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UK Niche Clothing Segments Market Research Report


									UK Niche Clothing Segments 2011

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UK Niche Clothing Segments 2011

Date: Mar, 2011
Pages: 102
Price: US$ 3,450.00

Verdict Research: Growth opportunities within UK womenswear are becoming fewer as established players
mature and the market saturates, so this report examines how retailers can introduce niche clothing areas
to differentiate and drive additional sales. It analyses issues and opportunities within the maternitywear,
petites and plus size segments, and profiles the key market players.

           Profiles of specialists and non specialists operating in each sub sector. Retailer profiles provide
           detailed analysis and opportunities and threats
           Size of the maternitywear, petites and plus size markets 2006-2011e, and market forecasts up until
           Market shares for the Top 10 leading players within each niche clothing segment
           Positioning maps highlighting market trends and growth opportunities

We estimate that the plus size sub sector will grow by 6.0% in 2011, outperforming the UK womenswear
market by 1.4 percentage points and the petites and maternity sub sectors which we expect to grow by
5.7% and 3.6% respectively

We forecast that petites sales will grow by 25.7% between 2010 and 2015, slightly outperforming the
overall womenswear market. With the fashion sector largely underserved there are opportunities for
retailers to expand ranges, especially where fashion trends and styling is very fit-specific

The trend of starting a family later in life as women choose to become more financially secure before
having their first child has supported growth of more premium and niche maternitywear players, since these
customers are able to spend more on maternity clothing due to having higher disposable incomes and
larger savings, increasing spend per head

           Use Verdict’s practical and actionable analysis to shape future business strategy
           Reduce risk and maximise opportunities, through understanding the key issues set to impact on the
           niche clothing markets in 2011 and beyond
           Benchmark your performance and market share against leading sector players

Table of Content

Plus size offers most opportunity
 Verdict view
Key findings
 Plus size sub sector to outperform womenswear in 2011 with sales of £4.9bn …
 … and to approach £6.0bn by 2015 as big opportunities are grasped;
 Petites market to reach £0.9bn in 2011 …
 … outperforming womenswear overall due to fashion trends;
 Maternitywear resilient £160.0m sector, but relies on birthrates;
 Opportunities remain in maternitywear in spite of increased competition.
Main conclusions

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 (Untitled sub-section)


Sector becomes more competitive but growth opportunities remain
 Verdict view
Key findings
 Maternitywear market forecast to grow 3.6% in 2011;
 Older first time mothers contribute to the rise in spend per head;
 Market becomes more competitive as premium and niche specialists grow …
 … and non-specialists muscle in;
 Fashionability and celebrity culture come to the fore;
 Mothercare stays on top as the maternitywear market leader.
Main conclusions
 Growth remains low, but older first time mothers and improved availability increase spend per head


Sub sector recovers from 2009 fall, but continues to underperform womenswear sector
Market shares
 Womenswear players increase presence in the maternitywear market
Positioning map
 Mid market becomes saturated, while space remains in the value sector
Market issues
 Market reliant on birth rates
 Women delay starting a family
 Fashion and celebrities spark interest and refresh market
 Non-specialists introduce and expand maternitywear ranges
 Niche players become more prominent
 Occasion and workwear opportunities
 Market to grow 19.3% by 2015


Mamas & Papas
 Performance blooms as maternitywear offer expands
 Market leader still has growth opportunities
New Look
 Larger stores benefit maternitywear
 Womenswear competitors threaten Next's market share
Smaller maternitywear profiles
 Dorothy Perkins
 JoJo Maman Bébé
 Pretty Pregnant

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Value fashion opportunity in petites
 Verdict view
Key findings
 Petites market to reach £0.9bn in 2011;
 Little change in female height in recent years …
 … but average may now reduce due to ageing population profile;
 Opportunities in value and fashion for new entrants;
 Next the number one player;
 Battle between Precis and Minuet intensifies.
Main conclusions
 Petites bounces back as retailers invest in new ranges


Absence of key value players impacts market growth
Market shares
 Next the leading player
Positioning map
 Value market underserved
Market issues
 (Untitled sub-section)
 Opportunities for new entrants to drive growth


 New ranges boost petite market share
Marks & Spencer
 Opportunity to expand through branded ranges
Minuet Petite
 New team should drive sales
 Extra attention to detail important
 Further developing design handwriting
 Refitted stores a boost to the brand
 Wide choice makes it the number one player
 Highest market share of specialists
Smaller petites profiles


