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Simple Lead Generation


Most small business owners struggle to figure out where to put their advertising dollars. They don’t have a clue how to know if something is being effective or not. They don’t understand website conversions, SEO, internet marketing, or any of those other big words to do with “computers”. What they want is people in the door and phones-a-ringing with no extra work on their part. If the numbers make sense it’s a no brainer for them. And that’s exactly what we’re going to deliver to them.

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									Offline Lead Generation
     Made Simple
Lead-gen is a tough part of the business. It takes a little more skills than site
rentals but can be very profitable.

What I love about lead gen is the income potential. It’s very difficult go get
someone to rent a site from you for $2-5,000 a month. But if you make the
numbers compelling enough and if you can deliver you can write your own check
by selling leads and making $2-5k a month is certainly feasible. Think about it, if I
can trade you $100 for every $10 you give me, how many times do you want to
do that deal?

Most small business owners struggle to figure out where to put their advertising
dollars. They don’t have a clue how to know if something is being effective or not.
They don’t understand website conversions, SEO, internet marketing, or any of
those other big words to do with “computers”. What they want is people in the
door and phones-a-ringing with no extra work on their part. If the numbers make
sense it’s a no brainer for them. And that’s exactly what we’re going to deliver to

We’re going to take our expertise and use it to make money every day. You’re
going to get excited when you get messages from kall8 that a phone call has
arrived. The first time it comes in, I recommend you print it off and frame it. It is
I have a site that has been creating leads for a contractor for over two years now.
It gets on average around 60 visitors a day in a large metropolis. We generate 5
phone calls a day from those visitors and I get paid $45 every single time the
phone rings. I get emails like this every day on my phone.

Over the course of a month we generate roughly 120 calls for them at $45 a piece
for a grand total of $5,400 monthly off of one site.

The numbers for them are they close roughly 1 in 4 calls, with an average
transaction size of $2,500. So they spend $180 to make $2,500. Those are
numbers they can live with, and numbers that I can live with as well. This is a
pretty large company with over 300 employees and more billboards on the road
than you can count(over 200 last time) I asked. I’ve made over $100,000 off of
one site, and the phones keep on ringing and I keep on getting paid.

I also have smaller clients as well that don’t pay as much. My lowest per lead cost
is $5 but I doubt I would bother under $10 if I were to start all over.

I’m going to show you how I get my leads and what to charge them and even
when to charge them, and how to be sure they are ready to pay what you’re
asking. I’ll also show you how to get paid even when you’re building the site up to
make the real money. This is the best way I know how to make money hand over
fist month after month after month.
What we’re going to discuss is:

   1.   How to identify niches and how to decide what to get paid.

   2.   How to build your site to make money in that niche

   3.   How to track leads so you know what to bill the client

   4.   How to SEO that site to the top- the short two page version

   5.   How to get paid even while you’re working on bringing the site to the top

   6.   How to find your lead buying clients.

   7.   How to keep your customers forever.

   8.   How to bill you clients.

   9.   Advanced techniques to make some serious money.
                How to find profitable niches
There are three aspects to judging a profitable niche.

   1.   What will they pay.

   2.   What kind of traffic can I get.

   3.   How difficult is it going to be to rank

Once you have a firm grip of these factors you can be sure you’re embarking on a
profitable adventure. There’s no point in doing this if you’re not going to make
money while you’re doing it. You’ll save yourself a lot of heartache if you choose
the right niches. When you choose the right niche it is sooooo much easier to get
How much will they pay?

Finding out what they will pay is a breeze. First off I have a document directly
from Service Magic who already documents what they charge for leads. And
honestly most contractors absolutely hate Service Magic. Their website is
cumbersome and they don’t deliver very good quality leads. We’re going to do
something completely different we’re going to sell exclusive leads and have all
phone calls and emails go directly to the customer. These will be good leads, as
good as they will get.

Who is Service Magic- They are a company that already does what we want to do.
They have sites that rank on the first page where potential customers fill a quote
form and get their information forwarded onto 2-4 preferred service companies.
The best part is that we can find out exactly how much they charge for these
services. I found this while browsing around the internet about a year ago.

The most profitable service industries

The Master List: All services with price per lead greater than $50

Service Magic has two different pricing structures. The numbers shown are the less
expensive program, which involves pre-paid accounts (“Premier Pro”). The pay-as-you-
go option is far more expensive (10-35%, an average of ~25% more per lead). This is
called Lead Select. Keep in mind that the numbers shown may be 1/3 more than shown.
      Roofing, Siding & Gutters
           Roofing – Install or Replacement - $55/$66
    (Same price for Asphalt Shingle, Flat, Foam, Single Ply, Metal, Natural Slate,
    Traditional Tile, Wood Shake or Composite)
           Siding

                 Exterior Painting or Staining: Liquid (Spray-On) Siding –
        Apply – $55/$66
                 Concrete, Brick & Stone: Brick or Stone Siding – Install –
                 Vinyl Siding – Install or Replace – $55
                 Wood or Fiber-Cement Siding – Install – $55
   Senior Housing

           Nursing Home – Medicare/Medicaid – $65
           Nursing Home – Private Pay – $65
   Additions, Remodels & Renovations – Construction

           Additions, Building Outbuildings & Structures
                 Addition to Existing Structure – Build – $50/$60
                 Garage – Build - $50/$60
                 Greenhouse – Build – $50/$60
           Remodels & Renovations
                 Bathroom – Remodel - $50/$60
                 Kitchen – Remodel - $50/$60
                 Pool Enclosure – Build – $50
                 Shelter or Outbuilding – Build – $50
                 Major Renovation – Multiple Rooms - $50/$60
                 Remodel to Accommodate a Disability - $50/$60
                 Disability Elevator or Chair Lift – Install - $50/$60
           Site preparation
                 Building Site – Preparation and Clearing - $50/$60
                 Demolition – $33/$50
           Roofing: Roofing – Install or Replacement
           Recovery Services – Disaster
                 Major Home Repairs (General Contractor) – $50
                 Recovery Service – Earthquake Damage – $50
   Architects, Builders, Designers & Other Professionals

           Builders & General Contractors
    Custom Home, Log Home, Newly Constructed Home – New Community, Newly
    Constructed Home – Older Community – $55
    Modular Home – $50
           Engineer – Soil – $50
   Heating & Cooling

           Air Conditioning & Cooling: Central A/C – Install - $42/$51
           Central Heating System: Central Heating System – Install or Replace
    - $42/$51
           Heat Pump – Install or Replace - $42/$51
   Windows & Doors

