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									Central and Eastern European Cloud, Hosting and
Outsourcing Services

With an increasing disposition among enterprises to outsource some IT-related functions, managed services
and outsourcing have become the key areas that carriers, networking vendors, and IT services companies
focus on. IDC's Central and Eastern European Cloud, Hosting and Outsourcing Services research provides
fundamental insight into the region's outsourcing markets at a multidimensional and strategic level. The
service analyzes and quantifies opportunities and market dynamics across the region and pinpoints key
trends in outsourcing services delivery, such as cloud services, managed services, remote management, and
software as a service.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed
• Managed network, managed desktop, managed server,                    • SaaS — a service delivery model in which unrelated customers
  managed converged network, managed storage, managed                    share a common application and infrastructure that is managed
  security, managed workplace services (e.g., PCs, laptops,              by a third-party service provider
  smart handhelds, and PDAs)                                           • IS outsourcing, hosted application services, Internet
• Traditional application management (fixed/mobile), hosted              datacenters/Web hosting, utility (cloud) computing, on-demand
  application management (fixed/mobile)                                  services
• Cloud services                                                       • Offshore delivery model and its impact on traditional services
                                                                         delivery models

Core Research
• IT Outsourcing Market Analysis and Forecast                          • Offshoring brief
• Competitive Analysis                                                 • Hosting services brief
• Contract analysis                                                    • Add-hoc briefs reacting to market developments
• BPO market brief

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research
offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment. To learn more about the analysts and published research, please visit:
Central and Eastern European Cloud, Hosting and Outsourcing Services.

Key Questions Answered
1.    What is the potential market for managed services and            3.   How will CEE country markets grow over the next five years?
      outsourcing for carriers, networking vendors, and IT service     4.   Which services are in demand in each industrial sector of
      firms?                                                                these markets?
2.    Which are the leading players in each competitive category       5.   What are the key growth areas in IT outsourcing/managed
      and what are their future strategies?                                 services?

     CEE Outsourcing/Managed Services — Scope of Research

Source: IDC
Competitive Analysis
IDC's Central and Eastern European Cloud, Hosting and Outsourcing Services research examines how global service providers, CEE
system integrators and IT services firms, networking vendors, and telecom carriers are positioning themselves to compete in the
outsourcing and managed services market. This service reviews strategies, market positioning, and future direction of several providers
in this market including:
Accenture, Asseco, AT&T, Avaya, BT, Cisco, Croc, CSC,                             Sun Microsystems, Telefónica O2 Services, TOT, T-Systems,
Datacraft, EDS, Fujitsu, HP Services, IBM GS, IBS, Ness                           Verizon, and many others.
Technologies, Nortel, Siemens IT Solutions and Services,

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