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Offline Business Blueprint


Make your first $1000s this week! Follow My Simple Steps To Creating A 100k income!

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									                                    Offline Business Blueprint

[Offline] - Make your first $1000s this week! Follow My
Simple Steps To Creating A 100k income!

    Offline Business Blueprint

                                                        Offline Business Blueprint

Table of Contents

       Introduction

       Why is offline so lucrative?

       Getting Started

           o   Choosing a product to sell
           o   Price Setting
           o   Setting up your website
           o   Portfolio
           o   Print Business Cards
           o   Preparing for that first sale

       Easy Way To Find Clients

           o   Shotgun Method
           o   Sniper Rifle Method
           o   Cold Calling Success Techniques
           o   Non Cold Calling Methods
           o   Referrals

       Meeting and Closing Clients

           o   Preparation
           o   What to wear
           o   What to say
           o   Techniques to increase your close rate

       Outsourcing The Work

           o Why outsource?
           o Where to find reliable skilled outsourcers

       Moving forward / Final Thoughts

                                                         Offline Business Blueprint

Hello fellow Entrepreneur! I am sure you find this report invaluable in your quest for
success, money & freedom :-)

I am currently 28 years of age. This time last year I was working a desk job, bored and
miserable. One day I thought to myself...

“This is not how I pictured things!!! There must be more to life than
clocking in here every day and scraping by?!”
It was a moment of clarity and it seriously lit a fire underneath me. I knew I had to get out.

That very same day I went home, burned my subscription to World of Warcraft and decided
to start putting my energy into working towards my own freedom.

A year on and and after plenty of ups and downs, I’m glad to say my thinking was correct...
There is a lot more to life than being a wage slave. We have options... ;-)

I’m so glad I had that moment of clarity because 10 months on from that day, I am...

       My own boss
       Working less hours than ever before
       Making WAAY more money than I ever have done
       Envied by my friends, who are still stuck in the rat race
       My friends think I’m a genius for what I’ve achieved (which I am not! Lol)
       Happy and Excited about waking up each day to start work

You may be interested to know that before I began had absolutely ZERO internet marketing
skills; however I quickly picked up a bit of knowledge which is something anyone can do. If
you are keen to make a living for yourself and take the leap, you will have no problem,
everything you need is only ever a few clicks away, especially with the fantastic resources
available to you.

Important: Something which I picked up pretty quickly, and would advise you to be very
cautious of, are the people who “sell you the dream”, for example this kind of thing:

“Make 10k this week with a system that takes just 2 minutes per day which is
so easy a monkey could do it, blindfolded!”
Ok, I exaggerated a little bit, but you know what I mean don’t you?! The overhyped products
that want you to pay to discover their system which allows you to make massive cash, with
zero work, in zero time. Lets face it, these systems are nonsense and the people behind

                                                              Offline Business Blueprint

them con artists. Some people call these “bright shiny objects” which I think is a great name
for them. They are nothing but a distraction, please be on the lookout for these.

To succeed and make alot of money in this business you will need to put in some hard work.

The good news is?

It’s Fun!
It’s not like the kind of hard work you are experiencing now, working for the MAN...
Seriously, what could be more fun than running your own business, working for
yourself and waking up each morning devising new ways to further increase your
income?? It’s awesome :-)

In this book, I am going reveal the exact step by step methods I’ve used and the
exciting thing is, you can go out and repeat the steps wherever you are now and
replicate my success. The cool thing is, you can make your first $500-$1500 this week
if you go for it!!

Before we dive into this, I’d like to I’d like to just say:

Regardless of whether you’ve been around the IM block and not had any real success or
whether you are completely new, f you follow the steps you will find in this report, you can
absolutely make a successful online business the way that I have.

Everything you read within this report is based on my own personal experience. There is
absolutely no speculation, hearsay or BS. That’s a promise.

Over the past 10 months I have read enough ebooks and sales letters to be well and truly
bored of regurgitated methods, so called money systems that don’t generate a dime and
then just flat out lies.

