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RABBIS                                                   RACES AND RACING (Cont.)
 See CLERGY, generally                                       Bonds (Cont.)
                                                                Operators, 462.050, 462.110
                                                             Breaks, computation and disposition, 462.140
RABIES CONTROL                                               Calendar year, defined, 462.010
 See ANIMALS                                                 Computerized mutuel wagering system, account-
                                                               ing, moneys wagered, 462.140
RACCOONS                                                     County fairs, see Fairs and exhibitions, this topic
 Fines and penalties, sale or trade, 498.993                 Days of racing, number, 462.125
 Hunting with lights, 498.142                                Definitions
 Purchase, sale or exchange, prohibition and                    (Generally), 462.010
  exceptions, 498.029                                           Account wagering, 462.142
                                                             Devices, unauthorized, use, 462.420, 462.430,
RACE                                                         Drugs
 See also MINORITIES                                            Administering, affecting performance, 462.420,
 Adoptive parents, special needs payments,                        462.430
   418.330                                                      Animals participating, barring, testing, 462.415
 Civil service, local governments, 242.796                      Defined, 462.010
 Crimes motivated by prejudice, reports, investi-               Possession, within race course, 462.450
   gation, 181.550, 181.642                                     Syringe or needle, medication purposes, possession,
 Health professionals, racial and ethnic represen-                462.430
   tation, 676.400                                              Testing, body substances, animals participating,
 Intimidation based on, 166.155, 166.165                          462.200
 Law Enforcement Contracts Policy and Data                   Drunks, wagering, 462.190
   Review Committee, see note preceding, 131.005             Electronic or telephonic communications
 Marriage, interracial, validity, 106.210                       Account wagering, 462.142
 Militia, state, 399.045                                        Multi-Jurisdictional Simulcasting and Interactive
 Prejudice, crimes motivated by, reports, investi-                Wagering Totalizer Hubs, 462.725
   gation, 181.550, 181.642                                  Enforcement agents, 462.277
 Refugee children, see JUVENILE DELINQUENTS                  Exclusion of persons from premises, 462.080
   AND DEPENDENTS                                            Fairs and exhibitions
 State officers and employees, recruitment, etc.,               County fair fund, pari-mutuel wagering revenues,
   240.306                                                        565.325
 Voters’ pamphlets, excludable statements, 251.055              Fees, other payments, 462.057
                                                                Racing days, conflicts with county fair, 462.125
                                                                Rules, application to county fairs, 462.170
RACES AND RACING                                             False representations, 462.520
 Account wagering, 462.142                                   Fees, see Licenses, this topic
 Age statements, wagerers, 462.195                           Fines, see Penalties, this topic
 Animals participating                                       Fiscal year, defined, 462.010
    Barring, disqualifying, 462.415                          Greyhound Breeders Association, Oregon, purse
    Veterinary services, 462.020, 462.450                      supplements, 462.057, 462.067
 Apportionment, purse supplements, 462.057,                  Greyhounds, Oregon, bred, exclusive race, con-
  462.062                                                      ducting, 462.135
 Associations                                                Handicapping contests, conducting, 462.145
    Bond, horsemens associations, purse supplements,         Hearings
      proper distribution, 462.065                              License revocations, suspensions, sanctions,
    Horsemens association, fee, breeder or stallion               462.090, 462.405
      awards, 462.065                                           Licensees, terminating, discontinuing race meets,
    Letters of credit, 462.065                                    employment, 462.025
    Oregon Division Horsemen’s Benevolent and Pro-              Race meet license refusal, 462.075
      tective Association, 462.127                              Review, board of stewards rulings, 462.405
    Oregon Quarterhorse Association, grant, days of          Hearings masters, appointment and authority,
      racing, 462.127                                          462.405
 Betting and bookmaking                                      Insurance, liability, exhibitors and visitors,
    (Generally), 462.990                                       462.110
    Mutuel method, 462.140                                   Internet gambling, financial transactions, appli-
 Bicycles, 810.090                                             cation of laws, 167.114
 Boats, 830.260, 830.315, 830.335, 830.350, 830.375          Licenses
 Bonds                                                          (Generally), 462.020
    Horsemens associations, purse supplement pay-               Agents, 462.020, 462.070
      ments, proper distribution, 462.065                       Altering, prohibition, 462.460

RACES AND RACING (Cont.)                                  RACES AND RACING (Cont.)
 Licenses (Cont.)                                             Off-course (Cont.)
    Conviction, gambling-related offenses, refusal to            Authorization, 462.700
      issue or renew, 462.075                                    Federal law compliance, 462.740
    Criminal records checks, 462.020                             Licensee payments, 462.730
    Drivers, 462.020, 462.070                                    Locations outside state, moneys, computation,
    Exercise boys, 462.020, 462.070                                mutuel pool, 462.720
    Fees                                                         Mutuel pool, wagered moneys, 462.720
        Additional category license, 462.070                     Race courses outside state, mutuel pool amounts
        Claiming certificates, 462.070                             taken, 462.720
        Persons participating, 462.070                           Rules, 462.740
        Public training track operators, 462.070              Offenses, 462.415, 462.510, 462.520
        Race meets                                            Operators, see Race meets, this topic
            Amounts, 462.057, 462.062, 462.067                Oregon horses, exclusively, one race meet,
            Deposit with application, 462.050                  462.130
            Exclusiveness, 462.100                            Out-of-state race courses, horseracing, mutuel
            Investigation, 462.055                             wagering, license application, 462.710, 462.720
            Return, 462.050                                   Owners, purse supplements, 462.057, 462.062
    Fingerprints, 462.020                                     Pari-mutuel system
    Grooms, 462.020, 462.070                                     Age statements, wagerers, 462.195
    Horseshoers, 462.020, 462.070                                Breaks, computation, payment, 462.140
    Issuance, refusal, grounds, 462.075                          Employees, licensing, 462.020, 462.070
    Jockeys, 462.020, 462.070                                    Tax
    Judges, 462.020, 462.070                                         Exclusiveness, 462.100
    Necessity, 462.020                                               Percentage, 462.057, 462.062, 462.067
    Notice, refusal, grounds, 462.075                                Tax Court review, none, 305.410
    Officials, 462.020, 462.070                                      Underpayments, 462.150
    Owners, conditions, 462.020, 462.070, 462.185                Track take, race meet licensees, percentage limits,
    Pari-mutuel employees, 462.020, 462.070                        462.140
    Persons subject to licensing, 462.020                        Unclaimed winnings, disposition, 462.073
    Photographs, 462.020
    Public training track operators, 462.020, 462.070
                                                                 (Generally), 462.090, 462.990
    Purse schedule, agreement, previous, 462.075
                                                                 Unclaimed winnings, failure to pay, 462.073
    Qualifications of licensees, 462.030, 462.055
                                                                 Undesirable persons, exclusion from race courses,
    Race meets
        Application, 462.050, 462.055, 462.270
                                                              Persons excluded from tracks, 462.080
        Bonds, 462.050
                                                              Photo patrol, commission requiring, costs,
        Classes, 462.040
        Contents, 462.040
        Issuance, refusal, grounds, hearing, 462.075,         Public training track, defined, 462.010
          462.270                                             Purses
        Liability insurance, 462.110                             Contributions, schedule approval, 462.057, 462.062,
        Necessity, 462.020                                         462.417
        Off-course mutuel wagering, licensee applica-            Distribution, proper, horsemens associations, bond,
          tion, 462.710                                            462.065
        Qualifications, 462.030, 462.055                         Purse schedule, agreement, licensing, 462.075
        Recommendation, local governing body, 462.055         Quarterhorse Association, grant, days of racing,
        Refusal to issue, grounds, hearing, 462.075,           462.127
          462.270                                             Race course, defined, 462.010
        Restrictions on issuance, exceptions, 462.040         Race meets
    Refusal to issue, grounds, 462.075                           Animals participating, barring, disqualifying,
    Revocation, suspension, monetary penalties,                    462.415
      462.090, 462.185                                           Classes, commission determining, 462.125
    Stable foremen, watchmen, 462.020, 462.070                   Conspiracy, result, influencing, 462.430
    Starters, 462.020, 462.070                                   Continuous, definition, 462.010
    Stewards, 462.020, 462.070                                   Days allocated, leftover days, use, 462.125
    Timers, 462.020, 462.070                                     Defined, 462.010
    Trainers, 462.020, 462.070, 462.185                          Devices, possession, attempt to affect race result,
    Valets, 462.020, 462.070                                       462.430
    Veterinarians, 462.020, 462.070                              Disqualifying, barring participating animals,
 Medication program, 462.415                                       462.415
 Minors, attendance, loitering, wagering, 462.190                Duration, racing days, determination, 462.270
 Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES                              Employee licensees, terminating, discontinuing
 Mule races                                                        employment, 462.025
    (Generally), 462.057, 462.125                                Exclusion of certain persons, 462.080
    Purse payments, 462.057                                      Fees, see Licenses, this topic
 Multi-jurisdictional simulcasting and wagering,                 Fines, 462.405
  462.142, 462.725                                               Greyhounds, Oregon bred, exclusive race, conduct-
 Municipal property, use, 271.410                                  ing, 462.135
 Mutuel, defined, 462.010                                        Hearings masters, appointment and authority,
 Name of animal, 462.460, 462.470                                  462.405
 Off-course                                                      Influencing result, 462.430
    Application, race meet licensee, 462.710                     Laws, sanctions, 462.405

RACES AND RACING (Cont.)                                    RACES AND RACING (Cont.)
 Race meets (Cont.)                                           Taxation, state preemption, 462.100
   Licensees terminating, discontinuing, conditions,          Telephonic communications, see Electronic or
     462.025                                                   telephonic communications, this topic
   Licenses, see Licenses, this topic                         Testing
   Mule races, 462.057, 462.125                                  Body substances, animals participating, 462.200
   Nuisance when unlawful, 462.160                               Certified laboratory facilities, requirement, 462.415
   Number, commission determining, 462.125                       Costs, 462.200
   Off-course mutuel wagering, race meet licensees,           Touting, 462.510, 462.520
     application, 462.710                                     Track funds, establishing, contributions, 462.057,
   Operators                                                   462.062
       Bonds, 462.050, 462.110                                Unclaimed winnings, disposition, 462.073
       Liability insurance, 462.110                           Veterinarians
       Penalties, unclaimed winnings, failure to pay,            Licenses, 462.020, 462.070
         462.073                                                 Prescriptions, 462.450
       Percentage payments, wagering receipts,                Wagering
         462.057, 462.062, 462.067                               (Generally), 462.140
       Purses                                                    Account wagering, electronic or telephonic, 462.142
          Contributions required, 462.057, 462.062
                                                                 Multi-jurisdictional simulcasting and wagering,
          Schedules, commission approval, 462.417
       Qualifications, 462.030
       Track funds, establishing, contributions,
         462.057, 462.062                                   RACING COMMISSION, OREGON
       Track take and breaks, 462.140                         Allotment procedures, state, applicability,
       Unclaimed winnings, duties, 462.073                     462.265
   Oregon horses, exclusively, one race, 462.130              Appointment, 462.210
   Personnel                                                  Budget procedure, state, applicability, 462.265
       Appointment, compensation, duties, 462.250             Chief state steward, 462.250
       Prohibited activities, 462.273                         Cooperation with other agencies, 462.275
   Persons excluded, 462.080                                  Creation, 462.210
   Predictions on outcome, sale, 462.510                      Depositions, taking, 462.272
   Purses, 462.057, 462.062, 462.415, 462.417                 Duties and powers, 462.260, 462.270
   Result, influencing, 462.430                               Employees
   Rules                                                         Animals, race meet or wagering, interest prohibi-
       Employees, licensing, 462.020, 462.070                      tion, 462.273
       Operation, public training tracks, practices etc.,        Appointment, compensation, duties, 462.250
                                                              Executive director, 462.250
       Sanctions, 462.405
                                                              Expenses, 462.220
   Sanctions, laws and rules, 462.405
                                                              Fingerprinting authority, criminal records
   Stewards, appointment, duties, compensation,
                                                               checks, 462.020
     462.250, 462.405
                                                              Gifts, library materials, 462.275
   Suspension, 462.405
   Syringes or needles, possession, 462.430                   Immediate family members, betting and finan-
   Terminating, discontinuing employment, prepara-             cial interests, race meets, 462.273
     tion activities, 462.025                                 Library, establishing, 462.275
   Veterinarian, commission, 462.450                          Oaths, administering, 462.272
 Race, defined, 462.010                                       Officers
 Racing Commission, Oregon, see RACING COM-                      Election, 462.250
  MISSION, OREGON, generally                                     Oath, 462.240
 Racing days, number, 462.125                                 Rules, 462.250
 Rules                                                        Salary, compensation, 462.220
   Account wagering, 462.142                                  Subpoenas, issuing, 462.272
   Animals                                                    Terms, members, 462.210
       Chemical analysis tests, 462.200                       Testimony, compelling, 462.272
       Medication program, tolerances, 462.415                Vacancies and removal, 462.230
   Board of stewards, enforcing commission rules,             Wagering, members or employees, 462.273
   County fairs, commission rules application, 462.170      RACKETEERING
   Gross mutuel wagering, apportionment to owners,
     462.057, 462.067                                         (Generally), 166.715 et seq.
   Horse races, greyhound races, outcome predictions,         Attorney fees, civil proceedings, 166.725, 180.640
     462.510                                                  Attorney General, civil proceedings, 166.725
   License revocation, 462.090                                Bonds (security), civil proceedings, 166.725
   Multi-jurisdictional simulcasting and wagering,            Citation of Act, 166.735
     462.725                                                  Civil proceedings, 166.725
   Off-race course mutuel wagering, 462.700, 462.740          Clear proceeds, definition, 166.725
   Race meets, see Race meets, this topic                     Costs, civil proceedings, 166.725, 180.640
   Special track fund or training track fund, moneys          Criminal Justice Revolving Account, 180.640
     distributed to, 462.110                                  Damages, 166.725
   Wagered moneys, pooling, 462.720                           District attorneys, civil proceedings, 166.725
 Season, 462.125                                              Documentary material, defined, 166.715
 Speed racing, motor vehicles, criminal offenses,             Enterprise
  811.125, 811.127                                               Defined, 166.715

RACKETEERING (Cont.)                                         RADIO (Cont.)
 Enterprise (Cont.)                                              Crimes and offenses
     Establishment or operation, proceeds received,                  Communications interception without consent,
      166.720                                                          165.540
 Estoppel, judgment for state, criminal proceed-                     Communications service, theft, 164.125
   ings, 166.725                                                     Fire-fighting operations, news reporters refusing to
 Evidence, collection, investigative agencies,                         assist, 162.255
   166.730                                                           Interception of communications, see WIRETAP-
 Financial transactions, unlawful, 164.170, 164.172,                   PING AND EAVESDROPPING
   166.715                                                           Recording, see SOUND AND VIDEO RECORD-
 Forfeited property, disposition, 166.725                              ING, generally
 Injunctions, 166.725                                                Theft of services, communications service, 164.125
                                                                 Educational programs, 354.410, 354.420, 354.430
 Inspections and inspectors
                                                                 Electrical installations, license exemptions,
     Administrative inspection warrants, property sei-
      zure, 166.725
                                                                 Execution exemption, 18.345
     Civil proceedings, costs, recovery, 166.725                 Fire-fighting operations, news reporters refusing
     Matter outside state, representatives, designation,           to assist, 162.255
      166.730                                                    Food advertisements, liability when false, 616.275
 Licenses or permits, suspension or revocation,                  Freedom of speech, CONST. I §8
   166.725                                                       Income tax, broadcasters, interstate, see
 Limitation of actions, 166.725                                    INCOME TAX (STATE)
 Minors, 166.715                                                 Legal notices, see NOTICES
 Money laundering, 164.170, 166.715                              Libel and slander, see DEFAMATION
 Oaths or affirmations, investigative agencies,                  License plates, vehicles, amateur operators,
   166.730                                                         805.230
 Pattern of racketeering activity, definition and                Licenses, FCC, taxation, 307.126
   establishment, 166.715                                        Public broadcasting, educational programs,
 Pecuniary value, defined, 166.720                                 354.410, 354.420, 354.430
 Proceeds use, real property acquisition or estab-               Securities, sale, purchase offers, 59.345
   lishment of business, 166.720                                 State buildings, communication systems, 276.212
 Public investment fraud, 162.119                                State stations, 354.090
 Racketeering activity, defined, 166.715                         Taxation, FCC licenses, 307.126
 Real property, acquisition, proceeds received,                  Transmission towers, see LAND USE PLANNING
   166.720                                                       Unemployment compensation, freelance journal-
 Records, subpoena, 166.730                                        ists and photographers, 657.078
 Replevin, property taken or detained, 166.725                   Unlawful trade practices, application, 646.612
                                                                 Voters pamphlets, supplemental publication,
 Searches, 166.725
                                                                   193.330, 193.350
 Seizures, 166.725
                                                                 Water improvement district bond advertise-
 Sentence, probation completed, reduction of                       ment, 552.660
   judgment to Class A misdemeanor, 161.705
 State agencies, civil proceedings, 166.725
 Statute of limitations, 166.725                             RADIOACTIVE WASTES AND
 Subpoenas, investigative agencies, 166.730                   MATERIALS
 Unlawful debt, defined, 166.715                                 (Generally), 469.525 et seq.
 Witnesses, subpoenas, 166.730                                   Advisory Committee, 453.645
                                                                 Application of statutes, 453.635
RADAR                                                            Burial, deceased persons, diagnostic or thera-
                                                                   peutic radioisotopes in body, 97.153
 Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES                              By-product material, defined, 453.605
                                                                 Certificates, disposal facilities, 469.300, 469.375,
RADIATION                                                          469.525
 Electromagnetic fields, monitoring and report,                  City regulations, superseded, 453.735
  469.480                                                        Coal ash, maintenance, certain thermal power
                                                                   plant sites, 469.525
                                                                 Compact, Northwest Interstate, Low-Level
RADIATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE                                       Radioactive Waste Management, 469.930
 Creation, 453.645                                               County regulations, superseded, 453.735
                                                                 Dead bodies, burial, diagnostic or therapeutic
                                                                   radioisotopes in body, 97.153
RADIATION CONTROL AGENCY, STATE                                  Defined, 469.300
 (Generally), 453.635                                            Definitions, 453.001, 453.605, 469.569
                                                                 Disposal facilities
                                                                    (Generally), 469.375, 469.525
RADIO                                                               Access to, Northwest Interstate Compact on Low-
 Advertising, see ADVERTISING, generally                              Level Radioactive Waste Management, 469.930
 Amateur operators, antennas, regulation, cities                    Federal site selection
  and counties, 221.295                                                Activities of state, 469.585
 Amber Plan, abducted children, 181.035                                Legislative findings, 469.584
 Antennas, amateur operators, regulation, cities                    Naturally occurring radioactive isotopes, site
  and counties, 221.295                                               approval, 469.375
 County planning, zoning, notice, 215.060, 215.223                  Notice of sites, interagency agreements, 466.380

RADIOACTIVE WASTES AND                                    RADIOACTIVE WASTES AND
 MATERIALS (Cont.)                                         MATERIALS (Cont.)
 Disposal facilities (Cont.)                                Orders
     Use, restrictions, 466.365                                 Injunctive enforcement, 469.563
 Electronic product, defined, 453.605                           Operations, halting, 469.550
 Emergency orders, elimination of danger, 453.805               Reduction or curtailment, 469.540
 Emergency response team, maintaining, 469.611              Penalties, 453.990
 Entry on property, Director, Department of                 Policy declaration, 453.615
   Human Services, 453.685                                  Public health and safety, protecting, state
 Exemption or compliance to termination, hear-                expenses reimbursed, 469.615
   ing, 453.807                                             Purpose of law, 453.625
 Federal government                                         Radiation, defined, 453.605
     Agreements with, discontinuance of federal respon-     Radioisotopes, burial, deceased persons, radio-
       sibilities, 453.675                                    isotopes in body, 97.153
     Cooperation with, 453.635, 453.745                     Records, 453.695
     Deregulation, state policy, see note following,        Regulation, Department of Human Services
       459.350                                                authority, 466.615
     Licenses, effect, 453.665, 453.675                     Release, limitation of actions, 12.110, 12.137
 Finding, financial burden, repository construc-            Rules and regulations
   tion, 469.593                                                (Generally), 453.807
 Fire insurance coverage, 742.244                               Hanford site, review, 469.583
 Hanford site                                                   Local, inconsistent, superseded, 453.735
     Coordination with Washington, 469.574                      Public Utility Commission, 453.635
     Federal agency agreements, implementation,                 Transportation, 469.607
       469.578                                              Safety standards, 469.375, 469.525, 469.550
     Moneys received, 469.579                               Search, seizure, 453.685
     Review, bi-level radioactive waste long-term dis-      Security programs, review and approval, 469.530
       posal, site selected, 469.576                        Site certificates, disposal facilities, 469.300,
     Site review, rules, 469.583                              469.375, 469.525
     State policy, development, 469.566, 469.568,           Source material, defined, 453.605
       469.573, 469.586, 469.587                            Source regulation, exclusion, 453.635
     Use, contamination, declaration of opposition,         Special nuclear material, defined, 453.605
       469.587                                              State expenses, public health and safety protec-
 High-level radioactive waste                                 tion, reimbursement, 469.615
     Federal agreements, negotiation, 469.577               State Radiation Control Agency, Department of
     Storage, site, nuclear-fueled power plant, 469.594       Human Services as, 453.635
 Impoundment of radiation sources, 453.705                  Storage, high-level radioactive waste, nuclear-
 Injunctions against violations, 453.715                      fueled power plant, 469.594
 Inspections, 453.665, 453.685, 453.745                     Temporary storage
 Intergovernmental cooperation, 453.745                         Defined, 469.300
 Isotopes, administrative rule reference, periodic              Site certificate, 469.320
   additions, 469.300                                       Transportation
 Joint tortfeasors, contribution, 31.610                        (Generally), 469.530
 Laboratory wastes, disposal, 469.525                           Determination, best and safest route, 469.606
 Licenses                                                       Emergency response planning, 469.611
     (Generally), 453.635                                       Federal regulations, making available, Department,
     Applications for, 453.665                                    469.619
     Assignment prohibited, 453.665                             Halting transportation, danger to public health,
     Authority, Department of Human Services, 453.635             469.550
     Exemptions, 453.665                                        Indemnity, claims against state, 469.615
     Federal licenses, effect, 453.665, 453.675                 Notice, state agencies and local governments, per-
     Form and contents, 453.665                                   mit applications, 469.609
     General license, defined, 453.605                          Permit, 469.605
     Hearings, 453.807                                          Prohibition, health hazard, 469.605
     Issuance, revocation, suspension, 453.665, 453.807         Records, permittees, 469.613
     Reciprocity, federal and other state licenses,             Regulation, intent of legislature, 469.603
       453.665                                                  Report
     Required, 453.655                                              To legislature, 469.617
     Specific license, defined, 453.605                             To state agencies, 469.609
 Limitation of actions, radioactive materials,                  Rules, 469.607
   release, 12.110, 12.137                                      Safest route, determination, 469.606
 Local regulations, superseded, 453.735                         Safety conditions, ordering or imposing, 469.540
 Mining                                                         Single plan and procedure, regulation of transporta-
     Surface, nonaggregate minerals, permit, source               tion, coordinating development, 453.825, 453.835
       description, 517.915                                     Transported sources, exemption, 453.635
     Uranium, see Uranium, this topic                       United States, see Federal government, this topic
 Northwest Interstate Compact on Low-Level                  Uranium
   Radioactive Waste Management, 469.930                        Mine overburden or mill tailings, site certificates,
 Nuclear accidents, health protection, evacuation,                469.375
   469.533, 469.536                                             Waste disposal facilities, site certificates, issuance
 Nuclear installations, waste originating from,                   standards, 469.375
   transportation, 469.530                                  Waste disposal, see Disposal facilities, this topic

RADIOACTIVE WASTES AND                                     RAGWEEDS
 MATERIALS (Cont.)                                           (Generally), 452.510 et seq.
 X-ray machines, see X-RAYS                                  Access to land, 452.540
                                                             Actions and suits, 452.560, 452.590
                                                             Contracts, 452.550
RADIOISOTOPES                                                Control programs, see Detection, control,
 Burial, deceased persons, radioisotopes in body,              destruction, this topic
  97.153                                                     Cooperation to control, 452.530
                                                             Costs, recovery, 452.560
                                                             Definitions, 452.510
RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY, BOARD                                 Detection, control, destruction
 OF                                                             Contracts, 452.550
 (Generally), 688.545                                           Costs, 452.560
 Account, 688.585                                               Equipment, materials, 452.550
 Creation, 688.545                                              Herbicides, other processes, 452.550
 Executive officer, appointment and compensa-                   Inside ragweed control area, 452.550
   tion, 688.555                                                Outside ragweed control area, 452.570
 Members, 688.545                                               Personnel, 452.550
 Racial and ethnic representation, board and reg-               Public bodies in ragweed control area, 452.560
   ulated professionals, 676.400                             Disposition of moneys, 452.580
 Rulemaking, 688.555                                         Enforcement, 452.530, 452.590
                                                             Information, advice, department furnishing,
RADIOLOGISTS AND RADIOLOGIC                                  Injunctions to enforce law, 452.590
 TECHNOLOGY                                                  Interference with enforcement personnel,
 Application of law, exceptions, 688.435                       452.540
 Confidential information, investigations, con-              Moneys, disposition, 452.580
   tested cases, etc., 689.405                               Nuisance, as, 452.520
 Continuing education                                        Personnel, 452.540, 452.550
     Inspectors, 453.785, 453.795                            Rules, 452.530
     Technologists, 688.505, 688.565                         Tansy ragwort, see AGRICULTURE AND HORTI-
 Criminal offenses, 688.990                                    CULTURE
 Damages, punitive, prohibition, 31.740
 Definitions, 688.405                                      RAIL FIXED GUIDEWAY SYSTEMS
 Enforcement, provisions of law, 688.595
                                                             Definition, 801.403
 Examinations, 688.485, 688.495
                                                             Fees, safety program, 824.045
 Fines and penalties, 688.915, 688.990
                                                             Motor vehicles
 Inspections, 688.595
 Investigations, violations, 688.600
                                                                   Heavy equipment, improper movement, 811.470
 Licenses and permits
                                                                   High-risk vehicles, procedures, 811.460, 811.465
     (Generally), 688.415, 688.515
                                                                   Obstructing, 811.475
     Examination, licensing without, 688.495
                                                                Definition, rail fixed guideway system, 801.403
     Exemptions, 688.435
                                                                Interference with operation, 811.160
     Expired, renewal, delinquent fee, 688.455
                                                                Parking, standing or stopping, restrictions, 811.550
     Fees, 688.455, 688.485, 688.515, 688.560
                                                                Passenger loading, failure to stop, 811.165
     Hospital employees, limited permits, 688.515
                                                             Public transportation, interfering with, 166.116
     Industrial organization employees, limited permit,
                                                             Safety standards, 479.950, 824.045
     Limited permit, 688.515
     Periods less than 24 months, 688.520                  RAILROAD FUND
     Qualifications, 688.455, 688.465                        (Generally), 824.014
     Radiologic technologists, 688.445, 688.455
     Refusal, suspension or revocation, grounds, 688.525
     Renewal, 688.445                                      RAILROADS
     Temporary, 688.515                                      See also MOTOR CARRIERS; PUBLIC UTILI-
 Radiologic technologists                                     TIES
     Licenses, 688.445, 688.455                              Abandonment of lines
     Qualifications, 688.465, 688.475                           Contested abandonment proceedings, participa-
 Reports, violations, public disclosure exemption,                tion, 824.042
   688.605                                                      Notice, county surveyor, 209.300
 Rules                                                       Accident reports required, 654.715, 654.720
     Continuing education, 688.505                           Accounting, see Records, accounts and reports,
     Fees, 688.560                                            this topic
     Limited permits, categories, 688.515                    Airport hazards, 836.340
     Radiologic Technology, Board, 688.555                   Alcoholic beverages, sale, licensure, 471.182
 Titles, use, 688.425                                        Animals, injuring or killing, 608.340, 608.350,
 Tomography equipment, operation, certifica-                  608.360, 608.370
   tion, 688.480                                             Annuity including retirement plan for employees
 Violations, claims, procedure, 688.605                       of, 238.005
                                                                Domestic water supply districts, 264.110
RAFFLES                                                         Drainage districts, benefits and damages, 547.205,
 See GAMBLING                                                     547.225, 547.250

