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									                  Top 10 Email Tips from Bill Rice:
                      Turning Emails into Revenue
Subject Lines
  1.   Short. Needs to be readable in various email clients preview pane.
  2.   No Camel Case. Use sentence format.
  3.   Intrigue. Needs to build curiosity.
  4.   Connect. Needs to set the right expectations.

Email Copy
  5.   Short. Between 120-150 words seems to be the sweet spot.
  6.   Action. Use only active language.
  7.   Tight. Don’t waste a word. Edit 3 times.
  8.   Sell. Spam complaints and unsubscribes don’t go up.
  9.   Higher. Call to action needs to be embedded high in copy.

  10. Sidebar. Use a graphic to create urgency and interest.
  11. Infographic. The sidebar graphic should inform.
  12. Triggers. Use common images to invoke action.

Bonus: General Philosophy
  13. Condition. Train your email list (i.e., schedule and frequency) to expect emails.
  14. Recommendations work. Personal, specific, actionable advice.
  15. Ignore the Noise. Remove all the noise (i.e., social media, lots of options)
  16. Subject Line + Call to Action! In the end it’s all they read.

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                                          by Bill Rice

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