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January 7, 2011

Mr. XXXX XXXXXX- President
XXXXXX, AL #####


Thank you for the time that you provided our safety auditor during his recent visit. Overall, it appears that you
have a good safety program in place. During the visit our safety engineer, Bob Hampton noted a few things that
should be addressed to improve your level of safety and compliance. I have outlined these areas below.

Rec # Priority (C = Critical; I = Important; S = Suggested)Recommendation
01        S     We suggest when you issue a copy of the written safety manual to a new driver at orientation,
have them sign a sheet documenting receipt. The signature page would then go into the driver qualification or
personnel file.

02          S     We suggest implementation of a formal safety awards program for accident free driving and
other safety related items, i.e., no log violations, no violations at roadside inspections, increased tractor MPG, no
traffic citations, etc. The program can be based on either miles or months/years without violations in the target
areas. You may want to tie in the presentations with your annual safety meetings to make a bigger impact with
the drivers and/or family members. Professional drivers really appreciate recognition for their safety

03        S     We suggest a monetary incentive for drivers that go through a roadside inspection with "no
violations." Typically, $50-$100 for each "clean" inspection is a good driver incentive. Lesser amounts may be
appropriate for your particular operation. Sell the program as a means to help the company and drivers improve
the CSA BASIC scores while decreasing driver OOS waiting time. Remember to emphasize, drivers are
penalized for excessive violations which could potentially lead to the loss of their CDL.

04        S      We suggest a policy of remedial training for drivers receiving log violations, roadside
inspection violations, traffic citations and/or preventable accidents. This extra training could be either classroom
or observation rides with the driver depending on the particular violation. The extra training might highlight
some poor habits or practices and could correct a problem before it become a major issue. Document the
training and place in the DQ or personnel file.

05          I      It is important for drivers using the 100 mile exemption and keeping a time sheet to be released
from duty within 12 hours subject to Part 395.1(1)(ii) of the FMCSA regulations. If a driver is on duty for 12 hrs
or more, they must prepare a log for that particular day. Some interstate carriers require all drivers to use logs
regardless of driving status (local or linehaul) to limit confusion. In your case, since your interstate carriage is
still rather limited, you may find it easier to just have the local driver complete a log for only the 12 hour day(s)
and use the time sheet for other days. Obviously, all interstate linehaul drivers must maintain a log accounting
for each day.

CVLCS 12/12/2010
06         S     We suggest implementing a written progressive disciplinary program for driver log violations,
roadside inspection/moving violations and preventable accidents. Start with a verbal counseling and/or extra
training but explain continued violations could result in more serious discipline up to a suspension and possible
discharge. A progression is then established for future warning letters, usually 3 written warnings in 12 months
would be grounds for discharge. A signature would be required by the driver and the supervisor discussing the
violation. The signed copy goes into the DQ or personnel file. Obviously, the intent is not to discharge drivers
but to improve their performance. This policy would be consistent with the safety programs mentioned in Recs
#2 and #3 above… warnings for violations and rewards for no violations.

07         C     It is critical for XXXXXXX Corp to continue preparation for the new FMCSA CSA program
just implemented. Driver training and management awareness are very important to make sure you are in
compliance. There are several information websites on line that could be of assistance to you. In addition, you
are welcome to use our website at Just click on the CSA information link shown to the
left of the home page. The Alabama Trucking Assn or JJ Keller offer training material and speakers specifically
to assist with CSA.

Since you are new into interstate trucking, you may want to consider a safety consultant in you area to perform a
mock DOT audit and help with CSA or other safety issues. I'm sure Alabama Trucking Assn would be willing to
furnish a list of reputable consultants if you are interested.

Please review the following recommendations and contact us in writing to let us know what changes you
anticipate making and the time frame for implementing them. The information provided at the time of the safety
auditor’s visit should help you with your compliance efforts.

Thank you again for your time. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call.


Walter Guntharp

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The information and recommendations provided as a result of this survey are designed to assist you in your
accident prevention efforts. No warranties or guarantees are made by Thorn Valley Enterprises or your
insurance carrier.

