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					The Sprinter

Sprinter Crewbus                  4   Technical data                30
                                      Engine data and model range   30
Interior                         10   Fuel consumption
Comfort and functionality        10   and CO2 emissions             32
                                      Weights                       33
Technology                       14   Dimensions                    34
Engines and chassis              14
BlueEFFICIENCY                   16   Glossary                      36
All-wheel drive                  18   Services                      38
                                      Test drive                    42
Safety                           20

Equipment                        22
Standard and special equipment   22
Genuine accessories              27
Paintwork                        29
The new Sprinter.
Every inch the consum-
mate professional

Nobody knows more about your job than you do. Thatʼs why
the Sprinter Crewbus/minibus lets you take your pick.
With three wheelbase versions, three vehicle lengths and
two load compartment heights, you have the freedom
to select the right solution for virtually any transport task.
A choice of several engines appropriate to requirements
can be combined with a wide range of special equipment to
suit every need.

The Sprinter combines its many practical talents with
impressive performance in the important disciplines of
economy and sustainability. The combination of advanced
CDI engines and the standard BlueEFFICIENCY package
guarantee a significant fuel reduction and lower CO2 emis-
sions. Look forward to a professional partner: your
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

                                               Sprinter Crewbus   5
Whatever you have planned – the Sprinter takes it in its stride

If you want to make sure your passengers travel in comfort        ▸ 3 wheelbases, 3 body lengths, 2 load compartment         ▸ Extensive safety equipment, including ADAPTIVE ESP,
as well as arrive safely and on time, the Sprinter Crewbus/         heights                                                    front airbag for driver as standard, front airbag for
minibus has the answer: with space for up to 9 people, inno-      ▸ Numerous seating configurations for between                co-driver as an option
vative appointments and a contemporary feel, the interior           2 and 9 people                                           ▸ Wide range of sophisticated engines, including 2 CDI
provides the warmest of welcomes for your passengers –            ▸ Convenient entry into the passenger compartment            diesel engines and 2 petrol engines as well as natural-gas
whether used as a club vehicle, hotel shuttle, taxi, minicoach,     through a sliding door measuring up to 1.30 m wide and     and liquefied-gas drive systems: the Sprinter NGT
crewbus or social-services bus. On the road, its exemplary          1.82 m high (depending on body length and roof height)     (Natural Gas Technology, monovalent or bivalent version)
safety features allow both you and your passengers to relax       ▸ Spacious interior with a wide range of equipment           and the Sprinter LGT (Liquefied Gas Technology, bivalent
and enjoy the ride.                                                 and appointments to choose from                            version) are innovative Mercedes-Benz BlueEFFICIENCY
                                                                  ▸ Comfortable workplace and easy handling                    technologies
                                                                  ▸ Very easy loading

                                                                                                                                                                Sprinter Crewbus        7
If you like variety, youʼll love this load compartment

Variability is a major attribute of the Sprinter Crewbus/       The Sprinter can also carry varying numbers of passengers          ▸ Cargo area1 of up to 7.4 m2
minibus: a few simple moves is all it takes to transform the    with ease: instead of the single co-driver seat, for example,      ▸ Cargo volume1 from 7.5 to 14 m3
large passenger compartment into a spacious cargo area          a twin-seater version can be supplied. The passenger com-          ▸ Payload1 from 965 to 1370 kg
capable of transporting the bulkiest and heaviest items with    partment can be fitted with up to three rows of two-seater         ▸ Hinged rear doors open to an angle of 180° or, as an
ease, within the maximum payload limits, as and when            or three-seater benches, which can be arranged in a wide             option, up to the side wall (doors lock into position
required. Near-vertical inner walls and levelled-off wheel      variety of configurations. Quick-release locks allow the             automatically)
arches allow the available load space to be used to the full.   seats to be rearranged – or lifted out altogether – as required.   ▸ 2- and 3-seater benches for the passenger compartment –
                                                                                                                                     easy to install and remove thanks to quick-release locks
                                                                                                                                   ▸ Sliding doors with push-button electrical operation
                                                                                                                                     available as an option (electric closing aid also option-
                                                                                                                                     ally available)
                                                                                                                                   ▸ Additional rear step available as an option
                                                                                                                                   ▸ Optionally available auxiliary heater, pollen/particulate
                                                                                                                                     filter, and front and rear air conditioning

                                                                                                                                   1   Cargo area, cargo volume and payload calculated with all seats removed from
                                                                                                                                       passenger compartment

8         Sprinter Crewbus
Give yourself
     a comfortable lead
The conditions under which you have to operate your                   ▸ A generous amount of space for all occupants                   ▸ Powerful heating and ventilation system, with standard-
vehicle are tough and unforgiving – and theyʼre not getting           ▸ Numerous stowage facilities offer plenty of handy                fit warm-air duct to passenger compartment
any easier. At least the Sprinter can help. It sets standards           storage space (e.g. compartment above the windscreen           ▸ Electric hot-air auxiliary heater (heater booster)
by providing outstanding driving and operating comfort,                 as standard)                                                     as standard
plenty of space and even more intelligent ideas. The inte-            ▸ Several cup holders and 2 bottle holders (1.5-litre bottles)   ▸ Optional heat exchanger in rear compartment
rior scales new heights in terms of design, material select-          ▸ Ergonomically shaped seats with optimised seat design          ▸ Latest-generation radios (special equipment) offering
ion and ergonomic quality. Then there is the wide range               ▸ Driverʼs seat with wide adjustment range                         the right solution for every need
of practical and innovative equipment from which you can              ▸ Optional twin co-driver seat with stowage compartment          ▸ Bluetooth hands-free system and universal interface
choose the elements you need. After all, youʼre in the                  under seat cushion and integral folding table in backrest        for mobile devices – e.g. mobile navigation systems,
driving seat.                                                         ▸ Low interior noise level                                         smart phones and MP3 players – available as an option
                                                                      ▸ Steering wheel adjustable for height and reach available       ▸ Optional PARKTRONIC parking aid front and rear with
                                                                        as an option                                                     audible signal and visual display in the exterior mirror
                                                                      ▸ Multifunction steering wheel with trip computer                  and on the instrument panel
                                                                        available as an option                                         ▸ Central locking with radio remote control as standard
                                                                      ▸ Power windows for driver and co-driver
                                                                      ▸ Cruise control with activatable SPEEDTRONIC speed
                                                                        limiter available as an option

The handy gearshift on the dashboard allows easy through-cab access   A wealth of stowage options for a tidy interior                  Twin co-driver seat with folding table and stowage compartment available
                                                                                                                                       as an option

                                                                                                                                                                   Interior | Comfort and functionality           11
Even in the rear, comfort doesnʼt
take a back seat

If youʼre in the business of transporting people, then pas-    ▸ Driver and co-driver seats with stowage nets as standard
senger satisfaction is crucial to your success. All of which   ▸ Standard-fit three-point seat belts as well as head
makes the Sprinter an extremely safe bet: when it comes          restraints adjustable for height and angle on all seats
to seat comfort, climate comfort and ergonomic design, its     ▸ ISOFIX child-seat attachment system in rear (on double
passenger compartment will satisfy even the most demand-         seat benches on both seats; on 3-seat benches on
ing of passengers. The Sprinterʼs high-grade materials,          outer seats)
airy feeling of space and solid build quality help to ensure   ▸ Large tinted windows for a bright and cheerful
a comfortable ride for everyone on board – regardless of         atmosphere
where they are sitting.                                        ▸ Optional black-tinted glass in rear
                                                               ▸ Sliding window in passenger compartment as an option
▸ Easy entry thanks to wide sliding door                       ▸ Optional electric rear vent windows (only for “Standard”
▸ Ergonomically contoured seat benches for the passenger         body length)                                               Man-made-leather upholstery. The optional black man-made-leather
  compartment                                                  ▸ Optional rear air conditioning for additional climate      upholstery is particularly easy to care for. The breathable fabric cover Lima
                                                                                                                            is available in black as standard (large illustration on left)
▸ Hard-wearing, skin-friendly and breathable fabric              comfort in the passenger compartment; also available
  upholstery featuring a contemporary design; easy-care          in a higher-capacity version
  artificial leather upholstery is available as an option      ▸ Optional automatic lighting in passenger compartment