RAILROADS (Cont.)                                            RAILROADS (Cont.)
  Assessment (Cont.)                                             Crossings (Cont.)
     Water control district, owner consent, 553.110                Closure
  Attorney fees, see ATTORNEY FEES                                    Costs, apportionment, 824.246
  Audits, 824.010                                                     Investigation, 824.236
  Baggage, liability, 77.3090, 823.101                             Commercial vehicle operators, 809.407, 811.462
  Bills of lading, see COMMERCIAL CODE                             Compliance with orders, 824.212, 824.216, 824.223,
  Blind persons, dog guides, 346.620                                 824.232
  Bridges, interstate rail traffic, 381.045, 381.265               Construction, alteration
  Cabooses                                                            Authorization, 824.204, 824.206, 824.210,
     Definitions, 824.100                                               824.214
     Fire extinguishers, equipping, 824.104                           Enforcement of orders, 824.212, 824.216,
     Noncomplying, use, 824.106                                         824.232
     Penalties, 824.992                                               Priorities, 824.212
     Register, equipment or maintenance failures,                     Specifications, 824.212
       reporting, 824.108                                             Supervision of work, rights of way, 824.218
     Requirements, application, 824.102                            Conversion, protective device installation costs,
     Water quality and sanitation facility standards,                824.242
       824.068                                                     Costs, allocation
  Canyon or pass right of way, 772.030                                (Generally), 824.238, 824.248
  Carcasses, discarding on right of way, 164.785                      Eliminated crossings, 824.238
  Cattle guards                                                       Federal funds, 824.250
     Erecting and maintaining, 608.310, 608.320                       Grade Crossing Protection Account, 824.018,
     Mass transit systems, exemption, 267.245                           824.248, 824.250
  Civil liability                                                     Progress claims, 824.254
     Crossings, hazard finding inadmissible evidence,                 Protective devices, 824.226, 824.238, 824.250
       824.234                                                        Safety, railroad-highway crossings, enhancing,
     Loss or damage, freight, 77.3090, 823.101, 823.103                 824.018
     Safety devices, failure to provide, 824.304                   Dangerous, unsafe, 824.226, 824.252
  Condemnation                                                     Definitions, 824.200
     (Generally), 772.010, 772.015, 772.105                        Driving on the left at, 811.305
     Additional land, 772.020                                      Elimination, 824.206, 824.226, 824.238
                                                                   Eminent domain, 824.224
     Canyon or pass, joint right of way, 772.030
                                                                   Expenses, allocation
     Crossing other railroad, 772.020, 772.025
                                                                      (Generally), 824.204, 824.210
     Farm crossings, effect on judgment, 608.310
                                                                      Definitions, 824.200
     Fences, exemption, mass transit systems, 267.245
                                                                      Disagreements, hearings, orders, 824.252
     Procedure, 772.055
                                                                      Federal funds, 824.240
     Public lands, 772.105
                                                                      Grade Crossing Protection Account, 824.252,
     Railroad crossings, 824.224
     Rights of way, see Rights of way, this topic                     Intersecting railroads, 772.025, 824.228, 824.230
     Riparian rights, 537.310, 772.050                                Public funds, railroad as trustee, 824.256
     Side lines and branches, 824.024                                 Reimbursement claims, 824.254
     Timber cutting, 772.045                                          State highways, 824.240
     Water rights, 537.310                                         Farm
  Contracts, limiting liability, 77.3090, 823.101,                    Erecting, maintaining, 608.310, 608.320
   823.103                                                            Mass transit systems, exemption, 267.245
  Corporations, 824.020                                               Stop signs, 824.224
  Costs                                                            Grade Crossing Protection Account, see FUNDS
     Crossing orders, appeals, cities, counties, 824.214             AND ACCOUNTS
     Crossings, allocation, see Crossings, this topic              Grade Crossing Safety Improvement Fund, 824.019
  Counties, 824.020                                                Hazards, findings, inadmissible evidence, 824.234
  Crews                                                            Heavy equipment, improper movement across,
     Helper units, requirement, 824.066                              811.470
     Requirements, 824.300                                         Jurisdiction, installation, railroad-highway grade
  Crimes and offenses                                                crossings signs, signals, protective devices, etc.,
     Criminal mischief, damaging property, 164.365                   810.210
     Littering, right of way, 164.785                              Land use decisions, 197.794
     Offensive substances, placing on right of way,                Obstructing rail crossing, motor vehicles, 811.475
       164.785                                                     Other railroads, 772.025, 824.228, 824.230
     Police officers, appointment and commission, Gov-             Pedestrians, signals, failure to obey, 814.030
       ernor, 131.880                                              Penalties, noncompliance with orders, 824.223,
     Property, damaging, criminal mischief, 164.365                  824.232
     Throwing objects at trains, 166.635                           Policy, 824.202
     Venue, offense in or upon car, 131.315                        Private grade, stop signs, 824.224
     Weapons and firearms                                          Procedure, 824.214, 824.216
         Discharging across right of way or at signs,              Public authorities, orders, 824.226
           166.630                                                 Rules, see Rules, this topic
         Discharging at trains, 166.635                            Safety devices
  Crossings                                                           Dangerous, unsafe grade crossings, 824.226
     All-terrain vehicles, 821.200                                    Definitions, 824.200
     Authority to regulate, generally, 824.202, 824.214               Farm crossings, stop signs, 824.224
     Blocked, railroad equipment, time limits, 824.222                Grade crossings, 824.204, 824.206, 824.220

RAILROADS (Cont.)                                           RAILROADS (Cont.)
  Crossings (Cont.)                                             Equipment and facilities (Cont.)
    Safety devices (Cont.)                                         Self-propelled vehicles, safety standards, 824.064,
        Installation costs, apportionment, 824.242                   824.992
        Intersecting railroads, 824.228, 824.230                   Side lines or branches, construction, 824.024
        Maintenance and protection, costs, apportion-              Switches and frogs, guarding, 824.304
          ment, 824.244                                            Tracks
        Private grade crossings, stop signs, 824.224                   Clearances, 824.052
        Regulation, 824.202, 824.214                                   Improvement and rehabilitation program,
        Requiring, 824.206                                               824.058
        Sound warnings, 824.208                                        Scales
        Stop signs, grade crossings, 824.204, 824.224                     Licensing exemption, 618.126
        Unauthorized railroad-highway crossing,                           Licensing fee, static scales, 618.141
          824.236                                                         Testing and inspection, 618.275
        Work and materials, 824.218                                    Vehicles near, moving, railroad officers, 810.550
    Sound warning devices, 824.208                                 Walkways, standards, 824.056
    Speed of trains, 824.208                                       Windshield wipers, motor cars, 824.062, 824.992
    Stopping                                                    Evidence
        Railroad equipment, safe distance, 824.223                 Crossings, hazard findings, 824.234
        Vehicles                                                   Injuring or killing animals, 608.360
           (Generally), 811.455                                 Explosives, transportation, exemption, 480.205,
           Buses and certain vehicles, 811.460, 811.465          480.215
    Trust by railroad for public, 824.256                       Express companies as railroads, 824.020
    Unauthorized railroad-highway crossings, defined,           Facilities, see Equipment and facilities, this topic
      824.200                                                   Farm use zones, railroad facilities handling cer-
    Warning devices, sound, 824.208                              tain materials, allowance, 215.294
    Work and materials, 824.218                                 Federal Railroad Safety Act, agreements, 824.054
  Damages for violations, see Civil liability, this             Fees
   topic                                                           Annual, 824.010
  Definitions                                                      Failure to pay, 824.012
    (Generally), 824.020                                           Railroad Fund, sources, 824.014
    Crossings, 824.200                                          Fences
                                                                   Bars, leaving down, 608.320, 608.330, 608.990
    Equipment, 824.062, 824.064
                                                                   Erecting and maintaining, 608.310, 608.320,
    (Generally), 824.020, 824.022
                                                                   Federal lands, application of livestock confinement
    Public structures, design regulation, 455.640,
                                                                     laws, 607.055
      455.642, 455.645
                                                                   Mass transit systems, exemption, 267.245
  Dogs, guide, blind persons, 346.620
                                                                Fines and penalties, see Penalties, this topic
  Drainage improvements, western Oregon
                                                                Fire prevention equipment, 477.645
    Extension under or through roadbed, 549.360
                                                                Fires and fire protection
    Notice to company, 549.330                                     Cabooses, fire extinguishers, equipping, 824.104
  Employees                                                        Rights of way, zoning, 476.310
    Accident reports, 654.715, 654.720                          First aid
    Crew required, 824.300                                         Costs, training, 824.308
    Flagger, qualifications, 824.302                               Damages, employees rendering treatment, immu-
    Frogs, switches, guardrails, 824.304                             nity, 824.310
    Hazardous materials, transportation, notice,                   Kit, locomotives and cabooses, equipping, 824.060
      824.082, 824.992                                             Training course, engineers, conductors or yard fore-
    Safety practices, 824.050, 824.054                               men, 824.308
    Self-propelled vehicles, safety standards, 824.064,         Flaggers, qualifications, 824.302
      824.992                                                   For hire carriers, corporations managing, etc.
    Shelters, 824.306                                            depots or terminals, 824.020
    Walkways, standards, 824.056                                Forest protection districts, rights of way, remov-
  Engines, fire prevention equipment, 477.645                    ing inflammables, 477.695
  Equipment and facilities                                      Gates
    Abandonment of lines, see Abandonment of lines,                Erecting and maintaining, 608.310, 608.320
      this topic                                                   Leaving open, 608.320, 608.330, 608.990
    Condemnation, 772.020, 772.055                                 Mass transit systems, exemption, 267.245
    Crossings                                                   Government acquisition, ownership, etc.
        Blocking, time limits, 824.222                             (Generally), 824.040
        Paid for by public, held in trust, 824.256                 Appropriations, 824.016
        Protective devices, see Crossings, this topic           Grade Crossing Protection Account, 824.238
        Stopping, safe distance, 824.223                        Grain shipments, inspections and seals, 586.630,
    Electrical Safety Law, exemption, 479.540                    586.640
    First aid kits, cabooses and locomotives, 824.060           Hazardous materials, transportation
    Inspection, 824.050                                            Cars, standing, 824.084, 824.086
    Lights on locomotives, track cars, 824.062, 824.992            Definitions, 824.080, 824.086
    Motor car, track, equipment, 824.062, 824.992                  Inspection, standing cars, hazardous materials,
    Radio equipment, hazardous materials transporta-                 824.084
      tion, 824.088                                                Notices, 824.082, 824.086, 824.088, 824.992
    Safety devices, see Crossings, this topic; Safety              Penalties, 824.090, 824.992
      devices, this topic                                          Procedure, 824.082

RAILROADS (Cont.)                                          RAILROADS (Cont.)
  Hazardous materials, transportation (Cont.)                  Penalties (Cont.)
     Radio equipment, 824.088                                     Report, annual, failure to submit, 824.030
     Reports, availability to Environmental Protection            Self-propelled vehicles, safety standards, 824.992
       Agency, 824.092                                            Water quality or sanitation standard violations,
     Rules, 824.086, 824.090                                        824.990
     Train movements, defined, 824.082                         Pesticide registration, licensing, applicability,
  Helper units, crew required, 824.066                          634.016, 634.106
  High speed rail systems                                      Police officers
     Crossings, 824.224                                           Appointment, Governor, 131.880
     Definition, 824.200                                          Defined, 181.610
  Industrial facilities, defined, 271.510                         Funding exclusion, 181.655
  Industrial Rail Spur Fund, 367.070                              Illegally parked vehicles, 810.550
  Inflammables, removal from rights of way,                       Police standards, exemption, 181.705
    477.695                                                    Ports, facilities, authority, 777.195, 778.025
  Intersections, see Crossings, this topic                     Property
  Investigations and inspections                                  Exchange for highway purposes, 366.335
     Blocked crossings, time limits, 824.222                      Water supply districts, exclusion, 264.110
     Crossings                                                 Protective devices, see Safety devices, this topic
         (Generally), 824.214                                  Rail fixed guideway systems, see RAIL FIXED
         Closure, 824.236                                       GUIDEWAY SYSTEMS, generally
     Equipment and facilities, 824.050                         Rates, basis, property value, 77.3090, 823.101
     Safety inspectors, 824.026, 824.028                       Records, accounts and reports
     Speed of trains, crossings, 824.208                          See also PUBLIC UTILITIES
  Jurisdiction                                                    Accident reports, 654.715, 654.720
     Gates and fences, leaving open, 608.330                      Annual report, 824.030
     Regulation subpoenas, orders, 756.543                        Safety reports, disclosure, 824.054
  Land appropriation, 772.105                                     Unclaimed property, 98.110
  Land use decisions, railroad-highway crossings,              Reimbursement from connecting carrier, 77.3020
    197.794                                                    Reports, see Records, accounts and reports, this
  Law enforcement units, see Police officers, this              topic
    topic                                                      Rights of way
  Law rights, liabilities preserved, 823.101, 823.107             Assessments, 371.640, 372.190
  Light rail, see LIGHT RAIL, generally
                                                                  Canyons or defiles, joint use, 772.030
  Lines, abandonment, see Abandonment of lines,
                                                                  Condemnation of
    this topic
                                                                      Aviation facilities, 836.050
                                                                      County roads, 368.116
     Common law liability preserved, 77.3090, 823.101
                                                                      State highways, 366.335, 368.116
     Contracts relating to, 77.3090, 823.101, 823.103
                                                                  Fire protection, zoning, 476.310
     Fences, see Fences, this topic
                                                                  Geothermal heating district exclusion, exception,
     Limiting liability, 77.3090, 823.101, 823.103
     Ownership questioned, 599.273
  Mandamus                                                        Grants, state lands, 273.751
     Crossing orders, compliance, 824.216                         Improvement by county, consent required, 371.640
     Fences, erecting and maintaining, 608.320                    Inflammables, removal from, 477.695
  Maps, location, state lands, 273.755                            Littering, 164.785
  Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES                              Offensive substances, placing on, 164.785
  Municipal corporations, 824.020                                 Rural fire protection district territory, excluded,
  Notice, incidents, hazardous materials transpor-                  478.010
    tation, 824.088                                               Trespass, 164.255
  Offenses, see Penalties, this topic                             Water supply districts, exclusion, 264.110
  Offensive substances, placing on right of way,                  Work done, supervision, 824.218
    164.785                                                    Rules
  Officers and employees, see Employees, this topic               Caboose requirements, 824.108, 824.110
  Orders                                                          Class I railroads, definition by rule, 824.020
     Facility use, prohibiting, 824.050                           Crossings
     Safety hazards, 824.050                                          Investigations and hearings, procedure, 824.214
     Track clearances, 824.052                                        Protective devices, 824.220
  Parked vehicles near tracks, moving, 810.550                    Equipment or maintenance standards failures,
  Penalties                                                         reporting, register, 824.108
     (Generally), 824.992                                         Fences, maintaining, 608.310
     Blocked crossings, time limits, 824.222                      Hazardous materials
     Caboose requirement violations, 824.992                          Designating, safe transportation, 824.086
     Carcasses, discarding on right of way, 164.785                   Safe transportation standards, 824.090
     Cattle guards, failure to maintain, 608.320                  Rail fixed guideway system, safety program stan-
     Civil, 824.990                                                 dard, 824.045
     Crossing orders, noncompliance, 824.223, 824.232             Short line railroads, financial assistance, 367.067
     Fences, failure to maintain, 608.320                         Walkways, 824.056
     Hazardous wastes and materials, transportation,           Safety devices
       824.090, 824.992                                           Crossings, see Crossings, this topic
     Helper units, crew violations, 824.066                       Protective device, defined, 824.200
     Offensive substances, placing on right of way,               Switches, frogs, guardrails, devices on, 824.304
       164.785                                                 Safety inspectors, 824.026, 824.028

RAILROADS (Cont.)                                           RANCHES
  Safety program, rail fixed guideway system,                 Guest ranches, eastern Oregon, see note follow-
    824.045                                                    ing, 215.799
  Safety, employees, 824.050, 824.054                         Rangelands, see RANGELANDS, generally
     Facility standards, locomotive and caboose cars,       RANGELANDS
                                                              See also GRAZING
     Standard violations, penalty, 824.990
                                                              Fire protection, 477.125, 477.315, 477.320, 477.325
  Scales, see Equipment and facilities, this topic
                                                              Wildlife damage control, legislative findings,
  Scenic waterways, 390.845, 390.990
  Secured transactions, corporations, trust deeds,
    mortgages, filing, 79.0501, 79.0502
  Service                                                   RANSOM
     Abandonment of services, consulting with users,          Kidnapping, 163.235
     Track improvement and rehabilitation, 824.058
  Sheltering servicepersons, 824.306
  Short line railroads                                        See SEX OFFENSES
     Infrastructure assistance, 367.066, 367.067
     Short Line Credit Premium Account, 367.067             RASPBERRY AND BLACKBERRY
  Signs and signals                                          COMMISSION, OREGON
     Crossings, safety devices, see Crossings, this topic
                                                              Commodity commission laws, see MARKETING
     Unlawful interference with, 810.240
                                                               OF COMMODITIES
     Unlawful sign display, 810.230
                                                              Established, 576.062
  Snow removal, highways, agreements with state,
  Sound warning devices, 824.208                            RATES AND CHARGES
  Speed of trains, crossings, 824.208                         See also FEES
  State transportation policy, preparation and                Employment agencies, see EMPLOYMENT AGEN-
    implementation, 184.618                                     CIES
  Statutes, application, 824.022                              Geothermal heating districts, see GEOTHER-
  Street railways, see STREET RAILWAYS, generally               MAL HEATING DISTRICTS
  Taxation, see TAXATION                                      Health insurance, see HEALTH INSURANCE
  Terminal operators as railroads, 824.020, 824.022           Hospitals, penalties, cost and rate review viola-
  Throughways, interference prohibited, 374.020                 tions, 442.445
  Timber and lumber transport                                 Income tax (state), 316.037, 316.042
     Bond, construction survey, 376.505                       Insurance, see INSURANCE AND INSURERS
     Closed season regulations, 477.645 et seq.               Mentally retarded persons, diagnostic evalua-
     Condemnation, 35.375, 376.505, 376.510                     tions, 427.112
     Facilities for public benefit, 772.415                   Motor carriers, see MOTOR CARRIERS
     Fire prevention, required equipment, restrictions,       Motor vehicle retail installment contracts, see
       477.645 et seq.                                          RETAIL INSTALLMENT CONTRACTS
     Railroad laws, applicability, 824.022                    Nursing homes and care facilities, notice to resi-
     Rights of way, clearing, 477.695                           dents, 441.367
     Route, proposed, statement of, 376.505                   Ports
  Tracks, see Equipment and facilities, this topic                Towing and piloting, 777.125
  Traffic rules and regulations, see Crossings, this              Transportation lines, 777.705 et seq.
    topic                                                     Price discrimination law, see TRADE REGULA-
  Transportation of livestock, see Livestock, this              TION AND COMPETITION
    topic                                                     Public utilities, see PUBLIC UTILITIES
  Trespass, 164.255                                           Railroads, rate basis, property value, 77.3090,
  Unemployment compensation, employees                          823.101
    excluded from benefits, 657.075                           Retail installment contracts, see RETAIL
  Violations, railroad laws, orders, liability, see             INSTALLMENT CONTRACTS
    Civil liability, this topic; Penalties, this topic        Telecommunications, see TELECOMMUNICA-
  Walkways, standards, 824.056
                                                              Television translator districts, service, 345.990,
     Carriers, affected by railroad laws, 824.022
                                                              Workers’ compensation, see WORKERS’ COM-
     Locomotives and caboose cars, water quality stan-
       dards, 824.068
     Penalty, water quality violations, 824.990
     Rights appropriations, 537.310                         RATITES
                                                              Disease control, 596.010, 596.020
  See WEATHER MODIFICATION, generally;                      READABILITY
   ally                                                        erally

RAISES                                                      REAL ESTATE ACCOUNT
  Conviction (grand jury jurors), 10.030                      See FUNDS AND ACCOUNTS

REAL ESTATE AGENCY                                         REAL ESTATE BOARD (Cont.)
 Administrator, Commissioner as, 696.375                       Defined, 696.010
 Defined, 696.010                                              Duties and powers, 696.425
 Employees                                                     Expenses, 696.405, 696.425
    Appointment, 696.395                                       Meetings, 696.415
    Delegation of powers, 696.398                              Members, 696.405, 696.415
    Return of real estate license, 696.232                     Officers, 696.415
 Establishment, 696.375                                        Quorum, 696.415
 Fingerprints, criminal records checks, 696.022,               Salary, compensation, 696.405
  696.511, 696.606, 696.790
 Organization, 696.395
 Real Estate Commissioner
                                                           REAL ESTATE BROKERS
    (Generally), 696.375                                       See REAL ESTATE LICENSEES
    Defined, 696.010
    Delegation of authority, 696.398                       REAL ESTATE LICENSEES
    Duties and powers, 696.395                                 Accounts, client, trust, see Client trust accounts,
    Oaths, affirmations and depositions, use, 696.392           this topic
    Records, inspection, 696.430                               Actions and proceedings
 Rules, 696.385                                                   Actions against, pleadings, 31.350
 Salaries, 696.395                                                Collection of compensation, 696.710
 Seal, 696.385                                                 Administration and regulation, expenses, appro-
                                                                priation, 696.490
REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS AND                                     Agency relationship
 APPRAISAL                                                        Acknowledgment, form, 696.845
                                                                  Buyer’s agent, real estate licensee, 696.810
 (Generally), 674.010 et seq.                                     Disclosure failures, license suspension or revoca-
 Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board, see                   tion, 696.301
   APPRAISER CERTIFICATION AND LICEN-                             Errors or omissions, liability, 696.822
   SURE BOARD, generally
                                                                  Liability, errors or omissions, 696.822
 Certification, licensure, registration
                                                                  Representation of both buyer and seller, 696.815
    (Generally), 674.100 et seq.
                                                                  Seller’s agent, real estate licensee, 696.805
    Appraisal standards, federally related transactions,
                                                               Agent for service of process, nonresidents,
                                                                appointment, 696.255
    Construction contractor license, exemption, 701.010
                                                               Agent obligations
    Discipline, grounds, 674.140
                                                                  (Generally), 696.800 et seq., 696.870
    Fees, 674.330
                                                                  Acknowledgment, agency relationships form,
    Fingerprints, criminal records checks, 674.105
    Nonresidents, 674.120
                                                                  Agency relationship, see Agency relationship,
    Other states, reciprocal agreements, 674.160
                                                                    this topic
 Comparable sales, adjustments basis, form of
                                                                  Buyer and seller responsibilities, 696.835
   conveyance, 674.405
                                                                  Buyer’s agent, 696.810
 Conservation easements, conveyance of property
                                                                  Common law application, 696.855
   to, effect, report, 271.729
                                                                  Compensation and agency relationships, 696.840
 Definitions, 674.010
                                                                  Definitions, 696.800
 Evidence, appraisal or report, writing require-
                                                                  Disclosure and forms, 696.820
   ment, 674.410
                                                                  Seller’s agent, 696.805
 Federally related transactions, appraisal stan-
                                                               Apartment managers, exemption, 696.030
   dards, 674.130
                                                               Application of statutes, 696.020, 696.030
 Fingerprints, criminal records checks, 674.105
                                                               Appraisers and appraisal, see REAL ESTATE
 Form of conveyance, comparable sales adjust-
                                                                APPRAISERS AND APPRAISAL, generally
   ments, 674.405
                                                               Appropriations, administration and regulation,
                                                                expenses, 696.490
    Civil, 674.850
                                                               Architects, appraisal, exemption, 696.030
    Criminal, 674.990
                                                               Assistants, personal, license, 696.028
 Purposes of regulation, 674.020
                                                               Attorneys, exemption, 696.030
 Records of appraisal, maintaining, 674.150
 Rules                                                         Branch offices, 696.200, 696.241
    (Generally), 674.305, 674.310                              Brokers
    Certification and licensing, 674.310                          Authorized activities, 696.022
    Fees, 674.330                                                 Business license tax, cities or counties, imposing or
 Scenic easements, conveyance of property to,                       collecting, 696.365
   effect, report, 271.729                                        Business names, 696.026
 Subpoenas, licensing administration, 674.310                     Commissions, paying, accepting, 696.290
 Supervisory authority, 674.310                                   Death or incapacity of sole proprietor, 696.205
 Taxation, appraisers and appraisal, see TAXA-                    Definitions, 696.010
   TION                                                           Education, 696.022
 Testimony, appraisal or report, writing required,                Errors or omissions, liability, 696.822
   674.410                                                        Escrow agent regulation, exemption, 696.520
                                                                  Examinations, 696.022
                                                                  General provisions, 696.010, 696.270, 696.301
REAL ESTATE BOARD                                                 Licenses
 Appointment, 696.405                                                 See also Licenses and permits, this topic
 Creation, 696.405                                                    (Generally), 696.022

REAL ESTATE LICENSEES (Cont.)                             REAL ESTATE LICENSEES (Cont.)
 Brokers (Cont.)                                             Employee status for taxation, broker, direct
    Licenses (Cont.)                                           seller, 316.209
       Business names, 696.026                               Employment, statute of frauds, 41.580
       Fingerprints, criminal records checks, 696.022,       Engineers, appraisal, exemption, 696.030
         696.790                                             Escrow agent regulation, brokers, exemption,
       Limited, 696.130                                        696.520
       Moneys due or owing Real Estate Agency, pay-          Examinations, see Licenses and permits, this topic
         ment, 696.024                                       Exemptions from statute, 696.030
       Sanctions, 696.130, 696.301, 696.320                  Expenses, administration and regulation, appro-
    Moneys due or owing Real Estate Agency, payment,           priation, 696.490
      696.024                                                Farm managers, property management activi-
    Ownership interests, unlicensed persons, 696.026           ties, exemption, 696.030
    Place of business and branch offices, 696.200            Fees
    Revocation of license, issuance of limited license,          (Generally), 696.110, 696.270
      696.130                                                    Branch office license, 696.270
    Supervisory control, 696.310                                 Business name, registration, 696.270
    Taxation, employee status, 316.209                           Change of location, new license, 696.270
 Business name, 696.026                                          Disposition, 696.490
 Business trusts, see TRUSTS AND TRUSTEES                        Examination for license, 696.270
 Carriers, common, exemption, 696.030                            Finders fee to unlicensed person, payment, prohibi-
 Cemetery lot sale, exemption, 696.030                             tion, 696.290
 Checks, client trust accounts, substituting cop-                Licenses, 696.110, 696.270, 696.606
  ies, 696.243                                                   Local governments, authority, 696.110
 Client trust accounts                                           Name, address changes, brokers, 696.270
    (Generally), 696.241                                         Reactivation of license, 696.270
    Checks, substituting copies, 696.243                         Renewal of license, 696.270
    Disputed funds, rules, 696.241                               Temporary license, personal representative,
    Electronic fund transfers, 696.243                             696.270
    Notice to bank, 696.245                                      Transfer, license, 696.270
                                                             Fiduciaries, exemption, 696.030
 Closing statement, failure to assure receipt,
                                                             Finders fee to unlicensed person, payment, pro-
  license suspension or revocation, 696.301
                                                               hibition, 696.290
 Commercial property managers, exemption,
                                                             Fingerprints, criminal records checks, 696.022,
                                                               696.606, 696.790
                                                             Foresters or farm managers, property manage-
    Business organization, formation, receiving pay-
                                                               ment activities, exemption, 696.030
      ments, 696.026
                                                             Funds and accounts
    Notice of demand, 696.582
                                                                 Agency revolving fund, 696.495
    Recovery, 696.710
                                                                 Client trust accounts, see Client trust accounts,
 Common carriers, exemption, 696.030                               this topic
 Compensation                                                    Real Estate Account, see FUNDS AND
    Actions, bringing or maintaining, 696.710                      ACCOUNTS
    Defined, 696.010                                         Health benefit coverage, guaranteed associa-
    Prohibitions, 696.290                                      tions, 743.757
 Competitive market analysis, preparation, lic-              Home protection insurance, transactions, insur-
  ensees reprimand, 696.301                                    ance producer license, exemption, 744.056
 Condominium managers, exemption, 696.030                    Hotel representatives, exemption, 696.030
 Construction liens, purchaser protections, lic-             Hotelkeepers, exemption, 696.030
  ensee immunity from liability, 87.007                      Income tax, personal, withholding, legislative
 Continuing education, license renewal, 696.174                purpose, 696.007
 Corporations and partnerships, see Organiza-                Independent contractor relationship, establish-
  tions, this topic                                            ment, 696.363
 Death or incapacity of sole proprietor, 696.205             Innkeepers, exemption, 696.030
 Definitions, 696.010                                        Investigations, conduct, 696.396, 696.795
 Direct sellers, employee status, taxation, 316.209          Investment advisors, real estate investment ser-
 Disabled persons, listing discrimination,                     vices, registration exemption, 696.030
  659A.145, 659A.424                                         Investment trusts, see TRUSTS AND TRUSTEES
 Discipline, 696.396, 696.775                                Jurisdiction of courts, 696.730
 Disclosures, agency relationship, failures, license         Legislative declaration, public concern, 696.015
  suspension or revocation, 696.301                          Licenses and permits
 Discrimination, transactions, race, color, sex,                 Alleging issuance, actions, 696.710
  marital status, familial status, religion or                   Application of laws, 696.110
  national origin, 659A.421, 659A.424                            Associate brokers, 696.270
 Education                                                       Brokers, see Brokers, this topic
    Brokers, 696.022                                             Discipline, 696.396, 696.775
    Education, continuing, 696.385, 696.445                      Education, sessions attendance, renewal, 696.174
    Real estate property managers, 696.022                       Examinations
    Records, 696.280                                                 Brokers, 696.022
    Sessions attendance, license renewal, 696.174                    Conduct, 696.425
 Educational materials, circulation, 696.385                         Fees, 696.270, 696.490
 Electronic funds transfers, client trust accounts,                  Real estate property managers, 696.022
  696.243                                                        Fees, see Fees, this topic