  Revised 10/12//2010              TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                        Page 2 of 12
                                  THORN VALLEY ENTERPRISES

Insured                     XXXXXXX Corp                             Date                        12-28-10
Address                     XXXXXXXX                                 Policy Number               PIA03073500
City, State Zip             XXXXXX, AL #####                         Loss Control Engineer       Bob Hampton
                                                                                                 Moderate Risk… High level of 2
Person(s) Interviewed       XXXXX, YYYYY, ZZZZZ                      Overall Opinion of Risk     lane traffic on rural roads. New
                                                                                                 entrant into interstate carriage.
                            Ops/Safety Mgr; Owner/Sec-
Title(s)                                                             Agent                       Alabama Public
                            Treasurer; President/COO
Phone Number                (###) ###-####                           Phone Number                205-324-0406

                                                  (I) TABLE of CONTENTS
       (I)   Risk Summary                                                (IV)     Safety Management
  (I) (a)    Narrative                                                      (V)   Driver Selection
      (II)   Account Overview                                            (VI)     Driver Safety Training
 (III) (a)   Operations                                                 (VII)     Driver Supervision
      (b)    Vehicles                                                  (VIII)     Accident Reporting
      (c)    Inspection, Repair & Maintenance                            (IX)     Premises
      (d)    Owner/Operators                                                (X)   Notes
      (e)    Cargo & Hazmat                                              (XI)     Driver File Review Summary

                                                    (I) RISK SUMMARY
                                          ENGINEER OPINION                                                          Recommendation
PROGRAM ELEMENT                  Excels    Good     Avg.      Fair     Poor
                                                                                  Notes (see recommendations)           Number

Operations and Maintenance
                                                                                  Suggestion: driver                01
Safety Management
                                                                                  Suggestion: safety awards &
                                                                                  incentive program.                02 & 03

Driver Selection
                                                                                  Suggestion: periodic/remedial     04
                                                                                  driver training.
Driver Training
                                                                                  Critical: Increase CSA driver
                                                                                  training.                         07

                                                                                  Important: 100 air mile           05
Driver Supervision                                                                                                  06
                                                                                  Suggestion: progressive
                                                                                  disciplinary program.
Accident Reporting

 Revised 10/12//2010                  TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                                  Page 3 of 12
                        Total Fleet Size*                                                 Total # of Recommendations
                                                                               Critical       Important    Suggested       Total
 Number of Power Units:        48           # Trailers:   48
                                                                                  1                1          5             7
      *Fields automatically populate from section 3(b) input

 Discuss any Critical Improvements that are required: XXXXXX Corp needs more CSA preparation and training.
     There is not much CSA data available due to the 2010 entry into interstate carriage (was intrastate only until
     then) so roadside inspections are limited.
 List major positive factors: Low driver turnover, good experienced driver base, well paying cargo (+$3.00/mile)…
      long-term mgt team.
 Overall management safety attitude: Good
 Remarks: Well managed company with a strong and specific market for the area.

                                                   (I) (a) NARRATIVE
Account Overview:
        Irregular route truckload carrier using dump vans. Common carrier authority with 97% of cargo
        in AL and approximately 3% in MS. Company received Interstate authority in 2010 primarily
        for business in MS. Until then, they were a Intrastate AL carrier only. The company is 29 yrs
        old with Don Oswalt the Founder/Owner and Sec/Treasurer. YYYYY'S son, ZZZZ is the
        President/COO. They are a dedicated dump van carrier with specific customers. They appear to
        be well managed with estimated revenue for 2010 at $7.1 million and estimated miles at 2.3
        million ($3.09/mile.) The terminal building and shop building are well maintained. Gravel yard
        is a little rough but serviceable. Above-ground diesel tanks are in good order and well
        maintained. Currently, no DOT audit or safety rating has been awarded. CSA Basic scores are
        all within guidelines.

