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                                       Election of 2008

                                      Comparing the Candidates
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Candidates biographies
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      John McCain’s Early
• Spent childhood moving between naval
  bases in America and abroad
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• H.S., Episcopal High School in Alexandria,
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  VA, 1954
• College, Naval Academy
  (Annapolis),1958; flight school,1960
  McCain’s Military Service
• Volunteered for Vietnam War
  – POW from October 26, 1967 to March 14,
  – Received Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple
    Heart, and Distinguished Flying Cross
  McCain’s Political History
• Introduction to politics in 1976
  – Navy’s liaison to the U.S. Senate
• Elected to House of Representatives on
  November 2, 1982
• Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986
• Ran for the Republican presidential
  nomination in 2000
            McCain’s Family
• Married Carol Shepp on July 3, 1965
   – Adopted her 2 young children and they had a daughter
   – she died April 1980
• Married Cindy Lou Hensley May 17, 1980
   – 4 children- Meghan (b. 1984), John IV (Jack, b. 1986),
     James (Jimmy, b. 1988), Bridget (b. 1991 in
     Bangladesh, adopted by McCains in 1993)
   – Religious Affiliation: Episcopalian but attends Baptist
           McCain Committee
• Ranking Member
  – Armed Services
• Member
  –    Commerce, Science & Transportation
  –    Indian Affairs
  –    Subcommittee on Aviation Operations Safety and Security
  –    Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs, Insurance, and Automotive Safety
  –    Subcommittee on Interstate Commerce, Trade, and Tourism
  –    Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Innovation
  –    Subcommittee on Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine
      Infrastructure, Safety, and Security
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            Barack Obama
• Early Life/Education
  – Lived in Hawaii and Jarkarta, Indonesia;
     • Punahou Academy, 1979; attended Occidental
       College; BA, Columbia University, 1983; JD,
       Harvard Law School, 1991
          Obama’s Family
• Married Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, 1988
      City Administrator, Chicago;
• Two Children
      Malia (b. 1998)
      Sasha (b. 2001)
• Religious Affiliation
      Nondenominational Christian
    Obama’s Work Experience
•   Community Organization
    –   Chicago, 1985
    –   Sidley & Austin

•   Attorney
•   Author
    –    Dreams From My Father : A story of Race and Inheritance, (1995),
    –   The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
•   Lecturer
•   Professor
    – Constitutional Law
         Political Experience
• Senator, Illinois State Senate
• 1996-2004; IL Senator, 2005-present,
• Keynote Speaker, 2004 Democratic
  National Convention
• Committees (member):
  – Foreign Relations
  – Heath, Education, Labor, and Pensions
  – Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
  – Veterans' Affairs.
      Obama’s Committee
• Subcommittees
  – Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of
    African Affairs
  – Children and Families
  – East Asian and Pacific Affairs
  – Employment And Workplace Safety
  – European Affairs (chair)
Obama’s Committees Cont.
• Subcommittees (cont.)
  – Federal Financial Management, Government
    Information, Federal Services, and International
  – International Development and Foreign
    Assistance, Economic Affairs and International
    Environmental Protection
  – State, Local, and Private Sector Preparedness
    and Interrogation.
      Sarah Palin Biography
• Born: February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho

• Education: B.S., University of Idaho,1987

• Religion: Protestant (Assembly of God)

• Family: Married Todd Palin, 1988; sons Track,19, and
  Trig Paxson Van,6 months; daughters Bristol,17,
  Willow,14, and Piper,7. Private first class track Palin is
  going to Iraq with the Army’s 25th Infantry Division in the
  next few weeks.
                  Sarah Palin
• Political: Governor of Alaska, elected 2006; Mayor of
  Wasilla, Alaska, 1996-2002; Wasilla City uncil, 1992-96