                                                                                                                                                           Interior | Comfort and functionality             13
4-cylinder OM 651 CDI diesel engine
The Sprinter is impressive on the road.
And on the balance sheet, too
Its frugal engines

High quality standards and solid resale values contribute      Fuel-saving transmission. The innovative ECO Gear 6-speed      ▸ 6-speed manual transmission standard for the 4-cylinder
to the overall cost-effectiveness of the Sprinter, as do its   manual transmission is the ideal partner for the Sprinterʼs      diesel engine; 5-speed automatic transmission standard
highly sophisticated engines. When equipped with the           diesel engines. Thanks to a wider gear ratio spread, a wider     for all petrol engines
advanced OM 651 4-cylinder CDI diesel engine, available        overall gear ratio and the reduction in the engine speed,      ▸ New consumption-optimised 7G-TRONIC 7-speed
with a choice of two power outputs, or the supremely con-      in conjunction with the standard-fit efficiency package it       automatic transmission2 standard for OM 642 engine,
fident OM 642 V6 CDI diesel engine1, the Sprinter Crew-        reduces combined fuel consumption substantially com-             optionally available for the OM 651 CDI engine
bus sets standards in terms of economic efficiency and         pared to the former Euro IV 4-cylinder CDI diesel engines      ▸ Start-off Assist as standard for vehicles with automatic
future-compatibility. All three CDI diesel engines meet        considerably – by as much as 2.6 l/100 km in the case of         transmission, optional for vehicles with manual
the requirements of the Euro V/III or Euro V emission          the 4-cylinder engine.                                           transmission
standard for registration as a passenger car and consume                                                                      ▸ A range of gas-driven variants: Sprinter NGT1 (Natural
far less fuel than the previous engines with a correspond-     ▸ Economical 4-cylinder CDI diesel engine with two-stage         Gas Technology) with a choice of monovalent natural-
ing reduction in exhaust gas emissions. In addition to           turbocharging in two output levels: 95 kW and 120 kW;          gas drive (EEV) or bivalent natural-gas and petrol drive
this, the CDI diesel engines can also be made to comply          new for the Sprinter Crewbus: the 140 kW V6 CDI diesel         (Euro V), Sprinter LGT1 (Liquefied Gas Technology) with
with the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly                  engine1                                                        bivalent liquefied-gas and petrol drive (Euro V)
Vehicle) standard – currently Europeʼs most stringent          ▸ CDI diesel engines with diesel particulate filter as         ▸ The optional ASSYST service computer allows flexible,
emission standard – if requested by the customer.                standard                                                       application-oriented oil change intervals and thus
These vehicles ensure extremely low emissions of particulate   ▸ Economical 4-cylinder petrol engine1 developing 115 kW         helps to reduce maintenance costs
matter, for example. As well as displaying these attributes,     and a dynamic V6 petrol engine1 delivering 190 kW
the Sprinterʼs engines are also impressively quiet – thanks    ▸ Consumption-reducing ECO Gear 6-speed manual trans-          1 In conjunction with the Euro V-compliant M 271 and M 272 petrol engines and the OM 642 CDI diesel
                                                                                                                                engine, the Sprinter Crewbus is only approvable with a reference mass greater than 2610 kg.
to effective noise insulation which ensures a pleasant           mission for the CDI diesel engines (Euro V/III or Euro V)      Your Mercedes-Benz dealer will be pleased to inform you about the effect on the configuration you
                                                                                                                                desire for your vehicle
sound level in the interior.                                                                                                  2 Planned availability from 1st quarter 2012. Until its replacement, the 5-speed automatic

                                                                                                                                transmission will be delivered

                                                                                                                                                                    Technology | Engines and chassis                          15
Fast forward to viable efficiency

From 7.2 litres per 100 km. The Sprinter with                     Innovative Natural Gas and Liquefied Gas Technologies.          Components of the BlueEFFICIENCY package1, 2
BlueEFFICIENCY package1, 2. Our goal is to ensure your            With the Sprinter LGT (Liquefied Gas Technology)                for the Sprinter Crewbus
mobility in as economical and sustainable a manner as             Mercedes-Benz expands its range of BlueEFFICIENCY
possible for the future. We group together under the term         technologies by incorporating the particularly economy-              ▸ OM 651 diesel engine (Euro V/III or Euro V) or OM 642 diesel
                                                                                                                                          engine (Euro V)
BlueEFFICIENCY all those innovations that help make               efficient liquefied gas drive system. The bivalent drive
                                                                                                                                       ▸ ECO start/stop function3
this objective possible: intelligently combined measures          system (it is possible to choose between petrol and liquefied        ▸ ECO power-steering pump
aimed at reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.             gas operation) impresses with its relatively low fuel costs,         ▸ Electrically controlled fuel pump
And the Sprinter with the BlueEFFICIENCY1, 2 package              significantly reduced pollutant emissions and a range of             ▸ Shift point recommendation
                                                                                                                                       ▸ Rolling-resistance optimised tyres5
proves just how well this works. In particular in urban dis-      around 450 km when operating on liquefied gas. The range
                                                                                                                                       ▸ Alternator management
tribution transport, the interaction of the ECO start-stop        can be increased without any problem by simply switching             ▸ Battery management
function3 a thrifty diesel engine and further components          to operation with petrol – in a manner similar to that of            ▸ In-engine measures
ensure a significative reduction of fuel consumption and          the tried and tested Sprinter NGT (Natural Gas Technology)
emissions. In its most frugal variant4 the Sprinter impresses     with bivalent natural gas and petrol drive. In the mono-
with consumption levels of just 7.2 litres per 100 km. The        valent variant, which is certified according to emission        1 Not in conjunction with petrol engine
                                                                                                                                  2 The efficiency package with automatic transmission and 4x2 drive will not be available until the
efficiency package is standard for all variants of the Sprinter   standard EEV, the Sprinter NGT acts as a pure natural             introduction of the new 7G-TRONIC 7-speed automatic transmission (expected to be available from
Crewbus powered by a CDI diesel engine.                           gas vehicle. The petrol in the tank of reduced size (< 15 l)      first quarter of 2012)
                                                                                                                                  3 Not in conjunction with automatic transmission

                                                                  is only used to start off and as an emergency reserve.          4 In conjunction with standard manual transmission and optional rear axle transmission ratio

                                                                                                                                    of 3.692
                                                                                                                                  5 If available for the particular model variant, otherwise standard tyres

16         Technology | BlueEFFICIENCY
Four good reasons for driving your business forwards
The Sprinter with all-wheel drive1

If you also need to go off-road with your Sprinter or are often                      One of the outstanding features of the Sprinterʼs all-wheel-
faced with tough operating conditions, we recommend the                              drive system1 is the absence of mechanical differential
optionally available engageable all-wheel-drive system1. It                          locks. In their place is the much lighter Electronic Traction
truly excels under poor road and weather conditions with                             System 4ETS, which is fully automatic and, therefore,
its combination of increased traction, enhanced directional                          relieves driver stress. It is engaged when one or more wheels
stability and road adhesion, and latest-generation ESP.                             start to spin, braking the spinning wheels individually and
The engageable all-wheel drive1 transfers the engine power                           increasing the drive torque at the wheels which still offer
to all four wheels simultaneously, splitting it 35 : 65 between                      sufficient grip.
the front and rear axle. And an optional gear reduction is
available to extend the range of application possibilities on                        1   Available for selected variants. For availability by model, please see the tables on pages 30–31

difficult terrain and further improve starting performance.

