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Job Description Form
 Division / Department: Customer Services – Project Office
 Location: Thanet - Council Offices, Margate
 Job Title: Web Development and Integration Officer
 Reports to: Team Leader – Web Development and Integration
 Level/Grade:                    Type of Position:
 TG5                             X Full-time
                                  Part-time
                                  Contractor
                                  Placement
 Mission Statement:
 Customer Services is a department that understands its customers, provides best access to
 a range of services and ensures its staff are given the skills, responsibility and technology to
 deliver the highest quality services.

 The Project Office and Web Development/Integration teams aim to provide the technology
 and resources to all TDC’s staff and customers to support the delivery of excellent services.
 This is via either the implementation of new, or evolution of existing, corporate business
 systems to ensure that the Council is able to meet the requirements of transformational
 government, improve customer access to council services and facilitate internal processing

 Job Purpose:
 To work as part of a team whose role is:

     a) to develop and support the Council’s existing web based systems (including
        epayments, ebookings, eforms, web content management, Sharepoint)
     b) to develop and support the integration of web based systems with third party web
        based solutions
     c) to develop and support the Council’s websites in conjunction with the Corporate
        Communications team
     d) to work with the Project Office, Operational IT, GIS team and end user departments
        to specify, procure, implement, support and develop new web based solutions
     e) to develop middleware solutions that facilitate the integration of corporate CRM,
        DIPS and other corporate software with existing back office systems
     f) to keep the organisation informed of developments in web technology that may
        affect the way the Council works and delivers services in the future

 Principal Duties:

 The Authority has four main aims to help us achieve our vision, which will be achieved by
 focusing the efforts of all Council staff, Members and partners on the following core ideals.
 S.ervice T.eamwork E.conomics P.ride

 The Service is outward looking and customer focused.

 To be effective we work with internal and external partners. We are team players.

 We constantly review and improve efficiency in the interest of consumers.

 We deliver a service that the District is proud of, and compare favourably with others.
Role Specific Accountabilities

    Represent the Web Development and Integration team at meetings as required by
        the Team Leader – Web Development and Integration


     Contribute to the work of the Web Development/Integration team relating to:
          a) implementations of, and upgrades to, corporate business systems and web
               based software, including integration with, and data sharing between, third
               party web systems and software using appropriate middleware
               technologies eg BizTalk, XML.
          b) the technical aspects of the Council’s web presence including web hosting
               and security, web content management software (currently Immediacy),
               Sharepoint, e-Bookings (currently Toplevel), e-payments (currently
               Adelante), eforms and databases (currently developed using C#
               programming) plus relevant reporting (currently produced using Crystal)
          c) the development of the corporate DIPS and EDRMS systems (currently
               Civica) , including creation and maintenance of process maps and
               integration with back office systems as part of corporate roll-out.
          d) the development of corporate CRM (currently Northgate Front Office)
               including integration with back office systems as part of corporate roll-out.
          e) The provision of a customer and/or staff authentication process
          f) Any new initiatives and technologies as they arise and require a corporate
               solution including – potentially although not exclusively – SMS and mobile
     Maintain awareness of industry developments and opportunities that will provide the
      Council will a more efficient and effective way of delivering web technology and
      integration services, and draw these to the attention of management.
     Ensure that all work carried out by the Web Development and Integration team
          a) complies with corporate project management standards, including
               appropriate liaison with end users across the organisation.
          b) provides management reports and statistics as required for corporate
               reporting and performance management.
          c) Is fully documented to corporate standards and timescales.
          d) Complies with prevailing and emerging industry standards including e-GIF
               and WAI web accessibility.

       Undertake skills and personal development training (of a residential or non-
        residential nature) as is deemed necessary for the development of the service.

       Comply – as appropriate to the role - with:
           a) The Council’s Health and Safety Policy and all relevant related legislation
           b) The Council’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policies
           c) The Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts

       Carry out any other duties commensurate with the grade and skills of the postholder
        as may be directed.

Required Knowledge & Experience for Person Spec:

    Knowledge, and demonstrable practical experience, of :
          o HTML
          o CSS
          o ASP
          o ASP.NET (c#)
           o   Basic SQL, more advanced preferable
           o   WC3 standards for website accessibility
           o   E-GIF Standards
           o   Implementation, configuration and support of web technology software and
               application of manufacturer’s upgrades
           o   Microsoft Office

      Experience of working on projects as part of a team
      Experience of designing and delivering relevant training and guidance.
      Good organisational skills and the ability to prioritise workload to ensure deadlines
       are met.
      Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills.
      Ability to communicate and network effectively with a wide range of individuals at all
       levels including elected members, senior managers and the Council’s customers
       and partners.
      Good interpersonal skills.

    Knowledge and practical experience of some of the following:
          o BizTalk and/or integration
          o XML and an awareness of national schemas for local government
          o SOAP technologies
          o The technical aspects of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
          o The technical aspects of Document Image Processing (DIPs) software
          o Database development
          o Management of web servers and web security
          o Crystal reporting and/or other management reporting tools

      A degree or equivalent professional qualification.
      Knowledge and understanding of how the public sector operates and its current
       drivers – preferably obtained within a local authority.
      Awareness of the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts and their
       implications for software development and usage
      Practical experience of using a formal project management methodology

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