REAL ESTATE LICENSEES (Cont.)                                 REAL ESTATE LICENSEES (Cont.)
 Licenses and permits (Cont.)                                    Real Estate Board, see REAL ESTATE BOARD,
    Fingerprints, criminal records checks, 696.022,               generally
      696.606, 696.790                                           Real Estate License Law, Oregon, citation,
    Limited license, brokers, 696.130                             696.015
    Necessity, 696.020                                           Real estate marketing activity
    One act or transaction, 696.040                                 (Generally), 696.600 et seq.
    Penalties, violations, real estate marketing activi-            Definitions, 696.600
      ties, 696.995                                                 Disciplinary action, grounds, 696.612
    Personal assistants, 696.028                                    Inspections, on-site, 696.627
    Real Estate Agency officers, employees, 696.232                 Licenses
    Real estate marketing activity, see Real estate                     See also Licenses and permits, this topic
      marketing activity, this topic                                    (Generally), 696.609
    Real estate property managers, see Real estate                      Fingerprints, criminal records checks, 696.606,
      property managers, this topic                                       696.790
    Reciprocal licensing, 696.265                                       Real estate marketing organization license,
    Refusal, applicants, names and addresses, publica-                    696.606
      tion, 696.445                                                     Requirement, 696.603
    Renewal, 696.174, 696.270                                       Nonresident organization, consent to service of
    Revocation or suspension                                          summons or process, 696.624
        Associates, effect on, 696.310, 696.320                     Penalties, 696.995
        Brokers, issuance of limited license, 696.130               Professional real estate activity, definition inclu-
        Grounds, 696.301                                              sion, 696.010
        Progressive discipline, 696.396                             Real Estate Marketing Account, 696.621
        Publication, names and addresses, Oregon Real               Sanctions, violations, publishing information in
          Estate News Journal, 696.445                                local newspaper, 696.615
        Real estate activity, engaging in on behalf of lic-         Unlicensed organization, court actions, denial of
          ensee, prohibition, 696.315                                 right, 696.618
    Salespersons, see Salespersons, this topic                   Real estate professional corporation, registra-
    Single transaction, 696.040                                   tion, fees, 696.720
    Surrender, 696.232                                           Real estate property managers
    Temporary license, personal representative,                     Education, 696.022
      696.205, 696.270                                              Examinations, 696.022
    Tenant referrals, certain, license exemption,                   Licenses
      696.030, 696.290                                                  See also Licenses and permits, this topic
 Main office, designation, 696.200                                      (Generally), 696.022
 Misrepresentations, license suspension or revo-                        Fingerprints, criminal records checks, 696.022,
  cation, 696.301                                                         696.790
 Mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers, see
                                                                        Moneys due or owing Real Estate Agency, pay-
                                                                          ment, 696.024
                                                                    Moneys due or owing Real Estate Agency, payment,
 News Journal, Oregon Real Estate, preparation
  and publication, 696.445
                                                                    Notice of actions, request, recording, 93.265
                                                                    Regulation, application of laws, 696.361
    Agent for service of process, appointment, 696.255
                                                                    Status, real estate licensees, 696.010
    Finder fees, 696.290
                                                                 Real estate, defined, 696.010
 Oaths, administering, Real Estate Commissioner,
  696.392                                                        Receiverships, 696.785
 Office, main, designation, 696.200                              Records, keeping, 696.280
 Oregon Real Estate News Journal preparation                     Regulation, expenses, appropriation, 696.490
  and publication, 696.445                                       Remedies, concurrent, 696.720
 Organizations                                                   Rental referral services, 696.010
    Employees, exemption, 696.030                                Research and education, advancement, provid-
    Penalties, 696.990                                            ing with licensing, 696.445
    Persons acting for, exemption, 696.030                       Residence, see Nonresidents, this topic
    Receiverships, 696.785                                       Rules
 Partners, general, limited partnerships, exemp-                    (Generally), 696.385
  tion, 696.030                                                     Bank services, definition by rule, 696.578
 Partnerships, see Organizations, this topic                        Business names, registration, 696.026
 Penalties, 696.990                                                 Client trust accounts, 696.241
 Personal assistants, license, 696.028                              Competitive market analysis, definition by rule,
 Place of business, generally, 696.200                                696.010
 Power of attorney, exemption, 696.030                              Continuing education, 696.174
 Practice of law, unauthorized, exempt activities,                  Death or incapacity of sole proprietor, 696.205
  9.160                                                             Discipline, progressive, 696.396
 Printed matter, circulation, 696.385                               Disclosure pamphlets, 696.820
 Process, agent for service, appointment, nonresi-                  Investigation of complaints, 696.396
  dents, 696.255                                                    Letter opinion, definition by rule, 696.010
 Real Estate Account, see FUNDS AND                                 Licensing, 696.022, 696.028
  ACCOUNTS                                                          Marketing organizations, licensure, 696.606
 Real Estate Agency, see REAL ESTATE AGENCY,                        Reciprocal licensing, 696.265
  generally                                                         Records, 696.280, 696.430

REAL ESTATE LICENSEES (Cont.)                             REAL PROPERTY (Cont.)
 Salespersons                                                Actions and proceedings (Cont.)
    Agency relationship, see Agency relationship,               Limitation, see Limitation of actions and pro-
      this topic                                                  ceedings, this topic
    Brokers acting as, 696.270                                  Lis pendens, 93.740
    Commissions, paying, accepting, 696.290                     Loans
    Defined, 696.010                                               Lenders security protection, see Lenders secu-
    Licenses                                                          rity protection, this topic
        See also Licenses and permits, this topic                  Tax discount losses, 86.260
        Inactive, 696.270                                       Notices, see Notices, this topic
        Necessity, 696.020                                      Quiet title, see QUIETING TITLE, generally
        Real Estate Agency officers, employees, 696.232         Venue, 14.040
        Surrender, 696.232                                   Adverse possession, see ADVERSE POSSESSION,
    Sharing commissions, 696.290                              generally
    Single transaction rule, 696.040                         Air quality control authorities, 468A.115
 Securities brokerage statute, nonapplication,               Airport districts, acquisition, 838.040
   59.720                                                    Airport lands, acquisition, municipalities, 836.250
 Security, definition, 696.010                               Appraisals, savings association loans, 722.324
 Service of process, agent, nonresidents, appoint-           Arbitration, intergovernmental, 190.720, 190.790
   ment, 696.255                                             Archaeological sites, compensation to property
 Sex offenders, proximity, no duty to disclose,               owners, deprivation of use, 358.953
   93.275, 696.880                                           Attachment, see ATTACHMENT
 Sharing commissions, 696.290                                Auctions, see AUCTIONS AND AUCTIONEERS,
 Single transaction constitutes broker, salesper-             generally
   son, 696.040                                              Brokers, see REAL ESTATE LICENSEES
 Statute of frauds, employment agreements,                   Burglary, see BURGLARY, generally
   41.580                                                    Business trusts, see TRUSTS AND TRUSTEES
 Subpoenas, use, Real Estate Commissioner,                   Canals, ditches and flumes, declared, 541.070
   696.392                                                   Charitable organizations, investments, 128.330
 Taxation                                                    Cities, see CITIES
    Representation of taxpayers, 305.230                     Cloud on title, see QUIETING TITLE, generally
    Withholding, employee status, 316.209                    Community property, see COMMUNITY PROP-
 Telephone solicitations, trade regulations,                  ERTY, generally
   646.605                                                   Condemnation, see CONDEMNATION, generally
 Travel agents, exemption, 696.030                           Condominiums, see CONDOMINIUMS, generally
 Trust accounts, client, see Client trust accounts,          Conservation easements, see EASEMENTS
   this topic                                                Constructive notice of interest, 93.643
 Trusts, trustees, exemption, 696.030                        Contracts
 Unauthorized practice of law, exempt activities,               Conflict of laws, 81.135
   9.160                                                        Discriminatory use restrictions prohibited, 93.270
 Unemployment compensation, excluded, 657.085                   Executors, administrators, 114.305, 114.333
 Unlawful trade practices, 646.608                              Fines, failure to record, 93.635, 93.990
 Withholding of taxes, brokers or direct sellers,               Improvements, indemnity against liability, 30.140
   316.209                                                      Joint sellers, deferred installments, payment
 Witness fees, revolving fund, 696.495                            receipt, right, 93.240
 Workers’ compensation, see WORKERS’ COM-                       Land sale contracts, see LAND SALE CON-
   PENSATION                                                      TRACTS, generally
                                                                Lenders security protection, see Lenders security
                                                                  protection, this topic
REAL ESTATE MARKETING ACCOUNT                                   Lien priority, 93.645
 (Generally), 696.621                                           Occupancy by purchaser, landlord-tenant law not
                                                                  applicable, 90.110
REAL ESTATE SALESPERSONS                                        Purchase, banks, 708A.185
                                                                Recording, 93.635, 93.990
 See REAL ESTATE LICENSEES                                      Rights to purchase price, 93.240
                                                                Risk of loss, 93.290, 93.295, 93.300
REAL PARTY IN INTEREST                                          Seals not required, 42.115, 93.010, 93.410
 Actions, prosecution in name of, ORCP 26A                      Series partitions, 92.425
                                                                Subdivisions, sufficiency, 92.425, 92.485
                                                                Tax statement information required, 93.260
REAL PROPERTY                                                   Taxation, property
 See also STATE LANDS                                              Homestead tax deferral prohibitions, void,
 Abandoned, see ABANDONED OR UNCLAIMED                                311.700
  PROPERTY, generally                                              Lien priority, 311.405, 311.674
 Abatement, gambling, prostitution or controlled                Wills, effect, 112.325
  substance activity, 105.550 et seq.                           Writings, necessity, 41.580, 93.020
 Acknowledgments, see ACKNOWLEDGMENTS                        Conveyances, see DEEDS AND CONVEYANCES,
 Actions and proceedings                                      generally
   Injunction against, limitations, 12.040                   Cooperative corporations, see COOPERATIVE
   Injury to inheritance, 105.825                             CORPORATIONS
   Joinder of parties, 88.020                                Coordinate System, Oregon, 93.310 et seq.
   Jurisdiction, 14.030                                      Counties, see COUNTIES

REAL PROPERTY (Cont.)                                  REAL PROPERTY (Cont.)
 County road acquisitions, see HIGHWAYS AND               Estates (Cont.)
  ROADS                                                      Fee simple (Cont.)
 Courts specific performance, 93.020                             Merger, remainder or reversion, creation by,
 Curtesy, 112.685, 112.695                                         93.160
 Death of owner, control, 114.215, 114.225, 114.265              School districts, condemnation, 332.182
 Dedication, see DEDICATION, generally                           Time share estates, 94.813
 Dedications for public use, recording, 92.014,                  Words of inheritance unnecessary, 93.120
  227.110                                                    Fee tail, 93.250
 Deeds, see DEEDS AND CONVEYANCES, generally                 Homicide, effect on vesting, 112.465, 112.475,
 Defined                                                       112.485, 112.495, 112.505
    Condominiums, 100.005                                    Joint rights, see JOINT RIGHTS AND PROP-
    Decedents estates, 111.005                                 ERTY
 Delivery                                                    Life estates
    Failure, unlawful trade practice, 646.607                    (Generally), 91.030
    Water rights permits, etc., 537.330                          Conveyance, 93.050
 Description for recording, 93.600                               Conveyance of greater estate than possessed,
 Destructive wildlife, killing by landowner,                       effect, 93.150
  498.012                                                        Gift, 93.050
 Development agreements                                          Merger, life estate and future interest, 93.160
    (Generally), 94.504 et seq.                                  Remainder to children, effect, 112.345
    Amendment, 94.522                                            Tortious feoffment, doctrine abolished, 93.150
    Approval, governing body, 94.508                             Waste, action, 105.805
    Cancellation, 94.522                                     Memoranda, 93.710
    Enforceability, 94.522                                   Mining claims, 517.080, 517.090, 517.230
    Local government law and policies, application,          Oil, gas, recording, 93.710
      94.518                                                 Partition actions, see PARTITION (JUDICIAL),
    Procedures, consideration and approval, 94.513             generally
    Recording, 94.528                                        Shelley’s Case, rule abolished, devises, 112.345
 Development credits, transferable, 94.531                   Tenancy in common, see JOINT RIGHTS AND
 Devolution, death, 114.215                                    PROPERTY
 Disabled persons, wrongfully taking or appropri-            Words "of the body", effect, 93.250
  ating as abuse, 124.005, 124.020, 124.050               Evidence, see EVIDENCE
 Disclaimer of property interests, see DIS-               Excavations, see EXCAVATIONS, generally
  CLAIMER OF PROPERTY INTERESTS, gener-                   Execution, see EXECUTION, generally
  ally                                                    Fee simple, see Estates, this topic
 Discrimination, see DISCRIMINATION                       Fences, see FENCES, generally
 Disposition and sale, industrial use zone land,          Fill or removal, see SUBMERGED AND SUB-
  275.318                                                  MERSIBLE LANDS
 Dissolution of marriage, see DISSOLUTION,                Financial institutions, purchasing, holding and
  ANNULMENT OR SEPARATION                                  disposing of, 708A.175
 Districts, purchase or lease, contracts, 198.611         Fire protection, see FIRES AND FIRE PROTEC-
 Ditches as real property, 541.070                         TION, generally
 Dower, 112.685, 112.695                                  Fish and wildlife management, citizen involve-
 Drainage, see DRAINS AND DRAINAGE, generally              ment, private lands, 496.166
 Drainage districts, see DRAINAGE DISTRICTS               Fish hatcheries, acquisition, 506.201
 Drug activity, places, abatement, 105.550 et seq.        Fishways, acquisition, 506.201
 Drug manufacturing sites, see CONTROLLED                 Fixtures, encumbrance, law applicable, 72A.3095,
  SUBSTANCES                                               79.0334, 79.0604
 Easements, see EASEMENTS, generally                      Flumes as real property, 541.070
 Education and research, providing for with               Forcible entry and detainer, see FORCIBLE
  licensing, 696.445                                       ENTRY AND DETAINER, generally
 Ejectment, see EJECTMENT, generally                      Forests, see FORESTS AND FORESTRY, generally;
 Elderly persons, wrongfully taking or appropri-           Liability immunity, public uses, this topic
  ating as abuse, 124.005, 124.020, 124.050               Forfeitures, criminal activities, see FORFEI-
 Eminent domain, see CONDEMNATION, generally               TURES
 Entry, see ENTRY, generally; FORCIBLE ENTRY              Forms, see FORMS (STATUTORY)
  AND DETAINER, generally; TRESPASS, generally            Frauds, Statute of, see STATUTE OF FRAUDS,
 Escheat, see ESCHEAT, generally                           generally
 Escrows, see ESCROWS AND ESCROW AGENTS,                  Fraudulent conveyances, see FRAUDULENT
  generally                                                CONVEYANCES, generally
 Estates                                                  Future interests, see FUTURE INTERESTS, gener-
    See also FUTURE INTERESTS; JOINT RIGHTS                ally
      AND PROPERTY                                        Gambling, places, abatement, 105.550 et seq.
    (Generally), 41.580, 93.020                           Geothermal heating districts, acquisition,
    Abuse of elderly and disabled persons, effect on       523.040, 523.050
      vesting, 112.465, 112.475, 112.485, 112.495,        Grantor-grantee, indexes, 93.630, 205.160
      112.505                                             Harvest, special forest products, see Liability
    Conveying, see DEEDS AND CONVEYANCES                   immunity, public uses, this topic
    Creating, 41.580, 93.020                              Hatcheries, fish, acquisition, 506.201
    Fee simple                                            Health care facilities, acquisition, sale, etc., pub-
       Fee simple conditional as, 93.250                   lic authorities, 441.550
       Fee tail as, 93.250                                Heirs, unknown, pleading designation, ORCP 20I

REAL PROPERTY (Cont.)                                        REAL PROPERTY (Cont.)
 Highways, see HIGHWAYS AND ROADS                              Library districts, interstate, acquisition and dis-
 Historic property, see HISTORIC PROPERTY,                      position, 357.340
   generally                                                   Liens, see LIENS
 Hospital facilities, acquisition, sale, etc., public          Life estates, see Estates, this topic
   authorities, 441.550                                        Limitation of actions and proceedings
 Housing, see HOUSING, generally                                  (Generally), 12.050, 12.160
 Housing authorities, see HOUSING AUTHORI-                        Improvements, injuries resulting, 12.135
   TIES                                                           Interests, interference, injury, 12.080
 Human Services, Department of, title and con-                    Mortgage foreclosures, 88.110, 88.120
   veyance, senior and disabled persons services,                 State lands, unlawful removal of materials, 273.241
   410.075                                                        Trespass or waste, 12.080
 Husband and wife, see SPOUSES                                 Lis pendens, 93.740
 Income tax (state), see INCOME TAX (STATE)                    Loans, see LOANS
 Indexes, see INDEXES AND INDEXING, generally                  Local governments, see LOCAL GOVERNMENTS
 Industrial use zone land, disposition and sale,               Log jams, removal, acquisition, 506.201
   275.318                                                     Lot of record dwellings, farmland and forestland
 Inheritance tax, see INHERITANCE TAX, generally                zones, see LAND USE PLANNING
 Injury to, see PROPERTY                                       Manufactured structures
 Inspection and other purposes, entry, permis-                    Dealer sales, sanctions, 446.741
   sion, ORCP 43                                                  Recording in county deed records, effect, 446.626
 Institutional funds, investment, 128.330                      Medically needy, voidable transfers, 411.708,
 Insurance, see INSURANCE AND INSURERS                          414.105
 Interest in, constructive notice of, 93.643                   Mining, see MINES AND MINERALS, generally
 Interstate library districts, acquisition and dis-            Mortgages, see MORTGAGES
   position, 357.340                                           Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES
 Investment trusts, see TRUSTS AND TRUSTEES                    Natural Heritage Advisory Council, gift to,
 Joint, see JOINT RIGHTS AND PROPERTY, gen-                     273.571
   erally                                                      Natural resources, injury or destruction, reme-
 Judgments                                                      dial action costs, strict liability, 465.255
    Justice courts, 52.590
                                                               News Journal, Oregon Real Estate, preparation
    Recording, 93.730
                                                                and publication, 696.445
 Juries, viewing
    (Generally), 10.100
                                                                  (Generally), 368.401
    Condemnation actions, 35.315
                                                                  Constructive, 93.643
 Jurisdiction of courts, see JURISDICTION
                                                                  Contents, 368.426
 Land sale contracts, see LAND SALE CON-
                                                                  Development credits, proposed transfer, 94.531
   TRACTS, generally
 Landlord and tenant, see LANDLORD AND TEN-                       Land sale contracts, see LAND SALE CON-
   ANT, generally                                                   TRACTS, generally
 Leases, see LEASES, generally                                    Posting, 368.411
 Lenders security protection                                      Publication, 368.416
    (Generally), 86.210                                           Record, affidavit, filing, 368.421
    Application of law, 86.270                                    Sales, disclosure statements, see Sales, this topic
    Definitions, 86.205                                           Seizure and sale, service fees, 21.410
    Escrow account, 86.240                                        Service, 21.410, 368.406
    Insurance on real or personal property, placing,           Nuisances, see NUISANCES, generally
      depository institutions, 746.201                         Nursing homes and care facilities, facilities
    Insurance premiums, payment, 86.240, 86.260                 under trusteeship, rental, 441.296
    Interest, 86.245, 86.250                                   Ocean shore
    Mortgage servicing company, 86.270                            Acquisition, Transportation Department, 390.630
    Service charge prohibited, 86.250                             Rural fire protection districts, exclusion, 478.010
    Severability clause, 86.275                                Oil and gas conservation, hearings, venue, coun-
    Statutes, application, 86.214                               ties where property affected, 520.105
    Tax payments, 86.240, 86.260                               Oregon Coordinate System, 93.310 et seq.
    Violations of law, 86.265                                  Oregon Real Estate News Journal, preparation
 Liability immunity, public uses                                and publishing, 696.445
    (Generally), 105.672 et seq.                               Outdoor mass gatherings on, regulation, see
    Application of immunities, certain lands, 105.688           OUTDOOR MASS GATHERINGS, generally
    Dedication or other rights, presumptions, 105.692          Parks and recreational areas, see Liability immu-
    Definitions, 105.672                                        nity, public uses, this topic; PARKS AND RECRE-
    Duty of care or liability, 105.696                          ATIONAL AREAS
    Harvest, special forest products, use, owner liability     Partition, see PARTITION (JUDICIAL), generally
      immunity, 105.682                                        Partnerships, see PARTNERSHIPS
    Intentional injury or damage, liability, 105.682           Patents, see STATE LANDS
    Permitting use, no right to continue use, 105.692          Persons unknown, pleading designation,
    Public policy, legislative declaration, 105.676             ORCP 20J
    Recreational use, owner liability immunity, 105.682        Plats, see SUBDIVISIONS AND PARTITIONS, gen-
    Rules, State Forester, state lands, 105.699                 erally
    State lands, rules, applicability, 105.699                 Port of Portland
    Woodcutting use, owner liability immunity, 105.682            Acquisition, disposition, 778.015, 778.025, 836.250
 Libraries, board, donations, purchases, disposal,                Tax exemption, 307.090
   etc., 357.490                                               Ports, see PORTS

REAL PROPERTY (Cont.)                                     REAL PROPERTY (Cont.)
 Possession                                                 Sales (Cont.)
    Actions and defenses involving, limitations, 12.040        Contracts, see Contracts, this topic
    Adverse, see ADVERSE POSSESSION, generally                 Deeds and conveyances, see DEEDS AND CON-
    Condemnation, advance, 35.265, 35.275, 35.355                VEYANCES, generally
    Ejectment, see EJECTMENT, generally                        Disclosure statements
    Forcible entry and detainer, see FORCIBLE                      (Generally), 105.462 et seq.
      ENTRY AND DETAINER, generally                                AIDS or HIV, occupants or owners, nonmaterial
    Personal representatives, right, 114.225, 114.265                facts, 93.275, 659A.421, 659A.424
 Powers of appointment, release or limitation,                     Application of laws, 105.465
  93.220                                                           Burden of proof, 105.485
 Probate, see PROBATE                                              Court-appointed sellers, exclusion, 105.470
 Prostitution, places, abatement, 105.550 et seq.                  Criminal activity, nonmaterial facts, 93.275
 Public assistance recipients, voidable transfers,                 Death on property, nonmaterial fact, 93.275
  411.708, 414.105                                                 Definitions, 105.462
 Public buildings, see PUBLIC BUILDINGS, gener-                    Drug manufacturing site in neighborhood,
  ally                                                               notice, nonmaterial fact, 93.275
 Public corporations, see LOCAL GOVERNMENTS                        Exclusions, 105.470
 Public lands, see PUBLIC LANDS, generally                         First sale, dwelling never occupied, exclusion,
 Public purposes, certain land, providing for,                       105.470
  92.175                                                           Form, seller’s disclosures, 105.464
 Public Safety Standards and Training, Depart-                     Heating oil tanks, abandonment, status of tank,
  ment of, training academy, 181.636                                 466.878
 Public use dedications, recording, 92.014, 227.110                Nonmaterial facts, 93.275
 Public uses, landowner liability immunity, see                    Representations in disclosure, 105.480
  Liability immunity, public uses, this topic                      Revocation of offer, criteria, 105.475
 Quieting title, see QUIETING TITLE, generally                     Rights and remedies, 105.490
 Racketeering, proceeds, use for acquisition,                      Sex offenders, proximity, real estate licensee dis-
  166.720                                                            closure, 93.275, 696.880
 Real Estate Account, 696.490
                                                                   Special assessment, historic property, 93.040
 Real estate brokers and salespersons, see REAL
                                                                   Water rights permits, etc., 537.330
                                                               Discrimination, 659A.421, 659A.424
 Records and recording, see RECORDS AND
                                                               Escrows, see ESCROWS AND ESCROW
                                                                 AGENTS, generally
 Recovery actions, see EJECTMENT, generally
                                                               Exclusive farm use zone, retention of life estate,
 Recreational areas, see PARKS AND RECRE-
                                                               Execution sales, see EXECUTION
 Recreational uses, see Liability immunity, public
  uses, this topic                                             Foreclosures, see FORECLOSURES, generally
 Remainders, see FUTURE INTERESTS                              Highways and roads, access rights of way, sale,
 Removal, materials, see REMOVAL                                 92.010
 Rent, see RENT, generally                                     Joint sellers, purchase price, deferred installments,
 Research and education, providing for with                      right to receive payment, 93.240
  licensing, 696.445                                           Judicial, see JUDICIAL SALES, generally
 Research facilities, fishing, etc., acquisition,              Protective proceedings, residents, protected person,
  506.201                                                        125.430
 Residential housing, see HOUSING, generally                   Real estate paper, sales, rules, 59.900
 Restrictive covenants, conveyances, prohibition,              Restrictive covenants, conveyances, prohibition,
  93.270                                                         93.270
 Reversions, see FUTURE INTERESTS                              Smoke alarms or detectors, dwelling units, require-
 Rights of way, see RIGHTS OF WAY, generally                     ment, 479.260
 Riparian rights, see WATER AND WATER                          State lands, see STATE LANDS
  RIGHTS                                                       Theft by deception, see THEFT
 Roads, see HIGHWAYS AND ROADS                                 Water rights permits, etc., disclosures and availabil-
 Rule against perpetuities, see FUTURE INTER-                    ity, 537.330
  ESTS                                                         Wells, tests for nitrates and bacteria, 448.271
 Rules                                                      Salespersons, see REAL ESTATE LICENSEES
    Judgment liens, release, 137.452                        Savings associations, see SAVINGS ASSOCIA-
    Owning, assessment, 270.180                              TIONS
    Purchase or sale, mortgage banking loans, mort-         Schools and school districts, see SCHOOLS AND
      gage loans or real estate paper, 59.900                SCHOOL DISTRICTS
    State lands, see STATE LANDS                            Security protection, lenders, see Lenders secu-
 Rural fire protection districts, acquisition,               rity protection, this topic
  478.410                                                   Seizure and sale, notice, service fee, 21.410
 Sales                                                      Soil analysis, building permit requirement,
    Agents                                                   455.440
       Agency relationship, see REAL ESTATE LIC-            Spouses, see SPOUSES
         ENSEES                                             State Accident Insurance Fund Corporation,
       Agents obligations, see REAL ESTATE LIC-              acquisition, etc., 656.752
         ENSEES                                             State agencies, title, taking in state name, 182.112
    Brokers and agents, see REAL ESTATE LICENS-             State buildings, see STATE BUILDINGS, generally
      EES                                                   State lands, see STATE LANDS, generally
    Cities, see CITIES                                      State, quieting title, 30.360