The all-wheel drive operates even more effectively because the Electronic Traction System 4ETS is integrated in the Sprinterʼs standard-fit ESP

                                                                                                                                                       Technology | All-wheel drive         19
Your safety is a precious commodity
                                                                                                                 Thereʼs no such thing as too much safety. Thatʼs why weʼve         ▸ ADAPTIVE ESP Electronic Stability Program in                   ▸ Hydraulic braking system
                                                                                                                 made every effort to ensure that the Sprinter offers the             conjunction with anti-lock brake system (ABS),                  ▸ Adaptive brake lights as standard
                                                                                                                 driver, passengers and other road users the highest possible         acceleration skid control (ASR), electronic brake force         ▸ Both exterior mirrors have integrated additional
                                                                                                                 degree of protection. A prime example of this is the Elect-          distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BAS) and ESP                   wide-angle mirrors
                                                                                                                 ronic Stability Program ADAPTIVE ESP which, for the first           Trailer Stability Assist                                        ▸ Optional bi-xenon headlamps with Add-Light System
                                                                                                                 time, takes account of the vehicle load – one of the key           ▸ Very good crash performance                                       and cornering light function
                                                                                                                 influencing factors. As the vehicle load can vary during           ▸ Front airbag for the driver as standard                         ▸ Rain sensor with Headlamp Assist as an option
                                                                                                                 the course of a trip, sensors determine the current level,         ▸ Optional front airbag for co-driver, both for the single seat   ▸ Bulb failure indicator
                                                                                                                 thus enabling ADAPTIVE ESP to perform its precisely                 and the twin seat, as well as windowbags and thorax             ▸ Central locking with radio remote control and enhanced
                                                                                                                 measured stabilising interventions.                                  bags for the driver and co-driver                                 anti-theft protection; anti-theft alarm system with
                                                                                                                                                                                    ▸ Three-point seat belts on all seats; with belt tensioners         interior monitoring and tow-away protection available as
                                                                                                                 In order to increase handling safety when towing a trailer,          and belt force limiters for driverʼs seat and single              an option
                                                                                                                 we have now extended the range of ADAPTIVE ESP                      co-driver seat. Seat belt warning system for driver’s seat      ▸ Optional tyre pressure monitoring system
                                                                                                                 functions for the Sprinter to include Trailer Stability Assist.      as standard                                                     ▸ Optional reversing camera in conjunction with
                                                                                                                 If the trailer starts to sway, the new system counteracts          ▸ 4-way head restraints standard on all seats                       a 17.8 cm monitor to aid reversing and manoeuvring
The figure on page 21 (left) shows various airbags at their maximum deployment for illustrative purposes only.

                                                                                                                 these movements to help the driver to stabilise the vehicle/       ▸ ISOFIX child-seat attachment system in rear (on double            (display also possible via COMAND APS)
                                                                                                                 trailer combination. ESP® Trailer Stability Assist is activated      seat benches on both seats; on 3-seat benches on
                                                                                                                 automatically if a trailer coupling is fitted ex factory. It can     outer seats)
                                                                                                                 also be activated subsequently by your Mercedes-Benz
                                                                                                                 dealer if a trailer coupling is retrofitted.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Safety        21
Make your life
a little easier                                                                                    ○ Twin co-driver seat. Provides seating for a third
                                                                                                   person in the driverʼs section. The table function
                                                                                                   provides an additional storage surface; the seat
                                                                                                   base can be used as a stowage compartment.

A flexible vehicle concept and an impressively wide range
of variants make the Sprinter the ideal solution for a great
many industries and applications. From shuttle or VIP
services to taxis, vehicles for people with disabilities and
comfortable minibuses. When combined with special body
or conversion solutions1, the Sprinter Crewbus/minibus is
the perfect partner for all manner of passenger transport
tasks. Relief organisations, the police and the fire brigade
also appreciate classic Sprinter attributes such as reli-
ability and longevity, and benefit from custom-designed
transport solutions.

Your Mercedes-Benz van dealer will be glad to help you
find the right vehicle body. Furthermore, our VanPartner
by Mercedes-Benz programme at
includes details of Mercedes-approved bodybuilders for all
your needs. With Mercedes-Benz industry expertise and
a wide range of equipment and appointments to choose from,
                                                                                                   ● 4-way luxury head restraints for all seats.
there is nothing to stop you creating your own fully                                               The head restraints trimmed in man-made leather,
individualised Sprinter.                                                                           with four-way adjustment (including angle adjustment),
                                                                                                   enhance safety, comfort and interior appearance.

1   Some of the body and conversion solutions are available ex factory or only directly from the
    bodybuilder. The body and conversion solutions available vary from country to country

                                                                                                              ● Standard equipment   ○ Special equipment
                                                          ○ Hinged lid for stowage compartment. The stow-
                                                          age compartment with hinged lid allows items such                                                              ○ Hot-water auxiliary heater with timer. This system
                                                          as a laptops, personal articles or freight papers                                                              can be used both as a programmable auxiliary
○ Comfort seats. Take a seat: comfort seats with          to be stowed safely out of sight. Once opened, the                                                             heater and as a heater booster, for example for faster
adjustable seat cushion angle and other adjustment        hinged lid is held in its end position, making it    ○ TEMPMATIC air conditioning. Electronically              de-icing of windows and for pre-heating the interior.
options plus manual lumbar support.                       easier to use.                                       controlled front air conditioning.                        Also optionally available with radio remote control.

○ Steering wheel adjustable for height and angle.         ● Stowage facilities in the cockpit. Generous        ○ ECO start/stop function1. A convenient auto-            ○ ASSYST service computer. The optional ASSYST
The wide adjustment range ensures that drivers of         stowage includes plenty of handy storage space       matic engine-start function is available for 4-cylinder   service computer allows flexible oil change intervals
different sizes quickly find a seating position to suit   (e.g. compartment above the windscreen) and          CDI diesel models with a manual transmission.             dependent on actual intensity of operation, of up to
them.                                                     several cup holders.                                 Under certain conditions, the system switches off         50,000 km in the case of the diesel models (petrol
                                                                                                               the engine when the vehicle is at a standstill and        models: 40,000 km) or every two years at the latest.
                                                                                                               starts it again when requested by the driver. Fuel        With the ASSYST service computer on board, main-
                                                                                                               consumption, noise and exhaust emissions are              tenance intervals are up to 100,000 km (diesel
                                                                                                               therefore reduced significantly.                          models) or 80,000 km (petrol models), depending
                                                                                                               1   Not in conjunction with petrol engine                 on application.

                                                                                                                                                                             Equipment | Standard and special equipment           23
                                                                   ○ COMAND APS control and display system
                                                                   High-performance multimedia system with fast hard-
                                                                   disc navigation for the digitised areas of Europe.
                                                                   16.5 cm TFT colour display, high-resolution map dis-
                                                                                                                                 ○ Electric step2 for load compartment sliding door.
     ○ Audio 20 radio. Radio with dual tuner, CD player            play, Traffic Message Channel (TMC), DVD video/
                                                                                                                                 Comfortable access and exit: the electric step                     ○ Electric sliding door for passenger compartment.
     with MP3 capability, Bluetooth interface1 with               audio, 4 GB memory for MP3 files, Bluetooth inter-
                                                                                                                                 extends and retracts automatically on opening and                  This convenience feature allows the passenger-
     hands-free function, telephone keypad.                        face1 with hands-free function.
                                                                                                                                 closing respectively, the load compartment sliding                 compartment sliding door to be opened and closed
     1   Our Telephony and Multimedia Web Special provides         1   Our Telephony and Multimedia Web Special provides         door.                                                              in approx. 5 seconds at the push of a button. Safety
         detailed information and useful instructions                  detailed information and useful instructions
         regarding the Bluetooth compatibility of your devices:       regarding the Bluetooth compatibility of your devices:   2   Information regarding availability can be obtained from your   features include an overload protection/obstruction                                              Mercedes-Benz van dealer                                       sensor system and a childproof lock.