• Professional & political career: Sarah has worked as a
  TV sportscaster and as a commercial fisherman, helping
  her husband with the family business. Ran for public office
  first in 1992 and won at the age 26, in 1996 she became
  mayor of Wasilla, and in 2006 she became governor of
                Sarah Palin
• Beliefs: Sarah is pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-gun
  and supports oil drilling both on and offshore and
  in ANWR.
• Personal: Her husband Todd Palin is from Alaska
  and is native, and works in the oil industry, he is a
  production operator, and is a four time winner of
  the iron dog snow machine race. She gave birth to
  Trig Palin, Track Palin, Bristol Palin, Willow
  Palin, and Piper Palin.
      Joe Biden Biography
Born: Nov. 20, 1962, PA
Home: Wilmington, DE
Religion: Roman Catholic
Early Life/Education: Grew up in New Castle,
  Delaware; H.S., Archmere Academy, 1961; B.A.,
  University of Delaware, 1965; J.D., Syracuse
  University College of Law, 1968.
• Work/ Military Experience: Attorney in
  Wilmington, DE, 1968-1972
                  Joseph Biden
•   Political Experience: Elected to the Senate in 1972 at age
    of 29.
•   Chairman of the Sen. Foreign Relations Committee
       •   Respected Democratic Voice on Foreign Affairs with strong
           commitment to bipartisan support of Foreign Policy.
       •   Chaos in Iraq; has five-point plan to end the war. Also working to
           bring stability to the Balkans and end Genocide in Darfur, Sudan
•   Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee:                     working
    for tougher drug and crime
       •   policy. Sponsored the Violence Against Women Act, Biden
           Crime Bill
       •   that put 100,000 more policemen on the street and 2007
           Biden Crime Bill
          Joseph Biden
• Unsuccessful bid for Democratic Presidential
  Nomination in 1988.
• Family: Married (2nd wife) Jill Jacobs - Educatior,
  1977; Sons Joseph (Beau), 39, and Robert, 38 with
  first wife, Neilia who died in 1972 car accident
  with infant daughter, Naomi; daughter Ashley.
  Captain Beau Biden, Judge Advocate General
  with DE National Guard and State's Attorney
  General has been deployed to Iraq this fall.
             Social Issues
• Abortion          • Education

• Health Care       • Environment

• Social Security   • Energy
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McCain                      • Obama
  • Against abortion             • For Abortion on demand
     – Unless in the cases of       – Voted to expand access
       rape, incest, or to            to teen pregnancy-
       protect the life of the
       mother.                        preventions programs
                                      designed to reduce the
     – Voted for the bill that
       required parents to be         number of abortions.
       notified when children         McCain voted against it.
       under 18 request out-
       of-state abortions.
       Obama voted against
                        Health Care
McCain                                          Obama
– Does not believe in                            –   New national health program that
  universal health care                              includes all, allows individuals
– believes insurance reform                          and small businesses to buy
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  will bring affordable health decomp ressor
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                     are neede
                                                     provides subsidies on premiums for
– Places an emphasis on                              low-income individuals.
  personal responsibility to
  prevent chronic illnesses,                     –   Save a typical American family up
  like high blood pressure and                       to $2,500 a year, improve access to
  diabetes, and adverse                              preventive care, improve health
  affects from smoking and                           information technology, and reduce
  obesity                                            costs.
                               Social Security
• McCain                                                   • Obama
    • Supports Bush’s plan to                                  • Believes Social Security can
      allow workers to divert                                    be protected and strengthened
      some social security                                       and opposes Bush’s plan
      payroll taxes to private                                   allowing workers to divert
                                                                 some Social Security payroll
      retirement accounts.                                       taxes into private retirement
                                                               • Wants to make sure seniors
                                                                 have retirement security with
                                                                 high-quality healthcare and
                           Q u ickT ime ™ a n d a                plans to eliminate income
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                                                                 taxes for seniors making less
                                                                 than $50,000.Economic
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                                         • Obama
                                           – No Child Left Behind needs
• McCain                                     reform
  – Schools of choice                      – Expand early childhood
  – Vouchers
                                           – Improve educator quality
  – Increased charter                        and salaries
    schools.                               – Increase federal college aid\
  – No Child Left Behind                   – increase minorities and
    needs reform.                            women in the science and
                                             technology fields
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John McCain                                 Barack Obama
                                            • reduce U.S. oil consumption by
• Believes in an effective and
                                              at least 35% or 10 million
  sustainable climate policy that
                                              barrels a day, by 2030.
  must also support rapid
  economic growth                           • wants to invest $150 billion
                                              over 10 years for biofuels,
                                              renewables, and efficiency.
• climate policy should be built
  on scientifically sound
                                            • wants all the new buildings in
  mandatory emission reduction
                                              the U.S. to be built of carbon
  targets and timetables                      neutral by 2030
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                                       Environment Cont.
John McCain                                 Barack Obama
• Permitting banking and                    • He wants to cut U.S. carbon
  borrowing of permits so that                dioxide emissions 80 percent
  emission reductions may be                  below 1990 levels by 2050
  accelerated or deferred to more           • Auctioning emissions permit
  economically efficient periods              $30 billion and $50 billion a
                                              year toward developing and
                                              deploying clean energy
• Would like to set limits on                 technology
  greenhouse gas emissions while
                                            • 25% of U.S. electricity to come
  encouraging the development of
                                              from renewable sources by
  low cost compliance options
                                              2025 30% of federal
         Environment Cont.
John McCain                    Barack Obama
• Integrating U.S. trading     • Encourage more fuel
  with other international       efficient vehicles - 40 mpg
  markets, providing access      cars and 32 mpg trucks
  to low cost permit sources   • wants to promote green
• Establishing a strategic
                               • reduce mercury and lead
  carbon reserve as a            use
  national source of permits
                               • protect the great lakes and
  during periods of              our national parks and
  economic duress                forests
                     Energy Plan
McCain                             Obama
• Toughen the CAFÉ standards       • Put 1 million plug in cars-cars
• Force all automakers to have       that can get up to 150 miles per
  vehicles all switched over to      gallon- on the road 2015.
  flex fuel                        • wants to improve energy
• Offer a 300 million cash prize     efficiency by 50% by 2030
  to who ever can develop a        • Ensure 10 percent of our
  battery powered automobile         electricity comes from
• Wants to open up off shore         renewable sources by 2012, and
  drilling in Florida                25 percent by 2025.
        Economic Issues
• Housing Crisis

