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									                                                                   Do Better Business
                                                       Do It With A Better Business Bureau Member
                                                                                                                                            Better Business Bureau®, Inc.
As Guardians of an ethical marketplace since 1920, the Better Business Bureau
has been committed to helping millions of consumers and businesses. None of
                  our accomplishments could happen without the support of our
                  member companies, some of whom are listed on this page.                                                                                  235 West Central Street
                               The story of the Better Business Bureau is still being written.                                                             Natick, MA 01760-3767
                               Its history unfolds every day as member companies join us to                                                                     508-652-4800
                               strengthen the bond of trust and ethical dealings between
                               businesses and consumers.                                                                                            
     Robert H. Williams
     President & CEO                                 Do business with a Member.                                                                     
AIR CONDITIONING,                              COMMUNICATIONS                                 HEATING & AIR                                   MANAGEMENT                                     REMODELING
PLUMBING, HEATING,                             PROVIDER FOR                                   CONDITIONING SERVICE,                           CONSULTANTS                                    CONTRACTORS
FURNACES &                                     BUSINESSES                                     SALES & INSTALLATION                            Atlantic Management                            Lancer Contracting &
EMERGENCY SERVICE                              Exp@nets                                       Ronan Heating &                                 Associates, Inc.                               Service Company, Inc.
Central Cooling &                              Serving New England                            Cooling, Inc.                                   Lynnfield                                      Medford
Heating, Inc.                                  & Beyond                                       Woburn                                          781-596-2020                                   781-395-0499
Woburn                                         800-856-4835                                   781-932-0064                                    Established 1998                               Established 1980
781-933-8288                                   Established 1998                               Established 1992                                         
Established 1966                                                    www.ronan                                                                        priscilla.crowley@                                                                                               HIC Reg. # 118161             
                                                                                                                                              1st Massachusetts
                                                                                              HEATING OIL & OIL
                                               ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING                                                                           Mortgage Company                               RESTAURANTS
Total Temperature                                                                             BURNER SERVICE
                                                                                                                                              Serving New England
Control, Inc.                                  & HEATING SUPPLIES-                            Concord Oil                                                                                    Four Sisters Owl Diner
Wakefield                                      WHOLESALER                                     Company, Inc.                                                                                  Lowell
                                                                                                                                              Established 1987
800-286-4TTC                                   Frank P. McCartin Co., Inc.                    Concord                               
781-224-2400                                   Lowell                                         800-743-3835 (FUEL)                   
                                                                                                                                                                                             Established 1979
Established 1992                               978-454-9101                                   978-369-3333                       Established 1927                               Established 1933                                                   www.concordoil                                  OFFICE FURNITURE
                                                                                           INSTALLATION & HOME                            SIDING & ROOFING
                                                                                                                  SERVICES- REPAIRS,                             CONTRACTORS
                                                                                                                                              YARD WORK &                                    W.J.S. Home
                                               TESTING- DRINKING
                                                                                                                                              HOUSEHOLD MOVES                                Improvements, Inc.
& FINANCIAL PLANNING,                                                                                                                         Brodie Office                                  Serving Greater
                                               WATER/ WASTE WATER
ELDER CARE SERVICES,                                                                          HORSEBACK RIDING-                               Installation Inc.                              Boston
COMPUTER                                                                                      TRAIL RIDES                                     Lawrence                                       800-290-0071
                                               Laboratory, Inc.                               Bobby’s Ranch, Inc.
CONSULTING SERVICES                                                                                                                           978-974-9390                                   Established 1995
                                               Westford                                       Acton
Coughlin, Sheff &                                                                                                                             Established 1996                               HIC Reg. # 121051
                                               1-800-649-TEST                                 978-263-7165
Associates, PC
                                               Established 1974                               Established 1972
Acton                                                                           PAVING & LANDSCAPE
978-263-3777                                                                   SERVICE- COMMERCIAL
Established 1963                                                                                                                                                                             TELECOMMUNICATIONS
                                                                                                                                              & RESIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                                               Nextel
                                                                                                                                              Machado & Son
                                               FLOOR COVERINGS-                                                                                                                              Communications
                                                                                              INFORMATION                                     Landscaping & Paving
                                               CARPETING, VINYL,                                                                                                                             Bedford
                                                                                              SERVICES-                                       Company, Inc.