     ○ Audio 50 APS radio/navigation system. DVD                   ○ Sliding window in side wall/sliding door. The               ● Hot/cold air duct to passenger compartment.                      ○ Electric closing aid for sliding door. Makes it
     navigation with arrow-type display for digitised              high-quality sliding window, which fits flush with the        An additional air outlet is fitted in front of the first           easier to close the passenger-compartment sliding
     areas of Europe. 12.7 cm TFT colour display, Traffic          outside of the vehicle, can be used to provide addit-         row of seats in the rear section, providing fast and               door, particularly when the vehicle is parked facing
     Message Channel (TMC), three radio tuners, DVD                ional ventilation. Available for left and right sides.        targeted heating/cooling for the passenger compart-                uphill. The door can simply be slid to the contact
     player with MP3 capability, Bluetooth interface1                                                                           ment.                                                              position, at which point the closing aid pulls it the
     with hands-free function, telephone keypad.                                                                                                                                                    last part of the way into the fully closed position –
     1   Our Telephony and Multimedia Web Special provides                                                                                                                                          almost soundlessly and without jolting or jarring.
         detailed information and useful instructions
         regarding the Bluetooth compatibility of your devices:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                ● Standard equipment   ○ Special equipment

24   Equipment | Standard and special equipment
○ Rear air conditioning. Operated via controls in
the instrument panel, the rear air conditioning pro-
vides optimised climate control in the passenger
compartment – increasing passenger comfort and         ○ 3-seater bench for the passenger compartment.
well-being. Alternatively, a higher-capacity version   Allows three more passengers to be seated in the
of the system is available for operation in very hot   passenger compartment. Can be fitted in the second      ○ Chrome-trimmed radiator grille. The chrome-         ○ Light-alloy wheels. Light-alloy wheels – size
climates (only in conjunction with front air con-      or third seat row; also available in a narrow version   trimmed radiator grille adds a dynamic and elegant    6.5 J x 16 with 235/65 R 16 C tyres – add a sporty,
ditioning).                                            for the first and second seat row.                      note to the front end of the vehicle.                 elegant touch.

○ 2-seater bench for the passenger compartment.        ○ Bi-xenon headlamps with Add-Light system and          ● Hinged rear doors. The symmetrical hinged rear      ○ Mounting rails for roof racks. The two rails
Can be installed in the first, second and third seat   cornering light function. Better illumination of        doors engage in the 180° end-of-travel position.      recessed into the roof allow roof racks, roof boxes
rows in the passenger compartment. Quick-re-           the area directly to the side of the vehicle enhances   ● Storage nets in the hinged rear doors. Additional   and other roof systems to be fitted.
lease locks allow easy installation and removal.       safety, especially on tight bends, at junctions and     stowage space for a variety of items.
                                                       when manoeuvring.

                                                                                                                                                                         Equipment | Standard and special equipment        25
Further standard and special equipment
Cab carpeted with insulating mat and non-slip rubber floor covering          ●   Hot-air auxiliary heating (fuel-fired stationary heater)                  ○   Cruise control                                                                                     ○
Folding handbrake lever                                                     ○   KEYLESS ENTRY & SLIDE                                                    ○   Tachograph                                                                                         ○

Indicator lights for turn signal indicators, main beam, charging current,   ●   Multi-adjustable driverʼs seat for a relaxed seating position            ●
oil level, coolant level, brake fluid and brake pads etc.                        Multifunction steering wheel with trip computer                          ○   Safety/chassis
Instrument cluster with clock and outside temperature display, etc.         ●   PARKTRONIC parking and manoeuvring aid                                   ○   235/65 R 16 C tyres (for 3.5 t)                                                                    ●
Lockable glove compartment                                                  ○   Power windows for driver and co-driver                                   ●
                                                                                                                                                             ADAPTIVE ESP (Electronic Stability Program) in combination with                                   ●
Passenger compartment seating, three-seater bench (2nd, 3rd row)            ○   Pre-installation for radio                                               ○   anti-lock braking system (ABS), acceleration skid control (ASR), electronic
Passenger compartment seating, three-seater bench, narrow (1st, 2nd row)    ○   Precisely controllable heating and ventilation system with four-stage    ●   brake force distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BAS) and ESP Trailer
Passenger compartment seating, two-seater bench (1st, 2nd 3rd row)          ○   fan and two additional fresh-air vents                                       Stability Assist (only in conjunction with trailer coupling or pre-installation
                                                                                                                                                             for trailer coupling)
Passenger compartment side wall panelling                                   ●   Rack-and-pinion power steering                                           ●

                                                                                Radio and communication systems:                                         ○   Anti-theft alarm system with interior monitoring and tow-away protection                           ○
Exterior                                                                         – Sound 5 radio                                                             (with or without battery-powered horn)

Aerial for GSM, GPS and UMTS network                                        ○    – Audio 20 radio                                                            Front airbag (co-driver; also for twin co-driver seat)                                             ○
                                                                                 – Audio 20 radio with CD changer
Full wheel covers                                                           ○                                                                                Front airbag (driver)                                                                              ●
                                                                                 – Audio 50 radio/navigation system
Hinged rear doors which open up to the side wall                            ○    – Audio 50 radio/navigation system with DVD changer                         Front fog lamps (halogen)                                                                          ○
Rear window wiper                                                           ○    – COMAND APS control and display system                                     Front stabiliser (optional for 3.19 t models, reinforced for long version)                         ●
Step (rear door)                                                            ○    – COMAND APS+ control and display system with DVD changer                   Headlamp cleaning system                                                                           ○
Trailer coupling (ball-type)                                                ○   Rear camera in conj. with 17.8 cm monitor                                ○   Headlamp range adjustment                                                                          ●

Trailer coupling (reinforced) for towing capacity of up to 3.5 t            ○   (display also possible via COMAND APS)                                       Heated rear window                                                                                 ●
(only for vehicles with perm. GVW of 3.5 t)                                     Start-off Assist (for manual transmission models)                         ○   Heated windscreen                                                                                  ○
Trailer socket, 13-pin                                                      ○   Tinted glass (all round)                                                 ●   Independent front suspension                                                                       ●
                                                                                Warm-air duct to passenger compartment                                   ●   Rain sensor with Headlamp Assist                                                                   ○
Comfort                                                                                                                                                      Rear stabiliser (standard with long version)                                                       ○
Central locking with radio remote control                                   ○   Technology                                                                   Reinforced shock absorbers                                                                         ○
Courtesy lighting in passenger compartment                                  ○   5-speed automatic transmission (standard for petrol models)              ○   Thoraxbags/windowbags for driver and co-driver                                                     ○

Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors incl. heated            ○   7G-TRONIC 7-speed automatic transmission      1                              Three-point seat belts and four-way head restraints for all seats,                                 ●
wide-angle mirror                                                               (only in conj. with CDI diesel engine)                                       belt tensioners for driver and co-driver

Electrically operated rear vent windows                                     ○   All-wheel drive                                                          ○
                                                                                                                                                             ● Standard equipment   ○ Special equipment
Heated seats for driver/co-driver                                           ○   BlueEFFICIENCY package2, consisting of CDI diesel engine and             ●   1 Planned availability from 1st quarter 2012. Until its replacement, the 5-speed automatic transmission

                                                                                model-specific consumption and emission-reducing components (see p. 16)         will be delivered 2 Not in conjunction with petrol engine

26             Equipment | Standard and special equipment
Genuine accessories1

Mercedes-Benz accessories allow you to further individualise your Sprinter to                                                     safety. Further information and details of the entire product range can be
fulfil your exact needs. Genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories1 are optimised to                                                      found in our accessories brochures.
suit your vehicle, and they meet stringent requirements in terms of quality and

Seat covers. Seat covers whose colours and patterns                      Rep floor mats. Clean sweep: the hardwearing cus-        Mobile phone cradles. Cradles are available for       Stowage box in twin co-driver seat. The spacious
are modelled on the original seats are available for                     tom-fit rep floor mats are non-slip thanks to their      common makes of mobile phone2 as the link between     stowage box, made from shockproof plastic, is
practically all the Sprinter seat variants. The range                    sewn-in Velcro fastenings and, moreover, are easy        your mobile phone and the mobile phone console.       designed to help keep the interior tidy. It can be
of Alcantara covers with a velvety suede look are                       to clean. Soft velour or extremely robust rubber floor   Optimum voice quality and user-friendly operation     used to house the supplied partition and store
particularly luxurious. Special features, such as the                    mats can be ordered as alternatives.                     are ensured at all times. Can be fitted without any   files. The stowage box protects the inside of the
integrated table in the twin co-driver seat or the                                                                                need to visit a workshop.                             seat base frame against damage and ensures
ISOFIX attachment system, remain fully usable                                                                                                                                           that smaller items cannot get lost. It is mounted by
regardless of which seat covers are fitted.                                                                                                                                             simply inserting it. The custom-fit geometry
                                                                                                                                                                                        means that the box fixes itself in place.