There is no place in this report for that kind nonsense ;-)

Everything that you will find in this book is tried tested, profitable repeatable and scalable.

So without further ado, lets take the first steps to getting
your business started...

                                                           Offline Business Blueprint

Why is offline so lucrative?
Everyone is aware of the .com boom which happened throughout the 90’s. What alot of
people fail to realise is the .com boom is still going, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Recently, offline has become a popular topic and the main reason for that is the fact that
there is such a massive market which is easy to break into and there is more than enough
business to go around.

There are literally millions of businesses trying to navigate their ship in the murky waters of
a very complicated marketplace.

As internet marketers who specialise in offline we are the experts who these businesses
turn to in order to stay afloat.

A common conversation I have with my customers new and old is that 10 or 15 years ago
marketing for local businesses was easy. You would simply stick your ad in the Yellow Pages
and that was you sorted for the year, you would be kept busy.

NOW, the YP no longer works (other than as a door stop) and customers have to think about
websites, Google places listings, SMS advertising, Mobile Enabled Websites, Email
Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Video Advertising, Reputation Management,
Facebook, Twitter...

The list is endless.

The marketplace is confusing and when you convey this to the customer they will be SO
GRATEFULL to be speaking to someone who understands them. They will feel happy that
they are not alone in being confused and they will look to you...

For salvation!!
When you work your magic for these customers you will be rewarded handsomely for your
efforts. If you provide value you will continue to be paid and paid well.

That is the basis for every successful offline business. Offer value, get paid. Its simple and its
a great model.

Caution: There are alot of fly by night con artists in the offline world. Don’t be one of them
because in the end, you will fail.

The beautiful thing is, by setting yourself aside from the crowd and being one of the “good
guys” you will never struggle for work. Of that you can be sure.

So the money is out there waiting, lets talk about how we plan to help out these local
businesses and grab a big pile of that dough for ourselves 

                                                                Offline Business Blueprint

About This
Quick note here guys!

What I’ve laid out in this book is real simple. Its not rocket science.

It’s a tried and tested system that requires a bit of work and pays out dividends.

I am living proof that this system works brilliantly because I am by no means a big salesman. Truth
be told, before I got into this, I thought I was one of the worst sales people ever.

Through my business I learned that being good at sales simply means listening to the customers
needs and serving those needs.

That means when you are offering, say a website, you don’t try to ram it down the throat of the
people you speak to who are not interested.

That’s what bad sales people do!

The reason this works so well is because we set ourselves apart from the crowd and make sure we
only work with people who need our help!!

Lets Talk Numbers!
In the interest of motivation, I wanted to say a little bit about my own earnings here. If you follow
the simple system I have set out in this guide, there is no reason you can’t earn the same or more!

Currently I make more than $2000 most weeks.

I do this by selling 2, 3 or more websites each week at $999.

When you are selling at least 10 websites per month (which is an absolute
minimum for me) you are bringing yourself in $120k per year.
The way I make sure I sell that number of websites is by following a simple formula which looks like

                      Calls = Appointments = Sales = Cash
This simple formula has been the key to my success and will be yours as well.

I have it written on my white board next to my sales for the week. Whenever I lose focus this always
puts me back on track!

As you will learn in this report, making calls is not the only way to generate business, so if you
choose to email then the formula remains the same, just switch out calls for emails and proceed as

OK lets really get started now  ...
                                                        Offline Business Blueprint

Getting Started
Choosing a product to sell
Okay people, we are ready to get going, I’m excited and I hope you are too.

Before we can proceed we need to decide on a primary product. My advice is to choose 1
thing that you will put your complete focus on in the beginning. This will make life easier
when it comes to prospecting and allows you to really hone your skills on getting the first
part of your business firing at an extremely high level.


