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									5/31/12                                     Summit 1031 Kevin Padrick Obsidian Finance

     Stephanie DeYoung
            The Truth on the Summit 1031 Bankruptcy.

     Kevin Padrick, Joseph Stilwell &
     Oregon Trail Financial Corp
     What is it like when you are a Joseph Stilwell

     Kevin Padrick at Obsidian Finance hitched a ride with Joseph
     Stilwell and his group of proxy prize fighters lat in 2000 against a
     small, unsuspecting, bank in Baker, OR. Oregon Trail Financial Corp,
     known commercially as Pioneer Bank, was blindsided by Joseph
     Stilwell. Stilwell blew in and stated that “management was not
     maximizing shareholder value and proposed that Oregon Trail
     voluntarily place its nominees on the board of directors”. One of

                             Kevin Padrick
     those nominees would be Kevin Padrick.

     seems to sneak himself in places
     where he sees DOLLAR SIGNS like the
     very cash rich Summit 1031
     bankruptcy – $13.6 Million in cash, $10
     Million Bond, $3 Million in E&O,
     approx $11.8 Million in real property
     and business assets. See all the                                                1/11
5/31/12                                     Summit 1031 Kevin Padrick Obsidian Finance

     DOLLAR SIGNS.                                           It is my opinion Kevin Padrick start
     drooling when he sees he can get his hands on other people’s
     money. Anyway….

     Oregon Trail rejected the proposal and the fight was on. And did it
     ever get nasty!! Stilwell announced its intention to solicit proxies to
     elect an alternate nominee. They needed someone from Oregon
     (residency requirements for all board members). All he needed was
     the shareholder list but Oregon Trail said “NO WAY!” Stilwell sued
     and convinced the court to make Oregon Trail turn its shareholder
     listing over plus pay for $10,000 of Stilwell’s legal expenses. What
     the heck? Is this a case of Pit Bull Magic?

     The Stilwell group also filed lawsuits against two of the Oregon Trail
     directors – Chuck Rouse and Ed Elms. The charges: ONE was
     charged with violating the Oregon Trail’s residency requirements
     which the OTHER was charged with perjury based on his testimony
     in the first lawsuit. BOTH CASES WERE DISMISSED pretrial but legal
     defense of the directors cost the bank $200K. But never say die,
     Stilwell filed an appeal on one suit and re-filed the other suit in state
     court. Elms and Rouse sued back. Both sides requested injunctive
     relief from the courts.

     US Magistrate Judge John Jelderks denied both requests. However,
     he stated that Oregon Trail would probably succeed on its claim at
     trial (violation of the anit-fraud proxy regulation). He also said that
     there was a strong possibility that the allegations against Rouse
     and Elms were not well founded. And finally, that there was a strong
     probability that Oregon Trail could show Stilwell’s conduct was part
     of a calculated attack upon the integrity of the incumbent directors
     and management. Whew…sounds like dirty pool, but that doesn’t
     stop a guy like Stilwell or his study – Kevin Padrick.

     Stilwell used proxies to force the election of Kevin Padrick to the
     Oregon Trail board. This seems to be Kevin Padrick’s style – Go                                                           2/11
5/31/12                                     Summit 1031 Kevin Padrick Obsidian Finance

     around and force whatever you want on unsuspecting victims. Why
     did Kevin Padrick play along with this attack on Oregon Trail?
     Stilwell gave Padrick 20,000 shares of stock options for his
     willingness to run for a seat on the board.                                         Ahhh – there had to
     be DOLLAR SIGNS somewhere.
     Per the La Grande Observer, Padrick said he intended to ask probing
     questions during board meetings, but said he wasn’t elected to the
     board to shake things up. Seems to me the words coming out of
     Padrick’s mouth never match his actions. Wonder what he told the
     Summit 1031 Creditors’ Committee. Do his actions in the case,
     match what he told them? Don’t know yet, but will sure find out.

     So Kevin Padrick packed his lunchbox and flew to each Board
     meeting for the next 16 months. By March 12, 2002, Stilwell entered
     into a standstill agreement with Oregon Trail. Among other things,
     Oregon Trail agreed to drop all lawsuits and Stilwell even got
     Oregon Trail to pay for his expenses incurred in the proxy fight.
     Where do these guys learn this stuff? They teach this at law school?
     There was also an agreement to keep one Board position filled with
     a Stilwell “lieutenant” for 5 Years.

     On statements filed with the SEC, Stilwell’s goal in these proxy
                     profit from the appreciation in the
     fights is always “to
     market price of the shares of Common Stock and
     through the payments of dividends by asserting
     shareholder rights“. Seems to me that Stilwell’s goal was to
     force a sale of the bank from the beginning because that is exactly
     what happened. In February 2003, Oregon Trail announced the sale
     of the bank to FirstBank NW Corporation of Lewiston, Idaho. The
     sale price was $22/share and it was completed by November 2003.

     Padrick took his share of the sale soon after the announcement. Per
     Kevin Padrick’s filing with the SEC, his option price was
     $14.05/share. He exercised his options on 3/10/03 and immediately                                                                      3/11
5/31/12                                     Summit 1031 Kevin Padrick Obsidian Finance

     sold them for $23.05/share. So he netted $180,000 in a little over a
     year. Not too bad for experience building!

     Kevin Padrick could just hang onto Stilwell’s coattails and make a
     wad of money!! But that wasn’t to be.

     A review of SEC filings indicate that Stilwell pretty much dumped
     Padrick for his future proxy contests. He nearly pulled him in on the
     Board of American Physicians Capital, Inc. in 2002, but that never
     happened. All in all, it appears that Stilwell triggered proxy
     squabbles in 16 other publicly traded companies, but left Kevin
     Padrick in the dust.

     Since Kevin Padrick could not ride that gravy train, he tried to do his
     own profit ventures. You saw what happened with Longview Fibre in
     2006. Padrick and Obsidian Finance weren’t quite able to seal that
     deal, but what the heck – it was their first try. Give them a chance,
     they were on a learning curve.

     Luckily, Kevin Padrick ran into the naive and trusting Summit
     principals in late 2008. They needed help. They were told Kevin
     Padrick and Obsidian Finance could help. Yeah, Kevin Padrick and
     Obsidian Finance helped shove them off a cliff! They sold
     themselves to the Summit Principals, they took their money, they
     took their priviledge information, they went to the other side with
     that money and they got themselves a more lucrative job. They also
     know there is no Ponzi Scheme and No Embezzlement, but that
     won’t stop them from using the Media to make a play for it. It won’t
     be an $850 Million they looked to get from the flip ofthe Longview
     Fibre shares, but the Summit 1031 deal is easy pickings. The money
     is just sitting there and there doesn’t appear to be anyone at the
     wheel for the Creditors!!!

     With now one watching out for the 1031 exchangers, what do you
     think Kevin Padrick & Obsidian Finance will do? I think there may
     have been some dealing and wheeling on this case too. In                                                4/11
5/31/12                                     Summit 1031 Kevin Padrick Obsidian Finance

     Obsidian’s billings detail, I found early conversations with Steve
     Hedburg of Perkins Coie. I wonder what was said at these meetings.

                       Perkins Coie was
     Who knows, but shortly after

     pushing to replace Terry Vance CRO
     (person in charge of liquidating) with
     Kevin Padrick. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?
     Next POST – WHO IS Protecting Summit 1031 Exchanger Monies???
     Who is representing the BEST Interests of the Summit 1031
     Exchangers??? Can you figure this one out?



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5/31/12                                     Summit 1031 Kevin Padrick Obsidian Finance

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