1   The figures may show genuine accessories that are not available in all countries
2   The mobile phone shown is not supplied

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Equipment | Genuine accessories       27

arctic white                                                       pebble grey                                                         hibiscus red                                              velvet red

aqua green                                                         steel blue                                                          atlantis blue                                             brilliant silver metallic1

graphite grey metallic1                                            amber red metallic1                                                 jasper blue metallic1                                     carbon black metallic1

The standard and metallic paint finishes1 shown here are just a few of the options available for your Sprinter. More than 100 other optional colours are available for special paint finishes.
Custom paintwork, e.g. in your company colours, is also available as an option.

1   Metallic paintwork is available as an option

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Equipment | Paintwork   29
Engine data and model range

                                                                                                   Crewbus/minibus                Torque curves1:
Permissible GVW [t]                                                                  3.19 t                          3.5 t        Nm         Rated torque

Wheelbase                                                                       R1            R2         R1          R2      R3
                                                                  Roof height                                                                                440 Nm
                                                                                                                                                             360 Nm
Models with 4x2 drive system                                                                                                                                 305 Nm                                    340 Nm
213 CDI/313 CDI                                                       SR        ●             ●          ●            ●
95 kW (129 hp), diesel engine OM 651 DE22LA                           HR        ●             ●          ●            ●      ●                                                                240 Nm
216 CDI/316 CDI                                                       SR        ●             ●          ●            ●
120 kW (163 hp), diesel engine OM 651 DE22LA                          HR        ●             ●          ●            ●      ●
319 CDI                                                               SR                                 ●            ●                     800             1600            2400            3200       4000       4800
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Engine speed rpm
140 kW (190 hp), diesel engine OM 642 DE30LA                          HR                                 ●            ●      ●

316                                                                   SR                                              ●
115 kW (156 hp), petrol engine M 271 E 18 ML                          HR                                              ●      ●               CDI engine OM 651 DE22LA                                           95 kW (129 hp)

324                                                                   SR                                              ●                      CDI engine OM 651 DE22LA                                         120 kW (163 hp)
190 kW (258 hp), petrol engine M 272 E 35                             HR                                              ●      ●               CDI engine OM 642 DE30LA                                         140 kW (190 hp)

316 NGT (monovalent or bivalent)                                      SR                                              ●                      Petrol engine M 271 E 18 ML                                      115 kW (156 hp)
115 kW (156 hp), natural-gas (CNG)/petrol engine M 271 E 18 ML        HR                                              ●                      M 272 E 35 petrol engine                                         190 kW (258 hp)

316 LGT (bivalent)                                                    SR                                              ●
                                                                                                                                  1   CDI engines and petrol engines certified to Euro 5/III, Euro V
115 kW (156 hp), liquefied-gas (LPG)/petrol engine M 271 E 18 ML       HR                                              ●      ●

Models with 4x4 drive system

313 CDI 4x4                                                           SR                                              ●
95 kW (129 hp), diesel engine OM 651 DE22LA                           HR                                              ●      ●

316 CDI 4x4                                                           SR                                              ●
                                                                                                                                  Legends for model range:
120 kW (163 hp), diesel engine OM 651 DE22LA                          HR                                              ●      ●
                                                                                                                                  Roof heights:                         Wheelbase lengths/body:
319 CDI 4x4                                                           SR                                              ●           SR = Standard roof                    R1 = 3250 mm/Compact
140 kW (190 hp), diesel engine OM 642 DE30LA                          HR                                              ●      ●    HR = High roof                        R2 = 3665 mm/Standard
                                                                                                                                                                        R3 = 4325 mm/Long

30            Technical data | Engine data and model range
Engine data and model range

                                                                                                                          Diesel engines                                                         Petrol engines                Natural-gas/petrol engine           Liquefied-gas/petrol engine
Engine                                                                                     OM 651 DE22LA                       OM 651 DE22LA                  OM 642 DE30LA M 271 E 18 ML                     M 272 E 35              M 271 E 18 ML                        M 271 E 18 ML
Model                                                                                   213 CDI           313 CDI           216 CDI           316 CDI              319 CDI                  316                  324                     316 NGT                              316 LGT
4x2 drive system                                                                           ●                  ●                ●                  ●                    ●                     ●                    ●                          ●                                    ●
4x4 drive system                                                                            –                 ●                 –                 ●                    ●                     –                    –                          –                                    –
No. of cylinders/arrangement                                                                     4/in-line                           4/in-line                    6/V 72°               4/in-line              6/V 90°                   4/in-line                            4/in-line
No. of valves per cylinder                                                                           4                                   4                             4                     4                    4                          4                                    4
Displacement [cc]                                                                                 2143                                2143                          2987                   1796                  3498                      1796                                 1796

Rated output [kW (hp)]                                                                           95 (129)                           120 (163)                    140 (190)              115 (156)              190 (258)                115 (156)                             115 (156)
at engine speed [rpm]                                                                             3800                                3800                          3800                   5000                  5900                      5000                                 5000

Rated torque [Nm]                                                                                  305                                 360                           440                    240                  340                       240                                  240
at engine speed [rpm]                                                                           1200–2400                           1400–2400                   1400–2400              3000–4000              2500–5000                3000–4000                            3000–4000

Manual transmission          ECO Gear 6-speed manual transmission1                         SE                 SE               SE                 SE                   –                     –                    –                          –                                    –

Automatic                    7G-TRONIC 7-speed automatic transmission             2     Option             Option           Option             Option                 SE                     –                    –                          –                                    –
transmission                 NAG W5A 380 5-speed automatic                              Option3            Option3          Option3           Option3                SE3                    SE                    SE                        SE                                   SE

Fuel type                                                                                                                       Diesel                                              Premium petrol Premium petrol                 Natural gas (CNG) and               Liquefied gas (LPG) and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     premium petrol                        premium petrol

Tank capacity [l]                                                                               Approx. 75                          Approx. 75                   Approx. 75           Approx. 100             Approx. 100    Petrol tank approx. 100 (bivalent)   Petrol tank approx. 100 (bivalent)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Petrol tank approx. 15 (monovalent)                   –

Capacity of CNG tanks /LPG tank [l]
                             4                                                                       –                                   –                             –                     –                    –                 Approx. 125–210                          Approx. 76
Permissible GVW [kg]                                                                     3190                3500            3190                3500               3500                   3500                  3500                      3500                                 3500
Permissible GCW [kg]                                                                     5000            5500/6300   5       5000            5500/6300    5     6300/7000      5           5500               5500/6300                    5500                                 5500
Towing capacity6 braked/unbraked [kg]                                                 2000/750           2000/750         2000/750           2000/750            2000/750              2000/750               2000/750                  2000/750                             2000/750

1 The ECO Gear 360 six-speed manual transmission is available for the 4-cylinder CDI diesel engines, while the ECO Gear 480 six-speed manual transmission is available for the 6-cylinder CDI diesel engine
2 Planned availability from 1st quarter 2012. Until its replacement, the 5-speed automatic transmission NAG W5A 380 will be delivered
3 In all probability the current NAG W5A 380 5-speed automatic transmission will be delivered until the 1st quarter 2012; for the petrol engines, this automatic transmission will continue to be available

