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Welcome to SiteGround Web Hosting Services


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         Welcome to SiteGround Web Hosting Services
         From: SiteGround (
         Sent: Thu 11/19/09 1:13 PM

                                                    Dear Joshua Manning,
                   Thank you for choosing SiteGround - the world's leading web hosting provider! SiteGround is the
                   only low-cost hosting provider to host your account(s) on two super fast Dell servers at the same
                   time to minimize the impact of a possible hardware failure. With SiteGround you have the most
                   professional and friendly team helping you manage your hosting account and implement your
                   website ideas. YOU are important to us and we want YOU to get the best services! No wonder
                   that 90% of all new customers are referred by existing ones.

                                           Your Login Information
                                           SiteGround has developed a state-of-the-art Customer Area to facilitate
                                           you when managing your account. You can login to your Customer Area
                                           and start managing your website immediately at:

                                           Username: chipolab
                                           Password: gator

                                           Change Your Domain DNS Settings
                                           You have indicated that you will use your new SiteGround account with
                                           an already registered domain name. In order to point your existing
                                           domain name to your new hosting account, please change your domain
                                           DNS settings to:


                                           For more information about DNS settings change please refer to:

                                           Getting Started and Customer Area Guide
                                           SiteGround has developed a detailed screenshot guide that will show you
                                           all the details you need in order to start your website at SiteGround and
                                           use your Customer Area efficiently:

                                           In the Getting Started Tutorial you will find:

                                             How to use SiteBuilder                  How to use your cPanel
                                             How to install a script/application     How to use the email services
                                             How to upload your website              How to manage your domain

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                                         How to transfer your website         How to get technical support
                                         How to transfer your domain name     How to change your details

                                       Extensive Knowledge Base
                                       SiteGround is sure that whatever question you have you will find its
                                       answer immediately in our extensive hosting Knowledge Base. It has
                                       been developed by our support team base on the real questions receive
                                       from our customers and consists of more than 1000 article.

                                     We wish you good luck with your website!
                                                        The SiteGround Team

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