           New Windows – Multiple - $42/$51
   Electrical, Telephone & Wiring

           Electrical for Additions & Remodels – Install – $50/$60
           Home Automation System – Install / Service – $50
           Building Automation System – Install / Service – $60
           Audio/Visual System – Install – $60
           Generator – Install – $33/$50
           Solar Panels/Electric System – Install – $42/$51
   Plumbing

           Faucents, Fixtures & Pipes: Plumbing for Additions & Remodels –
    Install - $50/$60
           Septic System – Install or Replace - $33/$50
            Boiler or Radiator Heating System – Install – $33/$50
      Painting & Staining

            Exterior Home or Structure – Paint or Stain - $42/$51
            Interior Home or Surfaces – Paint or Stain $36/$54
            Specialty Painting: Faux Finishes, Mural or Trompe L’oeil,
       Textures - $36/$54
      Flooring

            Hardwood: Hardwood Wood Flooring Install or Replace – $38/$57
            Tile: Stone (Granite, Marble, Slate, etc) – Install – $33/$50
            Laminate & Vinyl: Simulated Wood or Stone Laminate – Install –
      Carpentry & Cabinets

            Wood Fence – Install - $33/$50
            Carpentry Framing – Install – $50
And the most expensive lead is?

With a per-lead price of $80/lead, real estate developers top the list.

So you can see that all of these are pretty high dollars per lead. What’s even
crazier about these pricing structures is that this lead is shared with 2 other
contractors. So a real estate developer might pay $80 for a lead that is shared
with 2 other contractors. Nutty huh?
What kind of traffic is there?

Ok so now we know who will pay good money. We now have to look at how much
traffic is there for each of these phrases. So let’s pick a city like Miami for instance
and take a look at how many searches are done in each niche. Now use some
common sense here, there just aren’t going to be as many searches for real estate
developers as there are for plumbers.

Head to Google External Keyword tool and you’ll get some round numbers.

If we check for Miami Plumbers we see the following:

It shows we have 8,100 local searches a month for the term Miami Plumbers, and
9,900 for Miami Plumbing. To make a gross generalization that means we’re
probably going to have around 20,000 searches a month for Miami Plumbers, if
we can get above the fold we can get roughly 5% of that number in clicks. For
around 1,000 visitors for month, and if you really optimize your page you can get
10% to make a phone call or around 100 phone calls a month. If we charged a
plumber let’s say $30 per phone call, that would equal $3,000 per month in
income off of one site.

You can see the numbers really add up, just 3-5 sites in your portfolio generating
this kind of traffic and you’re at six figures.

Play around with different niches, but tried to avoid the ones that everyone is
going after.
Another way to calculate how much to charge someone for a lead is to
demonstrate the value as compared to adwords. If the first page estimate to get
on the PPC ads for Miami Plumber is $3.45 and you get a 10% conversion rate you
can expect to pay $34.50 per lead you get using adwords. Although let’s be clear
here most advertisers average around 2-3% conversion which means they can pay
as high as $150 to get a lead, and then if they convert 1 in 4 they just paid $600
for a customer. Is it any wonder the advertisers on Adwords change out almost

I typically will use Adwords for a week to see how much traffic there is in a niche,
after all I don’t want to spend months trying to get my site optimized only to
realize there is no traffic. So what I’ll do is run ads for a week and design the most
horrible ad ever so no one actually clicks on it, and then gauge how many
impressions I got. I point the ad to someone who is already a plumber but
possibly has no adwords ad.

So if I were checking traffic on Miami Plumbers. I would run an ad like this:

$400 Service Call
Expert plumbers 3 years of exp.
Call now

Now what did I do here? I just ran an adword ad for a week and if I’m lucky only
had a handful of people click on it. I want to bid really high so I can be sure I’m on
the first page. If first page ads are said to be $3.00 I’ll bid $9. I’m ok with spending
$100 now in exchange for not wasting my time. If in the first day I can see I’m
getting 300-1,000 impressions I know I’m in good shape.

I’m not a huge fan of the Google estimates of traffic, I think they are often wrong.
But I know that if I’m willing to pay for traffic then Google will be willing to take
my money so I have a lot of faith in adwords as a method of judging the amount
of traffic.
How difficult is the competition?

The short answer is usually not very. But it’s best if we do our homework anyway.
You should have some idea of SEO analysis. I personally don’t really like to spend
that much time doing SEO on my sites. I’m not into Herculean tasks. ROI is about
getting the most bang for the buck, and that usually means my time invested.

There are plenty of tools out there to check competitiveness. I recommend you
try they have a free trial where you can do 5 searches for
free. It’s WELL worth it. For $29 a month it’s a very good tool.

When I look at Miami Plumber there is some good news and some bad news.
SerpIQ puts it at a low level of competition but what I don’t like is the age of the
domains that are showing up. The #1 site is 11 years old and the #4 site is 10
years old and they are local companies. #2-3 are both national companies which
don’t worry me as much. The average amount of incoming links is very weak
though. It looks like there are on average 70 incoming links to the pages on the
first page. That part excites me.

Here’s something interesting check out #8. That’s either a site rental or a lead gen
site for someone(not me). I picked them out of the list
because of the keyword rich domain name and the fact that it is a two year old
domain while everyone else is much older.

It wouldn’t scare me to enter this niche although it could take a little while to get
to the top. Most local niches aren’t that difficult to SEO to be honest. There are
only a few niches where it’s really difficult such as attorneys and some real estate
searches. Almost everything else is a matter of making sure the traffic is there to
How to build your site for lead generation
I do things a little differently than other people. I like to build my sites so they
look like the legitimate site of the company. I mostly work with service
companies, and most service companies aren’t generating leads with contact
forms it’s mostly someone picking up the phone and calling. That’s the problem I
have with, is they make you jump through 20 hoops to even try
to find someone to help you. How effective is that?

What I want to do is give them an easy way to contact me. Usually a prominently
displayed phone number is the best way. I want the phone numbers all over the
place, on the top on the side on the bottom, all over. I don’t want anyone to come
to my site and think how in the heck do I buy/call?

It’s also not a one page website. It’s typically a 5-7 page website. A home page, 3-
4 services pages, an about us page and a contact us page. That’s what I see so
many other WSO and rental sites screw up.

That’s an example of an excellent roofing website. And something I would
confidently use as a lead generation website. There are some things I might
change. I like to have a person or a families face looking “in camera” on the page
above the fold(what you see before you scroll down on a website). It’s been
proven through split tests that browsers will stay longer on a page that has a
human face than they will on one that doesn’t. I also believe you should have
some more proof on the top of the page. I’d probably have a testimonial at least
started above the fold.
My main point is treat a lead generation website the same as you’d treat an
independent website request. It should look and feel like any normal website. You
also want to have a website that the client would be happy to put on their
business cards.