Obesity and older population profile fuel growth
 Verdict view
Key findings
 Increasing obesity levels fuel demand for plus size clothing;
 Big opportunities among young and old;
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 Demand for more fashionable items;
 Dedicated plus size ranges can be simpler for retailers to produce but do not appeal to all shoppers;
 Fit and style areas for improvement;
 Online a key growth driver for plus size clothing as it replaces mail order.
Main conclusions
 Plus size clothing set for further growth


Growth continues but slows down
Market shares
 Marks & Spencer boasts commanding lead
Positioning map
 Little focus on fashion
Market issues
 (Untitled sub-section)
 Plus size market to continue to grow
 Other drivers
 Other inhibitors


Ann Harvey
 Plus size brand in the Alexon Group
 ASOS Curve hits the mark with its fashionable plus size offer
 Main specialist on the UK high street
N Brown
 Key player in the plus size market
New Look
 Small range targets broad customer base
Smaller plus size profiles


Financial Statistics – VAT
 Trading Profile
 Key Operating Ratios
 Physical Development
Further reading
Ask the analyst
Global Retail FreeView
Verdict consulting
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Table: Maternitywear market definition 2011
Table: Petites market definition 2011
Table: Debenhams own label petite ranges 2011
Table: Plus size market definition 2011
Table: N Brown brands 2011
Table: M&S ranges 2011


Figure: Maternitywear market value 2006–11 and share of womenswear 2011
Figure: Market shares of leading operators 2011
Figure: Maternitywear market positioning map 2011
Figure: Maternitywear market issues 2011
Figure: Number of UK births and % change 2004–09
Figure: Birth rate vs GDP in previous recession, 1988–93
Figure: Mean age of first time mothers and fertility rates in England & Wales 1999–2009
Figure: Maternitywear spend per head 2000e–15e
Figure: Celebrity bumps which attracted the media 2010
Figure: Celebrity maternitywear ranges 2011
Figure: Advantages and disadvantages for non-specialists offering maternitywear 2011
Figure: Niche players 2011
Figure: Online occasionwear and workwear offer at Top 10 maternitywear retailers Feb 2011
Figure: Maternitywear market forecast 2010–15
Figure: Mamas & Papas 2011
Figure: Mamas & Papas opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: Mothercare 2011
Figure: Mothercare opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: New Look 2011
Figure: New Look opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: Next 2011
Figure: Next opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: Dorothy Perkins 2011
Figure: Gap 2011
Figure: JoJo Maman Bébé 2011
Figure: Pretty Pregnant 2011
Figure: Topshop 2011
Figure: Petites market value 2006–2011 and share of womenswear estimates 2011
Figure: Market shares of leading operators 2011
Figure: Petite market positioning map 2011
Figure: Mean height of females in England 1994–2009
Figure: Mean height of females in England by age 2009
Figure: Petites market forecast 2010–15
Figure: Debenhams 2011
Figure: Debenhams opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: Marks & Spencer 2011
Figure: Marks & Spencer opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: Minuet Petite 2011
Figure: Minuet Petite opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: Next 2011
Figure: Next opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: Precis 2011
Figure: Precis opportunities and threats 2011
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Figure: Topshop 2011
Figure: Plus size market value 2006–11 and share of womenswear 2011
Figure: Market shares of leading operators 2011
Figure: Plus size market positioning map 2011
Figure: Separate range vs incorporation into core ranges for plus size clothing 2011
Figure: Female obesity and increased waist circumference rates 2003–09
Figure: % of female population aged 50 and over 2001, 2006 and 2011e
Figure: % of obese women by household income quintile 2009
Figure: Plus size market forecast 2010–15
Figure: Ann Harvey 2011
Figure: Ann Harvey 2011 opportunities and threats
Figure: ASOS 2011
Figure: ASOS Curve range 2011
Figure: ASOS opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: Evans 2011
Figure: Evans, Milton Keynes 2011
Figure: Evans opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: N Brown 2011
Figure: N Brown opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: New Look 2011
Figure: New Look Inspire range in flagship store Oxford Street, London 2011
Figure: New Look opportunities and threats 2011
Figure: H&M 2011
Figure: M&S 2011

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