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Our Vision is to provide innovative and features-rich ICT solutions to our customers, empowering
them to have a competitive edge in their respective industry. With over nine years of experience in
providing web solutions, we are able to provide a one-stop solution to meet our customer’s website
requirements. At EMERGE, we provide a comprehensive range of web solutions including domain
name registration, website and e-mail hosting, server co-location & dedicated server, website
design & application development and sms & mobile development.

EMERGE's growth is supported by professional and reliable business partners and being a corporate
hosting provider, our strength goes to quality services, strong support team and high quality

EMERGE is one of the only corporate hosting provider in this region that provides high-uptime e-
mail service by leveraging on the Sun Microsystems JES E-mail & Calendaring Systems. This multi-
million dollar carrier-grade e-mail facility is load-balanced and clustered for a fully redundant
architecture to ensure all our clients are able to enjoy the highest uptime possible for their crucial e-
mail requirements. Load balancing within EMERGE messaging network is done by leveraging on
technologies from F5, a global leader in carrier-grade traffic load balancing facility. EMERGE is the
only web hosting provider in South East Asia that uses the Sun Microsystems JES E-mail &
Calendaring Messaging System as the most reliable and powerful e-mail system.

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     01) What is a Reseller Program?

    Under a Reseller Program, the person must have at least an existing account with us. The person can
    then sell additional web hosting packages from our range at any price that he wants. We will not
    interfere with his customers, as we will deal directly with him on the billing. We will provide full technical
    support to him. He can then provide the necessary services to his clients. There will be further discounts
    of up to 50% from our price when he purchases from us. This kind of program is suitable for companies
   intending to become a web hosting reseller or a web designer who wants to provide a total solution to
   their clients

   02) What is a Referral Program?

   Under a Referral Program, the person must have at least an existing account with us. We will give this
   person a full month of free hosting whenever he introduces a person for hosting in our company. By
   introducing more, he can even get up to three months of free hosting per recommendation. Please refer
   to our charts in the Reseller & Referral section. By recommending us, the person may not have to pay
   us for hosting his website anymore.

   03) How can I join these programs?

   You can join either one or both of the programs by having an account with us and simply filling out the
   form for Reseller & Referral Programme. There will not be any charges applied to you. Therefore, you
   loose nothing and gain everything.

   04) Can I join both programs?

   Yes. You can join one or both of the programs providing you have an existing account with us.

   05) What are the benefits from joining these programs?

   As mentioned earlier, you can earn money and free web hosting by joining these programs. You will
   even get residual income by reselling packages, meaning that for one client you have, you get fixed
   income for it every month. The more clients you have, the more fixed income you get monthly. This
   amount of income will grow monthly.

   06) What is the assistance that I could get?

   You get full technical assistance from us. For this, you can serve your customers with full confidence.
   We will not deal directly with your clients.

Contact us

  KL Office (HQ)
  Emerge Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd.
  A-5-1, Pusat Perdagangan Pelangi Square,
  Pelangi Damansara, PJU 6,
  Persiaran Surian,
  47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
  Tel : +603 7727 2280
  Fax : +603 7727 2270

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