        Basically a 7am-5pm operation with dispatch on call if any drivers are out past normal office
        hrs. Don-Dell is a short haul carrier with 70% of total miles in the 0-50 mile range and the
        remaining 30% in the 50-200. Avg length of haul is about 75 miles. Approximately 97% of the
        IFTA miles are in AL with 3% in MS. Drivers return home same day except in very rare
        occasions when they remain out overnight. They received their Interstate authority in 2010 to
        expand into MS, they were strictly an Intrastate AL carrier until then. Deadhead runs about
        40% due to cargo restrictions and limited backhauls. Commodities consist of raw coal, gravel
        and sand. They have no brokerage authority, haul no haz mat and have no owner-operators.

Vehicles and Equipment:
        46 company tractors- age range '90 (1) -'08 (4). 3 older tractors will be sold when the market
        improves. 14 are over 10 yrs old. 48 dump van trailers- age range '82 (1) - '09 (2), 27 exceed 10
        yrs old.

Inspection, Repair and Maintenance:
        All of the equipment appears to be in good shape and well maintained, almost entirely by their
  Revised 10/12//2010                  TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                               Page 4 of 12
        shop. The Vehicle Maintenance Basic stands at 69.1% (80% is the intervention threshold) and
        the Vehicle Safer OOS is 15.2% (22.3% is the natl avg.) These numbers indicate a good
        maintenance program; however, limited roadside inspections have been performed. 50% of the
        violations discovered were for improperly functioning lights. They are working to install a
        better lighting system. Individual equipment files are organized and in good order… Annual
        inspections are current.

Safety Management
        No DOT audit has been performed and no safety rating has been assigned. XXXXX is the
        Ops/Safety Mgr with about 6 yrs experience. XXXX is assisted by the company President,
        ZZZZZ, on safety/operations issues with most duties shared. The operation is small with
        consistent runs to consistent customers leaving time from dispatch for both to work on safety.
        Each driver receives a copy of a written safety manual but no acknowledgement is required by
        the driver. Note: Will mention in recs to get a signature sheet.
        They have no formal safety awards program and no monetary safety incentives for "clean"
        roadside inspections. Note: Will discuss both in recs.

Staffing and Personnel:
        Office: 1- Owner/Sec/Treasurer, 1- President/COO, 1- Operations/Safety Mgr, 1- HR
        Mgr/Secretary, 1- Payroll/Office Asst (5 total)
        Shop: 1- Lead Mechanic, 4 mechanics (5 total)
        Drivers: 35- company singles (35 total)

Driver Selection, Hiring and Orientation:
        No drivers under age 24, 1 over 65. Written hiring criteria with insurance company to screen
        questionable MVR's. Must be at least 23 yrs of age and 2 yrs experience with dump trailers.
        MVR review, interview process and past employment verifications appear adequate. Driver
        turnover rate is about 40%. MVR's and physicals are current but some annual reviews are a
        little late they will complete them by 1/3/11. Driver qualification files are ok. Driver data
        sheets were not used but they will begin in '11 with new hires. Drug and alcohol testing
        programs are current and well managed.
        Orientation lasts about 6 hrs and covers the basics of safety and operations appears adequate.
        PSP program to screen new drivers is being utilized.

Driver Safety Training and Awards Program:
        Driver safety meetings are held annually and documented. Attendance is required if no
        emergency exists. No regular re-occurring/periodic or remedial training except for accident
        follow-up. Note: Will mention in recs.
        It is critical for CSA training to be increased to prepare drivers and mgt. Note: Will mention in

  Revised 10/12//2010            TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                   Page 5 of 12
Driver Supervision:
        Trucks are governed at 70mph. Matt manually audits the logs that are required for the interstate
        operation (about 3% of the total.) The majority of the drivers run local with a time sheet and
        use the 100 mile exemption; however, some locals are exceeding the 12 hr requirement and not
        logging. Note: Will discuss in recs.
        All though log errors and roadside violations are minimal, a progressive disciplinary program
        should be implemented in conjunction with CSA to correct recurring problems that may arise.
        Note: Will discuss in recs.
        All other CSA BASICS other than Vehicle Maintenance are "Inconclusive" or "Not Available"
        with only 34 inspections to gauge compliance due to being a new interstate entrant in '10.
        Note: Don-Dell may want to seek an outside safety consultant to perform a mock DOT audit
        and assist with CSA training. I'll mention as a comment in the recs.