Please do not put up adsense ads on your lead-gen sites. I see that mistake all the
time. And it’s a HUGE mistake. If you have adsense ads on your pages that’s just
another way for someone to click away from your website. You want to do
whatever you can to make it easy for them to pick up the phone and call. You
want to make it compelling for them to pick up the phone and call. That’s your

Copywriting for local websites is very different than copywriting for sales pages or
WSO’s or anything like that. It take experimentation to get optimized conversions
which many people aren’t willing to do/try. Find the best templates you can find
on places like Themeforest and use those to build your website. I particularly like
the following themes:

   •   In Focus

   •   Awake

   •   Clear

My recommendation is to use one theme and get REALLY good at it. It’s really
difficult to go from one theme to the next and figure out how each one works.
Once you learn how a certain theme works it becomes easy to knock out one site
after another in different niches.
What I do is create one really tricked out version of a theme the way I like it, and
then use BackupBuddy to backup the entire site on another domain, and then
edit the domain to my particular niche. I know it’s $150 and there are free
versions out there, I’ve just been using it for about a year now and so I’m familiar
and comfortable with it.

It’s also helpful to learn as much as you can about tweaking PHP and editing
themes so you can really customize it. I had one of my employees with very little
experience spend a month on Lynda and they went through the basic PHP course,
and the two Wordpress editing courses, and now they can tweak about anything.

Keep it clean and user friendly and modern and you should be in good shape.

Make sure you split test for testing conversions. I personally use the following:

I’ll split test pages with different phone numbers on them to see which page pulls
better. I know it seems like a huge pain in the rump but think it through just one
extra phone call a week that pays $50 could be an extra $2500 this year. Multiply
that across 20 sites and it’s an extra $50,000 a year. It’s well worth it.
Tracking Leads To Get Paid
Basically leads come in two different ways: Emails and phone calls.

Emails from contact forms are pretty simple to institute. What I do is have the
contact form go to an email address that already has a forwarder on it, which is
forwarding to me and my client. So we both get the email leads. This is easy to
setup in cPanel.

At the end of your billing period you just bill for the number of contacts you get
this way.

The second way that I track leads is by tracking numbers. I personally use I know there are other services out there, but I find the prices to be
good and the service to be great as well. I pay $5 a month for a local phone
number and .07 a minute when they talk. For a client of mine who gets 100 phone
calls a month I pay on average $25 a month for that line.

I also have their call announcement feature working as well. So it will announce
“Marcos Lead” or something like that as a call is coming in so they can tell this is a
lead I gave them before they ever talk to the customer.
I also have call notification emails that email the client everytime they get a lead
that calls them. So they get emails that they can reference to make sure they saw
all the calls that came in. They can also get on their front desk if a call was missed.

And lastly I have weekly reports of phone calls that goes out from Kall8 to me and
the client. So that they can track each week how many phone calls are being
generated for them.

We’ll talk later about how we bill the clients so we’ll get into the frequency of
billing later as it becomes more important.
How To Do Local SEO- The Short Version
Doing SEO for local sites for anyone who has done anything in internet marketing
can be really easy. Sometimes you’ll struggle for a while but mostly it’s a pretty
simple process.

I like to do a little bit of white hat and black hat. So hope you’re not opposed to

In a niche like the Miami plumber site I would expect I’d spend somewhere
around $500-1,000 and it would take 3-6 months.

The easy way is if you’re local to get a Google places listing and get that to the
front page. There are plenty of Google places optimization courses out there on
just that. I like Brian Anderson’s- GP cheat sheet. No fluff just meat.

I’m a pretty big fan of Article marketing robot(AMR). If you can get some PLR
content and spin it with The Best Spinner(paid) or SpinnerChief(Free) and you
have a deathbycaptcha account you can submit 3-5 articles a day for 3 months
and that should be enough. You can also find some pretty good writers on I have one author who will provide me three articles for AMR for $5.

I’m not a fan of using Fiverr people to write and submit the articles on AMR. What
I found is that there are ways to use AMR to make sure that your links count.
What I do is build 50 or so articles and then get all the links to the articles and put
those links to the articles in Backlink Energizer-
And then beyond that I like to get links in private networks. There are numerous
opportunities to do that. I like, as far as
“institutional” type link networks. I also peruse places like the warrior forum and
wicked fire to find links as well. Some examples are like these listings:

You can’t be cheap here. You want to spend around $300-500 to rank these sites.
After all you’re trying to build a business that will pay you between $1,000-10,000
a month so $300 is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Ultimately I want to have between 500-2,000 incoming links to most of my sites.
A lot depends on the niche and how difficult it is to rank, but most local sites are
pretty easy to rank if you get enough link velocity to the site.

What has also worked for me pretty well is to use guest blogging and paid
advertising on already established sites. For instance I’ll find a bunch of PR 2-4
established pages that are on topic and try to get my link in-context on the page.
Let’s say I’m looking to get a plumbing site ranked. What if I were to find a PR4
page on septic tank issues and get my link placed on the page. I want it in context
so within the body of the page. If it’s surrounded by contextual information then
it’s even better. I might pay the author $50-100 for that link. Do that a few times
and you can rank anything.
That why I like to build my own network of websites so that I can do that without
paying anyone else. If I can build up a site about Plumbing in general and I can get
it up to PR3-4 then that has weight. I can do any of the following:

   1.   Link directly from the site to my local site.

   2.   Get a 3-way link exchange. I’ll link to another plumbing site as long as they
        link to my local site.

   3.   Offer to exchange articles. I’ll give you an article for your PR3-4 site if you
        give me an article for my site.

I’m a huge fan of James Martell, and his PAD(Professional Article Distribution)
work. You can find a short description of it here.

I mostly mix James Martell’s PAD method with a sprinkling of AMR and that’s
usually enough to get almost any site ranked.

If for some reason I just can’t seem to get enough link juice to propel myself to
the top I’ll use some paid directories. I like the Yahoo! Directory pretty well, for
$299 it’s usually worth it. Google still has a pretty good weight on it. And
remember it’s $300 now for $3k a month forever.

Effective SEO takes time and money. There are probably cheaper, easier ways to
get it done. But I’m about best and most efficient use of resources. It’s easier to
spend the money that you need to and get the results immediately than try to
shoestring it and taking forever. I’ve found that if I spend $300-600 in ranking a
site that shortens the time frame and lets me get started making money much
faster. Let me put it this way, I’ve never spent $300 on BMR posts and NOT gotten
a #1 ranking. You just have to find a method that works for you. I’ve also never
done 200 article distributions on AMR and NOT gotten a #1 ranking.
How To Get Paid From Day One
This one is important. It’s important that you’re bringing money in from the
beginning. Your site doesn’t have to be perfect, it also doesn’t even have to be on
Page 1 to make you money.