REAL PROPERTY (Cont.)                                  REAL PROPERTY (Cont.)
 Statute of Frauds, see STATUTE OF FRAUDS,                Woodcutting, see Liability immunity, public uses,
  generally                                                this topic
 Statutes of limitations, see Limitation of actions       Zoning, see LAND USE PLANNING, generally
  and proceedings, this topic
 Subdivisions, see SUBDIVISIONS AND PARTI-
  TIONS, generally
 Submerged, see SUBMERGED AND SUBMERS-                    See ELECTIONS
  IBLE LANDS, generally
 Swamp lands, see SWAMP LANDS, generally               REASONABLE DOUBT
 System development charges, see SYSTEM                   Criminal cases, guilt, establishing, 10.095
  DEVELOPMENT CHARGES, generally                          Guilt, acquittal, 136.415
 Third persons, reliance on right to deal with,        RECALL
  108.550                                                 Elections, see ELECTIONS
 Tidal lands, see SUBMERGED AND SUBMERS-                  Products and materials, electronic notice, 84.070
  IBLE LANDS, generally
 Timeshare estates, see TIMESHARE ESTATES,
  generally                                            RECEIPTS
 Title, see TITLE AND OWNERSHIP, generally                (Generally), 81.030
 Title insurance, see TITLE INSURANCE AND                 Alcoholic beverages, kegs, purchase, sale, 471.478
  TITLE INSURANCE COMPANIES, generally                    Arrest, money or valuables taken, 133.455
 Torts, liability immunity, public uses, see Liabil-      Cigarette tax, distributor collection, 323.075
  ity immunity, public uses, this topic                   Deposit of public funds
 Trade practices, unlawful, delivery, failure,               Deposits in lieu of bonds, 22.030, 22.040
  646.607                                                    Security for, 295.005, 295.015, 295.035, 295.045,
 Transfer, see DEEDS AND CONVEYANCES, gener-                    295.105
  ally                                                       Treasurers of local governments, with, 295.165
 Transferable development credits, 94.531                 Installment sales contracts, retail, 83.120, 83.600
 Translator districts, acquisition, 354.675               Motor vehicle retail installment contracts, 83.600
 Transportation Department, disposition, 184.634          Pawnbrokers, see PAWNBROKERS
 Trespass                                                 Public assistance applicants and recipients, doc-
    See TRESPASS, generally                                 uments, 411.972
    Criminal, see CRIMINAL TRESPASS, generally            Sales, see SALES
 Trust deeds, see TRUST DEEDS, generally                  Signature on, 81.030
 Trusts, see TRUSTS AND TRUSTEES, generally               State finance, see STATE FINANCE
 Unclaimed, see ABANDONED OR UNCLAIMED                    State Treasurer, see STATE TREASURER
  PROPERTY, generally                                     Warehouse, see WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, gener-
 United States, land, see UNITED STATES                     ally
 Unknown heirs, interests, pleading designation,
  ORCP 20I
 Unlawful trade practices
    (Generally), 646.608                                  See also FIDUCIARIES
    Delivery, failure, 646.607                            (Generally), ORCP 80
 Vacation, see VACATION OF LAND, generally                Accounting, cancellation of bond, 33.510, 33.520
 Validating act, 93.810                                   Appointment
 Vendor and Purchaser Risk Act, Uniform, 93.290,             (Generally), ORCP 80B
  93.295, 93.300                                             Form of order, ORCP 80D
 Venue, actions, 14.040                                      Mortgaged or pledged lands, 86.010
 Veterans loans, see VETERANS                                Notice, adverse party, ORCP 80C
 View of, by jury, 10.100                                    Security, ORCP 82A
 Voidable transfers, public assistance recipients,           Subdivision and series partition control violations,
  411.708, 414.105                                             92.495
 Warranties, new construction, contractors,               Associations, unincorporated appointment,
  701.605                                                   ORCP 80B
 Waste, see WASTE, generally                              Banks, trust companies, involuntary liquidation,
 Water improvement districts, see WATER                     711.440
  IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS                                   Bonds, 33.510, 33.520, 742.352
 Water rights, permits, etc., disclosure and deliv-       Cemetery endowment care funds, 97.825
  ery, 537.330                                            Certificates for wages, 652.500
 Ways of necessity, see HIGHWAYS AND ROADS                Commodities contracts, violations, appointment,
 Wells, property transfers, tests for nitrates and          645.225
  bacteria, 448.271                                       Condominiums, foreclosures, rent collection,
 Wetlands, see WETLANDS, generally                          100.460
 Wheat Commission, lease, purchase, etc., 578.090         Control of court, 652.500
 Wildlife                                                 Corporations, ORCP 80B
    Acquisition, 506.201                                  Employment, see LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT
    Destructive, killing by landowner, 498.012            Escrow agents, 696.555
    Management, acquisition and disposal, 496.146,        Franchise sellers, 650.065
      496.154                                             Grain warehousemen, 586.527, 586.529
    Trespass, license, effect on, 497.415                 Housing, see HOUSING
 Wills, see WILLS, generally                              Housing authority, 456.165

RECEIVERSHIPS (Cont.)                                 RECIPROCITY (Cont.)
 Insurance                                               Fishing (Cont.)
     Insurer deposits, release, 731.648                     Pink shrimp, 508.915
     Organization of insurers, bonds, 732.105            Funeral service practitioners, 692.140
     Surety bonds, 732.105, 742.352, 742.356             Hair designers, 690.046
 Labor, see LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT                         Hunting licenses, Snake River, 497.012
 Nonprofit corporations, 65.667                          Income tax (state), see INCOME TAX (STATE)
 Notices                                                 Inheritance tax, see INHERITANCE TAX
     Persons interested in receivership, ORCP 80E
                                                         Insurance, see INSURANCE AND INSURERS
     Receiver appointment, ORCP 80C
                                                         Investigators, licensed, 703.440
     Special, ORCP 80F
     Termination, ORCP 80G                               Land surveyors, 672.148
 Pollution control facility bond default, counties,      Landscape contractors, 671.590
   468.268                                               Massage therapists, licensure, 687.057
 Real estate licensees, 696.785                          Milk, 621.018
 Receiver, defined, ORCP 80A                             Naturopaths, 685.085
 Removal, cancellation of bond, 33.510                   Nurses, 678.050
 Sanitary districts, sewer systems, 450.295              Nursing home administrators, 678.770
 Secured debts, evaluating collateral, dividend,         Physical therapists, licensing, 688.080
   33.610                                                Physicians, 677.120, 677.125
 Securities law matters, 59.035, 59.255, 59.265          Podiatrists, 677.830, 677.840
 Seizure of property, abandonment, wage claims,          Polygraph examiners, 703.130
   652.550                                               Psychologists, 675.050, 675.063
 Sewage facilities, municipalities, bond default,        Real estate licensees, 696.290
                                                         Student athlete agents, 702.017
 Special notices, ORCP 80F
                                                         Subdivision and series partition control, exami-
 Subdivision and series partition control viola-
                                                           nation waiver, 92.385
   tions, 92.495
 Taxation, see TAXATION                                  Support enforcement, see SUPPORT OF DEPEN-
 Termination, ORCP 80G                                     DENTS
 Trust companies, 709.150, 709.240                       Tax consultants and preparers, 673.637
 Unemployment compensation contributions, pri-           Taxation, income tax (state), see INCOME TAX
   ority, 657.520                                          (STATE)
 Unincorporated associations, appointment,               Trapping licenses, Snake River, 497.012
   ORCP 80B                                              Unemployment compensation, 657.760, 657.765,
 Unit ownership property, foreclosure, rent col-           657.770, 657.775
   lection, 100.460                                      Veterinarians, 686.065
 Wages, see COMPENSATION AND SALARIES                    Wage collection, see COMPENSATION AND SAL-
 Warehousemen, grain, 586.527, 586.529                     ARIES
 Workers compensation contributions, civil penal-        Workers compensation, 656.126
   ties, 656.562, 656.735
RECEIVING                                                Pleading, ORCP 20G
 Theft by receiving, see THEFT
                                                      RECKLESS BURNING
RECIPROCAL SUPPORT                                       (Generally), 164.335
                                                      RECKLESSLY ENDANGERING
                                                         (Generally), 163.195
 See also CHOICE OF LAW; INTERSTATE COOP-                Family or household member, compromise,
  ERATION                                                  135.703
 Abandoned property, presumptions, 98.346
 Audiologists, speech pathologists, 681.300
 Barbers, 690.046                                     RECKLESSNESS
 Boats, numbering, 830.705, 830.805                      (Generally), 161.115
 Building trades, skills, licensing agreements,          Assault, 163.160 et seq.
  670.380                                                Burning, 164.335
 Chiropodists, 677.830, 677.840                          Deadly physical force, use, peace officers, 161.239
 Chiropractors, 684.060
                                                         Defined, 161.085
 Cosmetologists, 690.046
                                                         Drugs or intoxication, risk awareness, 161.125
 Dentists, rules, 679.060
 Embalmers, 692.140                                      Duress, probable subjection, defense, 161.270
 Emergency medical technicians, 682.216                  Intoxication or drugs, risk awareness, 161.125
 Engineers, 672.109, 672.148                             Manslaughter
 Environmental health specialists, 700.052                  First degree, 163.118
 Fishing                                                    Second degree, 163.125
    Commercial, gillnet, 508.460                         Peace officers, deadly physical force, use, 161.239
    Oregon and Idaho on Snake River, 497.012             Recklessly endangering another person, 163.195
    Pacific Ocean salmon netting, 509.360                Recklessly, defined, 161.085

RECLAMATION                                                 RECLAMATION (Cont.)
 See also DRAINS AND DRAINAGE; FLOODS                          Tumalo Project (Cont.)
   AND FLOOD CONTROL; SUBMERGED AND                              Contracts (Cont.)
   SUBMERSIBLE LANDS                                                Columbia Southern Irrigation Company,
 Carey Act                                                            renewal, 555.340
    Acceptance of conditions by state, 555.010                   Fees, remittance, 555.380
    Administration, 555.020, 555.030                             Fund, 555.380
    Application for reclamation                                  Lien for reclamation
        (Generally), 555.050                                        (Generally), 555.340
        Deposit of applicant, 555.060                               Increase on land not sold, 555.350
    Construction lien release, 555.130, 555.140                  Loan return to General Fund, 555.410
    Contract for reclamation                                     Manager, 555.320
        (Generally), 555.070                                     Moneys, use and disposition, 555.380
        Bond of contractor, 555.070                              Rules, see Rules, this topic
        Control of works by contractor, 555.080                  State expenditures, return, 555.340, 555.350
        Excess acreage, price increase, 555.180, 555.190         Transfer of state interest, 555.390
        Forfeiture for nonperformance, 555.100                   Water rights
        Sale of work on forfeiture, 555.100                         Preferred purchasers, 555.400
        Time for construction, 555.090                              Private lands, sale to, 555.360
    Deeds to applicant, 555.140                                     Sale price, 555.340
    Entry                                                      Water control districts, see WATER CONTROL
        Application, 555.130                                    DISTRICTS, generally
        Conditions precedent, 555.120
    Excess acreage, water service
        Nonpayment, effect, 555.190                         RECOGNIZANCE, PERSONAL
        Payment of increase, notice, 555.180                   See RELEASE OF DEFENDANTS
    Federal donation and patent, contract, 555.040
    Irrigation Fund, see FUNDS AND ACCOUNTS                 RECOMBINANT DNA
    Liability, 555.040, 555.110
                                                               Definitions, 431.805
    Lien for expenses, 555.040
                                                               Research guidelines, compliance, 431.810
    Management and disposal of lands, 555.020
    Record, 555.030
    Report on funds and expenditures, 555.160               RECONSTRUCTED VEHICLES
    Rules, see Rules, this topic                               See MOTOR VEHICLES
    Tumalo Project, see Tumalo Project, this topic
    Water rights, purchase
        Entry and sale, conditions precedent, 555.120       RECORDS AND RECORDING
        Title of purchaser, 555.080                            (Note: Records made by governmental agencies
    Withdrawal of land, application by commission,               and governmental records management are
      555.050                                                    referenced under topic PUBLIC RECORDS.)
 Defined, 274.205                                              (Generally -- county clerk powers), 205.110,
 Drainage districts, see DRAINAGE DISTRICTS                      205.130
 Federal, see UNITED STATES                                    Adoption, see ADOPTION OF PERSONS
 Fees                                                          Adult Offender Supervision, Interstate Commis-
    Carey Act, 555.050, 555.130                                  sion for, 144.600
    Tumalo Project, 555.340, 555.380                           Agriculture and horticulture, see AGRICULTURE
 Irrigation districts, see IRRIGATION DISTRICTS                  AND HORTICULTURE
 Irrigation Fund, see FUNDS AND ACCOUNTS                       Alcoholic beverages and liquors, see ALCOHOLIC
 Lakes, see LAKES AND PONDS                                      BEVERAGES
 Mines and minerals, see MINES AND MINERALS                    Alcoholic treatment facility patients, confiden-
 Port of Portland, 778.100                                       tial, 430.399
 Rules                                                         Animal dealers, keeping records, requirement,
    Carey Act                                                    609.510
        Construction lien, proof of reclamation, cultiva-      Animal food slaughtering, processing establish-
          tion, settlement, 555.140                              ments, 619.031, 619.036
        Irrigation works, application filing, 555.150          Annexation contracts, cities, 222.115
        Lands, cultivation and settlement, 555.360             Appeals, see APPEAL AND REVIEW
        Regulations for carrying out law, 555.150              Apprentices
    Tumalo Project                                                 Maintenance, local joint committees, 660.137
        (Generally), 555.330                                       Training school, release permission, apprentice,
        Maintenance fees, collections and disburse-                  660.060
          ments, 555.380                                       Armed forces, discharge papers, 408.420
 State lands, contracts, 273.151                               Arrest receipts, money or valuables taken,
 State Lands, Department of, contracts, 273.151                  133.455
 Submersible lands, see SUBMERGED AND SUB-                     Attachment liens, real property, ORCP 84C
   MERSIBLE LANDS                                              Attorney General
 Swamp lands, see SWAMP LANDS                                      Cases prosecuted, defended, 180.110
 Tumalo Project                                                    Destruction, 192.130
    Carey Act lands, reclamation, 555.360                      Attorneys, nonperforming, file and record exami-
    Contracts                                                    nation, lawyer-client privilege applicability,
        See also PUBLIC CONTRACTS                                9.750
        (Generally), 555.310                                   Bailed property, 98.110
        Cancellation on default, 555.370                       Bankruptcy notices, petitions, etc., 93.770

RECORDS AND RECORDING (Cont.)                            RECORDS AND RECORDING (Cont.)
 Boats, see BOATS AND BOATING                               Court administrators
 Bond ownership, registered, not public, 288.590               Adoption, 7.211
 Brands and marks, livestock, see LIVESTOCK                    Probate, 7.240
 Building code exemptions, owner-built dwell-               Courts, see COURTS
  ings, 455.320                                             Courts-martial, 398.114, 398.238, 398.282
 Business records                                           Credit unions, see CREDIT UNIONS
    Defined, 165.075                                        Crematories, plans, 65.875
    Falsifying, 165.080                                     Crimes and offenses, see CRIMES AND
 Cemeteries                                                  OFFENSES
    Dedications, 97.320                                     Debt consolidating agencies, see DEBT CONSOL-
    Plans, 65.875                                            IDATING AGENCIES
 Certificates of sale, sheriff, assignments, 93.530,        Dedications, public use, realty, approval
  93.640                                                     required, 92.014, 227.110
 Chattel mortgages, 86.405, 86.440, 86.470                  Deeds, see DEEDS AND CONVEYANCES
 Child care facilities, 657A.390                            Defaced, replacing, 357.865
 Child care, resource and referral agencies,                Dental office or clinic, 679.020
  657A.130                                                  Depositions, see DEPOSITIONS
 Child custody mediation, 107.785                           Disclaimer of property interests, 105.646
 Chiropractic                                               Dismantlers and dismantling businesses, see
    (Generally), 684.112                                     MOTOR VEHICLE DISMANTLERS AND DIS-
    X-rays and diagnostic laboratory reports, patient        MANTLING BUSINESSES
      access, hospital rules, 441.059                       Districts, annexation contracts, 198.869
 Clinical laboratories, 438.110                             Diversion, keeping and availability, 135.901
 Collection agency businesses, see COLLECTION               Drugs
  AGENCIES                                                     Prescription, dispensing, physicians, 677.089
 Colleges and universities, see COLLEGES AND                   Treatment facility patients, confidential, 430.399
  UNIVERSITIES                                              Easements
 Commodities                                                   (Generally), 93.710
    Contracts, misleading, unlawful, 645.040                   Conservation or highway scenic preservation,
    Regulation, access, 705.340                                  271.725
 Community colleges and districts, see COMMU-                  Replatting, conditions, 92.185
  NITY COLLEGES AND DISTRICTS                                  Solar energy, 105.895
 Community property                                            State land
                                                                  Native plants, action affecting, alternatives,
    Revocation, 108.510
    Transfer of status, 108.530
                                                                  State forests, acceptance of title, conditions,
 Computers and information systems, see COM-
                                                                  Wind energy, 105.910, 105.915
 Condominiums, see CONDOMINIUMS
                                                               Subdivisions or plats
 Consideration, statement in conveyance, 93.030
                                                                  Declaration, requirements before subdividing,
 Consigned property, 98.110
 Consignment and secondhand stores, purchasing                    Location, dimensions, etc., 92.050
  used goods, recordkeeping, 646.848, 646.849                  Submersible lands, utility services, 274.040
 Contractors                                                Electric power joint operating agencies, minute
    Board orders, liens, 701.150                             book, 262.055
    Grievances against, 701.252                             Electronic Transactions Act, Uniform, see ELEC-
 Contracts                                                   TRONIC TRANSACTIONS ACT, UNIFORM
    Cooperative corporations, 62.360                        Employment, see LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT
    Goods to be severed from realty, 72.1070                Escrow agents, 696.534, 696.541, 696.545
    Grubstaking, mining, 517.110                            Evidence, see EVIDENCE
    Land sales, 93.670, 93.710                              Executory contract for land sale or purchase,
    Memoranda, 93.710                                        93.670
    Real property sale, 12.060, 93.640, 93.670, 93.710      Explosives, certificate of possession holders,
    Sale, 93.635, 93.990                                     maintaining, 480.235
    Urban renewal lands, conveyances, 457.230               Expunction, conviction or arrest record, see
 Controlled substances, see CONTROLLED SUB-                  CRIMES AND OFFENSES
  STANCES                                                   Feeds, commercial, animal, sale, 633.037
 Conveyance recorders, election,                            Fertilizers
  CONST. VII(Orig) §15                                         Custom mixes, 633.476
 Conveyances, see DEEDS AND CONVEYANCES                        Sales and distribution, 633.461, 633.471
 Conviction of crime, see CONVICTION OF                     Filing fees, see PUBLIC RECORDS
  CRIME                                                     Financial institutions, see FINANCIAL INSTITU-
 Cooperative corporations, see COOPERATIVE                   TIONS
  CORPORATIONS                                              Financial records, private, see Private financial
 Corporations, see CORPORATIONS                              records, this topic
 Correction, motion, abolition of remedy, 138.540           Fines, contracts of sale, failure to record, 93.635,
 County clerks                                               93.990
    (Generally-powers), 205.110, 205.130                    Firewood, sale, purchases or acquisitions, 164.813
    County governing body, keeping, 205.110                 Fish, transporters, 509.110
    Financial, inspection, 294.085                          Flood control ditch improvement, report, 549.160
    Instrument recording, see Instruments, this topic       Foreign personal representative letters, prop-
    Lien Record, see LIENS                                   erty transfer, 114.333

RECORDS AND RECORDING (Cont.)                             RECORDS AND RECORDING (Cont.)
 Forfeitures, criminal activities, see FORFEI-              Juvenile courts, see JUVENILE COURTS AND
   TURES                                                     PROCEEDINGS
 Forgery, see FORGERY, generally                            Juveniles, see JUVENILE DELINQUENTS AND
 Franchises                                                  DEPENDENTS
     Regulation, access, 705.340                            Labor and employment, see LABOR AND
     Sellers, 650.010                                        EMPLOYMENT
 Funeral service practitioners, order, civil pen-           Labor unions, 661.040
   alty, 692.180                                            Laboratories, clinical, 438.110
 Funerals and funeral businesses, prearrange-               Land sale, see LAND SALE CONTRACTS
   ment or preconstruction sales, 97.933                    Land surveyor certificate records, 672.159
 Gambling, see GAMBLING                                     Landscape contractors, inspection, 671.550
 Gas interests or estates in realty, 93.710                 Landslide hazard areas, 195.260
 Gasoline octane ratings, 646.955                           Lawyer-client privilege, applicability, nonper-
 Geothermal wells, see GEOTHERMAL WELLS                      forming attorneys, file and record examination,
 Grantor, grantee indexes, 93.630, 205.160                   9.750
 Hatcheries, salmon eggs, 506.231                           Leases, 93.710
 Hazardous substances, 453.327                              Liens, see LIENS
 Health information, see HEALTH INFORMA-                    Limited liability companies, see LIMITED LIA-
   TION, generally                                           BILITY COMPANIES
 Health Licensing Agency, Oregon, 676.607, 676.625          Liquor, see ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
 Health professional regulatory boards, racial              Lis pendens, unrecorded conveyance or encum-
   and ethnic makeup, applicants and regulated               brance, notice, effect, 93.740
   professionals, 676.400                                   Litigation pending, notice, unrecorded convey-
 Historical, 357.835                                         ances, effect, 93.740
 Hospitals, see HOSPITALS                                   Livestock, see LIVESTOCK
 Hours of receipt, clerk, instruments for record-           Loan companies, 725.320, 725.330
   ing, 205.242                                             Local improvement district assessment, pay-
 Illegible, preparing copies, 205.135                        ment, satisfaction, 93.643, 223.290
 Immunity, civil or criminal liability, county              Long term care facilities, residents, confidential-
   clerks, 205.130                                           ity procedures, 441.113
 Indeterminate sentence, reasons for, stating,              Lost, see LOST PAPERS AND RECORDS, generally
   137.120                                                  Maps, see MAPS
 Indictments, 132.410, 132.430                              Marriage, see MARRIAGE
                                                            Master form, mortgages, trust deeds, 93.610,
 Initiative and referendum, see INITIATIVE AND
                                                             93.780, 93.790, 93.800
                                                            Master Settlement Agreement (tobacco), enforce-
 Insignia of organizations, filing fees, 649.090
                                                             ment, 180.420, 180.435, 323.106
                                                            Meat processors, slaughterers, 603.045, 619.031,
     (Generally), 205.130, 205.180, 205.246
     Address, mailing purposes, 205.234
                                                            Medical Examiners, Board of, 677.250
     Conditions for recording, printing and paper type,
                                                            Medical records
                                                               See also HEALTH INFORMATION
     Corrected instruments, recording, 205.244                 Child abuse, information disclosures, health care
     Duties, county clerk, 205.130                               providers, 419B.050
     Fees                                                      Criminal actions, obtaining, subpoenas, 136.447
        (Generally), 205.236, 205.320 et seq.                  Hospital records, see HOSPITALS
        Filing fees, see PUBLIC RECORDS                        Medical negligence insurance reporting, 742.400
     First page, requirements, 205.234                         Out-of-state physicians, practice across state lines,
     Hours of receipt, clerk, 205.242                            677.141
     Nonstandard instruments, presenting for recording,        Prehospital care events, information about, 682.056
       penalty, 205.327                                     Members and memberships, list of members, lim-
     Return after recordation, 205.238                       itations on use, 65.782
     Separate instruments, two or more transactions,        Memoranda
       205.236                                                 Mining, 93.710
     Text, type size, 205.232                                  Realty agreements, 93.030, 93.640, 93.710
     Transactions, separate, 205.236                        Mental disease or defect, records, see CRIMES
     Two or more transactions, instrument describing,        AND OFFENSES
       recording, 205.236                                   Mentally retarded persons, commitment pro-
 Insurance and insurers, see INSURANCE AND                   ceedings, court records, 427.293
   INSURERS                                                 Metals, purchase, failing to maintain, 165.107
 Insurance regulation, examinations etc., records           Military justice, see MILITARY JUSTICE
   access, 731.308                                          Milk, marketing, see MILK AND MILK PROD-
 Investigators, licensed, 703.450, 703.473                   UCTS
 Judges, see JUDGES AND JUSTICES                            Mines and minerals
 Judgments                                                     Annual assessment work
     Final, replacing, 7.140, 7.150, 7.170                        Certificates of ownership, 517.280, 517.300,
     Lost, 7.140, 7.150, 7.170                                      517.310, 517.320
     Municipal courts, 221.351, 221.352                           Counter affidavits, 517.320
     Realty, affecting, 93.680, 93.730, 93.760, 517.320           Expenditure notices, affidavits, 517.260,
     United States courts, 93.760                                   517.280, 517.300
 Judicial, CH. 43                                                 Performance affidavit, 517.210, 517.220
 Justice courts, see JUSTICE COURTS                            Claims, discovery, location notices, 517.030, 517.052