Personally, I found the best thing to start with was websites. Many businesses don’t have
one or have a substandard site, so lots of opportunity. Everyone needs a website these days
and most business owners realise this. It’s not like back at the start when businesses didn’t
really understand the internet. This makes life easier when approaching clients. The cool
thing about websites is that you can find a really good outsourcer who will design sites for
$99. Given the fact most clients expect to pay upwards of $800 per site, this is massively
lucrative. More on outsourcing later.

Mobile Marketing

Extremely lucrative at the moment. Building mobile enhanced versions of clients websites
can be a really quick and easy way to start building your bank balance. For the services
industry such as restaurants, plumbers, electricians etc, a mobile website is pretty much
essential now and the thing is, most don’t have one. The market is WIDE OPEN, which
makes this a great service to offer.

As well as this, creating QR code campaigns for customers is a great foot in the door and
something customers love. The technology just baffles them and they can’t get enough :-)

Search Engine Optimisation

The competition for local keywords is far easier to handle than what most internet
marketers are used to. To add to the appeal of local SEO, finding really high quality people
to outsource the work to is also only a few clicks away. The icing on the cake is that with
SEO you will be charging an ongoing monthly amount for your services. This is the ideal
scenario for us IM types who want to create a healthy residual and leave our business on
autopilot. The important thing is to do it right. Stay white hat, under-promise and over-

                                                         Offline Business Blueprint

Pay Per Click Marketing

This is another great way to start working with businesses. Do the keyword research, setup
the campaign for the customer and collect the monthly income. Be sure to monitor the
progress regularly because the market place does change. I have recently started offering
Pay Per Click to ALL clients I meet with. I begin with an investment of around $100-$200 to
let them test the water and if successful, we move on to bigger campaigns. So far, I have not
failed to deliver value using Google Adwords :-)

Google Places Optimisation

Another fantastic option. With Google places optimisation you will be carrying out similar
work to that of your SEO service but with a few key differences. Adding content to the
customers Google places page, helping stimulate reviews and making sure everything is
present and correct on their listing all play an important part. As well as that, ensuring the
company is listed on as many directory sites as possible, in exactly the same format as they
appear in Google, is your key to success. Yelp, Yell and all those other sites allow you to have
a free listing. You can either do this manually or take my recommendation and outsource
this for $1 per hour. Alongside web design, Google Places is a big favourite of mine.

Some more options to consider:

       Social Media Marketing – Facebook fan pages, twitter marketing etc.

       Article Marketing

       Viral Marketing

       Email marketing and managing their autoresponder service

       Strategies to further monetize their website i.e. adsense, CPA etc.

       Video marketing

       Creating vibrant content for their website
       Graphics design

       Postcard marketing

Again, the important thing here is to focus on just 1 service and concentrate on making sure
you are providing a first class service all the way.

If I was to do things over again, I would still definitely choose to have websites as my
primary offering. Such a great foot in the door and you can then offer further services later.

So, now that we have selected our primary offering, we can move on
to the next step 
                                                        Offline Business Blueprint

Price Setting
Okay, so we have got our product. Something that alot of people are unsure of is how much
to charge. When I started out, I had absolutely no idea! I wanted to be cheap but not too
cheap. I wanted to offer value but I didn’t want to be leaving money on the table. To
accurately price your product you have to do 2 things:

1. Get a feel for the market in your local area

2. Decide where you want to position yourself in that market

For example, when I began I wanted to be cheap. At first, I wanted to be cheaper than
anyone else out there to try and ensure I got the most business possible.

This was a mistake, and caused me to leave money on the table and miss out on some

Losing clients because of being too cheap? Surely you jest!

Let me explain. When you deal with local businesses, they want to get a good deal. Of
course, everyone knows that. HOWEVER, they absolutely will not stand for an inferior
quality product. When most web companies are quoting them $1500 for a website and you
come in at $300, alarm bells start ringing. It is possible to scare people off by being too

So let that be a lesson to you, don’t always assume cheapest is best. Have confidence in
your product and position it correctly in the market.