Crash Countermeasures and Controls:
        DOT accidents for '09 and '10 are minimal. No extra countermeasures or controls exist except
        normal counseling for minor preventable accidents or termination for major preventable
        accidents involving serious injury or property damage.
        Accident register is current.

DOT Compliance:
        No serious DOT compliance issues are apparent; however, a complete mock audit may be in
        order since they are a new interstate carrier entrant.

  Revised 10/12//2010             TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                 Page 6 of 12
                                                   (II) ACCOUNT OVERVIEW
1) Type of Organization: Corporation               Partnership            Sole Proprietorship                LLC
2) Years in Business: 29      Years under current management: 29
3) If < 2 yrs, describe management qualifications: N/A
4) US DOT#: ######         MC#: ######        Other regulatory identifications: None

5) USDOT Safety Rating: Satisfactory            Conditional        Unsatisfactory           Most recent rating date: NA

6) Out of Service Rates: Driver 2.9 %         Vehicle 15.2 %       HAZMAT 0 %

7) Carrier Safety Management (SMS) BASICs                             On-Road                       Investigation           “Alert” Status
  Unsafe Driving                                                  Inconclusive
  Fatigued Driving                                                       "
  Driver Fitness                                                         "
  Controlled Substances & Alcohol                                No Violations
  Vehicle Maintenance                                                 69.1%
  Cargo Related                                                  Not Available
  Total Crashes 4        Tow away 3      Injury/Fatality 1
8) Gross Receipts                  Dollars                  Fleet Miles           Revenue/Mile
                                                                                                         Rev/Mi in normal Guidelines:
   Current Year (Est)           $ 7.1 Million               2.3 million                 $ 3.09                    Yes      No
                                                                                                         If no, please include Remarks.
       Prior Year               $ 4.9 Million               1.6 Million                 $ 3.06
9) Significant company changes past 12 months: None
10) Number of power units added or deleted in past 12 months: 2 added                 Explain: Added business in MS
Remarks: No safety rating as yet… Received Interstate authority in '10 (Was AL Intrastate only until then.) Fatality
accident was a "no fault" (driver was rear-ended while sitting still.) Minimal inspections so BASICS are within
thresholds or inconclusive. Only major issues were light problems that inflated "Vehicle Maint". New light systems
are now being installed to correct the problem… Safer OOS %'s are all within established guidelines.

                                                      (III) (a) OPERATIONS*
   Van           Reefer        Flatbed          Tanker        Container         Bulk             Dump          Other               Total
   0%              0%            0%              0%              0%             0%               100 %          0%               100%
 Radius: 0-50 Miles            50-200 Miles               201 – 500 Miles                 501+ Miles                       Total
         70 %                      30 %                          0%                          0%                            100%
                                                          *Enter all fields
1) Average number of power units on the road on any given day: 35
                           Trucks: Mostly 6am-           Office: 7am-5pm               Garage: 7am-5pm              Dispatch: 7am-5pm
2) Hrs of Operation
3) Average Trip Length One Way: 75             Number of days drivers are normally out: 1
4) Percent Metropolitan Areas: 30 %              Major Cities Operated in: Birmingham
5) Percent Mountain Driving:      0%            Percent Night Driving: 20 %
6) Carrier Type: For-Hire          Common           Contract         Private          Service Use        Retail Delivery
            Irregular Route        Regular Route Private              Other

 Revised 10/12//2010                     TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                                        Page 7 of 12
7) Percent LTL Freight: 0 %                  Percentage JIT Freight: 0 %
8) On Premise Activity Other than Trucking: Yes               No       Remarks:
9) Brokerage Operation: Yes           No          MC/DOT # of brokerage: NA                (Note: Request copy of brokerage insurance policy)

10) Revenue from Brokerage: NA             Number of Brokered Loads per Week: NA
11) Long Term Equipment Leasing to Others: Yes                    No     Remarks:
12) Owner/operators: Yes         No         Length of Lease: NA
13) O/O Lease Renewal Date: NA             Automatically Renews: Yes              No