RECORDS AND RECORDING (Cont.)                               RECORDS AND RECORDING (Cont.)
 Mines and minerals (Cont.)                                   Private financial records (Cont.)
    Grubstaking contracts, 517.110                               Disclosure (Cont.)
    Memoranda, 93.710                                                Local agencies, 192.560
    Millsites, nonmineral land, location notices, 517.160            Reimbursement, financial institutions, 192.580
    Mineral interests or estates in realty, 93.710                   Search warrant, 192.570
    Production records, confidentiality, 517.901                     State agencies, 192.560
    Profits a prendre, 93.710                                        Subpoena, 192.565
 Minors, see MINORS                                                  Summons, 192.565
 Mistakes and errors                                             Financial institutions, customer records, providing
    Cooperatives, 62.040                                           information, 192.555
    Limited partnerships, 70.620                              Probate proceedings, see PROBATE
    Motion to correct, abolition of remedy, 138.540           Proof, see EVIDENCE
 Money transmission businesses, 717.260, 717.275              Property interests, disclaimer of, 105.646
 Mortgage bankers and brokers, see MORTGAGE                   Psychologist Examiners, State Board of, 675.130
  BANKERS AND BROKERS                                         Public land
 Mortgages, see MORTGAGES                                        Approved lists, 93.680
 Motor carriers, see MOTOR CARRIERS                              Records, Oregon Coordinate System, 93.360
 Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES                           Public use dedications, realty, approval required,
 Names of organizations, filing fees, 649.090                  92.014, 227.110
 Naturopathic Examiners, Board of, 685.170                    Purchase records, see SALES
 Nonprofit corporations, see NONPROFIT COR-                   Rabies inoculations, animals, 433.370, 433.375
  PORATIONS                                                   Radiation control, 453.695
 Notaries public, see NOTARIES PUBLIC                         Radioactive materials, transportation, permit-
 Notices                                                       tees, 469.613
    Building code noncompliance, owner-built dwellings        Railroads, see RAILROADS
      and outbuildings, 455.345                               Real estate brokers, transactions, keeping,
    Radio, television publication, 193.330                     696.280
 Nurses and nursing assistants, investigations,               Real property
  subpoenas, 678.150                                             Appraisal activities, 674.150
 Nursing homes and care facilities, see NURSING                  Brokers, transactions, keeping records, 696.280
  HOMES AND CARE FACILITIES                                      Descriptions, 93.600
 Oil and gas, see OIL AND GAS                                    Easements, see Easements, this topic
 Orders of confirmation, 93.730                                  Land sale contracts, see LAND SALE CON-
 Organizations, insignia and names, filing fees,                   TRACTS
  649.090                                                        Managers, request of notice of actions, claims of
 Original signatures, requirement, 93.804                          liens, 93.265
 Parole, probation and post-prison supervision,               Realty sale confirmations, 93.730
  see PAROLE, PROBATION AND POST-PRISON                       Record of town plats, 92.120
  SUPERVISION                                                 Records of appraisal, maintaining, 674.150
 Patents, land, 93.230, 93.680, 93.690, 273.085,              Reforestation orders, 93.710
  273.091                                                     Refugee child, 418.939
 Pawnbrokers                                                  Rules
    (Generally), 726.280                                         Appeals, hearing on basis of audio records, 19.385
    Keeping and delivery to local police agency, 726.285         Archivist, State, 357.895
 Pending litigation, unrecorded conveyance or                    Banks and banking, credit extensions, 706.655
  encumbrance, notice, effect, 93.740                            Child welfare services
 Person, defined, 205.010                                            Client or provider records, release, 418.033
 Pesticides, see PESTS AND PESTICIDES                                Facts supporting application, 418.115
 Pharmacies                                                      Circuit court, disposition of records, 7.110
    Language, 192.310                                            Clinical laboratory records, retaining, 438.110
    Original prescriptions, retention, 689.508                   Courts, removal from office, 7.110
 Physical therapists, 688.135, 688.140                           Dismantlers, motor vehicle, inspecting, 822.130
 Planned communities, development agreements,                    Fish and wildlife, holders of tags keeping, 496.146
  94.528                                                         Grant of aid, reporting, 418.145
 Plastic containers, rigid, manufacturer records,                Higher education
  keeping, 459A.660                                                  Alcohol and drug abuse policy, implementation,
 Plats, see SUBDIVISIONS AND PARTITIONS                                comprehensive plan, content, 351.105
 Possession, recovery in quo warranto, 30.540                        Personnel, access, 351.065
 Powers of attorney, 93.670, 127.015                                 Student education, access, 351.070
 Private financial records                                           Vehicles, state-owned, officially sanctioned pro-
    Costs, providing records, 192.580                                  grams, 351.277
    Definitions, 192.550                                         Inmate records, transfer, 421.213
    Disclosure                                                   Juveniles
       (Generally), 192.555                                          Court records, confidentiality, 419A.170
       Abuse of vulnerable person, investigative                     Expunction, 419A.262
         demands, 124.125                                            Records confidentiality, 419B.035
       Account information, defined, 192.585                     Legislative, 171.427, 171.430
       Action, ascertainable, loss, customers, 192.590           Local health records, disposal, 431.520
       Compliance, authorization, summons, etc.,                 Mentally ill
         financial institutions, 192.580                             (Generally), 426.072
       Financial institution, liability, 192.575                     Certified copy delivered to facility director,
       Law enforcement agencies, procedure, 192.585                    426.170

RECORDS AND RECORDING (Cont.)                             RECORDS AND RECORDING (Cont.)
 Rules (Cont.)                                               Text (Cont.)
    Mentally ill (Cont.)                                        Type size, 205.232
       Disclosure, 426.075                                   Timeshare estates, see TIMESHARE ESTATES
    Military justice, nonjudicial punishment, 398.083        Trademarks
    Organizations, insignia and names, filing fees,             Filing fees, 647.009
      649.090                                                   Registered, 647.055, 647.065
    Parole, time served under community supervision,         Traffic violations, 810.375
      137.551                                                Transaction, defined, 205.010
    Physicians and surgeons, practitioners, complimen-       Transcription, real estate and tax records, new
      tary samples, 689.765                                   counties, 202.160
    Probate, restoration of records, 7.160                   Trial court files, records, see CRIMES AND
    Public assistance, custody use and preservation,          OFFENSES
      411.300                                                Trials, see TRIALS
    Public utilities, 756.090                                Trust deeds, see TRUST DEEDS
    Securities, commodities and franchises, access,          Trustees, 130.695
      705.340                                                Tuition savings accounts, Oregon 529 College
    Self-insured employers, 656.455                           Savings Network, 348.857
    Senior and disabled persons, custody, use and pres-      Type size, text, 205.232
      ervation, 410.140                                      Union labels, registration, copying and certify-
    Students                                                  ing, fees, 661.245
       Creation, use etc., 326.565                           United States courts, decrees, orders, 93.760
       Transfer, refusal to amend specified material,        Unused property markets, 167.506, 167.508
          hearing, 326.575                                   Urban renewal plans
    Utilities, maintaining and producing, 756.090               (Generally), 457.220
    Vital statistic records                                     Approval, 457.125
       Confidentiality, 432.121                              Used goods, consignment and secondhand stores,
       Disposal, 432.115                                      purchasing, recordkeeping, 646.848, 646.849
    Wreckers, inspecting, 822.130
                                                             Vacation of land
 Sales, see SALES
                                                                (Generally), 271.150, 271.230
 Savings associations, see SAVINGS ASSOCIA-
                                                                Proceedings, counties, order or resolution, 368.356
                                                             Validating act, 93.810
 Secured transactions, see SECURED TRANSAC-
                                                             Veterans, discharges, 408.420
 Securities, see SECURITIES                                  Video, see SOUND AND VIDEO RECORDING, gen-
 Security interests, fees, 192.440                            erally
 Senior citizens, see SENIOR CITIZENS                        Wages, employers keeping, 653.045, 653.991
 Sheriffs certificate of sale, assignments, 93.530,          Warehouse certificates, grain, 587.130
   93.640                                                    Warehousemen, 98.110, 586.230, 586.382, 586.520
 Signatures, original, requirement, 93.804                   Waste disposal sites, pertinent records defined,
 Social Security numbers, see IDENTIFICATION                  459.385
 Solar energy easements, 105.895                             Water, see WATER AND WATER RIGHTS
 Sound, see SOUND AND VIDEO RECORDING,                       Wind energy easements, 105.910, 105.915
   generally                                                 Wine and wineries, taxation, 576.771
 Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology,                    Workers’ compensation, see WORKERS’ COM-
   State Board of Examiners for, 681.420                      PENSATION
 State finance, see STATE FINANCE                            Wreckers and wrecking businesses, see MOTOR
 State lands, see STATE LANDS                                 VEHICLE DISMANTLERS AND DISMANTLING
 State Police, see STATE POLICE                               BUSINESSES
 Student athlete agents, 702.059                             Writings, see WRITINGS, generally
 Subdivisions, see SUBDIVISIONS AND PARTI-
   TIONS                                                  RECREATION
 Subpoenas, records, see CRIMES AND
                                                             See PARKS AND RECREATIONAL AREAS, gener-
 Substitutions for illegible documents, 205.135
 Support of dependents, see SUPPORT OF
   DEPENDENTS                                             RECREATION TRAILS ADVISORY
 Surveys and surveyors, see SURVEYS AND SUR-               COUNCIL, OREGON
   VEYORS, generally
                                                             Establishment, 390.977
 Systems development charge installment pay-
   ment contract
    Constructive notice, 93.643                           RECREATION TRAILS SYSTEM
    Payment, 223.290                                         See TRAILS
    Satisfaction, 93.643
 Tampering, 162.305
 Tax consultants, preparers, 673.690, 673.700             RECREATIONAL VEHICLES
 Tax Court, 305.485, 305.493                                 See also CAMPERS; MOTOR VEHICLES
 Telephone conversations, recording, see WIRE-               Appurtenance, defined, width restrictions,
   TAPPING AND EAVESDROPPING, generally                       818.100
 Television, video recording, see SOUND AND                  Dealers
   VIDEO RECORDING, generally                                  Franchises, see Franchises, this topic
 Text                                                          Rules, 822.084
    Defined, 205.010                                           Service facilities, 822.025, 822.040, 822.082

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES (Cont.)                              RECREATIONAL VEHICLES (Cont.)
 Dealers (Cont.)                                              Safety, sanitation requirements (Cont.)
    Shows                                                        Injunctions, 446.190
       Definition, show, 822.083                                 Local ordinances, application, 446.200
       Fees, 822.084                                             Private land, occupancy, 446.125
       License, 822.084                                          Sale, lease, or rent, 446.155
       Participation, 822.083                                    Specialty code, 455.010
       Rules, 822.084                                            Standards for safety, 446.180, 446.185
 Definitions, 446.003, 650.300, 801.407                       Service facilities, dealers, 446.691, 446.696,
 Disposal systems, 815.260                                      822.025, 822.040, 822.082
 Electrical work, 446.180, 446.185, 446.210                   Size and weight restrictions, exceeding, 818.100
 Equipment, 446.160, 446.180, 446.185                         Title loans, see LOANS
 Fees                                                         Travel trailers
    Registration, county park and recreation sites, use,         Defined, 801.565
      366.512                                                    Mobile assessment, 820.520
    Show licenses, 822.084                                       Permanent home
    Trip permits, see Trip permits, this topic                       Effect of ceasing use, 820.520
 Franchises                                                          Use, ad valorem taxation, 308.880
    Civil actions                                                Registration
       Good cause, 650.310                                           Exemption, 803.305
       Indemnification, 650.450, 650.460
                                                                     Fee, length, 803.425
       Remedies, 650.470, 650.480
                                                                 Title requirement for operating or owning, 803.030
    Coercion by grantor, 650.360
                                                              Trip permits
    Damaged or defective vehicles, 650.420, 650.430
                                                                 (Generally), 803.600
    Dealership agreements
       (Generally), 650.320
       Coercion by grantor, 650.360                                  (Generally), 803.645
       Defined, 650.300                                              Disposition, 803.601
       Requirement, grantor sales to dealer, 650.440             Insurance, 803.602
       Termination, cancellation, nonrenewal                  Warranties, see Franchises, this topic
           Dealer’s rights, 650.350
           Grounds, notice, 650.340                        RECYCLING
       Transfer, dealers, 650.370, 650.380                    See also RENEWABLE RESOURCES
    Definitions, 650.300                                      Assistance, Environmental Quality Department,
    Disclosures, required, 650.420                             459.035
    Family members, dealer’s successors, 650.380              Building construction, collection containers,
    Good cause, civil action, 650.310                          including space and access, 227.450
    Grantor sales to public, 650.330                          Capitol, State, education about recycling pro-
    Indemnification, 650.450, 650.460                          grams, 173.720
    Ownership, operation or control of dealership by
                                                              Civil penalties, violations, 459.995
      grantor, 650.440
                                                              Collection drivers, seat belt exemption, 811.215
    Recalls, 650.400
                                                              Collection service franchises, cities and counties,
    Remedies, civil actions, 650.470, 650.480
    Successors to dealer, 650.380
                                                              Commercial recycling programs, evaluation,
    Terms and conditions of sale, comparable, 650.330
                                                               local government units, effectiveness, 459A.029
    Transfer by dealer, 650.370
       Dealer’s obligations, 650.410                             (Generally), 459A.600 et seq.
       Defined, 650.300                                          Defined, 459A.600
       Recalls, 650.400                                          Public contracts, yard waste material, 279B.225,
       Remedies, civil actions, 650.480                            279C.510
       Service, claims, compensation, 650.390                    State purchases, compost and sewage sludge, rules,
 Hardship dwellings, temporary, farm and forest                    459A.605
   zones, 215.213, 215.283, 215.317, 215.755                     Use of compost and sewage sludge
 Injunctions                                                        Programs, 459A.615
    Franchises, dealers, violations, 650.470, 650.480               State agencies, priority, 459A.620
    Safety and sanitation violations, 446.190                 Construction debris, public contracts, 279C.510
 Insurance, trip permits, 803.602                             Containers, recycling, multifamily residential
 Licenses and permits                                          dwellings, space and access, 455.422
    Show licenses, 822.084                                    Courts, documents, recycled, use, 7.250
    Trip permits, see Trip permits, this topic                Defined, 459.005
 Littering, waste holding tank, draining, 164.805             Demolition debris, public contracts, 279C.510
 Motor homes                                                  Disposal sites, material recovery rate required,
    Alcoholic beverages, open container law, non-appli-        459.305
      cation, 811.170                                         Education and promotion plan, preparation and
    Combination with other vehicle, 818.100                    implementation, state, 459A.010
    Defined, 650.120, 801.350                                 Education programs, local governments and
    Registration fee, length, 803.425                          schools, assistance, 459A.750
 Parks, land use regulations, 197.492, 197.493                Electronic products, 268.319
 Rental agreements, occupancy in parks, 90.230                Exemptions, 459A.075
 Rules, dealers, 822.084                                      Fishing tackle, 496.490
 Safety, sanitation requirements                              Food packaging regulation, see CONTAINERS
    Building code, state, 455.010                              AND PACKAGES

RECYCLING (Cont.)                                          RECYCLING (Cont.)
  Glass, report, manufacturers, new and recycled             Rules (Cont.)
   glass, 459A.550                                              Compost and sewage sludge, purchase, 459A.605
  Goals                                                         Used oil
     (Generally), 459A.029                                         Collection, 459A.575, 459A.585
     50 percent recovery rate, 459A.029                            Dust suppression, herbicide, use, 459A.595
     Legislative findings, solid waste recovery goals,             Use, management, disposal of, etc., 459A.590
        459A.027                                             Septage, 454.787, 454.790, 454.792, 454.800
  Hazardous wastes and materials, disposal facili-           Service areas, establishing, 459A.085
   ties, permit modification, 466.067                        Small scale local energy projects, recycling
  Implementation guidelines, 459A.025                         project defined, 470.050
  Landlords, five or more units, providing, 90.318           Solid waste composition study, 459A.035
  Legislature                                                Solid waste recovery
     Legislative findings, solid waste recovery goals,          Commercial recycling programs, recovery rate goal,
        459A.027                                                  459A.029
     Policy, declaration, 459.015, 459A.475                     Educational and promotional materials, state recov-
  Liquor Control Commission, recycling education                  ery rate, 459A.029
   materials, development for distribution, 471.754             Goal, 50 percent, 459A.029
  Mandatory participation program, 459A.065                     State, solid waste, recovery rate goal, 459A.029
  Metropolitan service district, see METROPOLI-              Source separation
   TAN SERVICE DISTRICT                                         Charge, collection service or disposal site, 459A.070
  Motor vehicles, mercury light switches, 459A.630              Condition, disposal site permit, 459.250
  Newsprint and directories                                     Mixing with solid waste, prohibited, 459A.080
     (Generally), 459A.500 et seq.                              Requiring, 459A.065
     Annual report, 459A.515                                 State agencies, see STATE AGENCIES
     Definitions, 459A.500                                   Statewide integrated solid waste management
     Minimum recycled content                                 plan, inclusion, recycling, etc., 459A.020
          Directories, 459A.520                              Technical assistance, local governments,
          Newsprint, 459A.505                                 459A.030
     Post consumer waste and shipment, report to con-        Used oil recycling, see OIL AND GAS
        sumer, 459A.510                                      Variance
  Oil, see OIL AND GAS                                          Requirements of rules or guidelines, 459A.055
  Opportunity to recycle                                        Wastesheds, 459A.045
     Collection services, 459A.085                           Violations, penalties, 459.995, 466.995
     Defined, 459A.005                                       Wastesheds
     Funding, 459A.085                                          Appeal, inclusion in wasteshed, 459A.045
     Implementation, 459A.050                                   Identification, 459A.025
     Local government program, providing for, 459.055           Notification, affected persons, 459A.045
     Notice, material included, 459A.045                        Variance, request, 459A.045
     Recovery rates, statewide goal, 459A.010                Yard waste material, public contracts, 279B.225,
     Rules, 459A.025                                          279C.510
     Statewide goal, 459A.010
  Plastics, see PLASTICS
  Policy, 459.015                                          RED LIGHTS
  Polyethylene materials, recycled, purchasing,              See MOTOR VEHICLES
   state agencies, 279A.150, 279B.275
  Priorities, 459.015                                      REDEMPTION
  Prohibited practices, 459A.080
  Public contracts, see PUBLIC CONTRACTS                     Bonds, see BONDS
  Recycled PETE products                                     Decedents estates, 115.265
     Defined, 279A.010                                       Execution, see EXECUTION
     Purchasing, state agencies, 279A.150, 279B.275          Executors and administrators, 115.265
  Regional disposal sites, government units, certi-          Irrigation district foreclosed lands, 545.504
   fication of opportunity to recycle, 459.305               Mining claims or interest, limitation, 517.090,
  Report                                                       517.100
     Contents, 459A.050                                      Mortgages, 88.080
     Time for submission, 459A.050                           Pawnbrokers, see PAWNBROKERS
  Resource recovery                                          Public bonds, see BONDS
     Cooperative agreements, 459.065                         Secured transactions, see SECURED TRANSAC-
     Definition, 459.005                                       TIONS
     Grants, state, 468.220                                  Tax-foreclosed property, 312.120, 312.130, 312.180,
     Local governments, regulations, conflict with regu-       312.190, 314.419
        lations of other governmental units, 459.095
     Markets, promotion and development, 459.065           REDUCTION
     Metropolitan service district, see METROPOLI-           Carcasses, see CARCASSES
        TAN SERVICE DISTRICT                                 Hazardous wastes, reduction of use, see HAZ-
     Policy, 459.015                                          ARDOUS WASTES AND MATERIALS
     Rate of recovery, required, 459.055, 459.305,           Sentences, see SENTENCE AND PUNISHMENT
        459A.010                                             Tax reduction programs, see TAXATION
     (Generally), 459A.025
     Beverage containers, certification, reusable,         REFEREES
        459A.725                                             (Generally), ORCP 65

REFEREES (Cont.)                                         REFRIGERATORS (Cont.)
  Accounting matters, ORCP 65D                              Landlords (Cont.)
  Appointment, ORCP 65A                                       Providing, roomer defined, 90.100
  Compensation, ORCP 65A
  Drainage district dissolution, reorganizations,
                                                         REFUGEE CHILD WELFARE ADVISORY
  Employment health, safety, 654.290, 656.740             COMMITTEE
  Evidence, ORCP 65C                                        (Generally), 418.941
     (Generally), 21.510
     Delinquent, ORCP 65A
                                                         REFUGEE CHILDREN
  Irrigation district dissolution, reorganization,          See JUVENILE DELINQUENTS AND DEPEN-
    548.935                                                  DENTS
  Meetings, ORCP 65D
  Oaths, administering, ORCP 65C                         REFUGES AND RESERVATIONS
  Partition, see PARTITION (JUDICIAL)
                                                            See FISH AND WILDLIFE
  Powers, ORCP 65C
  Proceedings, ORCP 65D
  Record, evidence, ORCP 65C                             REFUND ANTICIPATION LOANS
  Reports, ORCP 65E                                         See TAX CONSULTANTS AND PREPARERS
  Sports, see ATHLETICS, generally
     (Generally), ORCP 65C, ORCP 65D                     REFUNDS
     Contempt, ORCP 65D                                     Cigarette tax, see CIGARETTE TAX
     Oath and examination, ORCP 65C                         Income tax (state), see INCOME TAX (STATE)
     Subpoenas, ORCP 65D                                    State finance
  Workers’ compensation, see WORKERS’ COM-                     Adjustment and claim payment moneys, deposit
    PENSATION                                                   with State Treasurer, 293.445
                                                               Setoffs, liquidated debts to Department of Revenue,
REFERENCE JUDGES                                            State lands, see STATE LANDS
  See CIRCUIT COURT JUDGES                                  Taxation, see TAXATION
                                                            Timber taxes, continuous appropriation and pay-
REFERENDUM                                                    ment, 321.560
REFERRALS                                                   See WASTE DISPOSAL, generally
  Employment agencies, see EMPLOYMENT AGEN-
   CIES                                                  REGIONAL AIR QUALITY CONTROL
REFINANCING                                                 See POLLUTION
  Advance Refinancing and Refunding Bond Act,
  Drainage districts, federal loans, refinancing         REGIONAL CORRECTIONAL
    contract, 547.360, 548.315, 548.320                   FACILITIES
  Irrigation districts, indebtedness, see IRRIGA-           See CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS
  Local, county indebtedness, see COUNTY
    FINANCES                                             REGIONAL INVESTMENT FUND
  Small scale local energy projects, repayments to          (Generally), 285B.260, 285B.263, 285B.264
    state, 470.200
                                                         REGIONAL LIBRARIES
REFORMATION                                                 See LIBRARIES
  Future interests, class gifts, rule against perpetu-
   ities, 105.960                                        REGIONAL LIGHT RAIL EXTENSION
  Probation, release condition, 137.540, 144.096,
   144.122                                                BOND ACCOUNT
  Punishment laws, purpose, CONST. I §15                    (Generally), 391.125

  See FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS, generally                      CONSTRUCTION FUND
                                                            (Generally), 391.110, 391.120
  Electrician licensing, application of laws, 479.940       (Generally), 352.390, 352.400
  Furnishings, agency-provided housing, 182.415
  Hazard, creating, door or lid, 167.810
  Landlords                                              REGISTERS
     Failure to repair, 90.365                              Accountants, 297.670

REGISTERS (Cont.)                                         REGISTRATION (Cont.)
  Contested cases, judicial review, decision, entry,          Limited liability partnerships, see LIMITED LIA-
   183.485                                                     BILITY PARTNERSHIPS
  Crimes, satisfaction for injury, entry, 135.705             Lobbyists, see LOBBYING AND LOBBYISTS
  Demurrer, judgment, entry, 135.660                          Marijuana, medical use, see CONTROLLED SUB-
  Dismissal of criminal actions, entry, 135.755                STANCES
  Fish and wildlife, reports, see FISH AND WILD-              Medical gas systems, plumbing, specialty regis-
   LIFE                                                        tration or certificate, see note after, 447.060
  Judgment on conviction, entry, 137.170                      Membership campgrounds, see MEMBERSHIP
  Judgment, criminal, entry, 137.310                           CAMPGROUNDS
  Pen registers, see WIRETAPPING AND EAVES-                   Mopeds
   DROPPING                                                      Fee, 803.420
  Plea, entry, 135.355                                           Plate, one, issuing, 803.525
                                                              Motor carriers, see MOTOR CARRIERS
                                                              Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES
REGISTRATION                                                  Names, business, see NAMES
  See also CERTIFICATES AND CERTIFICATION;                    Optometrists and optometry, 683.270
    LICENSES AND PERMITS                                      Outfitters and guides, see OUTFITTERS AND
  Aircraft and aviation, see AIRCRAFT AND AVIA-                GUIDES
    TION                                                      Pesticides, see PESTS AND PESTICIDES
  Animal remedies, etc., see DRUGS AND MEDI-                  Professional fundraising firms, charitable orga-
    CINES                                                      nizations, see CHARITABLE AND BENEVO-
  Animals, misrepresentation, mutilation, 609.805              LENT ORGANIZATIONS
  Apiaries, see BEES                                          Real estate appraiser assistants, see REAL
  Architects and architecture, see ARCHITECTS                  ESTATE APPRAISERS AND APPRAISAL
    AND ARCHITECTURE                                          Schools and school districts, private schools, see
  Athletic trainers, see ATHLETIC TRAINERS, gen-               SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS
    erally                                                    Securities, see SECURITIES
  Boats, see BOATS AND BOATING                                Service contracts, obligors, 646.267, 646.279
  Body piercing technicians, 690.507, 690.510                 Snowmobiles, see SNOWMOBILES
  Bonds, public, see BONDS                                    Student athlete agents, see STUDENT ATHLETE
  Business names, see NAMES                                    AGENTS
  Campers, see CAMPERS                                        Surveys and surveyors, see SURVEYS AND SUR-
  Cancer and benign tumor registry system, see                 VEYORS
    DISEASES AND INJURIES                                     Telephone solicitations, see TELEPHONES AND
  Charitable organizations, professional fundrais-             TELEPHONE COMPANIES
    ing firms, see CHARITABLE AND BENEVO-                     Third party administrators, persons exempt from
    LENT ORGANIZATIONS                                         licensure, 744.714
  Child care facilities, noncertified, 657A.330               Trademarks and trade names, see TRADEMARKS
  Collection agency businesses, see COLLECTION                 AND TRADE NAMES
    AGENCIES                                                  Vital statistics, see VITAL STATISTICS, generally
  Continuing care retirement communities, see                 Waste water specialists, see ENVIRONMENTAL
    NITIES                                                    Water and water rights, see WATER AND WATER
  Controlled substances, see CONTROLLED SUB-                   RIGHTS
  Corporations, see CORPORATIONS
  Credit service organizations, 646.386, 646.396          REHABILITATION
  Debt consolidating agencies, see DEBT CONSOL-               Purpose, Criminal Code, 161.025
    IDATING AGENCIES                                          Rehabilitation facilities, see VOCATIONAL EDU-
  Elections, see ELECTIONS                                     CATION AND REHABILITATION
  Endowment care cemeteries, salespersons, 97.931             Vocational education, see VOCATIONAL EDUCA-
  Environmental health specialists, see ENVIRON-              Workers’ compensation, see WORKERS’ COM-
    MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALISTS                                  PENSATION
  Farm labor camps, see FARM LABOR
  Feeds, see FEEDS
      (Generally), 633.362                                    Sales, see SALES
      Confidential information, 633.364
  Fishing derbies, 704.045                                RELATION BACK
  Funerals and funeral businesses                             Amendments, pleading, ORCP 23C
      Prearrangement or preconstruction sales
         Master trustees, 97.935
         Salespersons, 97.931                             RELATIVES
  Geologists, see GEOLOGISTS AND GEOLOGY                      Adoption, consent, 109.312
  Health professionals, uncompensated services,               Attorney, right, denial because of resources to
    limited liability program, 676.345                         retain, 135.050
  Investment securities, see COMMERCIAL CODE                  Compensation of victims, see COMPENSATION
  Landscape architects, see LANDSCAPE ARCHI-                   OF VICTIMS
    TECTS AND ARCHITECTURE                                    Custodial interference, see CUSTODIAL INTER-
  Legal expense organizations, see LEGAL                       FERENCE, generally
    EXPENSE ORGANIZATIONS                                     Death, see DEATH