4 According to number and volume of pressurised gas tanks. Additional tanks are available as special equipment for the 316 NGT

5 Increased permissible GCW of 6300 kg available as an option, depending on powertrain variant

6 Towing capacity (braked) of up to max. 3500 kg available as an option, depending on permissible gross vehicle weight and powertrain version

Key: SE = Standard equipment; Option = Optional equipment; – = not available

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Technical data | Engine data and model range                 31
Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Determined in accordance with Directive 80/1268/EEC for vehicles                                  Values for reference mass greater than 2610 kg in conj. w. Euro V                            Values for reference mass less than 2610 kg in conj. w. Euro V/III
with 4x2 drive system                                                                             emissions standard                                                                           emissions standard

Model                          Emissions standard1            Trans-      Rear axle ratio2           Efficiency           CO2 emissions,              Fuel consumption3, 4 [l/100 km]                Efficiency           CO2 emissions,                  Fuel consumption3, 4 [l/100 km]
                                                             mission                                    class        combined     3, 4   [g/km]    Urban      Extra-urban          Combined         class          combined     3, 4   [g/km]        Urban          Extra-urban        Combined
Sprinter Crewbus/minibus

213 CDI/313 CDI                       Euro V/III                M6             3.923                      B                     197                 9.2           6.5                 7.58          C/D9                   213–210                    10.3            6.8–6.7            8.1–8.0
                                     Euro V/EEV    5            A5              4.182                     –                      –                   –             –                   –               –                        –                       –                  –                 –
                                                                A76            3.923                      7                      7                   7             7                   7               7                        7                        7                 7                 7

216 CDI/316 CDI                       Euro V/III                M6             3.923                      B                     197                 9.2           6.5                 7.5  8        C/D    9               213–210                    10.3            6.8–6.7            8.1–8.0
                                     Euro V/EEV5                A5             3.923                      –                      –                   –             –                   –               –                        –                       –                  –                 –
                                                                A7 6           3.692                      7                      7                   7             7                   7               7                        7                        7                 7                 7

319 CDI                              Euro V/EEV5                M6             3.923                      D                    245                  12.5          7.4                 9.3              –                        –                       –                  –                 –
                                                                A5             3.923                      –                      –                   –             –                   –               –                        –                       –                  –                 –
                                                                A76            3.692                      7                      7                   7             7                   7               7                        7                        7                 7                 7

316                                     Euro V                  A5             4.727                      E                    289                  15.7         10.1                 12.1             –                        –                       –                  –                 –
324                                     Euro V                  A5             4.364                      F                     314                 17.5          11.1               13.2              –                        –                       –                  –                 –
Sprinter NGT, Crewbus/minibus with natural-gas/petrol engine
                                                                                                                                                                                               1 Diesel particulate filter is standard equipment for all CDI diesel engines 2 The rear axle ratio indi-
With natural gas                                                                                                                                  Fuel consumption3, 4, 10 [kg/100 km]           cated is standard. Further rear-axle transmission ratios are optionally available 3 The figures
316 NGT       monovalent                  EEV                   A5             4.727                      C                    238                  12.0          6.8                 8.7        shown were obtained in accordance with the prescribed measuring process (Directive 80/1268/
                                                                                                                                                                                                 EEC in the current version). The figures do not apply to a specific individual vehicle and do not
              bivalent            Euro V/III; Euro V            A5             4.727                      C                    238                  12.0          6.8                 8.7        form part of the product offer. They are provided solely for the purpose of comparing the different
                                                                                                                                                                                                 vehicle models. Consumption and emissions figures apply to vehicles which have a permissible
With petrol engine                                                                                                                                  Fuel consumption3, 4 [l/100 km]              GVW of up to 3500 kg and only to vehicles registered as passenger cars (excluding camper vans).
316 NGT       bivalent            Euro V/III; Euro V            A5             4.727                      E                    289                  15.7         10.1                 12.1       The figures depend on the kerb weight of the vehicle (including a 75 kg driver), the rear axle ratio
                                                                                                                                                                                                 and the transmission variant. Under real operating conditions, these figures may differ, depend-
Sprinter LGT, Crewbus/minibus with liquefied-gas/petrol engine                                                                                                                                    ing on driving style, optional extras and the vehicle load. Figures for fuel consumption and CO2
                                                                                                                                                                                                 emissions are higher when the all-wheel-drive system is activated 4 Figures apply to all kerb
With liquefied gas operation                                                                                                                         Fuel consumption3, 4 [l/100 km]              weight categories 5 Optionally available 6 Planned availability from 1st quarter 2012. Until its
316 LGT       bivalent               Euro V/EEV5                A5             4.727                      D                    263                  21.5         13.3                16.2        replacement, the 5-speed automatic transmission NAG W5A 380 will be delivered 
                                                                                                                                                                                               7 Current figures unfortunately unavailable at time of this brochure’s publication 8 The Sprinter

With petrol engine                                                                                                                                  Fuel consumption     3, 4   [l/100 km]       213/313/216/316 CDI in conj. w. the BlueEFFICIENCY package, standard manual transmission
                                                                                                                                                                                                 and an optional rear-axle transmission ratio of 3.692 have a combined fuel consumption of 7.2 l
316 LGT       bivalent               Euro V/EEV5                A5             4.727                      E                    289                  15.7         10.1                 12.1       per 100 km 9 Efficiency class D for Compact Sprinter Crewbus 10 Fuel consumption figures for
                                                                                                                                                                                                 natural gas H in kg/100 km; there may be differences
Key: M6 = 6-speed manual transmission, A5 = 5-speed automatic transmission, A7 = 7G-TRONIC 7-speed automatic transmission, – = not available

32              Technical data | Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
The Sprinter Crewbus at a glance

                                                                      Compact with 3250 mm wheelbase                                                                 Standard with 3665 mm wheelbase                                              Long with 4325 mm wheelbase

                                                                      Standard roof                                High roof                                         Standard roof                                  High roof                     High roof
Cargo area [m ]
              1    2                                                  4.4                                          4.4                                               5.5                                            5.5                           7.4
Cargo volume1 [m3]                                                    7.5                                          8.5                                               9.0                                            10.5                          14.0
Max. loading length1 [mm]                                             2600                                         2600                                              3265                                           3265                          4300
Kerb weight2, 3 [kg] with perm. GVW 3.19 t                            2100                                         2135                                              2195                                           2225                          –
                                               3.5 t                  2130                                         2160                                              2230   5                                       2260   5                      24455
Payload1, 4 [kg] with perm. GVW                3.19 t                 1090                                         1055                                              995                                            965                           –
                                               3.5 t                  1370                                         1340                                              1270                                           1240                          1055
Permissible GVW [kg]                                                  3190/3500                                    3190/3500                                         3190/3500                                      3190/3500                     3500
Max. roof load [kg]                                                   300                                          150                                               300                                            150                           150
Track circle/turning circle ∅ [m]                                     11.3/12.3                                    11.3/12.3                                         12.6/13.6                                      12.6/13.6                     14.6/15.6

1 Without seating in passenger compartment
2 Figures according to Directive 92/21/EC, version applicable at the time of going to print, (kerb weight incl. tools/spare wheel, if supplied by manufacturer, fuel tank 90% full, driver 68 kg and luggage 7 kg)
  for standard-specification vehicles. Special equipment and accessories will generally increase this figure and reduce the payload capacity accordingly. Note: according to ISO-M06 1176, the kerb weight figures are reduced by up to 75 kg
3 If the vehicle has all-wheel drive, the kerb weight is increased by up to 170 kg

4 Vehicles with all-wheel drive: payload decreases by up to 170 kg

5 In the case of vehicles with Euro V registration, the unladen weight with optional extras must be over 2585 kg

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Technical data | Weights        33
Load compartment lengths depending on seating
configuration. The seating arrangements shown
                                                              2600            3265             4300
here are just some of the possible configurations.
A twin co-driver seat is available as an alternative
to the single co-driver seat. To further improve
through-cab access, the 3-seater bench for the first
and second row in the passenger compartment is
also available as a narrow version.