What I do to make money is use CPA programs to get paid. I particularly love
Service Magic. Service Magic has a CPA program where if you’re building a
Plumbing site for instance they will pay per lead you bring in using their form
information. They also have a pay-per-call program where they will pay you per
call that you generate as well. It’s not as lucrative as you can get paid if you’re
working with the end-user but it can still be very profitable.

I’ve worked with a service industry niche like a plumber, electrician where over
the three months that I was waiting for my SEO results I made over $1,000 in
generated leads. Not bad all in all. That’s the outlier however. Mostly you can
make a few bucks here or there. Where your really make your money is in the
long tail phrases you end up ranking for first. For instance I might be trying to rank
for Nashville Plumber which might take a bit, but I might immediately start
ranking for Nashville emergency plumber and start making money immediately
from those clicks even if they are less than what I would normally make.

There are other offline CPA offers out there.

Commission Junction(which runs the Service Magic CPA offer) is usually one of the
best to work with. ShareASale has some pretty good programs as well. Find one
that works for you and stick it on your pages you’re working on. The worst thing
that can happen is you don’t sell anything and wasted half an hour of your life.

Also sometimes it takes a while to get a full-time buyer for your leads. Better to
be getting paid something for your traffic than making nothing at all. For instance
at this time (November 2011) Service Magic will pay you $5.25 per phone call you
generate that lasts longer than 4 minutes for general home improvement. A
roofing, plumbing, electrician, hvac all of those qualify. Below you’ll see a
screenshot of highest payout calls on Service Magic.

   1.   You can see that there is a possibility to make some money if you are able
        to provide good leads. It’s easy to apply and get access to the system, but
        can vary widely on how difficult it is to get approved. That’s the main
        problem is getting approved. Oftentimes I’ll have to ask directly of the
company to get a manual approval. Kind of a pain in the rump really. Worth
it though when you do get approved. You just have to get approved once,
and then it’s much easier to get approved for other sites that you build. I
wish they were a little more communicative when they turn down your
site, but it is what it is.
How To Sell Your Leads
You would think this would be one of the easiest parts of lead-generation is
finding people who will pay you for customers. Sadly it is not. It can be very
daunting to find the right people to pay you for your qualified leads.

I’ve tried every which way to sell leads and unfortunately have some sites that
still don’t have a paying client. It’s very frustrating to say the least, especially
when you are getting 100+ UV’s a day and no way to monetize them. I’ll give you
everything I have tried so far. This is what is different is I’ll only share with you
what I’ve tried, not what I dreamed up in my mom’s basement.

First off, it makes quite a bit of difference if you work with specialties that already
pay for leads. That includes the following:

   •   Insurance- medical and life

   •   Alarms and monitoring

   •   Mortgage brokers.

It’s much more difficult to convince a business owner who has never paid for
leads than someone who is familiar with it and will just judge you on the quality
of your leads. It’s not hard to find a life insurance professional who is already
paying anywhere between $20-50 for non-exclusive leads. If you can provide truly
exclusive leads for the same price you are going to be their new best friend.
Versus working with an electrician where you have to break down everything
from the lifetime value per customer, conversion rates, etc to show them how
they can make money with your leads.
Here are the main ways that I have used to sell leads.

   1.   Service Magic List

   2.   Sample This

   3.   Partner

   4.   Whisper Leads

Service Magic
As I’ve discussed above it’s really important to find people who are already buying
leads. One way to find those people is to find them on lists from companies like
Service Magic and Yodle. Both Service Magic and Yodle find companies to buy
their leads. The problem is most of the time the ROI is NOT there for the end
company buying the leads at least not in the short term which is where
companies get mad at Service Magic. I think Yodle in particular is an absolute
disgrace. However, at least they have introduced the concept to the people who
would be most interested in buying your leads.

These leads are absolutely golden. So you need to treat them as such. You have to
do whatever you must to get in good with these people as they understand
buying leads however they’ve never gotten leads as quality as what we will
provide them.

I like to find the list on Service Magic of service providers. I use a specific Google
search. inurl:plumbing inurl:Tacoma inurl:electrical inurl:Tacoma

That search above finds the list of contractors on the Service Magic site with the
city and the specialty. You can also see the list of specialties in each city by using
the following, and substituting the city.
It’s also a way to see who is actually paying for leads and who is used to it. If
you’re able to see that list has 20+ people on it, chances are one of them is going
to be interested in your exclusive lists.

The Approach

Now understand, I’ve described these as leads up to this point but you need to
understand that you need to describe it differently. When someone asks me what
I provide/sell. I tell them the following:

        I offer an exclusive marketing arrangement where I will find prequalified
        prospects and exclusively offer your services to them in a way that is
        measured and tracked for guaranteed ROI.

See that’s different than buying leads. I’ve told them a few things with that

   1.   I have PREQUALIFIED prospects

   2.   They are coming exclusive to them.

   3.   We measure and track all results to get them a good ROI.

I make it very clear to them that I want to create a win/win situation. I don’t want
to bleed them dry but I’d also like to make a profit as well. I want to help them to
become more profitable. It’s like free money.

So a conversation with a Service Magic client might go like this.

        Me: Hi, may I speak with the owner?

        Owner: Speaking.
Me: Hi, my name is Marc what’s your name?

Owner: It’s Bob, what are you calling about?

Me: Hi Bob I won’t take but a minute or so of your time. I found your name
on the list of Service Magic providers. I’ve used Service Magic as well in my
business, I was wondering how it was working for you?

Owner: Well, it’s pretty expensive and I don’t really get too many of the
ones who contact them.

Me: One of the things that has always bothered me about Service Magic is
that it doesn’t really work the way people want it to. If my toilet is busted I
don’t want to MAYBE hear back from three qualified contractors. I want to
get someone on the phone like 30 minutes ago. Right?

Owner: You got that right.

Me: Well Bob the reason why I’m calling is I offer an exclusive marketing
arrangement where I will find prequalified prospects and exclusively offer
your services to them in a way that is measured and tracked for guaranteed
ROI. The difference between what I do and what Service Magic does is I
provide exclusivity, the prospects are prequalified and they call you
directly, no one else. And oftentimes those prospects are cheaper than you
can get them from Service Magic. Can your current business handle an
additional 3-5 calls per week?

