Blind Hippo in death row : AWBI and CZA responsible for animal abuse - Naresh Kadyan by Naresh_Kadyan

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									To:        HE The President of India, New Delhi (Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha
           Devisingh Patil), HE The Vice President of India, New Delhi. (HE Shri Hamid
           Ansari), The Prime Minister of India, New Delhi. (Hon'ble Sardar Manmohan
           Singh), Minister for Environment and Forest, New Delhi. (Hon'ble Smt.
           Jayanthi Natarajan), The Director, Animal Welfare Division., The Joint
           Secretary, Ministry for Environment and Forest, Ministry of Environment
           and Forest (The Secretary), Shri Naresh Kadyan (OIPA in India), Ministry of
           Environment and Forest (The Director General of Forest), The Chief Wild
           Life Warden of Maharashtra, The Central Zoo Authority of India, The Wild
           Life Crime Control Bureau, Founder, People for Animals (Smt. Maneka
           Gandhi), Animal Welfare Board of India (The Chairman), The Chief Minister
           of Maharashtra, Shri Anil Diggikar, The Collector, Nagpur, Senior
           Correspondent of Times of India, Nagpur. (Shri Vijay Pinjarkar), The Joint
           Police Commissioner, Nagpur, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra State
           (Shri Ajit Anantrao Pawar), Offfiice of the HE the Governor of Maharashtra,
           Minister of forest, Maharashtra (Dr. Patangrao Shripatrao Kadam),
           Divisional Commissioner, Nagpur (Shri Gopal Reddy), Shri Saurav Rao,
           Founder PETA (Mrs. Ingrid Newkirk), and Chief Functionary, PETA India (Ms.
           Poorva Joshipura)
Subject:   Rescue blind Hippo and abused animals : Book Amar circus - Sukanya
Letter:    Greetings,

           Amar circus animals were registered by the AWBI and CZA but AFFRO
           RUSSIAN Amar Circus is not recognized by the above said Institutions,
           where as Bull performance is banned and Bull must be rescued cancelling
           its registration as performing animals. Semi blind Hippo can't perform nor
           move from one place to another in sub standard cages, performance by
           this animal is a violation of the section 3, 11 and 38 of the Prevention of
           Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and this abused Hippo needs attention at
           once its rescue, treatment, care, rehabilitation and retirement after
           booking the said illegal circus, the UN affiliated OIPA chapter in India
           demands FIR against AFFRO RUSSIAN Amar Circus for the violation of the
           IPC section 420, 120-B criminal conspiracy, cheating, misrepresentation
           and animal cruelty sections 3, 11 and 38 of the PCA Act, 1960. As per
           report Performance Rules also violated by this circus and the guidelines of
           CZA as well if we treat it as Amar Circus, no tranquilizer gun along with
           necessary equipments available with them along with full time veterinarian,
           no pre transport permit obtained by them as required under section 96 of
           the Cattle Transport Rules, 1978 amended in 2001, proper and regular
           reports should be submitted to all concerned by the circus but same was
           also violated, no iron ankush to handled elephants.
           If so called PFA, Nagpur in charge support abused animals be with the
           circus then her integrity became doubtful and all concerned Govt. agencies
           are duty bound to rescue and rehabilitate abused animals, stopping
           unnecessary pain and suffering to the performing animals for joy,
           entertainment, personnel gain and profit.
AWBI Chairman and Asst Secretary have to explain their position for not
performing their official duties, why they are allowing Bull performance,
Camel and Elephant cruel transportation by the Circuses and blind hippo
performance. Elephants being an Indian heritage animal needs rules and
regulation with out any further delay. We appreciate Shri Naresh Kadyan
movements for animal rights and their welfare in India, his tireless services
as well.
Complaint No. 13371557473003 dated 16-5-2012 has been lodged with
the Sadar Police station, Nagpur.
PRSEC/E/2012/08096 and MOEAF/E/2012/00169 dated June 8, 2012
lodged by Naresh Kadyan and we want time frame legal action against all
abusers and rescue of abused animals along with the cancellation of
performance permission in Nagpur, inquiry about protection money as
well, which was paid to the District Administration by the accused AFFRO
RUSSIAN Amar Circus.