Eventually I found that my product stood up really well in the middle range of the market. I
found I was comfortable selling custom Wordpress sites for businesses at $500-$750 and
the clients felt they were getting a great site and a good deal.

My advice is don’t cut corners with this, do your homework, find the market value for your
offering and make sure you position yourself where you feel your product belongs.

You can create 1 page websites and sell them off for $100 at a time to businesses who have
never been online before or else you could hire top class outsourcers and sell $2000
bespoke flashy websites that look heavenly. The possibilities are endless.

Just make sure you research the market and decide where you want to position yourself and
you will be very much ahead of the game.

                                                            Offline Business Blueprint

Setting up your own website
Although this step is not essential before you launch your new business, perhaps you can
take the money that you make during the first couple of months and pay someone to set up
a website for you. Thats what I did, I did not have a site at the start when I made my first
few sales.

The advantages of having your own site give you credibility, establishes your offline
marketing brand, posts your fee structures, and allows you to capture potential customers
through an opt-in form.

If you don't have any free templates to set up a quick mini site, you could create a
WordPress blog and choose an appropriate theme that's free of charge.

Please note, don't let this be a stopping point before you launch your business.

If you know how to create a WordPress blog, then take a couple hours on a Saturday and do
it. If you don't know how to create a mini site or WordPress blog, then just proceed to Step
Three don’t be discouraged, you can either quickly learn the basics or else just outsource for
under $100 when you have made some bank.

At this stage I just wanted to quickly mention the best resource I’ve found so far for
designing really professional websites. It is a Wordpress theme called Colourway and you
can check it out by clicking here

The themes here, which are usually $45 are by far the easiest most professional and best
I’ve ever seen for Wordpress. A complete novice who has never used Wordpress before
could easily put together a website with this theme in under an hour that would easily sell
for $999.

Best of all I have got the readers of this guide a lovely discount so if you go to the link I
provided and enter the codename SWEETDEAL17 you will get the theme for just $17!!

Trust me, it will be the best $17 dollars you have ever spent. That link again click here

Here are a few other website resources for you to check out:

        Wordpress -

        Template Monster -

        Intuit -

                                                         Offline Business Blueprint

If you are going to be going down the route of web design I strongly recommend that you
get yourself 2 or 3 websites you can show to potential customers.

They don’t always ask, but more often than not they will want to see some examples of your

The way that I was able to do this right at the beginning was to hook up with a freelance
web designer who I was going to pass my work to. He provided me with 3 really nice
websites to show as my own, which was totally ethical since he would be the one doing the
design work. This really helped me secure deals.

I would definitely recommend trying to forge one of these relationships. If you cannot, all is
not lost, there are customers out there who will go on gut instinct about you, but having a
portfolio will help you close at a higher rate however.

Business Cards
Not going to labour this point too much because its an easy one but definitely get some
business cards printed up. I didn’t have them from day 1 however I felt silly when people
asked me for a card. I quickly rushed an order and paid well over the odds for speedy

Don’t do it the way I did, that was silly :-)

Plan it out, order your cards and have them ready for going out and meeting customers.

I recommend Vistaprint for some really ultra cheap high quality cards. Or find another
company. Its really up to you ;-)

Moving on...

Preparing for the first sale
You want to be ready for that first sale when it comes, because it will come sooner than you

Be ready to supply clients with an Invoice and receipt of payment – they will expect this.

Keep a close note of your finances and everything that goes in and out. You will need this
when it comes time to do your tax return.

At this stage, we have decided on what product to sell, considered
our pricing and we are ready to make a sale.

                                                       Offline Business Blueprint

Its time to find some customers!!!

(and this is where it does start to get really exciting)
Lets press on again...

Easy Ways To Find Clients
Clearly one of the most important points about setting up your business is getting clients.
Without clients, there is no business. It’s crucial that we get this part correct and its
important not be too daunted. Always remember, there are people out there right now who
need our help, we just need to uncover them.

