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By Claire, Daniel, Eliza, and Shannon
•   You would live in a tent called tipi, it would
    be made out of a tall wooden poles and
    coved with buffalo hides.
•   When the Sioux moved from place to place
    they took there tipis along with them, a tipi
    could be taken apart quickly and put
    together again quickly.
•    Women where in charge of the tipis. When
    it was time to move the woman took the tips
    apart. When it was time to set up again
    women set the tipi’s up. Woman working
    together could set up a tipi in minutes.
•   Everyone slept on the left side of the tipi, the
    right side was for company. The babies slept
    in their cradles.
•   You would sleep on a soft thick buffalo robe
    on the floor of your tipi the floor was lined
    with buffalo hide.
•   At night you could look up and see the stars
    through two flaps at the top of your tipi.
    When it rained or snowed the flaps were
    closed. You would be warm in the winter
    and cool in the summer.
                   Plants and Animals
•   They ate lots and lots of buffalo
    broiled, dried, and sometimes even
    raw buffalo!
•   But sometimes you’d also eat bear,
    antelope, wild turkeys, or hens.
•   Sometimes women would lay long
    strips of buffalo out to dry, when it was
    dry they’d pound it till it was like
    powder, then they added wild cheery
    pits to ,and added melted buffalo fat
    and then they stored it for the winter.
•    If there was not enough food ( which
    was rare) they traded food for
    something like a horse.
•   The never planted gardens because
    they where always on the move for
•   They also ate other things like fruits
    and vegetables .
                   Customs & Art
• Spoons, cups, toys and tools
  were made from buffalo bones.
• The Sioux believed that
  everything had a spirit even
  the things that were not living.
• The Sioux lived in a way to
  please spirits.
• The most important spirit is the
  Grandfather spirit.
• The most important Sioux
  ceremony was the Sun Dance.
• This ceremony included
  singing, dancing and lasted for
•   Cloths where made from animals
    skin but mostly deer skin
•   Sioux men wore deer skin shirts
    and leggings.
•   Boys and girls wore robes made
    of baby buffalo.
•   Girls and women wore long
    dresses and leggings.
•   The women saved their decorated
    dresses for special times.
•   They wore stripes of leather called
                      Interesting facts
•   Grown-ups would not yell at their or
    tell them what to do even if a child
    went to close to the fire, they would
    have to stop themselves
•   Sioux people did not grass beds until
    the white men bought them for trading
•   The white men promised the Sioux
    nice land to live on but they tricked
    them and killed their buffalo.
•   The tongue of the buffalo was special
    it was saved for important ceremonies.
•   They would also bet but not for money.

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