RELATIVES (Cont.)                                       RELEASE OF DEFENDANTS (Cont.)
  Employment, employees or individuals seeking            Agreements (Cont.)
    employment, other family members, discrimi-              Exoneration
    nation, 659A.309                                             Adverse verdict, 136.495
  Family abuse and violence, see FAMILY ABUSE                    Appeals, reversal without new trial, 138.250
    AND VIOLENCE, generally                                      Dismissal of action, 135.753
  Fraudulent conveyances, 95.200 et seq.                         Evidence insufficient, arrest of judgment,
  Grand juries, discharge, 132.110                                 136.525
  Intestate succession, 112.045, 112.047, 112.049,               Reversal without new trial, 138.250
    112.065, 112.095, 112.175                                Preliminary hearings, forwarding, magistrate,
  Jurors, implied bias, 136.220                                135.225
  Marriage between, 106.020, 107.005                      Appeals
  Mentally ill persons                                       (Generally), 135.250, 138.160
     Commitments, 426.100, 426.110, 426.125, 426.130,        Conviction, municipal, justice or circuit court, secu-
       426.220                                                 rity or release agreement, 135.285
     Transporting to facility, 426.150                       Release, defined, 135.230
  Prostitution, compelling, spouse, child or step-           Reversal without new trial, agreement exoneration
    child, 167.017                                             and security refund, 138.250
  Public assistance, see PUBLIC ASSISTANCE                Appearance, agreement, 135.250
  Retirement moneys, public employees, 238.390            Appointment, release assistance officer, 135.235
                                                          Arrest of judgment
  Sexually dangerous person commitments, 426.650
                                                             Agreement exonerated, 136.525
  State moneys due deceased payees, disposition,
                                                             New accusatory instrument, 136.515
    293.490, 293.495, 293.500
  Threats, family members, harassment, 166.065
                                                             Conditions of release, failure to comply, 135.280
  Unemployment compensation, corporate offic-                County other than warrant issuance, release deci-
    ers, employment definition, 657.044                        sion, 133.450
  Victims, compensation, eligibility, persons not            Discharge from arrest, following release decision,
    dependent, 147.025                                         133.450
  Wages, payment to survivors, 652.190                    Associations, conditions, 135.260
                                                          Conditional release
RELEASE                                                      (Generally), 135.260
  See also COMPROMISES AND SETTLEMENTS                       Breaches, contempt, 135.290
  Adoption, child-caring agency, guardianship,               Change, place of trial, 131.405
   418.270                                                   Decision, 135.245
  Affirmative defense, pleading, ORCP 19B                    Defined, 135.230
                                                             Mental disease or defect, defense or proceedings,
  Attachment, ORCP 81C
                                                               see MENTAL DISEASE OR DEFECT
  Defendants, see RELEASE OF DEFENDANTS,
                                                             Name, true, effect of defendant’s failure to provide,
  Defense, affirmative, ORCP 19B
                                                             Students on, reports to school districts, 419A.300
  Depositories, public funds, security, 295.015              Victims, mentally diseased persons, notice, 161.325,
  Mental hospitals and training centers                        161.326, 419C.529
     (Generally), 426.300, 427.290, 427.300                  Violations, cooperative returns, other states,
     Prior to commitment term, 426.292                         144.376
  Parole, probation and post-prison supervision,          Construction, statutory, 135.245
   see PAROLE, PROBATION AND POST-PRISON                  Contempt, breaches, conditional release, 135.290
   SUPERVISION, generally                                 Continuance, trial, 135.750
  Pleading as affirmative defense, ORCP 19B               County of arrest, other than warrant issuance
  Secured transactions, collateral, 79.0315, 79.0512       county, 133.450
  Sex offenders, see SEX OFFENSES                         Credit cards, use for security deposit, 1.005
  Small scale local energy projects, uncollectible        Criteria, defined, 135.230
   loans, 470.170                                         Custody, defined, 135.255
  State land claims, 273.131, 273.915                     Decision
  Sureties, see SURETIES                                     (Generally), 135.245
  Warehousemen, delivery excused, 77.4030                    Defined, 135.230
  Water, see DAMS AND RESERVOIRS                             Release assistance officer, making, 135.235
  Workers’ compensation, see WORKERS’ COM-                Definitions, 135.230
   PENSATION                                              Deposits, security, see BAIL
                                                          Detainers, Agreement on, see AGREEMENT ON
                                                           DETAINERS, generally
RELEASE OF DEFENDANTS                                     Discharge following acquittals, dismissals, etc.,
  See also BAIL; PAROLE, PROBATION AND                     see DISCHARGE OF DEFENDANTS, generally
    POST-PRISON SUPERVISION                               Dismissal of actions, agreement discharged or
  (Generally), 135.230 et seq., CONST. I §14,              exonerated, 135.530, 135.753
    CONST. I §16                                          District attorney, right to be heard, release deci-
  Agreements                                               sion, 135.245
     Breach, contempt, 135.290                            Domestic violence, see FAMILY ABUSE AND VIO-
     Conditions, 135.250                                   LENCE
     Defined, 135.230                                     Employment, release during working hours, con-
     Detainers, see AGREEMENT ON DETAINERS,                ditional release, 135.260
      generally                                           Execution, forfeiture judgment, 135.280
     Executing and filing, defendant, 135.255             Exoneration, see Agreements, this topic

RELEASE OF DEFENDANTS (Cont.)                               RELEASE OF DEFENDANTS (Cont.)
 Extradition, see EXTRADITION                                  Verdict, adverse, release agreement exonerated,
 Guaranteed arrest bond certificate, see SURETY                 136.495
   COMPANIES                                                   Verification, release criteria information, 135.235
 Immediate right, 135.245                                      Victims of crime, information about, 147.421
 Interview, persons detained, release assistance               Victims, mentally diseased persons, notice,
   officer, 135.235                                             161.325, 161.326, 419C.529
 Jurors, sureties, implied bias, 136.220                       Working hours, conditional release, 135.260
 Justice courts
    (Generally), 156.410
    Appeals, 157.050
                                                            RELEASE OF PRISONERS
 Juveniles, security for release in criminal cases             See CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS
   not applicable, 419C.179
 Leaving state, agreement, 135.250                          RELEVANT EVIDENCE
 Liens, satisfaction, forfeiture sale proceeds,                See EVIDENCE
 Motions, modification, release agreement or
   security release, 135.285                                RELIGION
 Motor vehicles, traffic crimes, see BAIL                      See also CHURCHES; RELIGIOUS ORGANIZA-
 Movements, conditions, 135.260                                  TIONS
 Murder                                                        Abuse of venerated objects, abusing place of wor-
    (Generally), 135.240, CONST. I §14                           ship, 166.075
    Appeals, release discretionary, 135.285                    Academic degrees
    Custody pending trial, 136.295                                 Degree authorization, exempt schools,
 Name, true, effect of defendant’s failure to pro-                   348.604 et seq.
   vide, 135.067                                                   Employer discrimination, unlawful employment
 New indictment or information filed, 135.540                        practices, 659A.318
 New trial, appearance, agreement, 135.250                     Appropriations, prohibited, CONST. I §5
 Notices                                                       Camps, organized, minimum wage exemption,
    Breach, conditional release, 135.260                         653.010
    Forfeitures, security deposit, 135.280                     Chaplain services, state institutions, 179.375
    Sentencing judge and trial counsel, 144.260                Charter schools
    Victims                                                        Complaints, religious activities, 327.109
        Mentally diseased persons, 161.325, 161.326,               Prohibitions, 338.115
          419C.529                                             Christian Scientists, see CHRISTIAN SCIEN-
        Parole hearings, 144.120                                 TISTS, generally
        Prospective release, 144.260                           Cities, regulation of real property, religious
 Orders and process of court, submitting self,                   activities associated with places of worship,
   agreement, 135.250                                            227.500
 Personal recognizance                                         Clergy, see CLERGY, generally
    Decision, 135.245                                          Colleges and universities, see COLLEGES AND
    Defined, 135.230                                             UNIVERSITIES
    Name, true, effect of defendant’s failure to provide,      Conscientious objectors, 396.115, CONST. X §2
      135.067                                                  Corporation sole, form of religious corporation,
    Trial, pending, 136.290                                      65.067
 Post-conviction relief                                        Counties, regulation of real property, religious
    (Generally), 138.520                                         activities associated with places of worship,
    Released persons, effect on proceedings, 138.560             215.441
 Recognizance, personal, see Personal recogni-                 Discrimination, see DISCRIMINATION, generally
   zance, this topic                                           Education, excuse from school for, 339.420
 Release assistance officer and deputies, 135.235              Freedom, CONST. I §2 et seq.
 Release, defined, 135.230                                     Immunization or tracking requirements, exemp-
 Report, release criteria and recommendation,                    tion, 433.102
   release assistance officer, 135.235                         Instruction, excuse from school for, 339.420
 Residence, condition, 135.260                                 Intimidation based on, 166.155, 166.165
 Restraining orders, foreign, security amount,                 Jurors, competency, CONST. I §6
   24.190                                                      Medical treatment, physician or mode of treat-
 Resubmitted or refiled case                                     ment, right to choice, 431.180
    (Generally), 135.540                                       Mental patients, state facilities, 426.385
    Demurrers, allowance, 135.670 et seq.                      Militia, freedom, 399.045
    Motions to dismiss or set aside, 135.530, 135.540          Oregon Health and Science University, students,
    Variance, accusatory instrument and proof, 136.490           religious beliefs, admission and class atten-
 Right, immediate, 135.245                                       dance, 353.190
 Security deposits, see BAIL                                   Organizations, gambling, see GAMBLING, gener-
 Sex offenders, see SEX OFFENSES                                 ally
 Traffic crimes, see BAIL                                      Parking lots, religious organizations, tax exemp-
 Treason                                                         tion, 307.140
    (Generally), 135.240, CONST. I §14                         Parochial schools, see SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL
    Appeals, release discretionary, 135.285                      DISTRICTS
    Continuance, 135.750                                       Peyote, religious practice, use, 475.840
    Pending, 136.290, 136.295                                  Podiatric physician and surgeon licensing,
 Venue, change, 131.405                                          exemption, 677.815

RELIGION (Cont.)                                       RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS (Cont.)
  Practices, interference by health authorities,          Tax exemptions (Cont.)
    431.180                                                  Students, housing, property, 307.145, 307.195,
  Public employee collective bargaining, nonasso-              307.460
    ciation, 243.666                                      Tubercular cases, reporting, 437.010
  Qualification for office, CONST. I §4                   Unrelated business income, corporate excise tax,
  Real property, permitted uses, religious activi-         317.920, 317.950
    ties associated with places of worship, 215.441,      Volunteers, unemployment compensation,
    227.500                                                657.015
  Religious corporations, see NONPROFIT CORPO-            Workers compensation, certain employees
    RATIONS                                                exempt, 656.027
  Residential facilities or homes, prayer or spiri-
    tual healing, operating, procedures, 443.445
  Schools and school districts, see SCHOOLS AND        RELOCATION
    SCHOOL DISTRICTS                                      Condemnation, see CONDEMNATION
  Slaughter of livestock, 603.065
  Spiritual treatment, see SPIRITUAL TREAT-            REMAINDERS
    MENT, generally
  Vitamin K for newborn, objection to administra-         See FUTURE INTERESTS
    tion, 433.306
  Wine, sacramental purposes, 471.404, 471.405         REMEDIAL ACTION ADVISORY
  Witnesses, competency, CONST. I §6                    COMMITTEE
  Workers compensation, spiritual treatment,
    656.010                                               (Generally), 465.420
  Worship places, abuse, 166.075
  Worship, freedom, CONST. I §2                        REMEDIES
                                                          Actions and proceedings, see ACTIONS AND
RELIGIOUS CORPORATIONS                                     PROCEEDINGS
  See NONPROFIT CORPORATIONS                              Damages, see DAMAGES, generally
                                                          Sales, see SALES

  Appropriations for, prohibited, CONST. I §5             Forfeitures, CONST. V §14
  Bingo, lotto or raffle games, conducting, 167.118
  Buses, safety lights, 818.260                        REMOVAL
  Camping spaces, homeless persons, 203.082               Constables, see CONSTABLES
  Cemeteries, endowment care, election, 97.865
                                                          Evidence, tampering, 162.295
  Charitable activities, supervision, exemption,
                                                          Judges, see JUDGES AND JUSTICES
    128.620, 128.640
  City improvement assessments, installment pay-
                                                             Applications, removal leases, 273.225
    ment, 223.212
                                                             Investigations, trespasses, damages, 273.185
  Clergy, see CLERGY, generally
  Conference ground or center, minimum wage                  Lost or flood deposited property, 99.050
    exemption, 653.020                                       Materials, defined, 273.006, 274.005
  Directors, loans to benefit of, 65.364                     Ocean shore products, 390.725
  Employment, discrimination exception, 659A.006             Penalties, 273.990
  Gambling, lotto or raffle games, conducting,               Permits
    167.118                                                      Excavation, archaeological or historical mate-
  Gifts, inheritance tax, 116.343                                  rial, 390.235, 390.237
  Homeless persons, camping spaces, 203.082                      Semiprecious stones, petrified wood, 273.715
  Hospital licensing exemption, prayer or spiritual              Wildlife, taking, scientific purpose, 497.298
    treatment, 441.065                                       Petrified wood, semiprecious stones, rules maximiz-
  Inheritance tax, 116.343                                     ing public benefit, 273.715
  Insurance                                                  Royalties
     Beneficiaries, life, 743.030                                (Generally), 273.225
     Blanket health, 743.534                                     Ocean shore products, 390.725
     Code, exemption, 731.036                                Semiprecious stones, petrified wood, rules maximiz-
  Loans, to or for benefit of director or officer,             ing public benefit, 273.715
    65.364                                                   Submerged and submersible lands, fill or removal,
  Lotto, conducting, 167.118                                   see SUBMERGED AND SUBMERSIBLE
  Marriages, solemnizing, 106.041, 106.120, 106.150            LANDS
  Monte Carlo events, operation, 167.118                  Public officers, see PUBLIC OFFICERS AND
  Nursing home administrator law, application,             EMPLOYEES
    678.750                                               Records, public, tampering, 162.305
  Officers, loans to benefit of, 65.364                   State officers and employees, see STATE OFFIC-
  Raffle games, conducting, 167.118                        ERS AND EMPLOYEES
  Securities registration exemption, 59.025               State police, see STATE POLICE
  Solicitation of funds, 128.620                          Surveys
  Tax exemptions                                             Flagging, stakes and temporary materials, 672.047
     Corporate excise tax, 317.080                           Monument, public lands survey corner, etc., replace-
     Property, 307.140, 307.145, 307.162                       ment, 209.155

REMOVAL OF MATERIALS                                      RENT (Cont.)
 See REMOVAL                                                  Mediation, nonapplicability, 90.610
                                                              Mobile home parks, see MOBILE HOMES AND
RENDERING WORKS                                                MANUFACTURED STRUCTURES
                                                              Mortgaged or pledged property, 86.010
                                                              Motor vehicles
                                                                 Collision damage waivers, 646.859
RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTER,                                         Definitions, 646.857
 OREGON                                                       Nonpayment, termination of tenancy, 90.392,
 (Generally), 352.221                                          90.394, 90.415
                                                                 (Generally), 90.140
RENEWABLE RESOURCES                                              Advance, 91.210
 See also RECYCLING                                              Court, to, possession recovery, 90.370, 105.140
 Alternative energy system, defined, 276.905                     Default
 Energy plan, contents, 469.060                                     Action for, 91.220, 91.245
 Ocean resources, protection, 196.420                               Demand not necessary, 91.210
 Policies regarding, 758.515                                        Distraint abolished, 90.420
 Small scale local energy projects, conserving or                   Effect, 90.392, 90.394, 90.415
  producing energy, 470.050                                      Due date, 90.220
 Tax credit, rental housing units, 469.207, 469.208              Late payment charge, 90.260
 Tax relief, energy conservation, 469.190, 469.195,              Leasehold, default terminates, 91.090
                                                                 Nonpayment, termination of tenancy, 90.392,
 Territorial sea, Oregon, offshore oil and gas
                                                                   90.394, 90.415
  development prohibited, 196.410
                                                                 Reinstatement, 91.090
 Youth Conservation Corps, enhancement
                                                                 Right to, separation from maintenance obligation
  projects, 418.660
                                                                   prohibited, 90.250
                                                                 Tenant, responsibility, 90.220
RENT                                                             Time
 See also LANDLORD AND TENANT                                       (Generally), 91.210
 Absence of agreement, amount, 90.220                               Place, 90.220
 Action for                                                   Persons liable, 91.220
    (Generally), 91.220                                       Prepaid rent, security deposits, separate
    Distraint, abolished, 90.420                               accounting, 90.300
    Gambling, double damages, 91.245                          Rehabilitated rental units, 308.456, 308.462,
    Limitation, 12.125                                         308.466
 Adult foster homes, lessors, 443.760                         Rehabilitation and conversion, existing units
 Arbitration, nonapplicability, 90.610                         and structures, legislative finding, 308.453
 Boats, see BOATS AND BOATING                                 Retaliation, landlord, rent increase, 90.385
 Claim after termination of agreement, 90.430                 Secured transactions, exception, 79.0109
 Control, local, prohibition, 91.225                          State buildings, see STATE BUILDINGS
 Correctional facilities, local, 169.030                      State employees, housing, fair rental value,
 Criminal possession, rented personal property,                182.435
   164.140                                                    State office quarters, see STATE OFFICE QUAR-
 Date due, 90.220                                              TERS
 Death of landlord, 114.265                                   State-owned housing for employees, 182.415,
 Deduction, costs of essential services, 90.365                182.425, 182.435
 Defined, 90.100
                                                              Taxation, see TAXATION
 Discrimination, 659A.421, 659A.424
                                                              Tenant in possession liable, 91.220
 Distraint for rent abolished, 90.420
                                                              Tender, time for, 91.210
 Due date, 90.220
 Elderly rental assistance                                    Theft, possession of rented personal property,
    Taxation, see TAXATION                                     164.140
    Temporary assistance for needy families, monthly          Unlawful trade practices, unconscionable tac-
      payment, 418.172                                         tics, 646.607
 Elections, vote recording systems, 246.570,
   246.580, 246.600                                       RENUNCIATION
 Fee, late charge, 90.260                                     See DEFENSES
 Fixed term tenancy, unilateral amendment pro-
   hibited, 90.220
 Floating homes, rental agreement, 90.510                 REORGANIZATION
 Housing authorities, 456.120, 456.155, 456.160               Irrigation districts, see IRRIGATION DISTRICTS
 Increase                                                     Schools and school districts, see SCHOOLS AND
    (Generally), 90.220                                         SCHOOL DISTRICTS
    Notice, 90.600
    Retaliatory, 90.385
    Written notice, 90.220                                REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS
 Late charge, 90.260                                          Boilers and pressure vessels, see BOILERS AND
 Leases                                                        PRESSURE VESSELS
    Lessor action for, 72A.5290                               Condominiums, see CONDOMINIUMS
    Market, determination, 72A.5070                           Dikes, see DIKES
 Lien, landlord, 87.162, 87.166                               Landlord and tenant, 90.320, 90.322, 90.725

REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS (Cont.)                              REPORTS (Cont.)
 Light fixtures, smoke detectors, etc., licensing                Alcoholic beverages
  exemption, housing authority maintenance                          Manufacturers, importers of malt beverages, wine,
  staff, 479.540                                                      cider, 471.289
 Microwave oven repair facility, registration fees,                 Wholesalers, wine, malt beverages, bad checks,
  453.757                                                             471.495
 Motor vehicles, see GARAGES AND REPAIR                          Animals
  SHOPS, generally                                                  Agriculture Department tests, 561.315
 Service contracts, reimbursement insurance,                        Dogs or cats acquired, animal dealers, 609.510
  742.390, 742.392                                               Artificial insemination, 677.365
 Wheelchairs and scooters, warranties, 646.486,                  Attorney General, see ATTORNEY GENERAL
  646.488, 646.490                                               Baseball stadium financing, 184.406, 316.218
                                                                 Boards and commissions, meetings, absences,
REPAYMENT                                                         Governor, 182.020
                                                                 Boats, theft, 830.037, 830.053
 Attorney, court-appointed, compensation,
                                                                 Bonds, see BONDS
  135.050, 135.055
                                                                 Building code violations, suspected, 455.070
 Transportation costs, family abuse, restraining
                                                                 Business development projects, loan applicants,
  order, etc. violations, 133.381
                                                                  jobs created, 285B.053
                                                                 Carriers, see MOTOR CARRIERS
REPEALS                                                          Charitable and benevolent organizations, 97.992,
 Constitution repealer, of, 174.090                               128.650, 128.670
 Statutes, see STATUTES                                          Charter schools, 338.095
                                                                 Child abuse, see CHILD ABUSE
                                                                 Childhood diabetes database
REPLEVIN                                                            Physicians, 444.320
 Claim and delivery                                                 Schools, 444.310
    (Generally), ORCP 85, ORCP 85A                               Chiropractic patients, access, hospital rules,
    Custody and delivery of property, ORCP 85B,                   441.059
      ORCP 85C                                                   Cigarette tax, see CIGARETTE TAX
    Dismissal of action, prohibited, ORCP 85E                    Circuit courts, hearing, 8.340
    Fees, expenses, sheriff, 21.410, 206.325                     Clinical social workers, unprofessional conduct,
    Notices or orders, service, ORCP 81B                          675.585
    Provisional process order, filing, ORCP 85D                  College Savings Network, Oregon 529, 348.870,
    Sheriff, fees, expenses, 21.410, 206.325                      348.873
    Surety bond, ORCP 82A                                        Commercial fishing, see COMMERCIAL FISHING
 Criminal activities, asset forfeitures, 475A.045                Commodities commissions, see MARKETING OF
 Jurisdiction, justice courts, 51.080                             COMMODITIES
 Leases, 72A.5210                                                Commodities contracts, misleading, unlawful,
 Limitation of actions, 12.080                                    645.040
 Racketeering, property taken or detained,                       Condominiums
  166.725                                                           Filing, 100.250
 Sale of goods, 72.7110, 72.7160                                    Findings, onsite inspections, 100.700
 Venue, 14.040                                                   Conservation easements, conveyance of property
                                                                  to, tax effect, 271.729
REPLICA VEHICLES                                                 Consumer reporting agencies, see CONSUMER
 See MOTOR VEHICLES                                               REPORTING AGENCIES, generally
                                                                 Controlled substances, see CONTROLLED SUB-
REPLY                                                            Cooperative corporations, see COOPERATIVE
 Pleadings                                                        CORPORATIONS
    (Generally), ORCP 13B                                        Corporations, see CORPORATIONS
    Ways of necessity, answer controverting petition or          County fair boards, 565.442
      report, 376.170                                            County finances, see COUNTY FINANCES
                                                                 County roads, status withdrawal, 368.026
REPORTERS                                                        County treasurers, see COUNTY TREASURERS
                                                                 Court of Appeals, see COURT OF APPEALS
 Court, see COURT REPORTERS, generally
                                                                 Court reports, see OREGON REPORTS, generally
 Newspapers, see NEWSPAPERS
                                                                 Credit unions, see CREDIT UNIONS
                                                                 Custodians, nonperforming attorneys practice,
REPORTS                                                           final report, 9.755
 Abandoned or unclaimed property, see ABAN-                      Data processing devices, language, 192.310
  DONED OR UNCLAIMED PROPERTY                                    Death, see DEATH
 Abuse reporting, persons who are mentally ill or                Diabetes, childhood, database
  have developmental disability, see ABUSE OF                       Physicians, 444.320
  PERSONS                                                           Schools, 444.310
 Administrative rule review, 183.720, 183.725                    Discovery, experts, 135.815
 Administrative Services, Department of                          Drugs
   Motor vehicles, pool operations, 283.340                         Diversion programs, 430.475
   Property, state agencies, 279A.255                               Outlets, ownership, management, accidents, etc.,
 Agriculture, see AGRICULTURE AND HORTI-                              689.325
  CULTURE                                                           School employee-student privilege, use, 40.245

REPORTS (Cont.)                                           REPORTS (Cont.)
  Economic development projects, mortgage loans,             Mentally retarded persons
    bond proceeds disposition, 280.482                          Commitment hearings, diagnostic evaluations,
  Electricity, direct access service, 757.617, 757.646,           427.270
    757.687                                                     Commitment need, 427.235
  Emergency systems, interference with, 165.572              Mining, reclamation of lands, permittee reports,
  Energy, see ENERGY                                          517.837
  English language requirement, 192.310                      Missing persons, entering into records, 146.525
  Environmental Audit Report, 468.963                        Money transmission businesses, see MONEY
  Experts, discovery, 135.815                                 TRANSMISSION BUSINESSES
  Extradition demand, 133.757                                Motor carriers, see MOTOR CARRIERS
  False, see FALSE REPORTS, generally                        Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES
  Farm labor camp, evaluation, 654.071                       Municipal courts, criminal cases, disposition,
  Felony commission, refraining to report, com-               181.521
    pounding felony, 162.335                                 Negligence, professional, notice of claim, 30.278
                                                             Nonperforming attorneys, practice custodians,
  Fertilizers, see FERTILIZERS
                                                              final reports, 9.755
  Fiduciary organizations, individual development
                                                             Nonprofit corporations
    account program, low income persons, 458.700
                                                                Filing fees, 65.007
  Fill or removal, water, annual, 196.885
                                                                Indemnification, report to members, 65.784
  Fire Marshal, 476.130, 479.100                             Nursing homes, see NURSING HOMES AND
  Fire Service Policy Council, Governor’s, 476.685            CARE FACILITIES
  Fires, see FIRES AND FIRE PROTECTION                       Nursing violations, health care facilities, 678.135
  Fish passage, 509.590, 509.595                             Oil and gas tax, see OIL AND GAS TAX
  Food, see FOOD                                             Optometrists, violations, health care facilities,
  Fuel taxes, dealers, tax liability, 319.180                 683.335
  Funerals and funeral businesses, prearrange-               Oregon Business Development Fund, transac-
    ment or preconstruction sales, 97.933, 97.935             tions, 285B.077
  Geothermal well abandonment, 522.085, 522.235,             Parole, probation and post-prison supervision,
    522.245                                                   see PAROLE, PROBATION AND POST-PRISON
  Glass recycling, manufacturers, 459A.550                    SUPERVISION
  Governor, see GOVERNOR                                     Partition, see PARTITION (JUDICIAL)
  Governor’s Fire Service Policy Council, 476.685            Patient safety reporting program, see note fol-
  Grand juries, 132.440                                       lowing, 442.835
  Hatcheries, salmon eggs, 506.231                           Peace officers, see PEACE OFFICERS
  Hazardous wastes and materials, see HAZARD-                Pesticides, see PESTS AND PESTICIDES
    OUS WASTES AND MATERIALS                                 Pharmacists and pharmacies, see PHARMACISTS
  Health benefit plan carriers, annual report,                AND PHARMACIES
    743.748                                                  Physical therapists, licensing violations, 688.230
  Health information, see HEALTH INFORMA-                    Physicians and surgeons, see PHYSICIANS AND
    TION, generally                                           SURGEONS
  Health services, prioritized list, 414.720                 Police, see PEACE OFFICERS
  Highways and roads, see HIGHWAYS AND                       Police officers, foreign states, exercising author-
    ROADS                                                     ity in Oregon, incident, 190.474
  Homicide, suspected, 181.580                               Ports Representation Group, Oregon, 285A.618
  Hospitals, suicide attempts, minors, 441.750,              Presentence, see SENTENCE AND PUNISHMENT
    441.755                                                  Probate, see PROBATE
  Income tax (state), see INCOME TAX (STATE)                 Professional corporations
  Initiating false report, 162.375, 166.023, 166.025            Annual, contents, 58.225
                                                                Filing fees, 58.410
  Invasive Species Council, 561.685
                                                             Professional negligence, notice of claim, 30.278
  Investigators, licensed, 703.450
                                                             Protective proceedings
  Investment Council, Oregon, 293.771
                                                                Guardians, 125.325
  Investments, local government funds, 294.155                  Visitors, 125.155
  Juvenile courts, financial assistance, fiscal              Public agencies, form, frequency, 192.210, 192.220,
    reporting procedures, 419A.048                            192.250
  Juveniles, see JUVENILE DELINQUENTS AND                    Public assistance, grievances, applicants and
    DEPENDENTS                                                recipients, 411.977
  Legislature, see LEGISLATURE                               Public health measures, examinations, 433.019
  Libraries, 357.005, 357.520                                Railroads, see RAILROADS
  Limited liability companies, see LIMITED LIA-              Recycling
    BILITY COMPANIES                                            Contents, 459A.050
  Lobbying, false swearing, written declaration,                Time for submission, 459A.050
    171.762                                                  Referees, ORCP 65E
  Long term care facilities, investigations, 441.121         Refugee children, 418.943
  Low income persons, individual development                 Roads, see HIGHWAYS AND ROADS
    account programs, fiduciary organization                 Rules affecting business, Legislative Committee
    reports, 458.700                                          on Trade and Economic Development, 171.850
  Master Settlement Agreement (tobacco), distrib-            Savings associations, see SAVINGS ASSOCIA-
    utors, 180.435, 323.106                                   TIONS
  Medical Examiner, State, 146.025, 146.035, 146.055         Scenic easements, conveyance of property to, tax
  Mental health authorities, local, 430.630, 430.632,         effect, 271.729
    430.640                                                  School finance, see SCHOOL FINANCE