We want to go after the low hanging fruit. We don’t want a battle every time we try to sign
someone. Follow my methods below and you will find that client acquisition does not have
to be an exercise in frustration... ;)

*Before we carry on to the methods here, I would like to point out that in my
methods I always do at least some cold calling. I don’t do this because I
particularly love cold calling however I have found it to be the quickest and
most direct way to get new business. I realise that not everyone is prepared to
cold call so I am going to include plenty of methods that don’t involve cold
calling. All of which I have tried successfully to a lesser or greater extent. You
don’t have to cold call to be successful. But if you want to succeed in the
quickest possible time, cold calling will do the trick.*
Anyway, as I was saying...Email marketing has given me some good results, Linked In has
worked wonders and I’ve even started using Direct Mail. All work.

That said. Nothing compares to the speed and directness of cold calling. I can wake up
tomorrow, dial 50 numbers, arrange an appointment for the afternoon and go and close a
$999 sale. It has happened on numerous occasions. That alone excites me and its enough to
get me passed the initial pain of starting to dial.

If you are totally against cold calling, don’t worry, I have other methods you can use to
gather new clients. That being said, I would strongly recommend you at least try your hand
at the methods below, you will absolutely find it is not as bad as you think.

Shotgun Method
When I started out I gathered a list of 200 numbers, got my phone and started dialling.

                                                          Offline Business Blueprint

The key was, I didn’t try to ram pitches down peoples throats. All I was trying to do was
establish interest.

Each person I spoke to I simply introduced myself as a new web designer in town and asked
if they had a site or had ever considered doing one.

Their initial response indicated whether or not we would do business. In many cases I was
told “not interested” or “already got a site I am happy with” but after I’d made about 30
calls on my very first day, I nearly fell off my seat when I spoke to an electrician who said he
needed 2 websites!!! I somehow managed to compose myself enough to explain that I was
doing some special offers because I was new in business and that I could do both of his
websites at a really good rate. He wanted a meeting and I arranged to go out and see him
the next day.

The next day came and I was able to close the deal for both websites, walking away with
my first ever cheque to begin the work.

I was blown away, my girlfriend was blown away and all my friends were blown away when I
showed them the cheque at a barbeque that night :-)

More than anything I felt so happy that I had proven to myself that I could do this and knew
that if I increased the number of calls I was making I could make an absolute killing. So thats
what I set out to do.

So back to the shotgun method, even today I still use it. I love getting on the phone and
making 100 calls, setting 2 or 3 meetings and closing $2k worth of business. It gives me such
a thrill.

I have never been good at sales but with the shotgun method you don’t have to be. You are
going after the “low hanging fruit” the people who are desperate for your help. You uncover
them by making an appropriate number of calls. Its a numbers game. When you uncover the
right people, you will know it right away and go out to meet them, find out exactly what
they want and leave with a fat cheque.

So, to recap all you need:

     o A list (could be from the yellow pages, manta, a lead company, a scraper or
     o a phone
     o a few spare hours


     o Call at least 100 numbers
     o Be friendly
     o Do introductions, not pitches
                                                           Offline Business Blueprint

     o Pitch interested customers
     o Arrange Meetings
     o Go out to seal the deal

That is all there is to it and if you need quick cash, I would say this is the method for you. If
you work hard, you will make your first money within a few days of starting.

Sniper Rifle Method
Another way I go about finding new customers is to search the 2 nd 3rd 4th and 5th pages of
Google for certain high value niches, such as plumbers, electricians and the like. I create a
spreadsheet of around 50 of these customers who are just outside of the Google bubble and
obviously need a bit of help.

Sometimes I phone them however I also often send targeted emails with screenshots of
their position and explain how I can help.

The key is, because of their positioning, they have obviously attempted to rank their site on
the first page at some stage. You know it is something that is on their mind. They are much
more receptive to working with someone to get their ranking improved.

So instead of just phoning everyone, we are phoning targeted leads who we know are open
to our services.

Preparing the list is more time consuming than shotgun but you need to make far fewer
calls to get to the gravy.