14) Bobtail Insurance Required: Yes            No       Amount: $NA Named as additional insured: Yes                         No
15) Backhauls: Yes      No           Company Freight: 10% Brokered Freight: 0% Deadhead: 35%
16) Auth. Passengers Allowed: Yes              No       (Note: Request copy of passenger insurance policy)

17) Passenger Identities: NA     Hold Harmless/Release: Yes               No           Expires: NA
Remarks: Short-haul dump shipments of raw coal, gravel and sand… No brokerage… No owner-operators… No
  passengers allowed… Company drivers return same day except in very rare instances into MS. Deadhead high
  due to type of cargo and availablity of backhauls.

                                                              (b) VEHICLES*
POWER UNITS                TRACTOR                  STRAIGHT TK              SERVICE TK                       DUMP                    OTHER
1) Company                       46                       0                            2                           0                      0
2) Owner/OP                      0                        0                            0                           0                      0
3) Short Term Lease              0                        0                            0                           0                      0

TRAILERS                 VAN           REEFER               FLAT         TANK              CHASSIS         DUMP            BULK          DOUBLE
4) Company                   0                0               0              0                 0              48              0                 0
5) Owner/OP                  0                0               0              0                 0               0              0                 0
6) Short Term Lease          0                0               0              0                 0               0              0                 0
7) Number of Units Subject to a Single Loss: 46 trac/30 trailers
Remarks: 3 tracs are for sale… 2 limited use (41 active)
                                                              *enter all fields
                                       (c) INSPECTION, REPAIR & MAINTENANCE
1) Oldest Vehicle in Fleet: '90 Number Vehicles this Age: 1 Scheduled Fleet Update Plan Yes                            No
2) Equipment in Fleet > Ten Years Old: Yes             No              How Many: 14
3) Preventive maintenance intervals: 15,000 or mfg specs
4) Condition of Equipment on Yard: Good
5) Unusual Equipment: None
6) Maintenance performed by: Company                 Vendor        Some major work is done by outside vendors/dealers
7) Maintenance records maintained by: Company                 Vendor
8) Safety Inspection Lane: Yes         No               Driver Inspections completed and documented: Yes                      No
Remarks: Maint programs appear adequate.

 Revised 10/12//2010                       TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                                              Page 8 of 12
                                                  (d) OWNER/OPERATORS
1) Restriction on Age of Owner Operator Vehicles: Yes             No         Describe: NA
2) Tractor Garaging Location: Company           Owner/Operator         Other: NA
3) O/O Maintenance performed by: Owner/Operator              Company         Vendor         Name: NA
4) O/O Maintenance records maintained by: Owner/Operator               Company           Vendor    Name: NA
5) O/O equipment inspected by company: Yes              No         Frequency: NA
6) Preventive maintenance intervals: NA
7) Safety Inspection Lane: Yes       No       Driver Inspections completed and documented: Yes              No
Remarks: No owner-operators…

                                                   (e) CARGO & HAZMAT
1) Cargo Description: Coal, gravel and sand
2) Oversize/Overweight: Yes      No         Length: NA Height: NA Weight: NA Percent of Total Haul: NA
3) Hazardous Materials: Yes      No               Hazardous Waste: Yes          No         Type:
4) Does Safer list Hazmat Authority or any Hazmat Inspections? Yes                  No     Type:
     HAZMAT TYPE                             CLASS                         TRADE NAMES                      PERCENT of LOAD
             N/A                               N/A                                  N/A                           N/A