Owner: Well sure depending on the price.
Me: I work things a little differently than Service Magic does. What I want
to do is make this a win/win for me and for you. Service Magic is a huge
company with huge overhead. This is just me and my team who specialize
in finding the customers who need your plumbing services right now. I want
to make sure that we price it in a way that you make money. If I make you
happy, and I make you money, I’m sure you’ll be fine with me making a
little bit as well, right?

Owner: Sounds fair to me.

Me: What I’m also going to do is work very closely with you, selling the
customers on you and your team and why you are the perfect choice for
them. So that by the time they call you, they want to do business with you
and only you. The customers treat you like you’re a warm referral and the
conversation you have is much different than someone just calling you
asking you what the price is. Who would you rather deal with, someone
who picked your name at random out of a phonebook or someone who is
already presold on you?

Owner: How are you going to do that?

Me: You’re a plumber, and from what I’m assuming if you’ve been around
for 15 years a pretty good plumber too, right?

Owner: Yeah

Me: I’m a marketing consultant, I’ve made it my job to specialize in finding
the optimal way to attract prospects and get them to commit to doing
business with my clients. It’s what I do. I don’t want to become a plumber,
      and I’m assuming you’re not interested in becoming a marketer either. And
      what I’ve found is that most companies don’t have the resources to hire a
      full time marketing consultant. I create win/win opportunities where I can
      use my marketing expertise to make you money in exchange for getting a
      small piece of the extra business that I bring in. Make sense?

      Owner: Yeah, but how much is it going to cost?

      Me: I know that Service Magic charges you $40 for non-exclusive leads that
      you share with up to three other contractors. I do my magic to find
      prospects to call your company directly. These are pre-qualified customers
      who are picking up the phone looking for a plumber right now, they have
      also been presold on working with YOUR company. What if we could make
      it work where we charge the same amount each time we get your phone to
      ring as what you pay Service Magic for non-exclusive leads, would those
      numbers work for you?

      Owner: I think so……..

The conversation is a little different than a non-Service Magic client because you
can get right to the point about lead costs. If you’re working with someone who
doesn’t already buy leads then you’ll have to spend more time getting into the
numbers of their business.

The truth is the Service Magic angle is a numbers game. I try to one call close
them, but if they aren’t immediately showing interest I want to get permission to
send them an email or a letter or something. Typically close rates are around 5%
of Service Magic customers, meaning if I have 20 people to call I can usually sell it
with doing nothing but calling these people.

You increase your percentages when you have other existing relationships. If I
have someone that is already buying leads it makes it much easier. I want three
relationships existing where they will be my Champions. So I might offer to sell
them their leads at ¼ of the price if they are my Champion. That part of the
conversation may go like this.

      Me: I get that you don’t think this will work for you. What if I can show you
      a way makes it stupid-simple to make money and I take 75% off the price of
      the customers I bring you with no lowering of the quality?

      Owner: 75% off, how’s that?

      Me: I feel like even at full price the ROI you’re going to get is incredible. But
      if you’re willing to be my Champion and allow me to make a case-study of
      your business I will give you a long-term agreement at 75% off what I would
      normally charge. I just have a few extra things that you will agree to. 1. I
      want to be able to give your number to any prospects I’m currently working
      with so they can verify that I do what I say I will. I wouldn’t expect that you
      would get more than a handful of calls every now and again. 2. I do not
      want you to discuss what you’re paying for the leads. I won’t be offering
      this price to anyone else as this really is a HUGE discount. Because you’re
      going to be my Champion I’m going to work extra hard to get your results
      now not tomorrow. What do you think, is that something you could work
        Owner: Alright, let’s do it.

Find yourself a champion, it’s well worth it. You want to leverage that to the
greatest amount possible as they are worth their weight in gold. I do the following
with my champions.

   1.   I build a one-page case study. Showing the number of calls they are getting
        in, the increase in gross revenue, etc. Plus some quotes from the satisfied

   2.   I do audio interviews with the champion. I tend to work with them on some
        appropriate responses. For instance one of the questions I ask is “What was
        your biggest hesitation to working with me, and how do you feel about that
        now?” I prompt them with something like “I worried about whether the
        leads would be any good” or “I worried that I would be paying too much for
        these customers”. That usually gets a really good quote out of them.

   3.   If you can, do video interviews. Same thing practice a few times work on
        what you want them to say and you can get some powerful material.

   4.   I have a set of follow-up emails which typically have one of the case studies
        and quotes from my champions. So if someone doesn’t sign today, I’ll tell
        them let me send you an email with more information. And then I have a
        sequence of five emails that I will send the business owner.
Sample This
You have to let the customer sample your wares. There are multiple ways to do

One that has been talked about extensively is to let someone get the leads for
free for a week so they can see the quality of the leads. I have used this quite a bit
and it does work. Kall8 has a whisper function where you can have the incoming
calls announce themselves. So when the client answers the phone it will whisper
“Incoming Call from Marcos Marketing” and then they are connected. They know
it came from me. I also have email notification going to the customer as well.

After a week of this we will recap and try to find out how the leads worked out for
them and try to get them committed to purchasing ongoing leads. I make sure I
let them know the phone calls are going to go to a competitor next week who is
interested in them.

Another way I like to let customers get a sample is to have the incoming calls
come to me or someone on my staff. We’ll answer the call as if we were a
plumber while recording the calls. Depending on your state and you must be
aware of the laws here you can use these recordings as you please. I tend to beep
out the phone number and address if I get them. What I want to do is take a week
or two of incoming calls and record them and now we can do a few different
things with them.

   1.   I will record all incoming calls on a CD and send them to my prospects I’m
        working on.
   2.   I will do a voice broadcast with a recording that goes out late in the evening
        so it gets voicemail. It has a smattering of the calls we got in and sells them
        on calling me to get more information.

   3.   As the calls come in, I send an email to everyone on my list telling them I
        have a customer that wants an appointment for Monday afternoon at 4pm,
        call me if they would like the customer information. And I include a
        transcript of the call. They see that it got emailed to everyone and they see
        that this isn’t just a tire kicker but is a real person needing real service.

   4.   I will call someone I’ve talked to, and tell them I have a live one would they
        like the information. Give them the information for free, and then touch
        base the next day and ask them to buy again.

   5.   I have sold appointments. I have one site that I haven’t leased out yet but
        for whatever reason I have two clients who buy appointments at double
        what the lead cost is. So they pay me $60 for every appointment I generate
        for them and we are generating on average 6 per week.

Giving the customers samples makes them more inclined to do business with you.
We use this consistently in our business. It works.
I’ve had pretty good luck with finding partners to help me get in to businesses if
I’ve not had any luck before. There are multiple levels of partnership, I don’t
believe in traditional partners. But I have no problem with a short-term partner
for a specific purpose.