AWBI and CZA should lodge FIR against unregistered AFFRO RUSSIAN Amar
circus performing with the Amar circus animals for the violation of IPC
420, 120-B read with the section 38-H of the Wild Life Protection Act,
1972 and section 3, 11 and 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,
1960 instead of applying delay tactics to provide safe passage to the
offenders as applied in Jumbo circus.
Complaint No. 13391319463074 dated June 8, 2012 again lodged with the
Sadar Police Station, Nagpur. Ban illegal circus performance and movement
at once during investigation.
A petition under RTI Act, 2005 have been moved to know the legal action
taken by the enforcement agencies and how blind hippo was regularly
abused by the Amar circus since 2005 onwards till date, where as this
matter was exposed by the OIPA representative in India Naresh Kadyan
during his struggle for another blind hippo in Jumbo circus but AWBI
always in deep sleep and there are no co-ordination amongst AWBI and
CZA? Hippo was killed but there was eye wash and later ban was revoked
with out any punishment, if this Amar circus blind hippo illegally
performing in unregistered AFFRO RUSSIAN Amar Circus be harmed then
AWBI Chairman will be responsible in person along with the District
Collector, Nagpur for granting permission to a illegal circus company,
when AFFRO RUSSIAN Amar circus isn't registered or recognized by the
AWBI and CZA then WHY performances allowed not stopped till today, AWBI
ordered for inspection of Amar Circus......... where is Amar Circus and
performing Bull???????
The AWBI should promote coordination amongst people working tirelessly
for animal rights and their welfare like Naresh / Abhishek and Sukanya
Kadyan, make public the list of performing animals registered along with
the details of co-opted members, their contributions towards animals and
it must flashed on AWBI websites, pranimitra / jeevdaya prizes be given on
the eve of golden jubilee celebrations.
Inspection of AFRO RUSSIAN Amar circus in Nagpur conducted on June 9,
2012 on the basis of Naresh Kadyan complaint, HIPPO left eye vision found
blind zero, right eye effected as well. So OIPA in India demands immediate
rescue of this sick hippo, rehabilitation as well after cancelling registration
as performing animals, tainted animal abusers circus be booked, its AWBI /
CZA recognition be withdrawn banning performing animal movement from
Nagpur till their rehabilitation. Why Inspection report was with held on June
9, 2012 till June 11?
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Social Activist                                                        2012-06-08
terre gates                  Silver Spring, Maryland, United States    2012-06-08
Abhishek Kadyan              Delhi, India                              2012-06-08
Director Events OIPA India   Delhi, India                              2012-06-08
Sukanya Kadyan               Delhi, India                              2012-06-08
Catherine Turley             Orange, California, United States         2012-06-08
Sharda Kadyan                Delhi, India                              2012-06-08
AWBI Golden Jubilee          Delhi, Indiana, United States             2012-06-08
OIPA in India                Delhi, Indiana, United States             2012-06-08
Candi Ausman                 Fremont, California, United States        2012-06-08
dogan ozkan                  istanbul turkey, District Of Columbia,    2012-06-08
                             United States
person christel              aix en provence, Alabama, United States   2012-06-08
coudyser christelle          pégomas, France                           2012-06-08
cristiano pinnow             viamão, Brazil                            2012-06-08
Laurie Sudol                 Clarkdale, Arizona, United States         2012-06-08
carissa Skidmore             Sacramento, California, United States     2012-06-08
Fabien walter                selestat, France                          2012-06-08
Nancy Roussy                 Ste-Florence, Canada                      2012-06-08
karen ericson                bothell, Washington, United States        2012-06-08
Marie Wakefield              Newport, Oregon, United States            2012-06-08
Esther Zamora                Hesperia, California, United States       2012-06-08
briosca marcelle             martigues, France                         2012-06-08
lynnette williams            Truro,, United Kingdom                    2012-06-08
carol brett                  dereham, United Kingdom                   2012-06-08
Penny Tilton                 Topeka, Kansas, United States             2012-06-08
Julie Pridgen                Clovis, New Mexico, United States         2012-06-08
Belinda Miller               Broken Hill, Australia                    2012-06-08
Natalie Garden               Brisbane, Australia                       2012-06-08
