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					Andrew Bowie
13 Dartmouth CT
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania    A focused, award-winning, technical, professional with more than
17055                          12 years experience problem solving technical issues with customers
717-579-9628                   over the phone, within a fast-paced award winning support   enviornment. Experienced in front line technical support and
                               customer service with strong communication skills seeking
                               opportunity to contribute to the overall success of a company.
                               Work Experience
                               Sun Microsystems Systems Engineer

                                   9/2007 - Present EDS, Camp Hill, PA
                                    Position is system engineer, troubleshooting software and
                                   hardware issues in a break/fix environment regarding numerous
                                   Sun Microsystems hardware platforms. Take incoming calls or
                                   tickets assigned for call back. verify, account information,
                                   contact information, contract level of support. gather
                                   information regarding system malfunctions: faulty part, error
                                   messages. analyze errors to determine software or hardware
                                   issues. dispatching parts or field engineer
                               Support Representative
                                   10/2005 – 9/2007 Rite Aid, Mechanicsburg, PA
                                    Perform basic troubleshooting and resolve assigned
                                   problems regarding store registers, terminals/workstations,
                                   printers, universal power supply (UPS) devices, telephones,
                                   gift-card readers, magnetic-strip readers, radio frequency (RF)
                                   input devices, servers, and registers. Install hard-drives on
                                   servers. Migrate software when replacing hard-drives.
                                   Troubleshoot ScriptPro prescription processing machine. Track
                                   problem resolution when dispatching a third-party vendor or
                                   Rite Aid Field Technician to complete on-site repairs. Escalate
                                   problem calls to higher-level representatives when necessary or
                                   request guidance when obstacles prevent timely resolution.
                                   Log, code, and prioritize calls while assigned to dispatch
                                   duties. Seek out additional formal and on-the-job training to
                                   expand skills required to meet business demands and to prepare
                                   for promotion to higher-level support roles. Thoroughly detail
                                   all actions taken and maintain progress reports within the
                                   current problem-tracking application.
                               Customer Service
                                   8/2004 - 10/2005 Cingular Wireless, Harrisburg, PA
                                    Take incoming calls. Verify account status. Verify invoices.
                                   Troubleshoot basic account and wireless telephone issues. Issue
                                   credits. Setup accounts.
Webhosting Technical Support
    4/2001 - 3/2004 EarthLink Inc, Harrisburg, PA
     Setup customer mail for domains, and added aliases.
    Assisted customers in basic HTML for website. Troubleshot
    scripts such as CGI and PERL. Assisted customers with SSI
    scripting. Provided assistance with domain transfer. Assisted in
    setting up stores and credit card billing. Sent service requests to
    engineers to correct problems or errors. Passed test for
    promotion to Senior Web hosting technician.
Customer Service Representative
    4/2003 - 3/2004 EarthLink Inc, Harrisburg, PA
     In conjunction with the job in webhosting I was assessed
    additional duties of billing and credit card validation, as well as
    other customer service/accounts duties.
Technical Support Representative
    2/1996 - 4/2001 EarthLink Inc, Harrisburg, PA
     Responded to telephone inquires from remote users relating
    to internet connectivity. Reviewed and verified user account
    information. Interviewed users and utilized on-line diagnostic
    applications to define the scope and probable cause of system
    error. Guided users through steps to correct configuration
    conflicts, network errors or connectivity failure. Initiated
    remote repairs and reconfigured dialup networking access.
    Provided troubleshooting support to a wide range of novice and
    intermediate users on Microsoft and Apple computers.
    Maintained a consistent record of resolving 85% of support
    calls. Collaborated on various transitions when company
    acquired other smaller companies. Collaborated with a team to
    create virtual applications which technicians used to
    troubleshoot and fix customer problems.
    6/1994 Computer Learning Network, Camp Hill, PA
     Certification
     Areas of Study: PC Applications, AS/400 Systems,
    Troubleshooting and System Maintenance.
Harrisburg Area Community College, Harrisburg, PA

       Some College Coursework Completed
       2000 - Introduction to Microcomputers
       2004 - Microsoft Office 2000 – Excel, Access, MS Word
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