The Benefits of Targeted Traffic

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                                         Targeted Traffic - How Will You Achieve It?
                                               By Matthew Zavadil & David Huizar

    Targeted Traffic - How Will You Achieve It? by Matthew Zavadil & David Huizar

Wouldn't it be great if your website was listed on the first page when your potential customers look for
what you sell?

What if you had the very top position when they typed "your product category" into MSN, Yahoo or

If you've had your website up for even one week, you've realized that getting to the top of the search
engines is no
easy task. The competition is fierce, isn't it? And you have to constantly keep up with the search
engine rules and regulations to keep your listing.

Don't get us wrong. Search Engine Optimization is a key to our strategy and should be for you, too.

(We've seen some internet "gurus" out there that teach that you don't need to submit to the search
engines anymore
because of "pay-per-click" engines. We couldn't disagree more & recommend you stay away from such

But getting to the top of the free listings can take months. What do you do if you need to start making
money now?


We feel there has never been a greater way for the "little guy" to compete with the "big guys". It doesn't
matter what industry or niche you are in. Or what product or service you are offering.

Yes, you do have to put out a little cash. But for as little as $.05 to $.10, you can do what every website
owner is desperately trying to figure out.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Build it & they will come?" In the brick and mortar world, this may

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

work. But if that is your internet marketing strategy - You need to adjust what you're doing now!

As a website owner, you need to find ways to have your customers find you. You must learn to drive
traffic to your

Not just any traffic, TARGETED TRAFFIC. If you sell cars, you don't want someone looking for flowers
to visit your site. You want the person looking to buy a car now, right?

OK, how does this Pay-Per-Click thing work?

You bid on a specific "keyword" or keyword phrase that a customer would type into a search engine to
find your
product or service. As mentioned earlier, you could bid as low as $.05 or $.10 at places like Overture or
Google. So if someone likes the ad you have listed, clicks your ad and is
linked to your site, you only pay your $.10 or $.25 or $.50 - whatever you bid, you only pay if they
actually click YOUR ad and go to YOUR website!

You have control of that ad. So you make it loaded with info that would cause only someone interested
in what you have to offer to actually click. You must get inside your prospect's
head and figure out "What does this person really want?"

- (Ad copy is an art in and of itself - We'll need to postpone discussing that subject for a later time)

Once that person arrives at your site, it's up to you to make sure your site really "sings" and compels
your prospect to sign up for your mailing list, buy or whatever it is you want them to do.

But do you see the beauty of all this? You find out what keywords your prospects are looking up, you
bid on those keywords and Bam! - YOUR AD APPEARS AT THE TOP OF MSN, YAHOO, GOOGLE,

These are qualified prospects! People interested in buying only what you have to offer. Never before in
history has it been possible for a business owner to start a business, place an ad and get QUALIFIED
buyers so quickly; at such a minimal cost to the owner!

Imagine it costing you $.25 or $.50 to attract a prospect to your site. Let's say you offer a product
selling for $75. How often would you like to give us $.25 every time we gave you $75? Can you see
how quickly you can have a thriving internet business up & running?

We recommend starting at pay-per-click engines like, and Google
adwords. It would be wise to go there and review their guidelines and how they operate.

If you invest the time necessary to master this subject and add it as another "spoke" to your advertising
"wheel", you will see not only a huge surge in your website traffic, but your profits as well.

And, ultimately, that's what you're really after, isn't it?

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                                                 The Benefits Of Targeted Traffic
                                                              By Adam Buhler

The Benefits Of Targeted Traffic
 by: Adam Buhler

The key to success in the affiliate game is "targeted traffic" meaning that it is crucial to direct only those
who are interested in your products or programs to your website. For instance, imagine two websites
which we will call website A, and website B.

Website A gets 100,000 visitors monthly while website B gets 10,000 visitors per month. Which
website do you think has the largest profit each month? Of course it's website A, right? Wrong. While
website A gets ten times the traffic of website B none of that is targeted traffic while website B attracts
only those who are interested in the products it offers leading to much greater profits per month!

We offer many resources that demonstrate the power of "targeted traffic" and how to best achieve
online success. The first thing that I want you to realize is that there is no silver bullet, or magical
method to instantly guarantee that you will start making mega money from affiliate programs.

In fact, making serious money from affiliate programs isn't that easy at all... not in the beginning,
anyway. Once you have established yourself, and have built a following of subscribers and repeat
traffic... then it is much easier to simply mention a new product or service that you ran across, and
have a bunch of new sales by the next morning. But...don't get discouraged, with a little effort and
determination you will succeed!

Adam Buhler is the owner of Affiliate Programs Directory: Adam is the author
of the weekly newsletter "Affiliate Secrets". He is offering a free copy of the ebook "Internet Cash
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