; Youth Shelters Donation Wish List for fall as of the th of
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Youth Shelters Donation Wish List for fall as of the th of


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									Youth Shelters Donation Wish List, for fall 2011,
 as of the 13th of October
For donation questions, please call Rebecca Pike or Regina Romero 505.983.0586
or email them at rpike@youthshelters.org or rromero@youthshelters.org

We ALWAYS need non-perishable food donations, but as of the 13th of October 2011
we are most in need of non perishables for our all our programs and most especially lunch items for our Work Force
and Mom’s groups and GED programs.

We are in need of “Lunch Sponsors” for our WEI (Workforce Education Initiative program). The program begins Nov1
and the clients in this program will be spending ½ of the day in education programming and ½ of the day doing
service learning throughout the Santa Fe area. The clients will need lunch throughout the week and we are looking for
groups or individuals to help provide lunch for these clients. Sponsor a day each week and help our clients stay
healthy throughout their six month program. For more information call 983 0586 and ask for Roberta or Jesse.

Snacks to hand out on the streets:

juice boxes, including Capri Sun                                      Vienna Sausages
trail mix/dried fruit                                                 apple sauce
cheese or peanut butter crackers                                      pudding cups
pop top fruit cups                                                    beef jerky
granola/breakfast bars                                                sunflower seeds

Other foods always needed:

soups                                         spam                                            cup o noodles
beans                                         chicken                                         Macaroni and Cheese
chili                                         ramen                                           ravioli
pasta                                         cereal                                          rice
pasta sauce                                   green chile                                     beans
juice                                         canned tuna                                     fresh fruits/vegetables*
peanut butter                                 pretzels                                        cake/pudding/jell-o mix
jelly                                         popcorn                                         canned fruit / vegetables
hamburger helper                              oatmeal                                         canned soup
*Please call to make arrangements for perishable food donations.

Hygiene (family or individual size)
deodorant                                      Family size soaps, shampoos, tooth paste
disposable razors                              travel size hand sanitizer
feminine products                              toilet paper
lip balm                                       personal first aid kits
Razors                                         travel size shampoos
Tooth brushes, floss, tooth paste               hand/ body lotion
Sunscreen and lotion
NO Clothes Please! As of mid-October- our donation room is stuffed with
Clothing. Other than clean sweaters and light jackets,
underwear and Hoodies, please hold off
on clothing donations until further notice. Thank you so much!)

Camping Supplies
tarps                                         can openers                                   dog or cat food
tents                                         backpacks                                     pet collars/leashes
propane heaters                               metal bowls/pots                              bungee cords
camp stoves                                   Leatherman multi-tools                        sewing kits
cold weather sleeping bags                    hand warmers                                  tarps

Pregnant and Parenting
Diapers of all sizes                                                   maternity clothes
strollers                                                              infant / toddler clothes
child proofing gear                                                    Wipes to go with the diapers
gently used toys                                                       child stepping stools
New Bottles

Miscellaneous things needed throughout the programs:

Duffle bags or other soft foldable luggage                             Washing Machine for SOP
Refrigerator for WEI                                                   Pet food
Work gloves, work boots                                                Dog booties
Book shelves/shelving systems                                          Bus passes
Storage bins with lids                                                 Sewing machines
A blender                                                              New or gently used twin size bedding
Pots, pans and dish wear
Can openers and other cooking utensils                                 art supplies:
Movie or special event passes                                          art paper, paints, markers,
A rocking chair (for Emergency Shelter)                                journals, youth appropriate magazines,
CD player / boom box                                                   craft supplies, sidewalk chalk
Bedding or Sheets for a variety of bed sizes
Matching couches                                                       Glue sticks, scissors, pens, loose leaf paper
sports equipment
Computer printer
can openers                                                            household cleaning supplies:
educational software                                                   dish soap, paper towels, sponges,
puzzles / board games                                                  all purpose cleaner, toilet cleaner
youth appropriate books                                                laundry detergent
DVDs (G, PG, PG-13 only)
sewing kits - needles, thread, safety pins
Patio furniture (give us a call about this first!)
Please feel free to contact Youth Shelters staff at 505 983 0586 for more information on our up-to-the-minute
needs. And, for other information on our programming, donation system and volunteering possibilities.

Thank you for your support. Youth Shelters couldn’t do it without you!
Updated October 13, 2011

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