                                                         1880              2545             3580

                                                              2600            3265             4300

                                                         1880              2545             3580

                                                       1020            1685             2720

                                                       1020            1685             2720

                                                                     825             1860

34             Technical data | Dimensions
              Compact with 3250 mm wheelbase                                                                                  Standard with 3665 mm wheelbase                                                                                Long with 4325 mm wheelbase
              Standard roof                                       High roof                                                   Standard roof                                             High roof                                            High roof

                     1993                                                    1993                                                    1993                                                          1993                                           1993
                     2425                                                    2425                                                    2425                                                          2425                                           2425






                                                          up to

                                                                                                                                                                                up to

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            up to
up to

                                                                                                              up to
                     1565                                                    1565                                                    1565                                                          1565                                           1565




           H up to 561/6721                                         H up to 561/6691                                       H up to 581/6922                                               H up to 581/6892                               H up to 583/6753

                                                                                          1040                                                                                                                   1300                                                         1300
                                  1040                                                                                                             1300







                                    3250                                                    3250                                                    3665                                                          3665                                                      4325
                                    5245                                                    5245                                                    5910                                                          5910                                                      6945








                           2600                                                    2600                                                     3265                                                          3265                                            4300

        1 Unladen                                                                                                     2   Unladen. All-wheel drive increases the height of the vehicle by up to 85 mm                               3   Unladen. All-wheel drive increases the height of the vehicle
        All dimensions are in mm. All weights apply to standard-specification vehicle                                                                                                                                                   by up to 95 mm

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Technical data | Dimensions                          35

ADAPTIVE ESP Electronic Stability        (ASR), electronic brake force distribu-    Electronic brake force                      Brake Assist (BAS)                        Start-off Assist                             ESP Trailer Stability Assist
Program                                   tion (EBD), Brake Assist (BAS) and the     distribution (EBD)                          In tests carried out in the driving       Start-off Assist, an integral part of the    This system complements ADAPTIVE
ADAPTIVE ESP is an innovative            optional Start-off Assist system. In       Electronic brake force distribution         simulator, our research engineers         ESP, makes it easier to start off on        ESP and enhances driving safety
dynamic handling control system           addition to this, ESP Trailer Stability   (EBD) proportions the braking force         established that drivers do not apply     uphill slopes: after the brake pedal is      when towing a trailer, selectively brak-
which, for the first time, also takes     Assist enhances handling safety when       between the front and rear wheels           the brakes vigorously enough during       released, the brake pressure is              ing the wheels of the towing vehicle
the vehicle load into account. It         towing a trailer.                          of the van as required, in order to opti-   emergency braking. This finding led       maintained for approximately two             and reducing engine torque when the
actively intervenes in certain hazard-                                               mise braking efficiency in all driving      them to develop Brake Assist. From        seconds, allowing the driver to move         trailer fishtails, thereby helping the
ous driving situations, e.g. if there     A word of advice:                          situations. In this way the system pre-     the speed at which the brake pedal        their foot from the brake pedal to           driver to stabilise the combination.
is an imminent risk of skidding, by       ADAPTIVE ESP can only act within          vents “overbraking” of the rear wheels,     is depressed, Brake Assist is able        the accelerator without having to worry      If the system intervenes several times
applying a braking force to one or        the laws of physics. It is therefore       which could cause the tail to start         to detect a situation where emergency     about the vehicle starting to roll. Start-   in succession, the braking action
more wheels and adjusting the engine      impossible for ADAPTIVE ESP to            sliding. At the same time EBD puts          braking is required. In such a situa-     off Assist is activated on uphill slopes     becomes increasingly stronger, result-
output as required so as to help the      prevent skidding resulting from            less stress on the front brakes, which      tion the system automatically increases   of approx. 4 % or steeper. It is not         ing in a significant reduction in
driver deal with the hazardous situa-     aquaplaning, for example. If the           reduces the risk of fading due to           braking power, aided by the anti-lock     activated when starting off on the flat      vehicle speed.
tion. As well as aiding directional       driver exceeds the physical limits,        overheating.                                braking system (ABS) which prevents       or on a downhill slope.
stability, ADAPTIVE ESP combines         even ADAPTIVE ESP will not be                                                         the wheels from locking up.
the functions of the anti-lock braking    able to prevent an accident!
system (ABS), acceleration skid control

36             Glossary
Bi-xenon headlamps with Add-Light            Adaptive brake lights                    Windowbags and thorax bags             PARKTRONIC                                    ECO start/stop function                   Ventilation comfort
system and cornering light function          The adaptive brake lights enhance        The Sprinter can be equipped with      The PARKTRONIC parking aid assists            The system switches off the engine        Air outlets in the instrument panel
Conventional headlamps are unable            active safety as they give a clearer     windowbags and thorax bags to          the driver when parking and ma-               automatically under certain condi-        and an additional outlet in front of
to provide sufficient illumination of the    signal when the vehicle is braked in     complement the driver and co-driver    noeuvring with little room to spare.          tions as soon as the vehicle has been     the first rear seat row provide good
area to the side immediately ahead           an emergency. This is achieved           airbags. In a severe side impact,      The system, which operates on the             stationary for more than three sec-       air circulation to all seats. In con-
of a vehicle. This is particularly true on   thanks to the fact that all the brake    the windowbag serves to increase       echo sounder principle, automatically         onds without a gear being engaged or      junction with a powerful ventilation
tight bends, at junctions and when           lights start to flash in the event of    the degree of protection available     warns the driver if it detects that the       the clutch pedal being pressed. If the    system, they ensure passenger
manoeuvring. In situations like these,       emergency braking at speeds above        for the head of the occupant on the    vehicle is close to an obstacle in front      clutch is pressed or the vehicle starts   comfort and well-being, particularly
the illumination provided by the low-        50 km/h, thus warning the traffic        impact side. It deploys in the area    of or behind the vehicle. The warning         moving, the engine is started again       on long journeys and in high ambient
beam headlamps is complemented by            behind and shortening the reaction       of the side windows. Housed in the     is provided initially in the form of a        automatically.                            temperatures. For further enhanced
an additional light source: the Add-Light    times of the drivers behind. If the      outside bolsters of the seat back-     visual display in the centre of the instru-                                             ventilation comfort, a front air
system operates when cornering at            vehicle is braked to a standstill from   rests, thorax bags are designed to     ment panel (when moving forward)                                                        conditioning system and a choice of
speeds up to 70 km/h, while the cor-         a speed of above 70 km/h, the            provide increased protection for       and in the exterior mirror (when revers-                                                rear air conditioning systems are
nering light function is activated when      hazard warning lights are activated      the thorax of the seat occupant.       ing). If the gap continues to decrease,                                                 available (the air outlets on the left
the direction indicator is operated at       automatically.                                                                  an audible warning is also activated.                                                   side wall are available as special
speeds up to 40 km/h – depending                                                      A word of advice:                                                                                                              equipment).
on the steering angle in both cases.                                                  Airbags in no way diminish the need
                                                                                      for occupants to fasten their seat
                                                                                      belts correctly before every journey
                                                                                      as an airbag can only operate fully
                                                                                      effectively if the occupant is wear-
                                                                                      ing the seat belt correctly.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Glossary                 37
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Then make us your first port of call. Our offers tai-
                                                        chosen vehicle with manageable instalments.       Then leasing is ideal for you. Attractive instal-   peace of mind that comes from our extensive
lored to your needs give you greater leeway with        Regardless of the financing method you            ments mean that only a small amount of capital      insurance packages with attractive terms. And,
your budget. Whether you are looking for leasing        choose, you own your new vehicle, yet retain      is tied up and you know the exact amount of         of course, they come with the high standard of
or financing, we can provide them. You decide.          your financial flexibility. The monthly instal-   the monthly costs involved; this provides a bet-    quality you expect from Mercedes-Benz.
                                                        ments are calculated on the basis of the          ter planning basis for your business while en-
And we’ll do the rest. More information about the
                                                        following criteria:                               suring that your credit potential is maintained.    Our insurance products:
financing and leasing offers available from             ▸ Purchase price                                  The vehicle remains the property of the lessor –    ▸ Liability insurance and comprehensive
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services can be found           ▸ Annual percentage rate                          Mercedes-Benz Financial Services –and does not        insurance cover with various levels of service
at                            ▸ Initial payment                                 appear on the balance sheet of the lessee.          ▸ Payment protection in conjunction with
                                                        ▸ Period of agreement                             The following criteria are used to calculate the      a finance agreement
                                                        ▸ Final instalment                                level of the monthly leasing instalments:           ▸ GAP insurance
                                                        ▸ Total mileage (in case of balloon financing)    ▸ Purchase price                                    ▸ Extension of warranty
                                                                                                          ▸ Initial payment
                                                        Our financing products:                            ▸ Period of agreement                               Your benefits at a glance:
                                                        ▸ Plus3 financing                                 ▸ Mileage to be covered during agreement            ▸ Attractive terms matched to the
                                                        ▸ Balloon-payment financing                       ▸ Fixed residual value of vehicle                     Mercedes-Benz vehicle range
                                                        ▸ Seasonal financing                                                                                  ▸ Specialised van insurance packages
                                                        ▸ Standard financing                              Our leasing products:                               ▸ In the event of damage, vehicle is routed to
                                                                                                          ▸ Leasing                                             a Mercedes-Benz service partner for repair
                                                        Your benefits at a glance:                         ▸ Municipal leasing                                   with Mercedes-Benz genuine parts
                                                        ▸ Faster access to the vehicle you want
                                                        ▸ Fixed interest rate throughout the entire       Your benefits at a glance:
                                                          period of the agreement                         ▸ Faster access to the vehicle you want
                                                        ▸ Clear calculation basis                         ▸ You always have an up-to-date vehicle
                                                        ▸ Transparent costs                               ▸ No capital tied up
                                                        ▸ One partner: Mercedes-Benz                      ▸ Fixed monthly instalments
                                                                                                          ▸ You choose the mileage and duration of
                                                                                                            the agreement
                                                                                                          ▸ At the end of the lease period, you simply
                                                                                                            return the vehicle to your dealer at its
                                                                                                            guaranteed residual value
                                                                                                          ▸ As a business user, you can claim the monthly
                                                                                                            instalments as business expenses

