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					Kenneth A. Burgner                    2933 SW 22nd Circle #30D • Delray Beach, FL 33445
                                      561-212-1081 • 561-278-2635 •
                              Internet Specialist

Profile:      Originally coming from the Computer Aided Design field, I have made the natural
              transition to the Internet field. My skills in the 3D Solid modeling world are a great
              base for my web designing skills. With my keen eye for functional design and my
              creative and artistic talents, I have created eye catching webs sites and Flash
              animations as well as web based multimedia presentations.

              With five years experience in the field, I have polished my skills in:
               • Graphic Design/Original Artwork            • Web Animation GIF/Flash
               • Site Construction/Navigation               • Site Maintenance and Reporting
               • Search Engine Techniques                   • HTML/ JAVA Script
               • Multimedia Presentations                   • Corporate/Product Logo Design
               • Web Marketing Strategies                   • User Interfaces for Software Products

Key Skills:    Web Technologies                             Web Software
               • HTML                                       • Macromedia Flash MX
               • JavaScript                                 • Macromedia Fireworks MX
               • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)               • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
               • FTP/Telnet                                 • Adobe PhotoShop / ImageReady
               • Cold Fusion                                • HotMetal Pro 6 (HTML Editor)
               Software Packages                            • Web Trends Log Analyzer
               • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP                • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
               • MS Word, PowerPoint, Access,               • Various 3D graphics programs
               • Windows IIS

Experience:   HyperLink Technologies, Inc. - Boca Raton, FL
              Manufacturer of wireless networking and communication products.
              Web Designer – April 2003 to Present
              Responsible for day to day maintenance of company's e-commerce web site. Post
              new products as well as all graphics and photographs. Ensure shopping cart system
              is updated with current pricing. Fine tune site for search engine rankings. Create
              flyers and brochures for trade shows and customers.

              Key Contributions:
                  Redesign Old Site: Totally redesigned company web site. Gave the site a
                    hi-tech professional feel as well as improved site navigation.
                  Updated all product photographs: Updated all photographs on the site
                    with higher quality images. This includes close-up photos coaxial connector
                    products as well as in field photographs of antenna products. All photos are
                    watermarked and coded using Digimarc encoding..
                  Flash Promos and Sales Flyers: Added animated ads to home page using
                    Flash. Create sales flyers that are included in product packaging.
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Experience:   Beasley Broadcasting – Miami, FL
              Nation’s 17 largest radio broadcasting company.
              Web Designer – July 2002 to April 2003
              Responsible for day to day maintenance of 30+ radio station web sites. All sites used
              Nav-Objects Content Management system. I would build the site templates using
              Dreamweaver and set up the databases for the local radio stations to use. Content
              could then be updated by local web masters.

              Key Contributions:
                  Redesign Old Sites. Take older sites and give them a fresh new look and
                    features such as online polls, Flash graphics and streaming news content.
                  Create Ad Banners and Advertisements. Working with sales staff, I would
                    create ad banners and pages to promote products and advertisers using eye
                    catching graphics. Ads included Planters, Miller Lite, Miami Dolphins and
                    local concerts.
                  Flash Promos. Concerts and major sporting events would require animated
                    ads using Flash. Promos include Power-96, Kiss Country and WQAM.

     – Bohemia, NY
              Software developer in the document management industry.
              Internet Specialist – February 2000 to February 2002
              Created and maintained corporate web site and responsible for content and all web
              based marketing campaigns. Maintained a total of 65 domains as well as configuring
              online reporting and data collection. Tested all web applications for cross browser
              compliance. Setup and test all CGI scripts and security on Unix Apache servers.

              Key Contributions:
                  Created a “look” for the company marketing materials, web site and
                    corporate logos.
                  Developed online interactive product demo using Macromedia Flash.
                    This demo, which could be viewed in a browser or downloaded, included
                    pop-up menus, web links, help screens and sound effects.
                  Designed multimedia product presentation for use at trades shows.
                    These presentations were seen at AIIM 2000, 2001 and PC Expo in NYC.
                  Developed user interface (skins) for web products as well as a browser
                    based help system.
                  Created an online ROI Calculator using JavaScript. This application
                    calculates operating costs and emails a completed report to the user.
                  Implemented an online Tip of the Week. This weekly Flash presentation
                    featured product tips for users of the software.
                  Managed off site services such as web hosting, e-commerce accounts and
                    web application servers used for sales associates.
                  Developed reseller web sites and online demos for European partners.
Kenneth A. Burgner
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Experience:   Symbol Technologies Inc. – Bohemia, NY
              Manufacturer of barcode scanners, handheld computers and wireless computer
              Design/Drafter CAD – July 1988 to July 1997
              Web Developer – August 1997 to February 2000
              Webmaster/Designer/Developer for Operations Division Intranet site. Maintained all
              division Windows NT web servers as well as development servers for software
              engineers. Coordinated all departmental web pages including development on real-
              time data driven manufacturing information. Managed the development of web based
              applications and testing as well as ISO 9000 documentation. Managed all security on
              NT servers and interface with a Novell network.

              Key Contributions:
                  Founding member of corporate Intranet Team that developed procedures
                    and guidelines for corporate use. This team also specified hardware to be
                    used and locations of servers’ worldwide.
                  Developed Web Based Training Courses for Operations associates to
                    use. Courses include the use of web browsers and general Internet usage.
                  Developed a web based Electronic Document Management System for
                    Fixture and Test Technologies Group. This application was developed using
                    Cold Fusion and MS Access. This system is used to archive and search for
                    fixture AutoCAD drawings. This system included administration logins, full
                    search capabilities and database maintenance.

Education &   Learning Tree International – NYC, NY
Training:     Introduction to Programming – 2000

              XtraNet Communications – Bohemia, NY
              Web page design – 1998

              Allaire Corporation – NYC, NY
              Fast Track to ColdFusion 4.0 and ColdFusion Studio 4.0 – 1998

              Island Drafting and Technical Institute – Amityville, NY
              Mechanical Drafting – 1980 to 1981, Computer Aided Drafting – 1983

              Flash 4 – Brainbench, 2000

Online        Sample web sites and Flash animations:
Portfolio:       

Of Note:            Certified as a Dive Master, Master Diver, Rescue Diver. Specializing in
                     underwater video.
                    Member of the Institute for Marine Archaeology and certified by the Nautical
                     Archaeology Society.
                    Former President of The Dive Club International and on the Board of
                     Directors for the Long Island Divers Association.

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