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									Antoine RAMPONI
Born in March 1969

                                      IT Architect ,Project Leader, Finance/Internet
         - IT Architecture
         - Project Managment
         - Internet/Finance (Front Office/Asset Management)

         1993 Msc Computer Science- systems and networks.
         1994 Sybase - administration
         1995 Financial Markets
         1996 Ilog views, persistence, CORBA Orbix
         1997 Project management
         1998 Microsoft COM/DCOM

         French : mother tongue
         German: fluent
         English: first certificate

Mar 03- today       Société générale - Equity Derivatives                                                        IT Architect

         Performance test validation of Calypso on the listed product business line for high volume deal entry.
         - Development of the test methodology (stress test, massive insertion of deals).
         - Realization of the benchmarks, fine tuning and drafting of the deliverable.
         - Realization of prototypes for the validation (qualification of the functionalities of Calypso to the needs for SG’s

         Environment: Calypso, J2EE, Oracle

Jan 02-Mar 03 AGF Asset Management                                                              Project Leader - IT Architect

         Consultant architect then project leader on a business application of benchmarks (Portfolio of reference for asset
         - Audit of the application in order to analyze the problems of performances and to recommend the first optimizations.
         - Proposal for a new architecture.
         - Management of the reengineering project including a team of 3 people.

         Environment: Solaris, NT, J2EE, Sybase, WSAD

Jan 02              Exane                                                                                       IT Consultant

         Management of the implementation of the software package for reconciliation (intelliMATCH of sungard).

         Environment: NT, SQL Server

Feb 00-Janv 02 RUSH2WIN.COM /CENTER.COM/ TOMORROWSTOCKS.COM                                                   R&D Manager

         Cofounder of, a company Internet whose goal was to gather behavioral data and marketing on Net
         surfers by means of interactive games with instantaneous profits.

Cv Antoine Ramponi                                          1                                    09/06/2012
      Repurchase of by to give rise to, in order to apply know-
      how to the base of Net surfers of
      - Definition and Management of the development - search for external capital;
      - technical Choice of platform – Internet Hosting, operating system, RDBMs, development tools;
      - Coordination, design and realization of software architecture and developments;
      - Definition of the architecture resulting from the 2 companies’ technologies.
      - Implementation of the store and of the secure payment system.

      Technically responsible on behalf of a British company for financial communication for financial analysts and funds
      managers through the use of streaming multi-media virtual road shows.
      - Designed the architecture and realized of the complete system.
      - Responsible for the developments and the management of a team of 3 people.

      Environment: Exodus-PSINet, NT 2000, Iis-asp, J2EE, C++, SQL Server, CVS, Web services

May 96-Feb 00 Crédit Agricole - IDK/IN, Crédit Agricole Indosuez – DMMO/LFO                             Project leader

      Systems’ infrastructure Project leader (4 people) as well as the development teams for front office applications
      (servicing 120 developers) with the purpose harmonizing developments (languages, architectures, GUIs, technical
      support projects information exchange). Responsible for common framework developments:
      - transactional java based middleware in CORBA/OTS, SYBASE/XA, used by Order management systems.
      - Real time Financial Cashflows Integration in C++/CORBA for financial information distribution (prices, news) to
      the in trading room and the regional offices
      - Real Time position keeping for the treasury and FX Businesses
      - Web Interface for institutional customers
      - Evaluation and selection of commercial software packages (Middleware, managers of versions, development tools
      - Administration of the development platforms

      Environment: Unix-NT, C++, Java, UML, CORBA/OTS, DCOM, TIB Rendez-vous

Nov 95-May 96 8C Corp. - American Broker, Crédit Lyonnais - DCMC                                            Developer

      Application Development for financial markets:
      - Front Office Arbitrage tools on the German market (market data integration, decision-making strategies, orders
      - Bond Trading application on the CAC market (using GL for real time data and order making)

      Environment: UNIX, C++, OMT, Ilog views

Aug 94-Aug 95 Ecureuil Gestion, Sogéposte, Keystone (Boston)                           System engineer and Developer

      Systems Administration and Application Developer:
      - Installation of machines, tests and put in production of software packages, development of technical documentations
      - Maintenance of the sites, management of FinInfo flow and User Support
      - Development of graphic tools for visualization, valorization and calculation of porfolio indicators.
      - Development of reconciliation and positions modules on Decalog and Back-Office.

      Environment: Sybase, UNIX, Bridge Builder, C++

Jan 93-Aug 93   Abr REISEBÜRO (Munich)                                                     System& network engineer

      - Administration of a network of 3 UNIX servers and 30 PCs

      Environment: Ingres, Windows 4GL, UNIX, DOS, SQL/400 on AS/400.

Cv Antoine Ramponi                                    2                                   09/06/2012

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