Mix it up to give yourself a bit of variation ;-)

Cold Calling Success Techniques
Given the fact I’ve been doing a fair bit of cold calling, I’ve picked up a few little techniques
and pearls of wisdom that are definitely worth passing down, for those of you who wish to
cold call. For those who don’t want to cold call, the next section is for you, so you can skip
down to Non Cold Calling Methods now ;-)

        I used to think calling Accountants was a pain in the ass. That was until I found a
         weird mind trick that got me past 90% of the gatekeepers. Here is how a
         conversation would go in the beginning, (the wrong way):
         “Hi could I speak with Bob please?”
         “Yes, who’s calling please?”
         “Nick Ferrara here”
         “and what company are you calling from Nick?”
         “PV Web Services”
         “Oh we don’t have a website...” (or some other moronic comment.)

                                                          Offline Business Blueprint

         Effectively , I was blocked from speaking to the Decision Maker because they knew it
         was a sales call.
         Here is the new technique that gets me passed alot smoother.
         “Hi could I speak with Bob please?”
         “Yes, who’s calling please?”
         “Could you tell him its Nick”
         Sometimes thats enough, they might put you through because you only used first
         names, they assumed you knew the fellow. However the next part is crucial if they
         ask you the dreaded question:
         “What company are you calling from Nick?”
          “Its Nick FERRARA, is he available?” I say my full name in a very strong serious
         voice followed by repeating the question in a much softer, friendlier tone.
         Try this, it honestly had a huge impact in my business and helped me to sign 12
         accountants in the space of a month, which was good going because before that I
         hadn’t manged to sign a single 1.
        Solicitors can be very tricky as well. Obviously Solicitors are dealing with alot of
         confidential information. Use this to your advantage. When you introduce yourself
         and they ask where you are calling from, simply say “I’d rather not say, could I just
         speak to bob if thats okay?” in a friendly tone. Most times the secretary will assume
         you are dealing with the solicitor in a private or delicate matter. Some people might
         call that a grey hat telesales method lol...but you are not lying or bending the truth,
         you are just manipulating the pesky gatekeepers reality and forcing her to put you
         through. “I’d rather just speak to bob” is 100% true. Who wants to be stuck on the
         phone with a wasp chewing secretary all day?!
        Above all, always sound FRIENDLY on the phone, you will be amazed at the response
         you get even from those who don’t like cold calls. Smile and give people energy :-)

Non Cold calling Methods
There are loads of ways you can acquire clients without cold calling and as long as you are
persistant, they will work!

        Emails

Send out 50 emails to a certain niche offering them a discounted (or free) rate for one of
yours services in exchange for a testimonial at the end of the job. Use this testimonial in
your next email shot to gather more clients

        Post adverts on Craigslist/Gumtree type websites

There are active business looking for your services on these types of websites, posting
regular adverts have allowed me to nail some fairly impressive contracts. With this type of

                                                           Offline Business Blueprint

thing you are subject to getting your advert in the right place at the right time, but if you’re
persistant enough, you’ll do really well

        Linked In

Since I provided the awesome Linked In cash system with this package, I don’t have to go
into too much detail here but Linked In is by far one of the best ways to get in contact with
business owners. Offer them something of value and strike up a relationship. Then build
that relationship in to a 5 figure monthly SEO package or similar.

        Local Business Networks

Local chamber of commerce or independent local business meet ups are solid gold for
increasing your network of contacts and having new business come to you. Just getting to
know people is enough to get yourself ahead of the game.

There are loads of other ways you can find business without cold calling. Just think outside
the box and always keep up to date with what’s happening in your local area.

Simple but very important. When you have done a good job for a client be sure to ask them
if they know of anyone else who would benefit from your services. You’ll be amazed at
some of the contracts you can land through referral. Its through recommendation that I’ve
had some of my highest value clients come on board with me.