First, you can find a salesperson to “partner” with you on the sale of these
properties. The only thing is you have to have more than one property for “sale”
to really get this to work. Typically you need to have around 20-30 “properties”
for sale to find a good salesperson. I’ve had the most luck offering the first
months commission 100% and 25% of any ongoing sales.

It’s fairly difficult to hire a salesperson unless you already have a track record. If
you can show a salesperson a track record of customers who are paying you
$1,000-4,000 in a month that becomes pretty compelling for them. If they close 3-
4 sales a month it’s easy for them to make a six-figure income. And then once
they get those residuals it’s pretty hard for them to want to leave, and they are
very compelled to keep their customers. I make the 100% of the first month
contingent on the customer staying at least 90 days. Again if you price it right,
they don’t leave EVER. What you’re trying to avoid is the salesperson promising
the world and you not being able to deliver.

Understand that hiring a salesperson is a numbers game. There are so many
pretenders out there that really can’t get it done. I typically will hire five
salespeople before one of them really produces.
To insure success you have to be prepared. You should have a sales process setup,
and a training program in place. If you can’t do that, you can always hire it out. It
makes sense to be prepared. I got a complete training protocol, sales process,
hiring manual and everything built by a freelance for $1,200. Again if you’re going
to do it, do it right. What you’re trying to avoid is hiring a bad salesperson who
won’t get it done and worse yet ruins your leads. Trying to wing it will get you
much worse results than if you prepare adequately.

I recommend getting the Chet Holmes book The Ultimate Sales Machine. They
have a full chapter on the ad to use and how to hire really great sales people. I
could paraphrase it here, but as that’s almost exactly what I use it’s best just to go
right to the source.

Alternatively you could hire a Sales Manager, so they handle all of the hiring, the
training, the management. I haven’t done it for this business, but I have done it in
one of my brick and mortar businesses. I hired a sales manager for a business
back in 2004. They took a percentage of everything, and we worked together on
commissions, bonuses, etc. They put together a team of a dozen salespeople that
were generating a million a quarter in sales. The sales manager is really motivated
to make sure that they are making the sales, and handles all the training issues.

An alternative to a sales partner is to partner with someone who will bring you a
warm lead. I have offered between $300-500 for a warm lead off of Craigslist with
good results. Here is the ad I put on Craigslist under Gigs.
      Introduce me to a plumber for $300

      I need a plumber in Kansas City that needs more business. I can bring in an
      extra $100k in business to a plumber in Kansas City. Introduce me and if we
      can strike a deal, I’ll cut you a check for $300. It’s a true win/win/win for
      everyone involved.

I’ve had pretty good luck with this approach. You can pay anywhere from $300-
500 for the introduction and it’s a true win/win for everyone. One of the
problems I have with getting someone involved in this business is Craigslist is
ghosting many ads these days, so it’s hard for you to post the ads as they won’t
show up if you don’t physically live in the area. You can use a service that will post
you ad up 10 times a day for $.50 to $1.00 per posting. They usually do a pretty
good job.

I typically will send the craigslist ad to a video that explains what I’m looking to
do. They email me to “register” the lead, and then they call the potential
customer and have them call me directly. The difference for you is that you’re
getting a warm lead, typically someone that actually knows the customer is calling
and setting up your sale. It makes it much easier to have the conversation on the

The third way to “partner” is to have one of your customers get your new clients.
What I do typically is once I have a client in a particular industry figure out who
they know in related fields. For instance if I’m working with a plumber chances
are he knows an electrician and an HVAC guy and a landscaper. So I’ll build sites in
those specialties after I have the plumber doing well. Now I have a very satisfied
customer who calls their friend and starts off with their experience. If they call an
electrician and tell them they spend about $1,000 a month and make around
$10,000 in new business that conversation when you talk to them is quite a bit
different. If you’ve done your job well they will refer those people at no cost.
However, I have offered a free month of leads for a referral and have also given
away an iPad for a successful sign-up. You can take one successful client and
leapfrog to 5-6 clients in just a month or two. It’s the most effective way to get
new clients.
Whisper Leads
This works best if you’ve already got a relationship with people in the field
already. How this works is I’m going to give them free leads and they are going to
know it comes from me. I use Kall8 and use the whisper feature. So it will
“announce” on every incoming call “This call comes from Marcos Marketing”. So
when they answer the phone they know it comes from me. I also have the email
notification going to them, but what I do is have a custom forwarder setup. So the
email notification goes to an email I control and then gets wrapped in my
forwarding message. I let them know that this arrangement is temporary and that
next week the leads will go to a competitor and my phone number so they can
contact me. You just rotate this among each of the people on your list. The email
looks like this:

       Dear Phil,

       Date: 11/2/2011 6:17:36 PM
       Kall8 Number: 888-250-****
       CallerID: 805-436-**** Oxnard CA
       Ring-To Number: ***-***-****

       Just wanted to let you know that we recently sent this customer directly to
       your business phone number and I hope you were able to make some
       money. Last week we generated 8 phone calls for ABC Plumbing and next
       week we will be sending these calls to Jim @ BCD Plumbing. I’d love you to
       have permanent access to these customers, call me to get started. 888-888-


Eventually this works on someone. It’s better than not doing anything with the
phone calls at all. I will typically call them after their “free week” and let them
know how many calls we generated for them. I let them know that I’ll be sending
the calls to Jim at BCD Plumbing but I’d prefer to have them long-term. Try to
make a deal. The more ways you contact them, the more likely they are to do
business with you.
How to keep your customers forever
This business is all about relationships. And the best relationships are built on
win/win. Price your rental right, provide good leads that make the customer
money and they will stick around forever. The costs to replace the customer can
be pretty large, so make sure you do what you can to keep them.

Here’s a trick that people don’t think about. In many cases it’s not hard to rank for
the clients business name. So what I do is throw some backlinks at my lead-gen
site in the clients name. So while most of my links might look like “Kansas city
plumber”, I’ll also have links like “Bob’s plumbing Kansas City” or something like
that. This serves two purposes you can get access to free leads when someone
looks up their number directly. It also kind of cements their desire to stay with
you. I can’t usually undo the links to “Bob’s plumbing Kansas City” so if they leave
they will be handing over calls they would normally get to their competitor. That’s
never going to make them happy.

One of the most important things you can do to keep the customer is keep the
lines of communication open. I like to check in with them every now and again.
You can’t just sell them once, it’s an ongoing job, you are selling them every
month. Find a reason to contact them that provides value besides sending them
an invoice. I like to send them emails with information I read in their field. I like to
tell them about testing I have that benefits them, etc.

