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					                                                                                                                    Volume 4, Winter 2008

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As 2008 Draws to a Close                                          First	Cataract	Surgery	Performed	at	RCH!
Thank you for your support in                                     New Equipment & Doctors Available for Eye Surgeries
allowing us to serve you during the
past year! By choosing                                            We’re pleased to announce the addition of eye surgery to our list of
Rochelle Community Hospital as                                    same-day surgeries! In fact, the hospital’s very first cataract surgery
your provider, you have enabled us                                was performed here in September by Dr.	Jason	Friedrichs, an
to continue expanding our scope of                                Ophthalmologist from DeKalb Clinic. A new member of our medical
services with new equipment and                                   staff, Dr. Friedrichs removed a cataract from Teresa Melvin’s right
skilled specialists.
                                                                  eye. She was referred by her optometrist in DeKalb.
So far, we have:
  • Introduced a new Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program             “After	seeing	Dr.	Friedrichs,	I	was	anxious	to	have	the	surgery	
  • Improved emergency room coverage by University of             right	away,”	Teresa	said.	“He	told	me	that	RCH	hoped	to	have	
    Illinois-Chicago physicians
                                                                  the	necessary	surgical	equipment	by	October,	and	I	was	really	
  • Introduced Cardiac CTA scanning
                                                                  pleased	when	I	could	get	in	sooner.”
  • Performed the first cataract surgery here and added two
    new Ophthalmologists providing eye care
  • Added two new Gynecologists in our Multi-Specialty Center     Teresa’s husband, Jim, who works in Rochelle, said he was impressed
  • Renamed the Petro Clinic as “On the Go Healthcare Clinic”     with the hospital’s facilities. “I haven’t been here in about 10 years,”
    and expanded services to the traveling public by adding a
                                                                  he said. “I also have an eye condition that may require surgery, and I
    Nurse Practitioner
                                                                  would be happy to have it performed here.”
	 •	Purchased	new	equipment	including:
    • AutoPulse as a result of last year’s year-end appeal
     (Emergency Department)                                       A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens that can impair vision. About
    • Ophthalmology microscope to assist in eye surgery           50% of Americans age 65 and older have cataracts. In addition to
     (Surgical Department)
                                                                  cataract surgery, other eye surgeries available include: plastic and
    • New Stryker beds and side tables from annual golf
      outing proceeds (Med/Surg floor)
                                                                  reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, cornea surface reconstruction,
    • Nintendo Wii (by Auxiliary) for use with physical therapy   strabismus surgery (muscle alignment) and glaucoma filtration surgery.
      patients (Rehab Services)
                                                                  (continued on inside)
    • New stretcher chair as a result of Auxiliary’s annual
      bazaar (Ophthalmology Surgery)
In addition, we hope to purchase new digital
mammography equipment in the near future. In the
meantime, we look forward to your continued support
as we improve the level of service we provide in the
coming year. We also appreciate your help with the
patient satisfaction surveys – they help us to measure
how well we’re doing and where we may need to
improve. We take our responsibility seriously and make
it our goal to exceed your expectations.

Happy	Holidays!

Bruce	D.	Peterson	–	CEO
    (continued from page one)

    New	Equipment
    Our Surgical Department received its new Zeiss ophthalmology microscope in early September, followed by the
    necessary instruments for cataract surgery. Three eye surgeries were then performed on September 17, with more
    scheduled for the following week. So far, 39 surgeries have been performed.

    “Considering I was the first person, I’d have to say I thought everything went very smoothly,” Teresa continued.
    “Everyone was very helpful, nice and professional. As soon as the cataract was removed, I noticed the difference in light
    and colors. My vision is now so clear.”

    New	Ophthalmologists
    Dr. Jason Friedrichs is an ophthalmologist trained at the University of Iowa. He sees patients at DeKalb Clinic, but
    performs surgery primarily in Rochelle. “I feel the equipment is state-of-the-art and unsurpassed in the geographic area,”
    Dr. Friedrichs said. “The staff is genuine, enthusiastic and capable. They give a lot of personal attention to their patients.”

    We now have two ophthalmologists available to perform eye surgeries. Along with Dr. Friedrichs, Dr. W. Steve Yoon,
    who works with Rockford Eye and Laser Center, is seeing patients at the Multi-Specialty Center. This added outpatient
    surgery helps introduce our patients to the Same Day Surgery unit, which was completed as part of the hospital’s
    renovation/addition in 2006. For	more	information	or	an	appointment,	please	call	815-562-2181,	ext.	3002.