40        Services
Mercedes-Benz CharterWay                                         Service and parts

The most experienced name in the market, CharterWay              Extended opening hours. Many Mercedes-Benz service             MercedesServiceCard. This guaranteed payment card
is the professionalsʼ choice for combined services for           outlets are open from Monday to Friday until 8 p.m.,           ensures fast, straightforward assistance at authorised
Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles:                               10 p.m. or, in some cases, right around the clock.             workshops throughout Europe. It also speeds up the pro-
                                                                                                                                cessing of calls to Service24h and can be used to pay
CharterWay Service. This product line brings together            Mercedes-Benz Service24h. If your Mercedes should ever         tunnel and toll charges as well as fuel bills.
maintenance and repair activities in three separate service      have starting problems or break down en route, our free2
packages: BestBasic, Select, and Complete. The level of          Service24h hotline (on 00800 3 777 7777) will arrange ex-      Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts. Mercedes-Benz Genuine
service provided ranges from a simple warranty extension         pert assistance for you as quickly as possible. This hotline   Parts undergo rigorous material and functional testing, are
to coverage of all prescribed maintenance work to complete       can be called from anywhere in Europe. Our service teams       engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly and remain avail-
cover including wear and tear repairs.                           ensure that you are back on your way again promptly –          able for 15 years after the end of series production.
                                                                 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
CharterWay ServiceLeasing. This Mercedes-Benz                                                                                   Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts. If your
CharterWay product combines simple leasing with one of           Mercedes-Benz ExpressService. Oil changes and the              van has been on the road for some time, Mercedes-Benz
the three CharterWay service packages (BestBasic, Select         smaller maintenance tasks along with the replacement of        Genuine Remanufactured Parts are an ideal choice. Recon-
or Complete). In this way, all your requirements from vehi-      wear parts and minor repairs can be performed without          ditioned in accordance with the current state of the art,
cle procurement to management to workshop service are            having to make an appointment and often at a fixed price.      they are subjected to the same function checks as new parts
covered with just one product.                                   Most of these tasks can be completed within 2 hours.           and have the same high level of guaranteed quality as our
                                                                                                                                Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts. Thereʼs one key difference:
CharterWay Rental1. Our rental offers allow you to increase      Mercedes-Benz MobilityGo. Mercedes-Benz MobilityGo             they cost up to 50% less!
your transport capacity flexibly on a short-term or long-        gives you free on-the-spot breakdown or starting assis-
term basis without having to tie up capital with all the risks   tance should your vehicle break down or fail to start; the     1   Available in selected countries only
                                                                                                                                2   This hotline number can be called toll-free from landline phones and mobile phones. In some
which that entails.                                              free MobilityGo service package also includes payment              European countries, calls from mobile phones are subject to a charge set by the network operator.
                                                                 of taxi fares and the provision of a replacement vehicle.          If your network operator does not permit international/free calls, we recommend that you use
                                                                                                                                    the relevant supplementary number for the country concerned as an alternative. This can be found
For individual advice, please consult your Mercedes-Benz         We will also keep you mobile and pay your costs if your            on the Service24h sticker in your vehicle

dealer or refer to Mercedes-Benz CharterWay at                   vehicle has to go into the workshop under warranty and                                            the repairs are likely to take more than two hours. Your
                                                                 Mercedes-Benz dealer would be happy to provide you with
                                                                 further details about MobilityGo conditions and coverage.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Services                  41
Test the Sprinter
Test drive the vehicle of your dreams

A Mercedes is most at home on the road. This is the only
way to experience the effortlessly superior driving feel
that makes every model so special. Discover the extent to
which the Sprinterʼs variability, high level of comfort
and cost-effectiveness can enrich your company by accept-
ing our invitation to take a test drive. Your Mercedes-Benz
dealer will be happy to make all the necessary arrangements
for you. Simply visit to locate
your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer. We look forward to
seeing you.

You can also find the Ownerʼs Manual for the Sprinter
on the internet to help you familiarise yourself with
the functions and features which await you. Please go to, then to the “Service &
Zubehör” menu in which you choose “Betriebsanleitungen”.

42        Test drive
Take-back of end-of-life vehicles. Coming full circle. At the end of its long life, you can return your Sprinter to us for environment-friendly disposal in accordance with
the EU End-Of-Life Vehicle Directive. But that day lies a long way off. The take-back of end-of-life vehicles applies in accordance with national regulations to vehicles
up to 3.5 tonnes gross weight. The Sprinter has met the statutory regulations governing the suitability of the vehicleʼs design for reuse and recycling for a number
of years now. A network of vehicle take-back depots and dismantlers has been established which will process your vehicle in an environment-friendly manner. The ways
in which both vehicles and parts can be recovered are subject to ongoing development and improvement. Consequently, the Sprinter will be able to comply with
any future increases in the recycling quota within the stipulated time limits. Further information is available from or your national hotline.

Please note: changes may have been made to the product since this brochure went to press (15.04.2011). The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the
design, form, colour and specification during the delivery period, provided these changes, while taking into account the interests of the vendor, can be deemed
reasonable with respect to the purchaser. Where the vendor or the manufacturer uses symbols or numbers to describe an order or the subject of an order, no rights
may be derived solely from these. The illustrations and descriptions may show or refer to accessories and items of special equipment which are not part of standard
specification. Colours may differ slightly from those shown in the brochure, owing to the limitations of the printing process. This brochure may contain models and
services which are not available in certain countries.

This brochure is distributed internationally. Information given regarding statutory regulations, legal requirements and taxation and the consequences thereof applies
to the Federal Republic of Germany only and is correct at the time of going press. Please consult your Mercedes-Benz van dealer for final details.

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