Simples! Lets move on
Meeting & Closing Clients
A this stage we are making some S E R I O U S progress. You have come along way and your
really starting to feel confident. You have been prospecting your little heart out and you
have now found yourself in the exhilarating position of having made your first
appointment(s) !!

Your first sale is just around the corner.

The good news is, when you are invited out to the customers place of work to discuss your
offer 9/10 times they are in a position to buy, that day!

It is important to seize this opportunity and I don’t mind admitting when I started out, my
appointment / close rate was not very good. It was working out about 50/50 .

Luckily, I got some great advice and started doing things a little differently, I also worked in a
few of my own little techniques and things changed dramatically...for the better!

                                                         Offline Business Blueprint

So much so that over September, October and most of November I had a 100%
strike rate at meetings. Every single meeting I went to, I closed, there and then.
That included 26 meetings and thousands of pounds worth of business :-)
So trust me, you are in good hands. Listen to my tips and you will not go wrong with your
meetings :-)

Before the meeting, you want to have a good idea of what your client is about. Don’t go
overboard but spend a good 10 or 15 minutes checking them out. Here is a checklist of
things to do:

        Scout their current web site \ web presence
        Check Google Adwords keyword tool to find out the level of searches being done for
         relevant keywords
        Look for any other advertising they may be doing
        Check what keyword rich domains might be available for at godaddy.
        Make sure you are confident walking in there that you have a good sense of what
         the business offers.

Print out any relevant information and have it ready with you at the meeting.

**Contracts: In all honesty, I don’t usually take contracts out with me I usually work with
invoices after point of sale. That being said, if you want to work with contracts have these

What To Wear
Alot of people get worried about this and are not sure what to wear. You don’t want to
come over as being too casual but also don’t want to be dressed like a salesman.

In all honesty it does come down to personal choice. Do whatever makes you feel

A word of warning though: While jeans and a smart top will be fine for a plumber meeting,
try to at least wear trousers and a shirt and shoes for a meeting with an accountant or

Don’t worry about it too much though, as long as you are sensible with it, nobody will mind
what you wear, they will be focusing more on what you can offer them.

Techniques to increase your close rate
Finally we’re onto the interesting bit :-)

                                                            Offline Business Blueprint

Here are some things that have changed the face of the meeting for me and turned me from
being average and closing only every second sale to being a rockstar who closes 95% of

        Be assumptive. Example: If you are asked to go out and have a meeting about setting
         up a website for a client always say “when I build this site for you do you want me to
         add bla...” not “if you go ahead with this do you want” They have asked you out to
         set the website up, you are their GUY, just make sure you come across that way. This
         seems simple, but its H U G E !!!
        Be flexible and always point out that you are prepared to be very flexible. This
         relaxes the customer and makes them feel that they are in the driving seat.
        Make them part of the process. Example: When you go through what will be in the
         website you are building for them, instead of telling them what can go in, ask them
         what they would like and take note of everything. At the end of the process read
         back to them and get them to agree what they have asked for. This is also H U G E.
         When they start telling you what they want, they are building that website in their
         own head and the sale is 90% made.
        Although this something that takes place before the meeting I think its important to
         mention it here: Before setting the meeting, make sure to establish a reason for
         them having the website. Find out why it is they want it, what they expect it to do.
         That way, you avoid going out to a meeting and getting told “I’m not really sure I
         need a website, I don’t know what it would do for me” trust me this is the most
         frustrating thing in the world after driving your ass all the way out to see someone. It
         actually happened to me yesterday lol, because I forgot one of my own golden rules.
         So, always always always QUALIFY before you set it in the diary.
        Be ULTRA friendly. When you first walk in the door talk about their lovely office, the
         weather, their day, your day, the traffic. Believe it or not even though you think
         you’re nervous, sometimes the client will be even more nervous because they are
         not used to these types of meetings so break the ice, set them at ease and let them
         know your a nice person here to help.
        When it comes time to close the sale BACK OFF. Don’t ram the close down their
         throat because you will scare people off. Trust me, I was guilty of this at the start. I
         was over eager :-) Just be cool calm and assumptive and ask for money. The way I
         usually do it is like this: Once all the talking is over, I have a really good idea of what
         they want, they have given me their input I say “Great, well I think I’ve got
         everything I need to put something really good together for you. What I usually do at
         this stage is take a down payment of half the fee either by cash or cheque, which is
         best” SAY NOTHING, SILENCE IS GOLDEN. Let them answer. If everything has gone
         ok, their next move is usually to reach for the chequebook. The assumptive approach
         we have used throughout the meeting has made it almost impossible for them to
         now turn around and say those dreaded words “I need to think it over“