Remarks: All dump cargo… No haz mat

                                               (IV) SAFETY MANAGEMENT
1) Safety Department: Yes       No         F/T Safety Director: Yes        No            Name: XXXXXX
2) Safety Manager Certified/Trained: Yes        No           Courses: JJ Keller, Ala Trking Assn
3) Written Safety Policy: Yes     No            Driver Manual: Yes         No            Driver Acknowledgement: Yes       No
4) Defensive driving provided as part of orientation: Yes        No
5) Driver Safety Awards Program: Yes         No           Other safety incentive programs: Yes         No
6) Company/Management has received Safety Award(s) or Recognition: Yes                    No       Describe: NA
Remarks: XXXXXXX is the Ops Mgr/Safety Mgr. He is assisted by ZZZZZZ on operations and safety issues with
  most duties pretty much shared. The arrangement seems to work ok. The operation is small with consistent runs
  to consistent customers so drivers are familiar with their assignments leaving more mgt time outside dispatch for
  duties in safety. They were awarded Interstate authority in 2010. Up until then, they were an Ala Intrastate
  carrier only. They have a written Safety Manual but not a written Driver Manual, XXXX is working on one but
  has a ways to go. Most critical info is covered in safety manual. Receipt of the Safety Manual is not acknowleged
  by the driver. No written Safety Awards program and no other safety incentive programs in place. Note: Will
  mention receipt of Safety Manual and awards/incentive programs in recs.

 Revised 10/12//2010                   TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                                 Page 9 of 12
                                                      (V) DRIVER SELECTION
                         Full Time                   Part Time                       Team             Owner/Operator                Total
1) # Drivers
                               35                          0                           0                     0                       35
2) Number of Drivers Under 24: 0              Over 65: 1
3) Number of Drivers Hired Last 12 Months: 15                         Percent Turnover Last 12 Months: 40%
4) Written Hiring Criteria: Yes          No          Minimum: Age: 23               Experience: 2 yrs with dump trailers
5) Maximum Allowable: Convictions: 2 in past 3 yrs Collisions: Not specified Jobs: Not specified
6) Exceptions to these requirements: Yes             No           Who and When:
7) # Prior year(s) background checked: 1 yr                    2 yr          3 yr          4 yr      5 yr        6 yr        More: 10 if
8) Prior employment checks completed before first dispatch: Yes                      No
9) Who interviews new drivers? XXX/YYY/ZZZ Describe interview process review MVR, past emp and experience
    with applicant
10) Road Test: Yes        No             Number of miles: Varies Administered by: YYYY/XXXXX
11) Probation period for new drivers: Yes            No               Describe: 90 days
12) Leased Drivers: Yes             No         DQ Files are at: Company               Driver Leasing Firm        Name of Firm: NA
13) Drug & Alcohol testing program: Yes              No               Program Administrator: EDPM- Birmingham, AL & Labcorp
14) DOT medicals current: Yes            No          Examining Physician designated by: Company                   Employee
15) Annual Reviews and MVR current: Yes                   No
16) Carrier utilizes Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP): Yes                          No
17) DOT Compliance deficiencies: MVR's were current but annual reviews are late but should be completed by
Remarks: Driver selection process is good… Driver turnover rate 40% (local operation and home on w/e's are the
  main factors that it's fairly low) ... Drug and alcohol testing is current and well managed… MVR's and physicals
  are current… Company accepts a current physical… Annual reviews are a little late but they promise to complete
  by 1/3/11…. DQ files are complete and adequate except driver data sheets(will begin using in 2011.)

                                                     (VII) DRIVER SUPERVISION
1) Company uses road patrols or has a call in number for the public displayed on the trucks: Yes                        No
2) Trucks equipped with Qualcomm or similar devices: Yes                     No           Policy for “No Use in Motion”: Yes        No
3) Trucks equipped with speed governor: Yes                No            Maximum speed limit: 70 mph
4) Drivers keep logs: Yes    No        If logs are not kept, other documentation used: Time sheets are mostly used but
    some interstate traffic requires logs for about 3% of the total business.
5) Formal log audit program: Yes           No         Log audit service or software: Yes              No         Type:
6) Name of person auditing logs: XXXXXX               Person has formal training: Yes              No        Type: Ala Trking Assn
7) Logs are checked for falsification: Yes           No           Supporting Docs: GPS              Qualcomm       ECM
   Fuel receipts, tolls, etc        Software      (PC Miler, Rand McNally, etc.)                    Other:
8) Adequate Log Violation Disciplinary Program: Yes                     No
9) Dispatch maintains log recap: Yes            No         Other method used: Driver keeps