Enhancing Our Patient Care Services
    Rochelle Community Hospital is pleased to welcome Betty	Mortensen,	R.N.,	B.S.N.,	M.S.,	as	Vice	
    President of	Patient	Care	Services. Betty joined our staff in August and is making it her goal to surpass
    all your expectations for patient care. She has already reorganized the nursing management to help
    improve patient care.

    “I’ve redesigned the nursing leadership by adding a fourth manager to enable the nurses to focus more
    on their specific area of care,” Betty said. “We now have managers for surgery, outpatient, emergency
                                                                                                                        Betty Mortensen,
    and inpatient services so that each type of care becomes the very best it can be.”
                                                                                                                        R.N., B.S.N., M.S.

    Betty says she is enjoying her new position and is excited about what she may be able to do at RCH.
    “I know this is the right place for me, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of this organization,” she said. “Everyone here has been so
    friendly and welcoming. The staff is very caring, and this hospital is just a great place to work.”

    Betty brings over 10 years of administrative experience in healthcare operations and 25 years’ experience in the oversight of patient
    care in emergency services. Prior to joining our staff, she was employed as a nationwide consultant for healthcare operations. Previ-
    ous positions included the Administration of Emergency Services at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in Elmhurst, Sherman Hospital in
    Elgin, and SwedishAmerican Hospital in Rockford. She received her Bachelor’s in Nursing from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso,
    Indiana and later obtained her Master’s Degree in Organizational Management/Adult Education from National Louis University in
    Wilmette, Illinois. Betty and her husband, Rich, currently reside in Crystal Lake with their three children, Ryan, Derek and Tyler. Please
    stop by and let Betty know if there’s any way she can help you!

Cardiac & Vascular CTAs
Available at RCH
Ensuring a More Accurate Diagnosis

There are many reasons your physician may order a
Computed Tomographic Angiography (CTA) scan. But
no matter the stated reason, the most important one is
that your doctor will use the high resolution CT images
to make the most accurate diagnosis possible, which
means a treatment that helps to resolve your situation
more quickly.

CTAs	are	used	to:
 • Check the health of arteries to the liver
 • Examine the condition of arteries to the lungs
 • Identify unusual structures in major blood vessels
 • Check the condition of arteries throughout the body

Types	of	CTAs
Cardiac Scans and Vascular (pertaining to the arteries or veins) Imaging
are performed with a 64-slice CT scanner at our hospital. The Cardiac
Scan views the overall structure of the heart, including the arteries,
valves and chambers, as well as the overall function. On the other hand,
Vascular Imaging helps the physician visualize the large arteries, such as
the ones that feed the lungs and kidneys. Your doctor will request the
test that is best suited for your condition.

What	You	Can	Expect
A quick and painless procedure, a CTA exam will acquire images in just a few seconds while you lie down comfortably.
Exam times do vary, so you will need to ask your physician the duration of your particular scan.

Since your physician is interested in seeing specific blood vessels, a contrast media is used to make them appear more
visible. Some patients feel a slight warming sensation from the contrast medium as it is administered with a small
IV. This contrast does contain iodine so be sure to let your physician know if you have ever had an allergic reaction to
iodine prior to the CT exam.

During the exam, you may be asked to wear a gown for image clarity. After the exam table slowly moves into the
scanning position within the CT scanner’s doughnut-shaped opening, you will be asked to remain still and hold your
breath for a few seconds while the scanner captures the necessary images.

A physician referral is required for these tests. If you think you may be a candidate, discuss having the scan at
Rochelle Community Hospital and save yourself from having to travel. For	more	information,	
please	call	815-562-2181,	ext.	1357.

    Our	hospital	depends	on	continued	philanthropy	from	the	generous	people	
    of	the	communities	we	serve.		We	thank	you	for	all	your	support	to	date!

    A Time
    Since the holidays are a time of sharing and family tradition, we would like to offer you a unique opportunity to support
    our mission of achieving healthcare excellence.

    In our continued effort to move forward with technology; we	will	be	purchasing	a	new	digital	mammography	
    machine.	We feel that this is an important investment since one in eight women, or 12.6% of all women, will get
    breast cancer in her lifetime. Digital mammography offers improved image management and storage. In addition, the
    machine will allow for increased sensitivity over film screens in three specific subgroups: 1) women ages 40 to 50
    2) pre- and peri-menopausal women, and 3) women with dense breast tissue.