The best way to keep them forever is to provide them with the best leads
possible. One of the ways I do that is by continually testing and tweaking
conversion of the website. If I come up with better leads that convert better and
make them more money they will be happy with me and my service.

One of the ways I help with conversion is I get a lot of proof. Proof that they have
never gotten for themselves. I’ll usually ask for a list of their thirty most satisfied
customers and we’ll call them to do a customer satisfaction survey getting
permission to record the conversation and use it. We’ll ask great questions to get
great testimonials and then use them on the website in audio and written format.
I have some websites with over 20 audio testimonials that are glowing.

One other thing that we’ve had good success with is getting them to get reviews
on Kudzu. Kudzu is important because they have this great plugin that you can use
in Wordpress blogs where you can see all the reviews scrolling in your sidebar. I
will provide them with a QR code that goes directly to their Kudzu page so that
their customers can leave a review. The customer can offer an incentive for
reviews. I’ve had them offer $100 gas cards, a netbook, set of four tires, 50% off
their next service up to $500, etc. Get 10-20 Kudzu reviews and that helps as well.

When you have a ton of testimonials and reviews prominent on the website, that
helps everything out. Not only does that improve conversion, I’ve seen websites
go from generating 2% of clicks to calls to getting over 20% clicks to calls. It also
helps on the back-end because the customers are pre-disposed to do business
with your client. I’ve had customers tell me they are able to convert more than
double the number of clients from the calls I generate them than the calls that
come from their own website or yellow pages.

Don’t be greedy, make it a true win/win for your customers and they won’t leave.
If the ROI isn’t there for them, then it’s up to you to either help them or charge
less. Keep in mind, a lot depends on how effective they are at taking the leads
they generate and converting them into business. I once generated calls for a
business at a very low price and they said they were still losing money. So I
started recording the calls for them. And the business owner realized that his
front office staff was rude and turning potential customers away. They were only
converting 10% of the incoming calls into business. We were able to fix it and get
someone really good to answer the phone and they started booking over 40% of
the incoming calls which made them MUCH more profitable.
How to Bill Your Clients
This is pretty straight-forward although there are some things you should
consider. I prefer to have a low price per call so that I don’t have to do a lot of
manual adjustments. I tell them most likely 20% of the calls you get are not going
to be relevant, they are going to be people selling you something or trying to get
a job or something like that. Rather than trying to figure that out, I keep my price
low so we don’t have to worry about figuring that out month after month with
possible complications.

Depending on the industry however you might not be able to get away with it.
What happens with out of area calls? 800# calls? Hang-ups? After hours calls?
Calls that don’t get answered?

Again I like to just charge a fair amount so it all works out in the wash. I have
some clients that only get charged when the conversation lasts over 90 seconds.
It’s not my favorite however.

Kall8 makes it pretty easy that you can send daily/weekly/monthly reports. I like
to bill weekly. In some cases I’ll have them prepay a certain amount. They will buy
them in batches a certain $ for 10 calls, less $ for 20 calls, and even less $ for 100
calls. Or I have their credit card on file where I will send them a bill and charge
their credit card after a 24 hour period to check the bill. Unfortunately for those
clients that have large monthly bills you’re most likely going to have to bill them,
as they might not have the space on their card to get weekly $1k+ charges.
Weekly billing seems to be the most effective because you know you’re getting
paid. There is nothing worse than a client who you bill monthly who made most of
their money at the beginning of the month and no longer wants to pay you at the
end of the month when they see a bill for $3,000.

If the client insists on monthly billing I have ways of making it work. I have them
pay 75% of expected billing pre-paid and then they get billed at the end of the
month for the overage. So let’s say we normally generate 50 calls at $20 a piece
or $1,000. They pay $750 in advance of the month, and at the end of the month if
they had 53 calls they pay $750 in advance for next month plus $310 for the calls
from last month.

Once you have a significant relationship with them and you know that you have a
real ongoing business relationship you can be a little more flexible and just bill
monthly with no restrictions. Remember the only thing that matters is that you
get paid, the best relationship in the world is meaningless if you can’t get paid.
Advanced Techniques
There are advanced and alternative methods of profit once you have a good
relationship and if you’re good at marketing.

PPC- If you can make the numbers work, PPC can pay off dividends as well. I have
a client that I pay on average $2.35 per click and we have a really good conversion
rate of 14%. So that on average it costs me $16.79 to generate a phone call/lead.
My client pays me $40 per phone call. That’s more than a 100% return on
investment. You can’t complain about that.

Banner Ads- You can buy banner ads on other sites in the area. For instance if I’m
working the plumbing niche I might be able to buy ads on the roofing and
electrical websites around town for $10-20 a month. As long as the traffic is there
it can make sense. I’ve gotten a banner ad on a website that I placed that I spent
$10 one time that generates 2 calls a month at $40 each. I can track that by
tracking conversion rates and referrer rates of the banner ad.

Direct Mail/Val-Pak- I’ve got a running relationship with Val-pak where I put
together a two-sided ad that goes out once a month. I have a different customer
on each side. I spend $400 a month on those advertisements and generate about
$1,000 a month in revenue. My best luck has been running some sort of
promotion in conjunction with the business owner.

Partnerships- Work with everyone that you’re already doing business with, you
can oftentimes split the lead-gen revenue with non-competing businesses. For
instance if you have a plumber and an electrician, that will work perfectly. If the
plumber gets a client who has need for an electrician, and the electrician is paying
$30 per lead. You can offer the plumber $15 per lead he passes on to you, which
you then pass on to the electrician.

We’ve also worked with drop boxes of sorts as well. For instance you can have
drop boxes around town for different services you lead-gen. You can share in the
lead revenue or pay a flat rental fee. I have one drop box in a business with 8
locations in town that I pay $10 per week per site to have my boxes there, and I
make on average around $50 per location per week. It’s not going to pay my kids
way through college but the money is great nonetheless.

We’ve also worked with newsletters. We “write” a newsletter for a small business
accountant, and we reduce the cost of half if we are allowed to place “ads” in the
sidebar or on the footer of the newsletter. This one little trick earns us a fair
amount of money every month, it also feeds people into our mainstream internet
marketing company. It’s an interesting strategy that you should definitely

Conversion Specialists- Hire someone who is a true expert at conversions. Hire a
good copywriter to write you a new landing page, a testimonial expert who is
really good at getting the absolute perfect testimonials. We hired a copywriter in
a certain niche and paid about $5,000 for a rewrite of the home page, and the
PPC landing page. We were able to bump up the conversions from a pretty good
4% to 8.5%. Now that page is sitting on 10 different websites and generating tons
more calls for us, and at $20 each it sure is better than a stick in the eye. Most
websites convert into a customer taking action less than 1% of the time. The
difference between 1% conversion and 10% conversion is astronomical, it’s even
better than the 1,000% it looks like because your client will be blown away by the
value you are providing.