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Sufi Olsen                   Wilsonville, Oregon, United States       2012-06-08
Lorri Makela                 Angel Fire, New Mexico, United States    2012-06-08
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Danuta Watola          Kalety, Poland                           2012-06-08
Michaela Peters        London, Canada                           2012-06-08
Helen viner            devon, United Kingdom                    2012-06-08
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carolyn hayton         Evandale SA, Australia                   2012-06-08
Helen Auzins           Zirndorf, Delaware, United States        2012-06-08
angela dames           Köln, Delaware, United States            2012-06-08
Raymond G              0, Pennsylvania, United States           2012-06-08
Jaime Kalanick         Bothell, Washington, United States       2012-06-08
isabel esteve          Castelloli, Spain                        2012-06-08
Phillipa Watson        Hillman, Australia                       2012-06-08
Christopher Evans      Near Byton Hand, United Kingdom          2012-06-08
Andrea Nemec           Osijek, Croatia                          2012-06-08
Fulvia Marino          Torre Annunziata, Italy                  2012-06-08
Madhu Roy              Mumbai, India                            2012-06-08
Rochat Sylvie          La Sarraz, Switzerland                   2012-06-08
Alan Mason             Boston, United Kingdom                   2012-06-08
Monica Esteve          Vilanova del Camí, Spain                 2012-06-08
Arja Vänttinen         Somerniemi, Finland                      2012-06-08
Bettina Roeder         Mannheim, Delaware, United States        2012-06-08
Lena Rehberger         Grebenhain, Germany                      2012-06-08
Susan Esposito         Staten Island, New York, United States   2012-06-08
MARIA SONIA ESTRADA-   Torrelavega, España, Spain               2012-06-08
Robyn McNally          Brisbane., Australia                     2012-06-08
Anneke Andries         Raamsdonksveer, Michigan, United         2012-06-08
Silke Hattwig          bochum, Delaware, United States          2012-06-08
andrea dunbar          workington cumbria, United Kingdom       2012-06-08
Chantal Buslot         Hasselt, Belgium                         2012-06-08
Mrs M                  - -, New York, United States             2012-06-08
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Petra Connor            Bad Dürrheim, Germany                    2012-06-08
Garry Lough             Wylie, Texas, United States              2012-06-08
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Irene Broßeit           Herford, Oregon, United States           2012-06-08
Jan Garen               Swansea, United Kingdom                  2012-06-08
Julie Cavalca           newark, Delaware, United States          2012-06-08
Simone Krebsser         Port Maitland, Canada                    2012-06-08
Kate Kenner             Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United     2012-06-08
france poulin           montreal, California, United States      2012-06-08
sylvie julien           Bourges, France                          2012-06-08
nilüfer nilüfer         mersin, Turkey                           2012-06-08
Nicole Weber            Pasadena, Maryland, United States        2012-06-08
Jasmina Cuk             Solna, Sweden                            2012-06-08
Eva Lindman             Nykroppa, Virginia, United States        2012-06-08
elisabetta rossi        savona, Italy                            2012-06-08
Panagiotis Rigopoulos   Patra, Greece                            2012-06-08
Irma Fleischeuer        Sittard, Belgium                         2012-06-08
Giovanni Fioretti       Schio (VI), Italy                        2012-06-08
Kenneth Rice            Memphis, Tennessee, United States        2012-06-08
Pam Fioretti            Adelaide, Australia                      2012-06-08
Mary Finelli            Silver Spring, Maryland, United States   2012-06-08
Lynne Gordon-Watson     New York, New York, United States        2012-06-08
JJ Vegana               Bundang, Korea, Republic of              2012-06-08
LUCY BEACH              JOHNSTOWN, Pennsylvania, United States 2012-06-08
Maria Karlsson          Göteborg, Sweden                         2012-06-08
vida fritz              vico-morcote, Armed Forces Pacific,      2012-06-08
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Janice Cowett           Houlton, Maine, United States            2012-06-08
linda van den bossche   groningen, Netherlands                   2012-06-08
cheyl gustafson         redwing, Minnesota, United States        2012-06-08
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Jamie Graham              Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States   2012-06-08