                                               CERAMIC TILE &                                                                                                                                800-NEXTEL9
APPLIANCE REPAIR-                                                                             TENANT SCREENING                                Lowell
                                               REFINISHED WOOD                                                                                                                               Established 1987
MAJOR HOUSEHOLD-                                                                              National Tenant                                 978-454-0783                         
                                               FLOORING                                       Network/ Boston                                 Established 1970
                                               B&D House of Carpets                           Serving
Cahill Appliance Service
                                               Burlington                                     New England
Bedford                                                                                                                                       PLUMBING & HEATING
                                               781-272-0970                                   888-DIAL NTN
781-861-6059                                                                                                                                  2 Rivers Plumbing &
                                               Established 1972                               978-858-0756
781-863-0486 (fax)                                                                                              Heating, Inc.                                  TRAVEL- VACATION &
Established 1966                                                                              Established 1993                                                                               CRUISE PACKAGES
                                                                                                                   781-391-1002                                   Vacation Outlet
                                                                                                                                              Established 1998                               Serving
AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-                            FUNERAL DIRECTORS                                                                                            New England
NEW &                                          John Breen Memorial                            INSURANCE- ALL LINES
PRE-OWNED CARS                                 Funeral Home, Inc.                             L.M. Van Insurance Agency                                                                      Established 1986
Bonnell Ford                                   Lawrence &                                                                                     REAL ESTATE                          
Winchester                                     North Andover                                                                                  ERA Morrison
781-729-9700                                   978-682-8381                                                                                   Real Estate
                                                                                              Established 1987
Established 1925                               Established 1869                                               Westford,
                                                                                                          Billerica,                                     VETERINARIANS
                                                                                                                                              Chelmsford                                     Woburn Animal
                                                                                                                                              & Pepperell                                    Hospital, Inc.
                                               CONTRACTORS &
Colonial Chevrolet
                                                                                              KITCHEN & BATH/                                 978-392-9119                                   Woburn
                                                                                              ADDITION & DORMERS                              Established 1998                               781-933-0170
                                               MANAGERS-                                      CRC, Certified                        
978-263-1000                                   RESIDENTIAL &                                                                                                                                 Established 1961
                                                                                              Remodelers Co., Inc.                  
Established 1992                               COMMERCIAL
                                                                                              Showroom Medford
                                               Carlino Building                               800-286-1104
                                               Associates LLC                                 Established 1937
                                               Tewksbury                                                                                                          Did You Know???
AUTOMOBILE DEALERS-                                                                           Con. Sup. Lic. # 72499
NEW CARS                                       978-851-8544                                   HIC Reg. # 103189                            You can contact the Better Business Bureau to:
Sentry Lincoln                                 Established 2000
                                               Con. Sup. Lic. # 055607                                                                     Check out a company.
Mercury /
                                               HIC Reg. # 132627
Ford Sales, Inc.                                                                                                                           File a complaint about a business.
Medford                                                                                       LANDSCAPE
781-391-5700                                   GENERAL                                        CONTRACTORS-                                 Get estimates and quotes from Member Companies.
781-395-6400                                   CONTRACTORS                                    COMPLETE
Established 1981                               David Pelletier                                LANDSCAPING,
                                               Carpentry &                                    MAINTENANCE &                                                            Consumer Tip
                                               General Contracting                            IRRIGATION &
                                               Serving Greater                                FREE QUOTES                                  Most consumers believe that they have the right to a store
                                               Boston                                         J.W. Wandell                                 refund if they request one. This is not always the case.
                                               978-262-9968                                   Landscape Contractor                         Unless the product is defective or was misrepresented, a
                                               Established 1997                               Tewksbury                                    refund or exchange is a privilege and not a right. Ask
                                                                  978-851-4159                                 about the merchant’s policy before you purchase the
                                               Con. Sup. Lic. # 074144                        Established 2000                             product.
                                               HIC Reg. # 131608

With more than 275,000 members and more than 135 offices in the USA, the Better Business Bureau is one of the largest business member supported public service organizations in the world. This is only a partial listing of our members.
        We encourage you to check out a company before you make a buying decision at or 508-652-4800. As a matter of policy, the Better Business Bureau does not endorse any product, service or company.

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