Multiple Sites- I have niches where I completely dominate the first page. I own 8
of the top 10 sites for their most competitive phrases. When I run two different
PPC campaigns and also dominate the Top 10 I have almost all of the traffic for
those phrases and am getting well-paid for that effort. If the niche is paying well
and you have a happy client, see if you can go after a different angle with that
niche on a different website. Alternatively you can generate leads for more than
one company if you own 2-3 websites above the fold on the page.

Dominate Field- Rather than trying to do all of the niches in Kansas City, what if
you were to just concentrate on Plumbers. You could build plumbing sites across
multiple cities. So you specialize in a certain field. I find it easy to work that kind
of market. What you have to do is a little different however, you’re going to have
to delve deep into how the field works, what they want, what they are afraid of
and really become an expert in the field.

I’ve found that it isn’t that hard to become the “expert”. What I do is send emails
from an “Publishing Company” that I own asking to interview for a book I’m
writing about plumbers(i.e. The Happy Warrior WSO method). You can ask them
about anything to really get an idea about how their industry works, and find out
how to sell them. And now you have an in to the field, you know how to sell them
and if you’re smart you’ll use that knowledge. Don’t talk geek/seo talk, talk
plumber talk. Talk about how you recognize that the biggest problem plumbers
have is xyz. I like to have some stellar examples of plumbers who haven’t lost
their soul but are very, very successful. Now when I talk to the next plumber I can
talk about the book I’ve written about “Millionaire Plumbers”. I’ll self-publish it,
and have it shipped to the owner. He’ll get that I “get” his business and know
what it takes to becomes successful. If you have that kind of knowledge you can
really make a ton of money with only one specialty. Try to find one off the beaten
path, that’s the road to real riches. I have two of these niches that I work with.

Dominate a market- The other route is to dominate a market. I have made as
many as 200 websites in one marketplace across different niches. Some I lead-
gen, others I rent. The point is to completely dominate that market and take it
over. We have a multi-step marketing sequence where we entail pretty much
everything direct mail, telemarketing, webinars, in person seminars to dominate
the entire market. We’ve had seminars in-town with over 100 business owners in
attendance and the money you can make is just….. wow. It’s pretty exciting
actually. This is the core of what we do now.

Supa Secret Keep Em’ Forever Trick- This is probably something you’ve never
thought of. But when you have a client try to rank that site for the customer’s
name by backlinking with their company name as the anchor text. What I have
done is backlink their name through 3-5 AMR blasts. And then I take the Top 10 or
so companies in that niche and area and backlink to my site with their name as
well. This has a bunch of different consequences. First off the web url is typically
keyword rich so you it looks like, but if the #1 plumber in
the area is ABC Plumbing and I can outrank their site for their own name I get free
traffic that benefits from their billboards and radio ads, etc. I have one site that
gets around 4-5 calls a week just from people searching for their competitors
names and then finding us and being “sold” and calling for service. It’s a really
cool idea, that has paid off many times over the past few years.

Your clients don’t want to leave because they know that if they leave they are
going to have a tough time when people are searching for their own company
name and they are now going to your next client. Make sense?

SEO Empire method: If you’ve already got some SEO clients what you’ll find is
that you can piggyback off of the money that they are giving you to SEO their site
and really leapfrog into greater success with Lead-gen.

For example if I’m doing work for a plumber in Seattle and he’s paying me $1,000
a month to do his Google Places and SEO work over the course of a year. Just
insert a layer in between his site and the backlinks you are creating. What you’re
doing is creating a link pyramid of sorts. So all backlinks are going to sites you own
and control and then they are linking directly to your clients site. But what you’ve
also done is on your clients dime you’ve created a lot of authority so that you can
quickly SEO your own website.

So my client in Seattle has paid for his results and he’s getting them. I can also
now build a lead-gen site in Portland for another plumber, or alternatively a
related field right in Seattle like an electrician, and I can lead-gen off of that site.
It’s more work, you’ll have to do probably 3-4x as much link building to get the
same results, but if done right you have something VERY powerful. You can
probably build up 3-10 other sites with just that mini-network you built from the
plumbers money.
This works for both beginners and advanced users. If you’re a beginner and you’re
doing normal offline business acquisition, think about this short section and how
you can lead-gen in other markets or other fields and use the clients payments to
accelerate that growth. Plus it always feels better when it’s your clients money
paying for your network growth rather than you taking it out of your own pocket.

For the advanced users, you can put this extra level in every bit of work you do.
Even if you’re ready to go full bore into ranking 10-30 sites. Put an extra layer
between your backlinks and your money sites and you’ll be setting yourself up for
the future with style.
Quick Start Guide Beginners
 1.   Target a city around 500k-1M that is closest to you geographically. If you’re
      in a real big city you can work with a suburb(ex Marietta in Atlanta, Palm
      Beach in Miami)

 2.   Go for a niche that you can find in Service Magic that has 30+ people
      already buying leads.

 3.   Verify that you can get the site there in a reasonable time period(let’s say 3

 4.   Go on ODesk pay someone to get the name of the business owner for each
      of the businesses you are going to target.

 5.   While you’re doing your SEO to get the site to the first page do your
      research on the niche. Start your publishing company and interview owners
      of businesses in other cities than you’re working on. Make it a point to
      really bond with them, find out what their fears are, how their business
      works, what they are looking for, language they typically use, etc.

 6.   Make a video explaining what you’re doing and put it on your company site.

 7.   If you’re really brave do 3-4 sites at the same time.

 8.   Put a tracking phone number on the site, answer the calls if you can. If not
      at least you have a record of real calls coming in.
9.    Try to put some CPA offers on the site until you can get it rented.

10.   Go through step 1-4 until you can get a client.
Quick Start Advanced
 1.   I would choose to go deep into a certain niche before I go into one
      marketplace. So, choose a niche and get 20-30 sites in the niche in the
      largest metropolitan areas.

 2.   Do your research on the niche, interview, interview, interview. What makes
      them tick? What makes them happy? What keeps them up at night.

 3.   Give your interviews to a writer and get them to write a book for you(cost

 4.   Brand yourself as the expert in that niche, so that the conversation you
      have is very different with your prospects. Being the expert will pay off in
      more ways than one.

 5.   Think of this almost as an info-marketing challenge with the end result
      being a client who you can sell your leads to.

 6.   Do site-rentals for sites that can’t generate enough leads. If you can make
      $1k a month on a lead-gen site in a city of 1M, you might get $500/mo
      renting in a city that has 500k population.

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