Michele Leyland           Cumming, Georgia, United States             2012-06-08
nancy balducci            antioch, Tennessee, United States           2012-06-08
laura smith               croydon, United Kingdom                     2012-06-08
Michele Wilkinson         Ashton Under Lyne, United Kingdom           2012-06-08
Barbara Larson            Little Falls, New Jersey, United States     2012-06-08
Eva Fidjeland             Orrefors, Sweden                            2012-06-08
FUNDACION SAN FRANCISCO   zarzal, Colombia                            2012-06-08
Shelley Rutkowski         Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States 2012-06-08
nicolette ludolphi        bremen, Delaware, United States             2012-06-08
Simone Duffin             Australia, Australia                        2012-06-08
Maria Lozano              Valencia, Spain                             2012-06-08
Libby Connor              Ashtead, United Kingdom                     2012-06-08
MICHELLI LARANJEIRA       CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil                        2012-06-08
Sanjiv Kapoor             Nagpur, India                               2012-06-08
Yvonne Fast               Aalborg, Denmark                            2012-06-08
Anne Holmberg             Copenhagen, Denmark                         2012-06-08
Lise Holmberg             Copenhagen, Denmark                         2012-06-08
Tanwi Sandelwood          Onbekend, Belgium                           2012-06-08
RB                        Escondido, California, United States        2012-06-08
Paulo Cesar               Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil                     2012-06-08
Laura Horning             Westlake, Ohio, United States               2012-06-08
Felicia DuRussell         Smyrna, Georgia, United States              2012-06-08
Dorota Wiśniewska         Wrocław, Poland                             2012-06-08
Petra Hegenscheidt        Essen, Germany                              2012-06-08
Elisabeth Bechmann        St. Pölten, Austria                         2012-06-08
Loredana Mainardi         Roma, Italy                                 2012-06-08
Jason J Green             Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States       2012-06-08
Manuela arioli            Milano, Italy                               2012-06-08
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Jill Scott              Glasgow, United Kingdom                   2012-06-08
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choitel caroline        cannes, France                            2012-06-08
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Katrin Schahin Storey   Vancouver, California, United States      2012-06-08
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Barbara Homburg         Löhne, Germany                            2012-06-08
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Thomas Willette         Greencastle, Indiana, United States       2012-06-08
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Bart Hoppenbrouwers     Dublin, Ireland                           2012-06-08
simon barrett           bath, Alaska, United States               2012-06-08
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Helene Beck                    Beder, Denmark                         2012-06-09
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Etari Patry               London, United Kingdom                     2012-06-09
june bullied              toronto, California, United States         2012-06-09
JOHN RICHARD YOUNG-       east norriton township, norristown,        2012-06-09
HIGGINS                   Pennsylvania, United States
Jessica Cronk             glendale, Arizona, United States           2012-06-09
Lacey Levitt              Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United          2012-06-09
Eveline van den Bossche   Groningen, Netherlands                     2012-06-09
sabrina bonnefon          mondragon, France                          2012-06-09
angie brook               temple, Texas, United States               2012-06-09
Kristen White             Merrick, New York, United States           2012-06-09
chretien julie            laon, France                               2012-06-09
Valerie Hildebrand        Winnipeg, MB., Canada                      2012-06-09
gail dressel              pinegrove, Pennsylvania, United States     2012-06-09
Denise Dunlap             Woodbridge, Virginia, United States        2012-06-09
Gianna Macias             Mexico city, Mexico                        2012-06-09
carolyn smith             NYC, New York, United States               2012-06-09
Robin Shirley             Culloden, West Virginia, United States     2012-06-09
marian madsen             Competa, Spain                             2012-06-09

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