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CIS           121         Web Publishing
Initiator: Louis Taber                                         CEU/Credit Hours:               3
Campus: West                                                   Lecture Periods:                3
Date: 08/28/2008                                               Lab Periods:
Prerequisite(s): CIS 100
Recommendation: Consult instructor for alternative prerequisites before enrolling in this course.
Classification: Occupational

Introduction to Web site design using the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to author pages containing titles,
images, lists, image maps, tables, frames, and Cascading Style Sheets. Includes World Wide Web history and
development, web servers and Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP), web browsers, HTML standards,
document design, HTML lists, designing tables and using frames on a web page, and graphics. May include
client side and/or server side scripting, and XLM.

Performance Objectives:
Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:
1. Design an effective World Wide Web (WWW) site.
2. Place images within a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) document.
3. Create and maintain absolute and relative HTML links.
4. Design Web pages with tables and frames.
5. Create a site with Cascading Style Sheets.
6. Place a Web site on a web server and access the site.

Course Outline:
I.     World Wide Web (WWW) History and Development

II.    Web Servers and Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP)
       A. Default document names and types
       B. Default directories
       C. User directories

III.   Web Browsers

IV.    Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Standards
       A. Current HTML and HTTP standards
       B. Document browser compatibility
       C. Deprecated tags

V.     Document Design and the HTML Language
       A. Document structure
       B. Tags
       C. Head container tags
       D. Page titles
       E. Body container tags
       F. Heading tags

CIS 121 – Web Publishing                   08/28/2008                                                   1
      G.   Links and anchors
      H.   Color specification in HTML documents
      I.   Background images and colors
      J.   HTML authoring tools (Optional)

VI.   HTML Lists
      A. Unordered lists
      B. Ordered lists
      C. Definition lists

VII. Designing Tables on a Web Page
     A. Preformated data
     B. Tables
     C. Nested tables

VIII. Using Frames in a Web Page
      A. Create a set of web pages that use frames
      B. Control the behavior of hyperlinks on a page with frames

IX.   Graphics
      A. Different file formats
      B. Image sizing
      C. Image download
      D. Image placement on web pages

X.    Scripting (Optional)
      A. Client side scripts
      B. Server side common gateway interface (CGI) scripts

XI.   Extensible markup language (XML) (Optional)

CIS 121 – Web Publishing                   08/28/2008               2

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