    In	order	to	move	into	the	digital	arena,	there	are	several	expenses	which	must	be	incurred	to	meet	
    all	FDA	requirements:
         • Base	System, i.e., the new digital mammography machine ($240,000.00)
              • Laser	Imager, which prints mammography films ($30,000.00)
                • Work	Station, which allows radiologists to read the image ($65,000.00)
                  • CAD	(Computer	Aided	Detection), which aids the radiologist in reviewing the images ($50,000.00)
                   • Digitizer, which improves workflow so that previous mammograms can be compared by the
                   radiologist in the same format ($59,000.00)
                   • Stereotactic	Breast	Biopsy	attachment, which enables RCH to perform stereotactic breast
                  biopsies for patients sitting upright in a chair, this new equipment means our patients will not have to
                 travel elsewhere for stereotactic breast biopsies ($65,000.00)

             All of these will allow our mammographers to continue providing each patient with the individual attention
          they deserve while in our care. As you consider your gift list, please also consider a donation to Rochelle
       Community Hospital.

              M ay your holiday be filled with joy and family!
                                 Carol	M.	Elliott                          Bruce	Peterson
                                 Hospital Foundation President             Chief Executive Officer
NEW	Stryker®	Beds	
Result	of	Annual	Golf	Outing	&	Fundraiser

                                                         Stryker®	Secure	II®	Med/Surg	Beds
In August, our Foundation held its 8th Annual Golf

Outing, which was a success with 112 people in

attendance and $20,500 raised! The proceeds went

toward the purchase of Stryker®	Secure	II®	Med/

Surg	Beds. These beds, which are the standard in

patient care today, utilize engineering that offers

the highest level of security, intuitive operation and

flexible functionality. The beds are fully customizable

through a host of features designed for the patient

and caregiver. The beds feature the Silver3®	

   	ex®, the only non-powered support surface

that provides pressure redistribution and shear/

friction management by reducing return force and

providing a cooler patient environment. The surface

is also anti-viral and antimicrobial with the Silver3
                                                                 Silver3®	Isofl
Dartex cover, which helps prevent infections.

Thanks to the new Stryker beds and pressure

redistribution surfaces, patients will experience

increased safety from falls and pressure ulcers.

These beds are just one more way in which the

Foundation is helping to meet our patients’ needs

for comfort and safety.

       For	more	information	on	the	Foundation	-	or	to	make	a	donation	-	
              please	call	Emily	Eyster	at	815-562-2181,	ext.	1226.
    Growing Services & Specialists
    This year, Rochelle Community Hospital has been fortunate in attracting three new physicians to our Multi-Specialty Center,
    as well as an ophthalmologist for our medical staff.

          We’re	pleased	to	introduce:

                                        DAVID SUI, M..D.
                 • Specializes in high-risk obstetrics & laparoscopic
                   gynecological surgery, including laparoscopic
                   hysterectomy and vaginal surgery

                 • Graduate of University of Illinois College of Medicine

                 • Four-year residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at the
                   University of Illinois in Chicago

                 • Fellowship of the American College of Obstetrics and

                    KRISHNA UPPUTURI, M..D.
                                                       • Specializes in infertility workups and treatments,
                                                         medical and surgical treatment for female urinary
                                                         problems (urinary incontinence, interstitial cystitis
                                                         and prolapsed bladder), as well as minimally invasive
                                                         laparoscopic hysterectomies and laparoscopic surgeries

                                                       • Graduate of Ross University School of Medicine,
                                                         Common Wealth of Dominica

                                                       • Completed Obstetrics & Gynecology residency at
                                                         Staten Island University Hospital (Staten Island, NY)

                                                       • Junior fellow of American College of Obstetrics and

                                            Both	Drs.	Sui	and	Upputuri	are:
                                                                            alb Clinic
                                       • OB/GYN Specialists with the DeK
                                                                         ialty Center
                                       • Offering services at Multi-Spec
                                                     • Board certified
                                                                      g, 8 a.m. to noon
                                    • Available every Tuesday mornin
                                                                     r	an	appointment
6                                   Call	815-758-8671,	ext.	4900	fo
     2	Ophthalmologists	-
     Cataract Surgery Now Available at RCH!

