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ERIS Web Hosting Survey for Local Conservation Groups

NZERN is a national network of 240 conservation groups in New Zealand with
450 community led conservation projects, along with native plant nurseries,
weed and pest contractors, schools, whanau and families, farmers and

More information about NZERN can be found at

ERIS is NZERN’s computer services unit. ERIS provides free web hosting and
GIS mapping in its datacentre for NZERN member groups.

More information about ERIS can be found at

Why This Survey
This survey will help ERIS find out how free web hosting and GIS mapping
can best be provided to local conservation groups to support their
conservation efforts.

Eligible groups who have completed this survey will be contacted in 2009 and
offered these services.

More information about free hosting can be found at

Major Sponsors

Boffa Miskell, The Canterbury Community Trust, Carol and Parker Jones Trust, Christchurch City Council, Dave
Evans, DoC (Poneki Area Office), Fujitsu NZ, Habitat Protection Fund, NZERN, Redworks, Teltrac
ERIS Web Hosting Survey For Local Conservation Groups

Who Can Fill in This Survey
Groups with a project that helps conserve native biodiversity in New Zealand
are eligible. This includes not for profit groups, non commercial native plant
nurseries, weedbuster and Landcare groups, threatened plant groups and
captive species recovery units, whanau, families, farmers, service clubs, and
maori land incorporations, local botanical societies.

If you are unsure if you are eligible, contact ERIS at

National conservation groups and regional conservation networks should
complete the survey for national conservation groups available at

Government Agencies should complete the survey for government agencies
available at

Survey Instruction
   1.   Download this survey
   2.   Save this survey to your computer
   3.   Fill in the gaps and replace the ‘’ with an ‘x’ using MS office
   4.   Send this survey back as an attachment to:

You can also print a copy of the completed survey and post it to:

PO Box 9000

Please fill in a separate survey for each restoration site and return this survey
by 31 January 2009!

Getting Help
You can contact ERIS for assistance with this survey during office hours. For
more information visit:

Please note that any questions sent to will be ignored, as
this email address is only for sending completed surveys.

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ERIS Web Hosting Survey For Local Conservation Groups

                                                          No. (Office use only)

Person Completing Form

1. Name:                                             2. Today’s date (dd/mm/yy):

3. Phone:                               4. Email:

Conservation Group Details

5. Name:

6. Type of group:

7. Legal status of group:
    Trust                   Incorporated society               Other
8. Postal address:

9. Suburb:

10. City or District                    11. Postcode:

12. Region:

13. Website address:

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ERIS Web Hosting Survey For Local Conservation Groups

Conservation Project – Details
1) What is the name of your restoration site?

2) Please provide a description of the restoration site (max 50 words).

3) Who owns the land of the restoration site?
 Public land                          Private land

4) What type of project is the restoration site?
 Restoration                            Weed control
 Species reintroduction                 Protection
 Threatened plant                       Other

5) What type of environments describe the restoration site?
 Mountain                           High Country
 Lowland                            River
 Lake                               Estuary
 Coastal                            Marine
 Island                             Wetland

6) What kind of groups help with the restoration site?
 School                               Iwi
 Farmer                               Community volunteers
 Charitable trust                     Family/Whanau
 Other                                Agency

7) Please describe them:

8) What is the area of your restoration site?
 ______ Hectares or ______ Acres

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ERIS Web Hosting Survey For Local Conservation Groups

9) Is there a map reference for your site?
 Yes                                   No

10) What is it?

11) How would you describe the shape of your restoration site?
 Rectangular with regular sides
 Meandering, i.e. following a creek, river, or riparian area
 Irregular polygon

Printed Map
12) Do you have a paper map of your restoration site?
 Yes                                 No

13) How was your map created?
 First hand knowledge from memory     Drawn over an aerial photograph
 Drawn over a property map            Drawn over a topographic map
 Don’t know
 Accurately surveyed

14) What scale is your map?

15) Is there a need for a more accurate map?
 Yes                                  No

16) If your organisation does not have a map of the restoration site,
would you like to have one?
 Yes                                  No

17) Would you like assistance with this?
 Yes                                  No

Internet Connection
18) Do you have access to an Internet connection?
 Yes                                 No

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ERIS Web Hosting Survey For Local Conservation Groups

19) If yes, what kind of connection?
 Broadband                             Dial up

20) Do you have access to the Internet at a local Internet café or public
 Yes                                 No

Web Site Hosting
21) Does your organisation need free web hosting?
 Yes                                 No

22) Does your organisation want to use free web hosting provided by
 Yes              No                Unsure

Web Map Hosting
23) Would you like to have your map put on the Internet?
 Yes                                 No (go to question 27)

24) Maps on the Internet use GIS to store information on just about
anything that has a location such as fence posts, flora, fauna, possum
trapping, etc. What information would you liked stored about your
restoration site?

25) What location information would you like to include in the
background of the map?
 Topographic information
 Satellite imagery
 Aerial photographs
 Property boundaries

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ERIS Web Hosting Survey For Local Conservation Groups

 Other (please list)

26) Does the data need to be updated on a regular basis (eg trap catch
rates, or insect counts, or weed control etc) or is it static?
 Data needs to be updated             Data is static

27) Do you want this map on the Internet to be made publicly available
or only to those with access granted by your organization?
 Publicly available                   Private access only

28) We can overlay your site on Google Earth or Virtual Earth as an
index to find your site, would this be of benefit to you? This means a
connection to these programs and your site would be easier to find for
other people.
 Yes                                    No

29) We can have a hotlink from the Internet map to your web page,
would this be of benefit to you?
 Yes                                  No

30) What was it like to fill in the survey?
 Easy                        OK              Difficult

31) How did you find out about this survey?
 Read it on a website                 Was told by someone
 Email message                        Printed publication
 Poster                               Other

32) How can ERIS improve this survey?

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ERIS Web Hosting Survey For Local Conservation Groups

33) Anything else you want to tell us?

Request Further Information

34) Please send a copy of the survey results.
 Yes                                  No

35) Please contact our group about free web and GIS hosting.
 Yes                                 No

36) Please send information about NZERN membership.
 Yes                                No

Thank you for completing this survey!

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