and comfortable.
                                4. Effective and lasting result:
                                Precise energy-control system makes IPL treatment effective and lasting result of
                                hair-removal, skin-rejuvenation, pigmented lesions and vascular lesions.
Specifications:                                   Crystal optical       Energy
                                 Light guide                                                           20~50J/cm²
                                                       system           Density

                                                   20~149.7ms         Frequency                          ≤1P/3S

                                                                       Cooling         Semiconductor+ built-in water+ Air Cooling
                                  Spot size
                                                                       System                         triple systems

                                 Net weight             45Kg        Gross weight                          86Kg


Principle                       1. IPL Hair-removal:
                                IPL emits varied wavelength, broad spectrum and intense pulse light, which permeate epidermis to
                                the dermis of the skin. Utilizing the selective absorption elements, the light is absorbed by the
                                melanin in the hair follicles. Through the optical & thermal effect generated and sourced from the
                                light, it achieves the purpose of removing unexpected hair permanently by rapid destroying of hair
                                follicle tissues permanently.
                           2. Speckle, acne, blood vessel removal and Skin rejuvenating:
                           IPL emits varied wavelength, intense pulse, broad spectrum light. It can permeate the cuticle to the
                           derma and take effect on the abnormal pigment and vessel such target tissues to break the
                           abnormal pigment cells, close the abnormal blood vessels, stimulate the proliferation of collagen
                           and improving the rearrangement of elastic fibers, finally achieving the purpose of pigment removal
                           and skin rejuvenation.

Product Details:
              Type                     IPL

             IPL+ RF                   No

           Certification               CE, TUV, ISO

         Place of Origin               Beijing, China (Mainland)

           Brand Name                  MONALIZA

         Model Number                  NYC

           target user                 beauty salon, clinic, spa

Payment & Shipping Terms:
              Price:                   Get Latest Price

     Minimum Order Quantity:           1 Set/Sets

              Port:                    Beijing

        Packaging Details:             two packages 60X66X121, 20X31X54CM

          Delivery Time:               5 workdays

         Payment Terms:                L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

         Supply Ability:               50 Set/Sets per Month