Im Still In Love My Ex May Not Be

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					Im Still In Love My Ex May Not Be
You might say, Im still in love, my ex isnt. This is a difficult situation. First of all, you dont really know
that your ex is not still in love with you, too. Your ex may have claimed to not love you anymore, and
thats possible. But its also possible that he or she still harbors feelings for you. Many couples who
still love each other very much break up for other reasons.

If you can honestly say, Im still in love my ex, theres a good chance your ex might still love you. But
that doesnt necessarily mean its a good idea to try to get back together. You broke up for a reason.
 Even if you didnt want to break up and the break off was entirely your exs doing, really think hard
about things. Its rare that a person cant think back and see reasons why the break-up might be for
the best. It isnt always easy right at first when youre still in so much pain from the break-up, but with
time youll probably see that the break-up might even be good for you.

If the break-up was mutual and now youre having a hard time because you feel Im still in love, my ex
should be here with me, then its even more important that you examine why you agreed to the break-
up in the first place. Yes, there is a chance that a mutual split was a mistake. But if youll really look
back at the reasons you both had for calling a halt to the relationship, you might find thats better to
love your ex from afar and work through the sadness rather than try to rekindle the romance.

Im still in love; my ex even wants to get back together. While this might make you feel very hopeful
that the two of you might be able to work things out and live happily ever after, dont be fooled into
thinking that it will be easy. The reasons you broke up are still there. If you get back together, what
will change? Your relationship might go along well for a while because youre both so happy to be
back together.

If you broke up thinking, Im still in love my ex, and he or she thought the same so you got back
together, youll go through a honeymoon period just as you did when you were a new couple. Youll
both feel like you saved the relationship and kept each other from making a horrible mistake. But that
feel-good honeymoon period will wear off eventually. And then what will you do?

How are you going to prevent the problems that caused you to break up in the first place from coming
back and making you want to part ways again? Couples counseling is a good option. If you think, Im
still in love my ex and want him or her back, then consider counseling to keep old problems from
splitting you up again later.

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