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White-Van-Man insurance

                                      Postal:            673,110
                                      E-Mail:            628,552
          part of the Admiral Group

Gladiator specialises in providing cost effective, light commercial
vehicle insurance through a panel of the UK’s leading commercial vehicle
insurers. Gladiator are committed to providing customers with a high standard
of sales and customer care service.

Gladiator was launched in April 1998, as well as commercial van insurance,
Gladiator can cover public and employer’s liability, shop retail and small
business packages.

Gladiator is an extremely useful source of data within the market place and
offers selections such as age, marital status, van make, model, engine size,
year of manufacturer, fuel type, value in addition to builders, plumbers,
electricians, florists, carpenters, delivery drivers and many more.

This list is updated and cleaned monthly.

Base Rental:                                           Production Charges
Postal Addresses                       £110/000        Run on Charge                    £10/000
Email Addresses                        £130/000        E-Mail Delivery                  £45
                                                       Email Broadcast min charge       £150
Basic Selections:
Recency                                £10/000         Minimum Order
Gender                                 £10/000         5,000 records for all other users.
Geography                              £10/000         Orders for less than 5,000 will be subject to an
Marital Status                         £10/000         additional £100 processing fee.
Children                               £15/000
Date Of Birth                          £15/000         All rentals are seeded.
Occupation                             £15/000         The list owner reserves the right
Van Make/Model/Value/Age               £25/000         to refuse list rental to offers that are not
Registration Mark                      £20/000         deemed relevant or suitable.
Fuel Type                              £30/000
                                                       List Warranty No: 002897
                                                          Mailing piece required prior to ordering
                                                       List Warranty No:

             St Dunstans House, 19 Old Road East, Gravesend, Kent DA12 1NJ.
             Tel 01474 535666 Fax 01474 535661,

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