• Job Crisis

• Government Spending
            Housing Crisis
• McCain                   • Obama
• “Home Plan”              • Protect homeownership
  – He believes there is   • Crack down on
    nothing more             mortgage fraud
    important than           – Make sure homebuyers
    keeping alive the          have honest and
                               complete information
    American dream of          about their mortgage
    owning a home              options
        Housing Crisis (cont.)
McCain                      Obama
• To provide timely and     • Create universal
  targeted help to those      mortgage options
  hurt by the housing
  crisis                      – 10% universal
• Every deserving               mortgage credit for
  homeowner will be             homeowners who do
  offered the opportunity       not itemize tax relief.
  to trade a heavy          • His “Stop Fraud Act”
• Holders of sub prime
                              will increase funding
  taken after 2005 can        for federal and state
  meet the terms of a new     law enforcement
  30 year fixed rate          program
  mortgage on their
                      Job Crisis
McCain                              Obama
• Supports free trade               • Create new jobs training
                                      programs for clean
   – Promises to keep workers
     who lose their jobs on
     overseas plants and said          – Increase funding for federal
                                         workforce training programs
     he’ll create 45 new nuclear
                                         with emphasis on green
     plants creating 700,000 new         technologies to retain stable
     jobs                                and high paying jobs
• Co-sponsored the family           • Boost renewable energy
  friendly workplace act              sector
   – Flexible work arrangements        – Reguire 25% of electricity
     can help families strike the        be from renewable
     right balances                      sources by 2025 creating
                                         thousands of new jobs
   Government Spending
John McCain                        Barack Obama
  – John McCain will                 – He will raise the “capital
    permanently repeal the             gains” because he thinks
    Alternative Minimum Tax            that it is unfair, that the top
    (AMT). Families will save          50 hedge fund managers,
    an average of over 2,700$.         who made 29 billion dollars
  – Keep Tax Rates Low to              last year are paying less
    encourage entrepreneurship.        taxes then their secrateries
  – Make It Harder To Raise          – He is going to cut the
    Taxes: John McCain                 income taxes
    believes it should require a     – Obama sponsored in 2006
    3/5 majority vote in               the Federal Funding
    Congress to raise taxes.           Accountability and
  – Cut The Corporate Tax              Transparency Act which
    Rate From 35 To 25                 makes it easier for people to
    Percent.                           track Government spending.
      Government Spending Cont.
McCain                            Obama
  – Low taxes on dividends          – High-income taxpayers
    and capital gains promote         would pay more in taxes,
                                      while everyone else's tax
  – Allow First-Year                  bill would be reduced.
    Deduction, Or
    “Expensing”, Of                 – Those who benefit the most
    Equipment And                     - in terms of reducing their
    Technology Investments            taxes as a percentage of
  – veto every pork-laden             after-tax income - are in the
    spending bill and make            lowest income groups.
    their authors famous. As
    President, he will seek the
    line-item veto.
  – McCain wants Lower
    Medicare Premiums.
                              Iraq War
• McCain                                  Obama
  – Supporter of the U.S. war in Iraq.
                                            – He is going to end this war,
  – Does not believe that a precise
    timeline for the removal of troops.     – Remove the troops within 16
  – supports achieving benchmarks that        month
    include defeating Al Qaeda in Iraq.     – Will improve national security
  – Believes that Iraq has to have            and make America safer.
    functioning government and
    economy.                                – Will give his Secretary of
  – wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and          Defense and military
    North Korea mean that America             commanders a new mission in
    requires a larger and more capable        Iraq: ending the war.
  – Reforming defense spending and
    efficient expenditure of taxpayer
  – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines,
    and Coast Guard be reconfigured to
    meet these new global challenges