REPORTS (Cont.)                                       REPRODUCTION RIGHTS
  Schools and school districts, see SCHOOLS AND          Art, see ART AND ARTISTS
  Secretary of State, see SECRETARY OF STATE
  Securities, see SECURITIES
  Sheriffs                                               Sales, see SALES
     Crimes, 181.511, 181.550
     Moneys collected and turned over, 294.990        REPUTATION
  Small scale local energy projects, loan fund           See EVIDENCE
   transactions, Legislature and Governor, 470.140
  Soil analysis, building permits, 455.440
  Special education, child appearing handicapped,     REQUESTS FOR ADMISSIONS
   duty to report and effect, 343.193                    (Generally), ORCP 45A
  State agencies, see STATE AGENCIES                     Effect of admission, ORCP 45D
  State agency rule review, 183.720, 183.725             Expenses, failure to admit genuineness of facts
  State bonded indebtedness, content, 286.515              or documents, ORCP 46C
  State employees, temporary employment, 240.309         Form of response, ORCP 45E
  State finance, see STATE FINANCE                       Genuineness of facts or documents, failure to
  State Police Department, disposition, definition,        admit, expense payment, ORCP 46C
   181.010                                               Motion to determine sufficiency, ORCP 45C
  State Treasurer, see STATE TREASURER                   Number of requested admissions, ORCP 45F
  Sterilization, 436.335                                 Responses
  Suicide attempts, minors, 441.750, 441.755                (Generally), ORCP 45B
  Supreme Court, see OREGON REPORTS, gener-                 Form of, ORCP 45E
   ally                                                  Sufficiency, motion to determine, ORCP 45C
  Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission,
   COMMISSION                                            Affirmative defense, ORCP 19B
  Taxation, see TAXATION                                 Bonds, judgment on, when, 30.240
  Timber taxes, see TIMBER TAXES                         Defense, affirmative, pleading, ORCP 19B
  Timeshare estate, public report, 94.828                Habeas corpus, 34.710, 34.720
  Trustees, 130.710                                      Judgments
  Urban renewal                                             (Generally), 43.130, 43.150, 43.160, 43.170
     Agencies, financial, 457.460                           Annulment, 107.005
     Plans, accompanying, 457.085                           Foreign, 43.200
  Veterinarians and veterinary hospitals, see VET-          Marriage validity, 107.005
  Victims compensation proceedings, confidential-           Damages bar to action against official, 34.220
   ity, 147.115                                             Fine, bar to penalty, 34.230
  Vital statistics, see VITAL STATISTICS                 Orders of courts
  Water Development Administration and Bond                 Conclusive
   Sinking Fund transactions, 541.855                          (Generally), 43.130, 43.150, 43.160, 43.170
  Water Development Fund transactions, 541.855                 Foreign, 43.200
  Water, fill or removal, annual, 196.885                   Disputable, 43.140, 43.150, 43.160, 43.170
  Ways of necessity, proposed, engineer, surveyor        Pleading as affirmative defense, ORCP 19B
   or person appointed, 376.160                          Post-conviction release proceedings, order,
  Weights and measures, see WEIGHTS AND MEA-              138.640
   SURES                                                 Small claim judgments, 46.485, 55.110
  Wells, water, construction, contractors, 537.762       Successive actions, suits, same contract or trans-
  Workers’ compensation, see WORKERS’ COM-                action, 30.715
  Zoning and planning, see LAND USE PLANNING
                                                         See SALES
  Corporation taxes, taxpayers, see CORPORATE
    EXCISE AND INCOME TAXES                           RESCISSION
  Income tax, see INCOME TAX (STATE)                     Sales, see SALES
  Legal, see ATTORNEYS, generally; LEGAL REP-
    RESENTATION, generally                            RESEARCH
  Taxpayers, see TAXATION                                Agriculture and horticulture, see AGRICULTURE
                                                          AND HORTICULTURE
REPRESENTATIVES, HOUSE OF                                Animal interference, 30.877, 167.312
  Oregon Legislative Assembly, see LEGISLATURE,          Beef Council, Oregon, 577.532
   generally                                             Biotechnology, Oregon Opportunity program, see
   generally                                              SITY
                                                         Brain, Biology and Machine, Center for, 352.046
                                                         Colleges and universities, see COLLEGES AND
REPRIEVES                                                 UNIVERSITIES
  See PARDONS, COMMUTATIONS AND                          Fertilizer Research Committee, 633.479
   REPRIEVES, generally                                  Field burning, alternatives, 468A.585, 468A.590

RESEARCH (Cont.)                                         RESIGNATION
 Genetics, see GENETICS, generally                          Circuit court judges
 Industrial facilities, research and development,              Appeals, effect, 19.510
   policy, 271.520                                             Disability, 1.310
 Innovation Council, Oregon, see INNOVATION                 Legislature, members, 171.023
   COUNCIL, OREGON, generally
 Spinal cord injuries, board and fund, 431.290,          RESISTING ARREST
   431.292, 431.294
                                                            (Generally), 162.315
 Timber taxes, see TIMBER TAXES
 Transportation, public-private program, ODOT,
   184.631                                               RESOLUTIONS
                                                            Articles of incorporation, savings banks, amend-
                                                             ing, 716.140
RESERVATIONS                                                Cities, see CITIES
 Fish and wildlife, see FISH AND WILDLIFE                   Counties, see COUNTIES
 Indians, planning assistance, 351.260                      Law library, maintenance and operation, coun-
 Rights of way for federal irrigation, 541.240               ties not more than 400,000, 9.840
 Sales, see SALES                                           Legislative, see LEGISLATURE
                                                            Mass transit districts, formation, 267.107
                                                            Pedestrian malls, see PEDESTRIAN MALLS
RESERVE FUND, TASK FORCE ON                                 Ports, see PORTS
 (Generally), see note preceding, 291.001                   Savings banks, articles of incorporation, amend-
                                                             ment, 716.140
RESERVES                                                    Urban renewal plans, approval, other municipal-
                                                             ities, 457.105
 Credit unions, see CREDIT UNIONS
 Life insurance, see LIFE INSURANCE
 Workers’ compensation, see WORKERS’ COM-                RESOURCE RECOVERY
  PENSATION                                                 See RECYCLING; STATE AGENCIES

RESERVOIRS                                               RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
 See DAMS AND RESERVOIRS, generally                         See OCEAN

RESIDENCE                                                RESPIRATORY THERAPIST LICENSING
 See DOMICILE AND RESIDENCE, generally                    BOARD
                                                            (Generally), 688.820, 688.830
                                                            Civil immunity, good faith actions, 688.840
RESIDENTIAL CARE FACILITIES                                 Health Licensing Agency, Oregon, oversight,
 See NURSING HOMES AND CARE FACILITIES,                       676.606, 688.830
  generally                                                 Meetings and chairperson, 688.825

 Land use planning, see LAND USE PLANNING                   (Generally), 688.800 et seq.
                                                            Complaints, investigation, 676.608
RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES                                      Continuing education, 688.830
                                                            Definitions, 688.800
 Alcohol and drug abuse, treatment, see ALCO-               Discipline, 676.612, 688.836
  HOL AND DRUG ABUSE                                        Fees, 688.834
 Disabled persons, see DISABLED PERSONS                     Health Licensing Agency, Oregon, oversight,
 Nursing homes and care facilities, see NURSING               676.606, 688.830
  HOMES AND CARE FACILITIES, generally                      Injunctions, violations, 676.613
 Operation, standards, rules, 443.485                       Inspections, facilities, 676.618
 Property of residents                                      Investigations, complaints, violations, 676.608
    Responsibilities, facilities, 443.880                   Licenses
    Transfers of property and undue influence, 443.881         (Generally), 688.815
                                                               Application, 688.815
                                                               Fees, 688.834
RESIDENTIAL HOMES AND FACILITIES                               Sanctions, 676.612, 676.992
 Compliance inspections, notices, 479.210 et seq.           Penalties
 Temporary permits, 479.217                                    Civil, 676.992
                                                               Criminal, practice violations, 688.995
RESIDENTIAL STRUCTURES BOARD                                Practice by unlicensed practitioner, prohibition,
 (Generally), 455.135, 455.144                              Rules, 688.830, 688.834
                                                            Title, use, 688.810
 QUALITY IMPROVEMENT FUND                                RESPITE CARE
 (Generally), 468A.490                                      See NURSING HOMES AND CARE FACILITIES

REST AREAS                                                 RESTAURANTS (Cont.)
 See HIGHWAYS AND ROADS                                      Inspections (Cont.)
                                                                 One-agency inspections, agreements insuring,
RESTAURANTS                                                      Report, posting, 624.060, 624.065
 Adulterated food, condemnation, 624.070                     Intergovernmental agreements, local regulation,
 Alcoholic beverages, see ALCOHOLIC BEVER-                     624.510
   AGES                                                      Licenses
 Appeal and review                                               Applications for, 624.020, 624.025
     Closure order, 624.085                                      Denial, 624.020, 624.025, 624.085
     Construction or remodeling of facilities, 624.100           Evidence of, posting, entrance of restaurant,
     Rules, uniform application, 624.510                           624.020
 Bed and breakfast, see HOTELS AND MOTELS                        Exemptions, 616.711, 624.027
 Butter substitutes, identifying, 621.445                        Expiration, reinstatement, 624.490
 Camping sites, temporary, statutes, nonapplica-                 Fees, 624.020, 624.028, 624.120, 624.130, 624.490,
   tion, 446.435, 624.610                                          624.510
 Carnivals, temporary restaurants, 624.010                       Limited service, 624.490
 Charitable organizations, see CHARITABLE AND                    Posting on premises, 624.020, 624.025
   BENEVOLENT ORGANIZATIONS                                      Requirement, 624.020, 624.025
 Child labor, restrictions, 653.310, 653.315, 653.320,           Revocation, 624.020, 624.025, 624.075, 624.085
   653.991                                                       Special events, benevolent organizations, 624.028
 Circuses, temporary restaurants, 624.010                        State Fair, Oregon, 565.130
 Civil penalties, violations, 624.992                            Suspension, 624.020, 624.025, 624.085
 Closure                                                         Temporary restaurants, 624.025, 624.027, 624.028
     Grounds, procedures, 624.085                                Termination, 624.020, 624.025, 624.028
     Temporary restaurants, 624.010                              Transfer (prohibition), 624.020
 Communicable diseases, employees, 624.080                       Violations, uniform application, revocation, etc. pro-
 Condemning food or drink, 624.070                                 visions, 624.510
 Construction of facilities                                  Limited service
     Review of proposed plans, 624.100                           Defined, 624.010
     Submitting plans, fees, 624.630                             License, fee, 624.490
 Correction, violations, order, 624.085                      Liquors, see ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
 Critical violations, laws or rules, determination,          Local administration of laws, 624.130, 624.510
   consequences, 624.085                                     Local public health authority, defined, 624.005
 Defacing or removing inspection reports, 624.060,           Minimum wage, tips, nondeductible, 653.035
   624.065                                                   Notice of closure, 624.085
 Definitions, 624.005, 624.010, 624.015                      Notices, posting
 Diseased food handlers, employment prohibited,                  Diseased employee, 624.080
   616.745, 624.080, 624.990                                     Foreign eggs, serving, 632.990
 Disposition of fees, 624.120                                    Inspection reports, 624.060, 624.065
 Dog guides, blind persons, 346.620                              Licenses, 624.020, 624.025
 Educational programs                                        Oleomargarine, sale restrictions, 621.445
     (Generally), 624.110                                    Penalties, 624.990
     First aid training, employees, 624.130                  Posting required, see Notices, posting, this topic
 Exemptions, licenses, fees, 616.711, 624.010,               Rating surveys, 624.110
   624.027, 624.028                                          Records, fish purchases, 508.535
 Fairs, temporary restaurants, 624.010                       Remodeling of facilities, review of proposed
 Fees                                                          plans, 624.100
     Calculating allowable costs for licenses, adoption,     Remodeling plans, submission, fee, 624.630
       rules, 624.510                                        Restaurant, defined, 624.010
     Collection, remittance, 624.510                         Rules
     Construction and remodeling plan submission,                (Generally), 624.027, 624.080, 624.100
       624.630                                                   Food handler training program, 624.570
     Disposition, 624.120, 624.670                               Foodborne illness prevention program, 624.495
     Exemptions, benevolent organizations, 624.028               License costs, calculation, 624.510
     Food handler training program, 624.570                      One-agency inspection, 624.530
     License, 624.020, 624.028, 624.120, 624.490,                Sanitation score, criteria, 624.085
       624.510                                                   Uniform application, review, 624.510
     Mandatory first aid training, employees, 624.130        Sale of food, warranties, 72.3140
     Temporary restaurant inspection fee, 624.650            Samples, taking authorized, 624.070
 First aid training, employees, mandatory, 624.130           Sanitation score, 624.085
 Fish purchases, records required, 508.535                   Sleeping room facilities, statutes, nonapplica-
 Food, see FOOD, generally                                     tion, 446.435, 624.610
 Food handler training program, 624.570                      Small, toilets, single, 447.023, 624.023
 Foodborne illness prevention program, 624.495               Sulfites, additive, 616.073, 616.077
 Grading, 624.060                                            Temporary restaurants
 Heating fuel mixtures, sales to, 453.025                        Benevolent organizations, 624.015, 624.028,
 Illnesses, foodborne, prevention program, 624.495                 624.067
 Indigent or needy persons, benevolent organiza-                 Closure, summary, 624.075
   tions, regulation, alternative criteria, 624.035              Defined, 624.010
 Inspections                                                     Diseased employees, 624.080
     (Generally), 624.060, 624.065, 624.067                      Inspection fee, 624.650
     Frequency, 624.085                                          Inspections, 624.065, 624.067, 624.075

RESTAURANTS (Cont.)                                    RESTORATION AND ENHANCEMENT
 Temporary restaurants (Cont.)                          BOARD
    Licenses, 624.025, 624.027, 624.028                   See FISH AND WILDLIFE
 Theft of services, 164.125
 Warranty, implied food service, 72.3140               RESTORATION AND PROTECTION
                                                        RESEARCH FUND
RESTITUTION                                               (Generally), 541.378
 (Generally), 137.103 et seq.                          RESTRAINING ORDERS
 Abuse of memorial to the dead, 166.076                   See INJUNCTIONS
 Amendment, judgment, 137.107
 Appeals, ordering on, 19.425
 Assets of probation or sale, 137.540                  RESTRAINT
 Attorney compensation and expenses, person for           Apprehension, see MILITARY JUSTICE
   whom appointed, consideration, 135.055                 Military, see MILITARY JUSTICE
 Child support payments, 107.415                          Trade, see TRADE REGULATION AND COMPETI-
 Child, failure to supervise, 163.577                      TION, generally
 Civil actions, non-impairment, 137.109
 Collection, criminal judgments, state or private
   collection agency, 137.118
                                                       RESTRAINT OF TRADE
 Condemnation, immediate possession, bond,                See TRADE REGULATION AND COMPETITION,
   35.275                                                  generally
 Contempt, nonpayment, 161.685
 Counseling and treatment expenses, youth              RESTRICTED AREAS
   offenders, 419C.450                                    Pesticides, see PESTS AND PESTICIDES
 Credit cards, use, 1.005
 Credit, judgment in favor of victim, civil action,
   137.109                                             RESTRICTED-USE PESTICIDES
 Criminal activities, defined, 137.103                    See PESTS AND PESTICIDES
 Criminal judgment, monetary obligation, collec-
   tion, state or private collection agency, 137.118
 Custodial interference, location, etc., expenses,
                                                       RETAIL INSTALLMENT CONTRACTS
   163.245, 163.257                                       See also SECURED TRANSACTIONS
 Damages, nature and amount, presentation to              (Generally), 83.010 et seq.
   court, 137.106                                         Add-on purchases, 83.140
 Definitions, 137.103                                     Annulment pendency, payments, 107.095
 District attorneys, investigation, amount of dam-        Assignment of wages
   ages, 137.106                                             Invalid charge agreements, 83.150
 Diversion                                                   Unenforceable provisions, motor vehicles, 83.670
     Consideration, 135.886                               Blank spaces, 83.060
     Payment, 135.891                                     Cancellation, home solicitation sales, 83.720
 Dogs; injury, death, or property damage caused           Catalog sales, 83.050
   by, 609.990                                            Charge agreements, 83.080
 Earnings, county jail confinement, order of pay-         Charges
   ment, 137.520                                             Finance, see Finance charges, this topic
 Economic damages, defined, 137.103                          Motor vehicles, see Motor vehicles, this topic
 Evidence, civil actions, 137.109                            Service, see Service charges, this topic
 Failure to supervise child, 163.577                      Claims and defenses, 83.820
 Financial resources of defendant, consideration,         Collection costs, 83.100
   137.106                                                Consumer paper, nonnegotiable, 83.820
 Forcible entry and detainer, see FORCIBLE                Contents, 83.020, 83.030, 83.100, 83.110
   ENTRY AND DETAINER                                     Copy to buyer, 83.050, 83.070
 Installment payment, 161.675                             Defenses, agreement not to assert, unenforce-
 Judgments, see JUDGMENTS                                   able, 83.150, 83.820
 Juvenile courts and proceedings, see JUVENILE            Definitions, 83.010, 83.710, 83.875
   COURTS AND PROCEEDINGS                                 Delivery
 Livestock, unauthorized use, 167.385                        In installments, 72.6120, 72.6160
 Notices, issuing, fee, 21.325                               Of contract to buyer, 83.050, 83.070
 Objection, defendant, hearing, 137.106                   Disclosure exemptions
 Order, 137.106                                              Assignees, 83.813
 Parole and probation                                        Retail sellers, 83.811
     Condition, 144.096, 144.102, 161.675                 Divorce pendency, payments, 107.095
     Payment, 137.106, 137.540, 144.275, 161.675          Federal Housing Administration, transactions,
 Payment time and method, 161.675                           exception, 83.020
 Review, writ of, on, 34.100                              Finance charges
 Sale, assets of probationer, 137.540                        Computation, actuarial method and notice, 83.565
 Sentence suspension, payment, condition,                    Motor vehicles, see Motor vehicles, this topic
   161.675                                                Form, 83.020, 83.820
 Time for payment, 161.675                                Holder, collection expenses, restrictions, 83.100
 Victim, defined, 137.103                                 Home solicitation sales
 Writ, notice, property seizure, 21.410                      Cancellation, 83.720, 83.730, 83.740, 83.750

 (Cont.)                                                   (Cont.)
 Home solicitation sales (Cont.)                             Motor vehicles (Cont.)
    Defined, 83.710                                             Wage assignment, 83.670
    Seller identification, purpose, disclosure, 646.608         Waiver of law unenforceable, 83.680
 Insurance, see INSURANCE AND INSURERS                       Mutual savings banks, investments, 716.450
 Investments, mutual savings banks, 716.450                  Negotiable instruments
 Life insurance                                                 Nonnegotiable, 83.820
    Goods and services, 83.110                                  Separate document, 83.020
    Motor vehicles, 83.520, 83.580                           Notices
 Mail, contracts entered into by, 83.050                        (Generally), 83.520
 Memorandum                                                     Consumer paper, non-negotiability, 83.820
    Add-on purchases, 83.140
                                                                Transfer to holder, 83.890, 83.895
    Catalog sales, 83.050
    Charge agreements, monthly statement, 83.080
    Subsequent purchases under original contract,               Due dates, specifying, 83.030
      83.040                                                    Motor vehicles, see Motor vehicles, this topic
 Mobile homes, 83.510, 83.520                                   Premature, 83.080, 83.130
 Motor vehicles                                                 Receipts for, 83.120
    See also SECURED TRANSACTIONS                               Schedule to buyer, 83.120
    Acceleration provision, 83.660                              Subsequent purchases, application, 83.140
    Acceptance, lender to whom credit application            Prepayment, refund, 83.080, 83.130
      made, 83.635                                           Real property repair, alteration, improvement,
    Blank spaces, 83.520, 83.530                               83.020
    Bona fide time sale, 83.880                              Refund credit, computation, 83.130
    Cancellation, 83.540                                     Secured transactions, exception, 79.0201
    Charges                                                  Separation suit pendency, payments, 107.095
       Collection costs, 83.590                              Service charges
       Delinquency, 83.590                                      Actuarial method, computation by, 83.095
       Insurance, 83.520, 83.580                                Bar to recovery, 83.170
    Collection costs, 83.590                                    Charge agreement, informing buyer, 83.080
    Commercial code, secured transactions, application,         Computation by actuarial method, 83.095
      79.0201, 79.0203, 79.0311                                 Defined, 83.010
    Confession of judgment, 83.670                              Inclusive, 83.090
    Contents, 83.520                                            Prepayment, 83.080, 83.130
    Copy to buyer, 83.540                                       Statement in contract, 83.030
    Definitions, 83.510, 83.875, 83.880
                                                             Signatures, 83.020, 83.060, 83.730
    Delinquency charges, 83.590
                                                             Single document requirement, exceptions, 83.020,
    Finance charge
       Amounts, 83.560
                                                             State buildings, utility equipment, 276.218
       Bar to recovery, 83.990
       Deferment fee, 83.630                                 Statements
       Defined, 83.510                                          Monthly, charge agreements, 83.080
       Extension fee, 83.630                                    Unpaid amounts, to buyer, 83.120
       Inclusion in written contract, 83.520                 Time sales, 83.885
       Refunds, 83.520, 83.620                               Transfer to holder, notice, 83.890, 83.895
    Financing agency, defined, 83.510                        Unenforceable provisions, 83.150, 83.160, 83.820
    Form, 83.520, 83.540, 83.880                             Violations
    Insurance, 83.520, 83.580, 746.425                          Attorney General, action to prevent, 83.180
    Liability of seller, relief from remedies, 83.670           Effect on recovery of service charge, 83.170
    Negotiable instruments, effect, 83.650                      Injunctions, 83.180, 83.190
    Notes, execution by buyer, effect, 83.650                   Penalties, 83.190, 83.990
    Payments                                                 Wage assignment, 83.150
       Acceleration, 83.660                                  Waiver of law, invalid, 83.150
       Due date, extension, deferment, 83.630                Writings, requirements
       Full payment, 83.610                                     Goods and services, 83.020
       Premature, 83.520, 83.620                                Motor vehicles, 83.520
       Receipts to buyer, 83.600
       Statement to buyer, 83.600
    Penalties, 83.990                                     RETAILERS
    Power of attorney, 83.670                                Eggs, label requirements, 632.771
    Premium financing law, inapplicable, 746.425             Farm implements, 646.415
    Prepayment, refund, 83.520, 83.620                       Lead-acid batteries, accepting, 459.422
    Receipts for payments, 83.600                            Lottery, State, see LOTTERY, STATE
    Refund credit, 83.520, 83.620                            Tobacco products, dealers defined, 323.500
    Release of security, full payment, 83.610
    Repossession, 83.670
    Signatures, 83.520                                    RETAINING WALLS
    Statements of payments to buyer, 83.600                  Improvement by county, owner request, 371.640
    Time sale, 83.885                                        Landscape businesses, exceptions, 671.540
    Unenforceable provisions, 83.670, 83.680                 Pedestrian mall, improvements, 376.720
    Violations of law, 83.990                                Structure defined, 351.153

RETIREE HEALTH INSURANCE                                    RETIREMENT AND PENSIONS (Cont.)
 PREMIUM ACCOUNT                                               Federal Social Security Law (Cont.)
 (Generally), 238.415                                             Expenses, administrative, 237.490, 237.500,
                                                                    237.510, 237.515
                                                                  Interstate agencies, 237.418
RETIREMENT AND PENSIONS                                           Policy declaration, 237.412
 Abuse of elderly and disabled persons, effect,                   Political subdivision, defined, 237.410
  112.515, 112.535                                                Public agency
 Armed forces                                                         Audit by board, 237.480
    Federal retirement pay, withholding, state income                 Coverage agreement, 237.414, 237.418, 237.420,
      taxes, 316.193                                                    237.430, 237.440
    Public Employees Retirement System, see PUBLIC                    Defined, 237.410
      EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM                                     Delinquent employees, 237.480, 237.510
    Public employees, credit for service, 238.160                     Expenses, administrative, 237.500, 237.510,
    Taxation, income, 316.680                                           237.515
 City employees                                                       Joint service agencies, 237.410
    (Generally), 237.360                                              Reports and remittances, failure, 237.480,
    City-county consolidation, 199.770                                  237.510
    Contributions to fund                                         Reports and remittances, 237.480, 237.510
       City, 237.365, 237.380                                     Revolving account, see FUNDS AND ACCOUNTS
       Employees, 237.370                                         Rules and regulations, 237.470, 237.500
       Limitations, 237.375                                       Statutes, application and construction, 237.411
    Creation permitted, 237.355                                Geothermal heating district employees, 523.680,
    Definitions, 237.350                                         523.690, 523.700, 523.710
    PERS, effect of city merger, consolidation, or split,      Homicide, effect, 112.515, 112.535
      222.045                                                  Income tax (state), see INCOME TAX (STATE)
    Revenue sources, 237.380                                   Individual Retirement Accounts, interest or divi-
    Transportation system employees, CONST. XI §13               dends, income tax, 316.681
 City-county employees, former rights, 199.770                 Inheritance tax, state, 238.445
 Colleges and universities                                     Investment company shares, tax-sheltered, edu-
    OHSU, alternative retirement programs, 238.015,              cational employees, 243.810, 243.820
      353.250                                                  Irrigation district employees, 548.050
    Optional retirement plan, 243.800                          Job Corps persons, exempt, 190.230
    Supplementary program, 238.215, 243.910,                   Judges, see JUDGES AND JUSTICES
      243.920, 243.930, 243.940                                Library districts, employees retirement system,
 Community college employees, see COMMUNITY                      establishment, 357.286
  COLLEGES AND DISTRICTS                                       Local government employees, health coverage
 County officers, employees                                      contracts, making available, governing body,
    Chief deputies, filling vacancies, effect, 236.220           243.303
    Family court services personnel, 3.280                     Mass transit district employees, 267.200, 267.235,
    Public Employees Act coverage, 238.005, 238.015,             CONST. XI §13
      238.680                                                  Metropolitan Service District employees, 268.220,
 Discrimination, employment practice, excep-                     268.230, CONST. XI §13
  tion, 659A.030, 659A.321                                     Municipal employees, see City employees, this
 Dissolution of marriage, see DISSOLUTION,                       topic
  ANNULMENT OR SEPARATION                                      Naturopaths, licensing, 685.100, 685.102
 Domestic water supply district employees,                     Physicians and surgeons
  264.430, 264.810, 264.820, 264.830, 264.840                     (Generally), 677.175
 Drainage district employees, 548.050                             Agents of public bodies, retired physicians treating
 Economic Opportunity Act persons, exempt,                          certain patients, 30.302, 409.740
  190.230                                                         Volunteer services, information provided to, 409.740
 Educational employees, annuities and invest-                  Probate, 238.390, 238.395
  ment company shares, tax-sheltered, 243.810,                 Public contractors, plan, posting notice, 279C.840
  243.820, 243.830                                             Public employees, see PUBLIC EMPLOYEES
 Employee benefit plan, requiring, 659A.321                      RETIREMENT SYSTEM, generally
 Employees’ trusts, 128.510, 128.520                           Rules, Social Security Law, conformity, 237.470,
 Execution, exemption, 18.358                                    237.500
 Facilities, retirement, buy-in refund, 101.080                Rural fire protection district employees, 478.325,
 Federal Social Security Law                                     478.355, 478.360, 478.365, 478.370
    (Generally), 237.411, 237.412                              Sanitary authority employees, 450.963, 450.973
    Contributions                                              Schoolteachers, see PUBLIC EMPLOYEES
       Deposit, 237.490, 237.515                                 RETIREMENT SYSTEM
       Employees, 237.450, 237.460, 237.465                    Securities law exemption, 59.025, 59.045
       Public agency, 237.450                                  Seniority system, requiring, 659A.321
       Remittance, 237.480, 237.510                            Social Security Revolving Account, see FUNDS
    Coverage agreement                                           AND ACCOUNTS
       (Generally), 237.414, 237.420                           Social Security, Federal, see Federal Social Secu-
       Application for inclusion, 237.430, 237.440               rity Law, this topic
       Modifications, 237.414, 237.420, 237.430                State employees
       Public agencies included, 237.414, 237.418,                Dental benefit plans, eligibility to participate,
         237.420, 237.430, 237.440                                  243.160
    Coverage group, defined, 237.410                              PERS, see PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIRE-
    Definitions, 237.410                                            MENT SYSTEM, generally