         W. STEVE YOON, M..D.                                JASON C. FRIEDRICHS, M..D., M.S.

• Specialist with Rockford Eye and Laser Center              • Member, RCH Medical Staff
• Offering services at our Multi-Specialty Center            • Performed RCH’s first cataract surgery
                                                             • Graduate of the University of Illinois College of
• Board certified
                                                               Medicine at Rockford, IL
• Specializes in laser vision correction, no stitch, no      • Internship at Resurrection Health Care West Suburban
  shot-cataract surgery and corneal surgery                    Hospital (Oak Park, IL)
• Treats glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, infections and      • Residency at University of Iowa Department of
  inflammatory eye diseases                                     Ophthalmology in Iowa City, IA
                                                             • Student lecturer on a variety of ophthalmology topics
• Undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering
  from Massachusetts Institute of Technology                 • Teaching assistant for Honors Chemistry at University
                                                               of Illinois
• Medical degree from New York Medical College               • Well-rounded medical experience as primary care
• New York Medical College Trustee (awarded to top 15%)        physician in training at clinic in Rockton, IL
                                                             • Member, American Academy of Ophthalmology
• Ophthalmology residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital (NYC)
                                                             • Specializes in treating a variety of eye conditions, both
• Fellowship in Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the Lions     surgically and medically, including cataracts, diabetic
  Eye Institute (Albany, NY)                                   retinopathy, macular degeneration, refractive error and
• Expertise includes research on effects of various            corneal dystrophies
  medications on corneal sensation & design of diagnostic    • Now accepting patients for appointments at the
  machinery used in medical and engineering research           DeKalb Clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and
• Unique in-depth knowledge of lasers and technology
  used in ophthalmology
                                                             				Call	the	DeKalb	Clinic	at	815-758-8671,			
				Call	815-227-0077	for	an	appointment                     				ext.	4550	for	an	appointment

Petro	Clinic	Expands	Services	to	Travelers
The Occupational Health Clinic, located at the
Petro Travel Plaza, enhanced its services this
year to include more travelers and trucking
companies. In addition, the walk-in clinic
received a new name - On	the	Go	Healthcare.

Added	Services
Rather than only offering physicals on certain
days as in the past, On	the	Go	Healthcare
features a nurse practitioner, Teresa Webb,

                                                                                     n Go
who makes these checkups available daily. The expansion of
services also helps the many travelers who come through the area
and need assistance with minor healthcare issues.
“The newly designed logo helps us market the clinic in trucking
magazines throughout the Midwest,” Janet Stewart, Marketing
                                                                                   Healthcare Clinic
& Public Relations Coordinator, said. “In addition, On	the	Go	
Healthcare will continue serving as a partner with local companies in
addressing their healthcare needs.”

An ideal clinic for those traveling and needing a quick checkup, On	
                                                                             On	the	Go	Healthcare	offers:
the	Go	Healthcare is affiliated with RCH and is especially designed          • Diagnosis & Treatment of Minor Illnesses & Injuries
to take care of healthcare needs while on the road.                          • Drug & Alcohol Screenings
                                                                             • Industrial Back Care & Audiology Services
                                                                             • DOT & Bus Driver Physicals
The	walk-in	clinic	is	open	Monday	-	Friday,	8	a.m.	to	5	p.m.,	and	           • Random Drug Testing
appointments	are	available	by	calling	815-562-2682.	Only	cash	               • Pre-Employment Physicals & Testing
and	credit	cards	are	accepted.                                               • Flu Shots

New	Cancer	Support	Group	Coming to RCH in January
Rochelle Community Hospital will be offering a cancer support group to patients and their families beginning January 2009, with the
assistance of Centers for Cancer Wellness, Home of Hope located in Dixon and a new location in Oregon. The first kickoff meeting will
be held in the hospital’s Auxiliary	Room	on	
Tuesday,	January	20	at	4:00	p.m.

All our support groups are intended to offer
people a chance to connect with others who                                                                          NONPROFIT ORG
may be going through similar situations.                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Studies show that those who participate                                                                             PERMIT NO. 154
in emotional support groups and stress                                                                                ROCHELLE, IL
management programs are better equipped
                                                      900 N. Second St.
to handle the challenges of their disease,
                                                      Rochelle, IL 61068
and educational programs can lead to better
understanding of cancer, treatment options,
nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Please	check	our	website	at	for	current	programs	or	
call	815-562-2181,	ext.	2474	for	more	
information.	Home	of	Hope	is	a	not-for-
profi 	t	organization	that	provides	support	
services	to	all	those	whose	lives	have	been	
affected	by	cancer.