 Revised 10/12//2010                      TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                                           Page 10 of 12
10) Daily driver check call: Yes      No            Penalty for late delivery: Yes       No
Remarks: XXXXXX, Ops/Safety Mgr, has about 6 yrs experience and audits the logs manually. They began using
  logs in 2010 when they became an interstate carrier and started running in MS. The majority of the drivers use
  time sheets due to the 100 mile exemption with MS freight still only about 3% on the total miles. Some drivers on
  the time sheet do exceed the less-than 12 hr day requirement. Note: Will mention in recs using logs for locals over
  12 hrs and a progressive disciplinary program for log violations. ZZZZZZ may want to consider bringing in a
  safety consultant for awhile to assist with their move into interstate carriage.

                                                (VIII) ACCIDENT REPORTING
                   Total # of Accidents    DOT Recordable              Register Current           Comments
1) Current Yr               3                          2                 Yes      No
2) Prior Year               4                          2                 Yes      No
3) Record kept of all accidents, including non-DOT: Yes             No         Periodic accident trend analysis: Yes      No
4) Name of person tracking accidents: XXXXX/ZZZZZ Has received formal training: Yes                         No
5) Recent counter-measures taken in response to accidents or accident trends: None
6) Preventability determined: Yes         No         Preventability Guide: Yes         No
7) What remedial actions are taken when a driver has an accident? Counseling or termination depending on severity and
Remarks: Accidents are minimal… 1 fatality in '09 was a non-preventable due to company driver being rear-ended
  while parked.

                                                             (IX) PREMISES
1) Neighborhood: Rural           Suburban            Urban          Inner City         Industrial             Other:
2) Condition: Improving         Stable          Deteriorating
3) General Condition of Facility: Excellent            Good          Average          Poor
4) Fenced main location: Yes       No           Security lighting: Yes           No          Recent theft or vandalism: Yes    No
5) Other Locations or Terminals: Yes           No       Describe:
Remarks: Terminal and shop buildings are well maintained… yard is gravel and a little rough.

                                        (X) GENERAL REMARKS AND COMMENTS
1) Sec (VI) Driver Safety Training (omitted in error from form)…
2) Annual group safety meetings on various subjects are held and documented. Attendance is mandatory unless
    emergency prevents attendance. CSA training needs to be increased… Note: Will mention in recs.
3) No Smith System, DDC or other formal defensive driving is used but it is covered in orientation and appears
4) No regular re-occurring/periodic or remedial training except for accident follow-up. Note: Will mention in recs.
6) Driver File Review: Some older driver files have incomplete reference inquiries but current from '08-'10.
7) Annual reviews are current except for '10… They are due before 1/3/11 and should be completed without
    exception. Driver Data Sheets were not used but will start in '11.

 Revised 10/12//2010                  TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                                       Page 11 of 12
                                                  (XI) Driver File Review Summary Form
                                                             Company Name: XXXXXXXXX Corp.
                                                                           Date: 12/28/10

                    Employment                    Date                                      CDL          Date               Driver                Violations
      Driver Name   Application      Reference     of              MVR          CDL       Endorse          of      Annual   Data
                       date           Inquiry     Birth            Date         Class      -ment        Physical   Review   Sheet       Speed     Moving       Non Moving

1) DRIVER 1          1-12-00                I    4-22-42         9-10-10          A          NT          8-9-10      I        I           0         1              1
2) DRIVER 2          9-21-04                I    9-4-70          9-10-10         AM          N          12-14-09     I        I           0         1              1
3) DRIVER 3          10-24-07               I    7-7-79          9-10-10          A          N          3-19-10      I        I           0         0              0
4) DRIVER 4           6-9-09                S    6-22-84         9-10-10        AMV        NONE         8-28-09      S        I           2         1              1
5) DRIVER 5          3-10-10                S    3-3-72          9-10-10        AMV          PS         8-20-09      S        I           1         0              0

        CODE                        S= SATISFACTORY                                     I = INCOMPLETE                               M = MISSING

                      Revised 10/12//2010                  TVE Commercial Vehicle Loss Control Survey                             Page 12 of 12

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