Web Design by leader6


   Web Design

By Creative Keyboarding
   Web Design made Simple
  We use web design software
(Site building tool with HTML coding)

  Great Effects:
   Transitions
   Animation
   Add-ons
   E-commerce
          Additional Features
 Text  Effects (shadowing), etc.
 Clip-art or your own photos
 Links:
   To specific area on your page
   To another page in your site
   To your email address
   To another web site
             All You Need to Do is
   Purchase a Web Hosting Account from your Internet
    Provider or other web hosting company (Internet search
    Web Hosting) – Approximately $10 per Month
   Provide your Web Hosting information:
      Name and phone number
      Authorize temporary use of your hosting User ID &
       Password to upload your site to the Internet
       Change your password after your site is published to
        the Internet (online).
         Tips for a Great Site
There are many templates to choose from.
  It is helpful to supply as much information
  as possible to achieve your preferred style
 Business or Casual Style
 Tell us your preferred colors
 Send your text and photos
 The main purpose of your site
                 You’re Online!
 It’s   exciting to have your business online
    Terrificway to promote your business
    Communicate with the public
    Accept orders and payments
    Relay Information

 Or     for personal pleasure
    Share  message or photos with family &

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