The vikings by jennyyingdi


									The Vikings
 By Alison Ross
       The Battle of Clontarf
• The Battle of Clontarf
  took place on the 23rd
  April, between Brian
  Boru the king of
  Munster and The
• The battle was a day
  long, and Brian, his
  son and his Grandson
  were all killed.
               Viking Women
• Viking women mostly
  cooked, cleaned, made
  clothes for all the family
  and took care of sheep
  and cattle.
• They wore long dresses,
  aprons over the dresses,
  head dresses and cloaks
  held together by pins and
• They also taught their
  daughters to sew, cook,
  clean and herd sheep
  and cattle.
Viking Men
     • Viking men mostly fought,
       hunted and sailed to
       islands looking for goods.
     • Viking men would
       sometimes be out at sea
       for up to two months.
     • Viking men wore long
       cloth shirts, linen
       trousers, leather shoes
       and long cloaks held
       together by different pins
       and brooches.
            Viking Children
• Viking girls learned
  how to cook, clean,
  sew and herd sheep
  and cattle.
• Viking boys learned
  how to hunt, gather
  and fight.
             Viking Houses
• For the poor, houses
  were very small, they
  were stone huts with
  thatched roofs.
• Rich Vikings had
  wooden houses with
  wooden roofs.
Viking Houses
• Most Vikings used
  swords, axes and
  spears, but some
  used bows and
• The most used
  weapon was the
  sword, it was used by
  many Vikings.
     Where They Came From
• The Vikings were
  mostly from
• They came and
  raided many countries
  in Europe.
        Viking History
• The word Viking comes from a
  language called old Norse.
• The Viking age was from 700 – 1100
Viking Longships
        • Viking Longships were 15
          metres long.
        • They were sometimes
          used to carry stolen
          goods so that when the
          Vikings docked they
          could sell the stolen
          goods for money.
        • There was a lot of room
          below deck so that if the
          Vikings were sailing for a
          long time the could sleep
          below the deck.
The End 

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