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					Frank Barbieri                       26 LAVERDURE CIRCLE, FRAMINGHAM MA 01701         617-642-9626                           

 To create, launch and manage product and service businesses and units that drive revenue and brand awareness.

  Filter Media, 2000-Present                                                      New York & Boston
  Chief Operating Officer and Senior Analyst;; Run three business units, including P&L responsibility
       for strategic consultancy serving the digital media market. Business units include: Strategic Consulting,
       Publications and Conferences. Direct business development and marketing efforts.
       Responsibilities & achievements
              Co-founded organization and established brand, positioning, strategy and services
              Established operating principles and corporate structure
              Increased scale by systematizing sales efforts and creating replicable service methodologies
              Increased per-consultant revenue to $250,000
         Client engagement
              Senior Analyst for firm’s top tier-clients including AT&T, Cablevision and Mattel
              Other clients served include: Sony Pictures, Universal McCann, and Discovery Communications
         Product development
              Established profitable conferences business unit with four major events per year

  Onvia, 1999-2000                                                                                   Seattle
  Vice President, Business and Product Development;; Developed and managed strategic
       development programs and product units for B2B company. Built 12 person business development team. Team
       included four units: Industry Analysis, Development, Alliance Management and Advertising Sales.
       Responsibilities & achievements:
         Partnership development
             Created programs and implementation teams forging distribution, platform, and content alliances
             Closed deals with America Online, Visa USA, Dow Jones, and Bloomberg Television.
             Reduced marketing costs. Drove customer acquisition cost down from $330 per to $30 per, while
              increasing quarterly revenues over 700% from the previous year, $3.6M to $29M
             Reduced costs. Decreased partner launch time from over three weeks to under three days
             Managed $22M annual customer acquisition and marketing budget
         Mergers and acquisitions
             Created product focused merger and acquisition strategy
             Conducted acquisition due diligence, including financial, product, personnel and competitive reviews
             Participated in successful closing of $21M strategic acquisition of web hosting company
         Advertising sales
             Ran advertising sales unit
             Increased total advertising inventory and capacity from $1M per quarter to over $3M a quarter
         Product development
             Created and launched new personalization, content provision, and platform products
             Created product licensing unit resulting in $7M revenue in first year
             Played instrumental role closing Series B round with GE Capital resulting in $7M dollar investment.
             Assisted in the preparation for initial public offering
             Primary point of business development contact with strategic investors, including Internet Capital Group,
              General Electric Capital, and Mohr-Davidow Ventures
             Responsible for 7% of Y2000 corporate revenue that accounted for 95% of gross margin
             Presented frequently (at least quarterly) to Board of Directors
Microsoft, 1995-1999                                                                                Seattle
Business Development Manager, MSNBC; 1998 – 1999; Responsibilities included strategic
    product and partnership planning and execution for platform development, content acquisition, content distribution,
    and vendor contracting.
    Responsibilities & achievements
       Product development
           Created products and partnerships for MSNBC broadband and interactive television initiatives
           Deals included: Sprint, Intel, US West, WebTV, RoadRunner, @Home, Hong Kong Telecom
           ROI of 10X: Generated over $1M incremental revenue with less than $100K in expenditure
           Products created include: broadband news properties, live streaming video channels, and interactive
            television programming for broadcast MSNBC, NBC News properties
           Implemented industry standards. Led conversion of content distribution technologies to XML, opening up
            new scalable revenue streams
           Drove and capitalized first ever real-time video encoding and broadcast system
           Drove and capitalized first ever live production on Microsoft interactive television platform
       Content acquisition and distribution
           Initiated content acquisition and distribution programs to build new content offering, drive traffic, and create
            revenue sources for MSNBC
           Deals included: Snap, E!Online, Expedia, Prodigy, APB Online, and ZD Net
           Daily contact with senior executives of industry leading companies
           Presented to executive management of MSNBC, Microsoft, and NBC, at least quarterly
           Shipped products include: Video New Distribution Tool (1999), Live Video Channel (1999)

Senior Producer and Product Manager, MSNBC; 1997-1998; Responsible for long-term strategies for, and daily
    production of, interactive components and content. Coordinated content, platforms and productions with MSNBC
    Cable, NBC News and other Microsoft divisions.
    Responsibilities & achievements
       Product development
            Managed daily and special project content production teams
            Reduced product ship time and costs: Successfully built real-time production tool suite delivering
             interactive content to news viewers. Shrunk the development cycle from weeks to hours, and in some
             cases minutes, by creating replicable systems for the timely delivery interactive content.
            Developed enhanced television prototypes and created functional enhanced broadcast products
            Built first, 24/7/365 interactive television production on the Microsoft iTV platform
            Led broadband content team and developed video for distribution through broadband providers
       Integration management
            Drove site wide content and software conversion and integration efforts
            Managed team of eight producers in matrix organization
            Member of product development committee
            Presented, at least quarterly, to company and management of MSNBC, NBC, and Microsoft
            Shipped products include: Interactive Application Production Suite (1997), Interactive Television Broadcast
             (1997), and Broadband News (1998)
Producer and Product Manager, MSN; 1995-1997; Launched MSN News. Launched MSNBC. Built daily news
    operation and production systems and processes for daily news production and special projects.
    Responsibilities & achievements
       Content acquisition and production
           Established global news supply partnerships and ran daily production operations
           Pioneered live event coverage and field reporting
           Produced first ever live election night Webcast
           Contributed requirements for publication tool production
           Shipped products: MSN News (1995), MSNBC (1996), both received Microsoft “Ship Awards”

Mediastorm, 1993-1995                                                             Columbia, Missouri
Managing Director; Founder of photographic publishing business; Managed client relations and business
    development. Clients included photographers, stock agencies, book publishers, and news publications. Products
    included Sight Photo,, an online magazine for photographers.
 Publications that have featured work, interviews and/or quotes:

         Chapter in “The Inside Story of Interactive TV and          Broadcasting and Cable
          Microsoft WebTV for Windows”                                Electronic Media
         The Wall Street Journal                                     CBS MarketWatch
         Variety MultiChannel News                                   Advertising Age
         The Los Angeles Times

 Speaking engagements
 Have given panel and forum speeches at many conferences including:
         Streaming Media East                                        Content Summit, Zurich
     Boot Camp                                        National Association of Television Program
         TV Meets the Web, Amsterdam                                  Executives National Conference
         National Association of Broadcasters Conference

 Industry standards
 Created or commented on first to market industry systems, including:

         Published white papers on the real-time delivery            Submission of standards requirements to the
          of streaming media, and the architecture of                  Advanced TV Enhancement Forum (ATVEF)
          interactive television systems

 Board of advisors
 Serve on Advisory Board for ongoing interests:

         MetaStories, broadband publishing                           Ipreo, private company exchange
         Ingeniux, XML publishing

 Bates College: Lewiston, Maine; Bachelor of Arts, June 1989; Major: Political Science
 University of Missouri: Columbia; Masters Degree pending in multimedia journalism

 Other skills: Professional freelance journalist. Writing and photography examples available at:

 Languages: some Spanish and Thai
 Activities: Chairman of the Frank F. Barbieri Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund; Avid outdoorsman including sailing,
        snowboarding and hiking. Cook. World traveler.

                                              References available upon request

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