                                                          Offline Business Blueprint

        Once you have the cheque, agree with them when you will next talk, agree a delivery
         date for the site and get out of dodge.
        Savour that journey home with the check in your pocket. It is one of the best feelings
         ever. I usually like to enjoy it with some loud music and sing loudly (and offensively)
         all the way

Now that we have been commissioned to do some work for our new found client, its time to
decide on how we plan to deliver the work. We will either be doing the work ourselves using
our own skills or using my system which is to outsource everything.

If you are skilled with webdesign or you are an SEO whiz, then by all means you can do the
work for the client and keep the money all to yourself. That being said, if you want to be
able to scale your business up, then you are going to want to consider outsourcing which
just so happens to be the next section in this ebook. What a coincidence! :P

Why Outsource?
I recently heard an expression that really hit home with me. That expression was “there is a
big difference between owning a business owning your own job”

The connotation being, if you work for yourself as a web designer and do all the work
yourself, you are essentially a web designer, not a business owner.

To be a business owner and not a job owner, you must employ people and duplicate your

I know my way around wordpress and I know enough about SEO to get by. But I prefer to
outsource as much as possible to scale my efforts upwards.

So really, the reason for outsourcing is simple: To focus on the important tasks and what
you do best and duplicate your efforts many times over. This is the way to really realise your
dreams of wealth and power :-)

Where to find reliable skilled workers
I’ve been extremely successful in finding very highly skilled web designers who work for low
cost. I have also found good SEO guys who work brilliantly for small amounts of money. Let
me share with you exactly what has worked well for me.

Continued on next page 

                                                                  Offline Business Blueprint

      – Warriors For Hire Section / Warriors Special Offer section

In this forum I have found cheap copywriters who write flawlessly, web designers who can
do the most intricate and attractive of websites for $99 and SEO guys who can rank really
high competition keywords to page 1 of Google for $99. This is the first stop for all your

      - Outsourcing Made Easy!

ODesk is awesome. It has Thousands upon Thousands of workers who will perform virtually any task.
There is a rating system so you can filter with only the best workers and when you have someone
working on a task, there is an automatic screen capture every 15 minutes so that you can monitor
exactly what they are upto. Awesome.

      - Outsource tasks for $5 at a time!

Fiverr is a pretty awesome site, but you have to know how to use it. You see, at Fiverr you can hire
people to do all kinds of things for five dollars. This can be anything from SEO work to Logo Design or
even setting up wordpress blogs. A real tip is to type in your search and sort by rating. Only work
with contractors who have a good rating and for the most part you will be satisfied with the work
that comes back. You will get the occasional dud but c’mon, its only a Fiverr! :-)

                                                          Offline Business Blueprint

Moving Forward / Final Thoughts
Okay so there you have it, everything you need to start your offline business today or
tomorrow and have some real success within just a few days.

If you are just looking to get started, I can tell you I was sitting in exactly the position you
were in and thinking “but will this work?” and I powered through. I did what had to be done
and now that some time has passed, I have a successful business, I am respected greatly for
my achievements and I’m totally fulfilled in my profession. 12 months ago, I could not have
imagined things could possibly go so well. You are actually in a stronger position than me
because you now have the benefit of all my experience. As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

You have all the tools you need, you clearly have the motivation, you are already half way
there so...

So my biggest message to you is:

Take Action !!!


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