RETIREMENT AND PENSIONS (Cont.)                          REVENUE, DEPARTMENT OF (Cont.)
 State police, revolver and badge, disposition,              Collection of criminal judgments, assignment,
  181.150                                                     137.118
 Tax-sheltered annuities, educational employees,             Collections Unit, 293.250
  243.810, 243.820, 243.830                                  Compensation, 305.035, 305.075
 Taxation                                                    Courts, liquidated and delinquent accounts,
    Income tax (state), see INCOME TAX (STATE)                assignment, 1.197, 1.198
    Inheritance, state, 238.445                              Definitions, 305.005, 309.310
    Public Employees Retirement System, increases            Director
      based on taxation, see PUBLIC EMPLOYEES                   (Generally), 305.035
      RETIREMENT SYSTEM                                         Delegation of authority, 305.057
 Transferred employees                                          Deputy, 305.065
    (Generally), 236.610, 236.620, CONST. XI §13                Duties, 305.045
    Mass transit districts, 267.200, 267.235                    Extending statutes of limitation, by order, 305.157
    Metropolitan Service District, 268.220, 268.230             Forestland valuation, advisory committee, appoint-
 Transportation system employees, 267.200,                        ment, 321.213
  267.235, 268.220, CONST. XI §13                               Multistate Tax Commission, member, 305.660
 Weather modification district employees, see                Employees
  WEATHER MODIFICATION DISTRICTS                                (Generally), 305.075
 Work Incentive Program participants, exempt,                   Fingerprints, criminal records checks, 305.078
  190.230                                                    Establishment, 305.025
                                                             Fingerprinting authority, criminal records
RETIREMENT HEALTH INSURANCE                                   checks, 305.078
                                                             Forestland valuation, advisory committee,
 ACCOUNT                                                      321.213
 (Generally), 238.420                                        Judicial branch agencies, liquidated and delin-
                                                              quent accounts, assignment, 1.197, 1.198
RETRACTION                                                   Land Information System Advisory Committee,
                                                              Oregon, 306.135
 Anticipatory repudiation, sales, 72.6100, 72.6110           Local governments, fiscal policies, noninterfer-
 Auction, bids, 72.3280                                       ence, 294.490
 Defamation, mass communication media, see                   Miscellaneous receipts account, 293.250, 305.085,
  DEFAMATION                                                  305.612
 Defense, perjury and false swearing, 162.105                Offices, 305.060
 Lease contracts, waiver affecting, 72.2090                  Organization, 305.025
                                                             Revenue and tax laws, administration, 305.015
RETRIAL                                                      Rules, generally, 305.100
 Post-conviction relief, 138.520                             Seal, 305.025
 Verdict, hung jury, 136.475                                 Tax lien actions, party, 305.130

RETROACTIVE RESERVE                                      REVERSAL
 Assessments, increased benefits, 656.506, 656.605           Appeal and review, 19.415, 19.420, 19.425
 Industrial Accident Fund, reserves in, 656.636              Appellate court, judgments, 138.240
                                                             Basis for, limitation, 183.452, 183.457
                                                             Court of Appeals, referring disputed allegations
RETURNS                                                       to master, 183.400, 183.482
 Execution, see EXECUTION                                    Land use
 Habeas corpus, see HABEAS CORPUS                              Procedural error, board order, 197.335, 197.850
 Income tax (state), see INCOME TAX (STATE)                    Special findings, 197.830
 Sales, see SALES                                            New trial, reversing without, 138.250
 Summons                                                     Special findings
    (Generally), ORCP 7F                                       Administrative procedures, 144.335, 183.482,
    Forcible entry and detainer, 105.135                         183.484
 Taxation, see TAXATION                                        Audit, milk marketing, 583.096, 583.106
 Timber taxes, see TIMBER TAXES                                Land use planning, 197.830
                                                               State lands, 273.880
 See BONDS                                               REVERSIONS
                                                             See FUTURE INTERESTS
 See STATE FINANCE                                       REVIEW
                                                             See APPEAL AND REVIEW, generally
 Administration Account, 305.063                         REVOCATION
 Administrative procedure, exemption, 183.315                Parole, probation and post-prison supervision,
 Bankruptcy, tax claims, tasks, undertaking and               see PAROLE, PROBATION AND POST-PRISON
  completing, 180.265                                         SUPERVISION
 Business registration information, agencies shar-           Sales, see SALES
  ing, 190.255                                               Wills, see WILLS

REVOCATION (Cont.)                                       RIGHTS OF WAY (Cont.)
 Workers’ compensation, see WORKERS’ COM-                    Fiber optic lines, public lands and rights of way,
  PENSATION                                                   applications for installation, state to notify
                                                              affected governments, 271.445
                                                             Fires and fire protection
REVOLVERS                                                       Railroads, zoning, 476.310
 See WEAPONS AND FIREARMS, generally                            State lands, ditches, pipes, 273.761, 273.765
                                                             Forests, see FORESTS AND FORESTRY
REVOLVING FUNDS                                              Highways, see HIGHWAYS AND ROADS
                                                             Militia, traffic, 399.135
                                                             Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES
                                                             Pipelines, see PIPELINES AND PIPELINE COM-
REWARDS                                                       PANIES
 (Generally), 131.885 et seq.                                Public utilities, see PUBLIC UTILITIES
 Bounty hunters, 131.890                                     Railroads, see RAILROADS
 Crimes and offenses                                         Telegraphs, see TELEGRAPHS AND TELE-
    Information leading to apprehension and convic-           GRAPH COMPANIES
      tion, 131.892                                          Telephones, see TELEPHONES AND TELE-
    Sentence, order, 131.897                                  PHONE COMPANIES
 Entitlement, 131.890                                        Transit systems, see TRANSPORTATION
 Fishing law violations                                      Weapons, discharging across, 166.630
    (Generally), 496.146
    Commercial, 506.540                                  RIOTS
 Historic artifacts, acquiring, 358.650                      See also DISORDERLY CONDUCT
 Historic preservation law violators, arrest, con-           (Generally), 131.675, 166.015
   viction, 358.685                                          Arrest, unlawful or riotous assemblages, 131.675
 Payment procedure, 131.895                                  Compromise, offenses, 135.703
 Restitution, youth offenders, 419C.450                      Dispersal, unlawful or riotous assemblages,
 Sheriffs, entitlement, 206.330                                131.675
 Successful Schools Program, incentive rewards,              Exclusion from public property, see PUBLIC
   329.830                                                     PLACES
 Tax violation information, 314.855, 323.255                 Martial law, 399.065
 Wildlife law violations, 496.146                            Military personnel, 398.380
 Workers compensation, safe working practices,               State police, civil disorder, notification and
   payroll exclusion, 656.005                                  interagency coordination, 401.275
                                                                Martial law, 399.065
RIDESHARING                                                     Militia, use, 399.065
 See CAR POOLS AND RIDESHARING, generally                    Telegrams, priority of dispatch, 165.480
                                                             Theft during, first degree, 164.055
 Theft by extortion, instilling fear of subjection,      RIPARIAN HABITAT
  164.035, 164.075                                           Taxation, see TAXATION

RIFLES                                                   RIPARIAN RIGHTS
 See WEAPONS AND FIREARMS                                    See WATER AND WATER RIGHTS

RIGHT TO COUNSEL                                         RISK
 See ATTORNEYS                                               Awareness, drug use or intoxication, immaterial,
RIGHT TO DIE                                                 Criminal negligence, defined, 161.085
                                                             Public alarm, causing, riot, 166.015
 See MEDICAL CARE AND TREATMENT                              Recklessly, defined, 161.085

RIGHTS                                                   RISK OF LOSS
 Cemeteries, see CEMETERIES                                  Leases, see LEASES
 Civil rights and liberties, see CIVIL RIGHTS, gen-          Sales, see SALES
 Mines and minerals, amended claim notice,
  effect, 517.060                                        RIVERS AND STREAMS
 Preliminary hearings                                        See also WATER AND WATER RIGHTS
    Informing defendant, 135.070                             Abernethy Creek Basin, sewage treatment work
    To make or waive statement, 135.095, 135.100              construction, limitation, 454.025
 Water, see WATER AND WATER RIGHTS, generally                Access, permission from landowners, Oregon
                                                              Adopt-a-River Program, 830.055
                                                             Appropriation of water, see WATER AND WATER
RIGHTS OF WAY                                                 RIGHTS
 See also EASEMENTS                                          Bank erosion control projects, 568.801
 Annexation, land in public way, consent, 199.490            Bear Creek, Jackson County, parks, 390.250,
 Condemnation, see CONDEMNATION, generally                    390.255, 390.260

RIVERS AND STREAMS (Cont.)                                 RIVERS AND STREAMS (Cont.)
 Beds                                                         Motor vehicles or manufactured structures or
     Delivery of reservoir water, using, 540.410               tires, depositing, 468B.083, 468B.085
     Lease, removal of materials, 273.225, 273.331,           Navigable streams
       274.530, 274.560                                          Administrative determination, navigable water-
     Ownership, 274.400 et seq.                                    way, 274.404
     Rules, security requirement, leases, 274.560                Ballast, discharge prohibited, 783.620, 783.990
 Buoys and beacons, offenses connected with,                     Bridges, construction, etc., mass transit districts,
   783.610, 783.990                                                267.200
 Channel improvement, 274.550                                    Formerly submerged, submersible lands, state
 Columbia River, see COLUMBIA RIVER, generally                     interest, see SUBMERGED AND SUBMERS-
 Columbia River Gorge, see COLUMBIA RIVER                          IBLE LANDS
   GORGE, generally                                              Improving, 780.010, 780.020, 780.030
 Columbia River Gorge Compact, see COLUMBIA                      Jurisdiction, asserting title, submerged or submers-
   RIVER GORGE COMPACT, generally                                  ible lands and navigable waterway, 274.402
 Coos Bay, see COOS BAY, generally                               Mineral, geothermal leases, 273.551
 Corridor management projects, 568.801                           Obstructions, removing, 780.010
 Crystal Springs Creek, withdrawal from appro-                   Overhead structures, interference prohibited,
   priation, 538.170                                               376.620
 Dams, see DAMS AND RESERVOIRS, generally                        Railroad bridges, 273.751
 Deepening channel, 780.010                                      State policy, maintenance and development, water-
 Deschutes River, see DESCHUTES RIVER, gener-                      ways, navigation channels, etc., 285A.600
   ally                                                          Wharves, construction on, 780.040, 780.050
 Dredging                                                     North Umpqua River, dams
     City or contractor, 274.525                                 Prohibition, 541.875
     Lease, required, 273.231                                    Repair or maintenance costs, government entity not
 Easements over submersible lands, 274.040                         responsible, 541.880
 Erosion plans                                                Outfitters and guides, see OUTFITTERS AND
                                                               GUIDES, generally
     Developing, 561.403
                                                              Owyhee, boundary, jurisdiction, CONST. XVI §1
     Federal funding, obtaining, 561.407
                                                              Pilots, see SHIPS AND SHIPPING
 Estuaries, see ESTUARIES, generally
                                                              Pollution, see POLLUTION
 Ferries, see FERRIES, generally
                                                              Port of Portland, channel control, 778.085
 Fill or removal, see SUBMERGED AND SUB-
                                                              Public use declared, 780.030
                                                              Reclamation, see RECLAMATION, generally; SUB-
 Filled lands, see SUBMERGED AND SUBMERS-
                                                               MERGED AND SUBMERSIBLE LANDS;
                                                               SWAMP LANDS, generally
 Fire protection, public buildings, water supply,             Removal of materials, see SUBMERGED AND
   479.200                                                     SUBMERSIBLE LANDS
 Fish protection, see FISH AND WILDLIFE, gener-               Restoration, oversight, joint legislative commit-
   ally                                                        tee, 171.553
 Fishing, see COMMERCIAL FISHING, generally;                  Riparian habitat, taxation, see TAXATION
   FISH AND WILDLIFE                                          Riparian rights, see WATER AND WATER
 Fishing tackle, recycling and disposal program,               RIGHTS
   496.490                                                    Rogue River, see ROGUE RIVER, generally
 Floods and flood control, see FLOODS AND                     Rules
   FLOOD CONTROL, generally                                      Adopt-a-River Program, Oregon, 830.055
 Gauging stations, establishment, 542.060                        Beds, security requirement, leases, 274.560
 Gravel, rock, sand, filling, removal, see SUB-               Scenic waterways system
   MERGED AND SUBMERSIBLE LANDS                                  (Generally), 390.805 et seq.
 Harbor improvement, 274.550, 777.105, 778.025                   Administration, 390.845, 390.925
 Highways, navigable streams as, 780.030                         Boating regulations, 830.175
 Historic Columbia River Highway, see HIGH-                      Definitions, 390.805
   WAYS AND ROADS                                                Deschutes River Scenic Waterway Recreation Area,
 Hydroelectricity, see HYDROELECTRICITY, gen-                      see DESCHUTES RIVER SCENIC WATER-
   erally                                                          WAY RECREATION AREA, generally
 Hydrographic survey, stream system construc-                    Designation of river areas, 390.826, 390.827,
   tion, United States, 541.220                                    390.855, 390.865
 Improvements                                                    Dredging, bank protection works, 390.835
     Navigable streams, 780.010, 780.020, 780.030,               Enforcement, 390.925
       780.040, 780.050                                          Establishment, 390.815
     Private individuals, 780.010, 780.020, 780.030,             Federal funds, use, 390.895
       780.040                                                   Filling and removal of materials, 390.835
     Wharves, construction authorized, 780.040                   Ground water rights, issuance, surface water flows,
 Irrigation, see IRRIGATION, generally                             effect, 390.835
 Johnson Creek, withdrawal from appropriation,                   Injunctions, violations, 390.925
   538.170                                                       Land, adjacent
 Mass transit districts, bridge construction,                        Acquisition, transportation department,
   267.200                                                             390.845, 390.875, 390.885
 Minimum perennial stream flows                                      Defined, 390.805
     In-stream water right, conversion, 537.346, 537.348             Taxation, 390.915
     State policy, 536.235                                           Use, regulation, 390.805, 390.835, 390.845,
     Willamette Basin, 537.346                                         390.875, 390.990

RIVERS AND STREAMS (Cont.)                                ROAD DISTRICTS (Cont.)
 Scenic waterways system (Cont.)                             Assessment, counties with population of 19,000 to
    Management advisory committees, intergovern-              25,000 (Cont.)
      mental agreements, 390.910                               Directors, board (Cont.)
    Policy, 390.815, 390.835                                      Employees of district, governing body service,
    Recreational placer mining, permits, 390.835                    eligibility, 198.115
    State agencies, functions, effect, 390.835, 390.905           Meetings, 371.470
    Violations, Class A, parks and recreation, 390.990            Oath, 371.450
    Waldo Lake, 390.805                                           Officers, 371.470
    Waters                                                        Qualifications, 371.450
        Human or livestock consumption, above water-              Records, 371.470
          way, 536.028                                            Secretary
        Use, 390.835                                                  (Generally), 371.470
 Snake River, see SNAKE RIVER, generally                              Bond, 198.220, 371.505
 South Umpqua, human consumption preference,                          Duties and powers, 371.475, 371.505
  minimum stream flows, 536.310                                   Special elections, calling, 371.467
 Squaw, use of term, public property, prohibition,                Terms, 371.450
  271.600                                                         Vacancies, 198.320
 State boundaries, 186.510, 186.520, CONST. XVI §1             Dissolution
 State transportation policy, preparation and                     County service district, transfers to, 451.573,
  implementation, 184.618                                           451.575, 451.577
 Structures not to interfere with navigation,                     Funds, disposition, 371.535
  376.620                                                      Elections
 Submersible lands, see SUBMERGED AND SUB-                        Application of laws, 371.416
  MERSIBLE LANDS, generally                                       Directors, 371.416, 371.450, 371.455
 Title, submerged lands, 274.025                                  Special, 371.467
                                                               Employment, retirees, PERS, 238.082
 Transportation lines, aid by ports, CONST. XI §9
                                                               Engineer, employment, 371.475
 Umpqua River
                                                               Exclusion from other districts, 371.520
    Hydroelectricity permit
                                                               Exclusion of area from, approval, 371.530
        (Generally), 541.875
                                                               Financing, 371.500, 371.505, 371.510, 371.515
        Repair and maintenance costs, government               Formation
          entity not responsible, 541.880
                                                                  Authority, 371.410
    Title confirmation, 273.900                                   Exclusion from other districts, 371.520
 United States, stream system construction,                    Funds
  hydrographic survey, 541.220                                    Bonds, premium payment, 198.220
 Water improvement district construction along,                   Disbursing, 371.475, 371.505
  552.438                                                         Dissolution, disposition, 371.535
 Wharves, see WHARVES, generally                                  Road assessment, 371.505
 Willamette River, see WILLAMETTE RIVER, gen-                     Secretary, functions, 371.475, 371.505
  erally                                                          Special, paying county expenses, 371.515
                                                               Jurisdiction over roads, limitation, 371.485
ROAD DISTRICTS                                                 Levy, assessment tax
 See also HIGHWAY LIGHTING DISTRICTS;                             (Generally), 371.500, 371.505
  HIGHWAYS AND ROADS                                              Annexing city, uncollected tax, 222.510
 Annexation, see ANNEXATION, generally                            Boundary changes, filing, 371.512
 Assessment, counties with population of 19,000 to                City within district, 371.520
  25,000                                                          County expenses, paying, 371.515
                                                                  Resolution, 371.505
   Apportioning assessments, 371.500
                                                               Registered offices, agents, 198.340
   Assessments and collection, 371.500, 371.505
                                                               Road Assessment Fund, 371.505
   Benefits, legislative intent, 371.495
                                                               Special assessment districts, as, 371.495
                                                               Valuation certificates, 371.510
       Formation, organization change petitioners,
                                                               Withdrawal, reduction of area, limit, 371.530
       Officers, employees, 198.220, 371.505                   Assessments, computation, 371.500
   Boundary changes, filing, tax purposes, 371.512             Local budget law, excepted, 294.316
   Contracts                                                 Construction and maintenance
       See also PUBLIC CONTRACTS                               Cooperative agreements, state, 366.572, 366.576
       Cities, concerning streets, 371.480                     Deposit of moneys, state work, 366.425
       County, 371.475, 371.515                              County
       State, 366.572, 366.576, 371.475                        City as separate district, 371.060
   County                                                      Construction, maintenance and repair, within city,
       Court, defined, 371.405                                   371.067
       Work expenses, payment, 371.515                         Definition, county court, 371.005
   Directors, board                                            Establishment, 371.055
       (Generally), 371.450, 371.470                           Funds
       Assessments, 371.500                                       Boundary changes, transfer, 202.220
       Bonds, 198.220                                             Special tax, use, 371.105
       Compensation, expenses, 198.190                         Improvement
       Contracts, 371.475, 371.480, 371.515                       Petition, 371.075
       Duties and powers, 371.475                                 Tax levy, boundary change, effect, 311.815,
       Election, 371.450, 371.455                                   371.110

ROAD DISTRICTS (Cont.)                                       ROAD DISTRICTS (Cont.)
  County (Cont.)                                                Special road districts (Cont.)
     Islands, separate districts, 371.070                         Elections
     Numbering                                                       Commissioners, 371.318, 371.323
         Establishment, 371.055                                      Tax zones, establishment, 371.356
         Redistricting, boundary changes, 202.260,                Formation
           202.270                                                   Authority, 371.305
     Road taxes, apportionment, 368.710                              Election or appointment of board, formation
  Directors, board                                                     order declaration, 371.318
     Elections, 371.318, 371.323, 371.450, 371.455                Fund, 371.360
     Employees of district, governing body service, eligi-
                                                                  Improvements fund, special tax, 311.815, 371.360
       bility, 198.115
                                                                  Including additional areas, 371.305
     Special road districts, commissioners, see Special
       road districts, this topic                                 Meetings, board, 371.342, 371.351
  Drainage districts, roads in                                    Officers, 371.342, 371.351
     Construction and maintenance, 371.065                        Records, 371.342, 371.351
     Separate district, 371.060                                   Registered offices, agents, 198.340
  Elections                                                       Tax zones, see TAXATION
     Assessment, 371.500                                        Taxation, see TAXATION
     Directors, 371.318, 371.323, 371.450, 371.455
     Special, 371.467                                        ROAD FUNDS
     Special road districts
                                                                County finances, see COUNTY FINANCES
         Commissioners, 371.318, 371.323
         Tax zones, establishment, 371.356
  Employees, governing body service, eligibility,            ROAD USER FEE TASK FORCE
   198.115                                                      (Generally), see note following, 184.666
  Improvement assessments, 371.635, 371.650,
  Levy of taxes, 371.097                                     ROADS
  Maintenance, see Construction and maintenance,                See HIGHWAYS AND ROADS, generally; ROAD
   this topic                                                    DISTRICTS, generally
  Notices, publication, 193.030, 193.060, 193.070,
  Population growth, exceeding 25,000, continued             ROADSIDE REST AREAS
   existence, 371.410                                           See HIGHWAYS AND ROADS
  Port of Portland laws, effect on powers, 778.120
  Railroad crossings, unsafe, complaints, 824.226            ROBBERY
  Rangeland fire protection, cooperation, 477.320
  Special road districts                                        (Generally), 164.395 et seq.
     Annexation, authority, 371.305                             First degree, 164.415
     Bonds                                                      Interception of communications, order, 133.724
         Formation, organization change petitioners,            Murder, death caused, 163.095, 163.115
           198.775                                              Owner, defined, 164.005
         Officers, employees, 198.220                           Prevention, peace officers, duties, 142.070
     Boundary changes, filing, tax purposes, 371.359            Second degree, 164.405
     Commissioners                                              Third degree, 164.395
         Appointment, terms, 371.330, 371.338                   Unauthorized use of vehicle, 164.395
         Bonds, 198.220                                         Venue, 131.315
         Compensation, expenses, 198.190
         Duties and powers, 198.220, 198.320, 371.338,
                                                             ROCK FESTIVALS
         Elected boards                                         See OUTDOOR MASS GATHERINGS, generally
             Application of laws, 371.347
             Meetings, 371.351                               ROCKETS
             Oath, 371.349
                                                                See WEAPONS AND FIREARMS
             Officers, 371.351
             Qualifications, 371.349
             Records, 371.351                                ROCKFISH
             Terms, 371.349                                     See COMMERCIAL FISHING
         Election, 371.318, 371.323
         Employees of district, governing body service,
           eligibility, 198.115                              RODENTS
         Meetings, 371.342, 371.351                             See ANIMALS, generally
         Method of selecting, changing, 371.318
         Oath, 371.338, 371.349
         Officers, 371.342
         Vacancies, 371.338                                     Animal abuse or neglect, exemption, 167.335
     Dissolution                                                Brands, livestock, identifying registry, 604.021
         City annexation, 222.530                               Cattle assessment, exemption, 577.512
         County service district, transfers to, 451.573,        Civil actions, liability limitations, 30.687 et seq.
           451.575, 451.577                                     Municipal property, use, 271.410
     Duties and powers, 371.336                                 Unemployment insurance, participants, 657.092

ROGUE RIVER                                              RULES (Cont.)
 Commercial fishing                                         Agriculture and horticulture, see AGRICULTURE
    Salmon eggs, taking, replacing fish hatched,             AND HORTICULTURE
     506.211                                                Air carriers and air commerce, see AIRCRAFT
    Taking food fish except shellfish, 511.206               AND AVIATION
 Salmon, hatched from, return, 506.211                      Air pollution, see POLLUTION
 Watershed project, 542.210                                 Aircraft and aviation, see AIRCRAFT AND AVIA-
 Withdrawal from appropriation, 538.270                      TION
                                                            Airports and landing fields, see AIRPORTS AND
                                                             LANDING FIELDS
ROOM AND BOARD                                              Alcohol and drug abuse, see ALCOHOL AND
 Pupils                                                      DRUG ABUSE
   High school, 335.090                                     Alcoholic beverages, see ALCOHOLIC BEVER-
   Transportation, in lieu of, 332.405                       AGES
                                                            All-terrain vehicles, see ALL-TERRAIN VEHI-
RUBELLA                                                     Alzheimers care unit, patient needs, standards,
 Guardianship, child-caring agencies, testing,               443.886
  418.325                                                   Amber Plan, abducted children, 181.035
 Immunization, rules, 433.273                               Ambulances and emergency vehicles, see AMBU-
                                                             LANCES AND EMERGENCY VEHICLES
RULE AGAINST PERPETUITIES                                   Amendments, 183.335
 See FUTURE INTERESTS                                       Amusement rides, see AMUSEMENT RIDES
                                                            Anhydrous ammonia, dyes and additives, 561.755
                                                            Animal remedies, etc., registration, 596.105,
RULES                                                        596.995
 (Generally), 171.850                                       Animals, see ANIMALS
 Abandoned or unclaimed property, see ABAN-                 Annuities, nonforfeiture law, 743.293
   DONED OR UNCLAIMED PROPERTY                              Appraisers
 Academic degrees, authorization, 348.603,                     Property tax appraisers, continuing education,
   348.606, 348.607, 348.609                                     308.010
 Accountants and accounting, see ACCOUNTANTS                   Real estate, see REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS
   AND ACCOUNTING                                                AND APPRAISAL
 Acupuncture and acupuncturists, licensing,                 Apprentices and trainees, see APPRENTICES
   677.759                                                   AND TRAINEES
 Address Confidentiality Program, 192.826,                  Appropriations, reversion to General Fund,
   192.860                                                   extensions, 293.190
 Administrative Hearings, Office of, 183.670                Arbitration, see ARBITRATION
 Administrative rule review, see Review, this topic         Archaeologists and archaeology, see ARCHAEOL-
 Administrative Services, Oregon Department of,              OGISTS AND ARCHAEOLOGY
   see ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, OREGON                      Architects and architecture, see ARCHITECTS
   DEPARTMENT OF                                             AND ARCHITECTURE
 Adopt-a-River Program, Oregon, 830.055                     Archivist, State, see STATE ARCHIVIST
 Adoption                                                   Artifacts, see ARCHAEOLOGISTS AND ARCHAE-
    (Generally), 183.325 et seq.                             OLOGY
                                                            Arts Program, Economic and Community Devel-
    Advisory committees, interested parties, 183.333
                                                             opment, 359.135, 359.142
    Amendment or repeal, 183.335
                                                            Asbestos, abatement, see ASBESTOS
    Federal rules, agency adoption, procedure, 183.337
                                                            Athletic trainers, 688.709, 688.715, 688.728
    Fiscal impact, generally, 183.333, 183.335
                                                            Attorney General, see ATTORNEY GENERAL
    Hearing, 183.335                                        Attorneys, see ATTORNEYS
    Model rules of procedure, 183.341                       Autopsies, retaining body tissue or organs,
    Notice, intent to adopt, 183.341                         146.117
    Petition, requesting promulgation, amendment, or        Aviation, Oregon Department of, 835.112, 835.114
      repeal, 183.390                                       Bail, security deposits, credit cards, 1.005
    Public input, seeking, 183.333, 183.335                 Bakeries and bakery products, see BAKERIES
    Publication, Secretary of State, 183.341, 183.360        AND BAKERY PRODUCTS
    Review, see Review, this topic                          Banks and banking, see BANKS AND BANKING
    Small businesses, impact on, 183.333, 183.335,          Bar, Oregon State, see BAR, OREGON STATE
      183.336, 183.540                                      Barbers, hair designers and cosmetologists, see
    Validity, 183.341                                        BARBERS, HAIR DESIGNERS AND COSME-
 Adoption of persons, see ADOPTION OF PER-                   TOLOGISTS
   SONS                                                     Baseball stadium financing, 184.400, 316.219
 Adult day care, 410.490, 410.495                           Basic speed rule, see MOTOR VEHICLES
 Adult foster homes, see FOSTER HOMES                       Beef Council, Oregon, 577.125, 577.355, 577.512
 Adult Offender Supervision, Interstate Commis-             Bees, see BEES
   sion for, 144.600                                        Bicycles
 Advance directives, health care, witnesses of,                Protective headgear, standards, 815.052
   qualifications, 127.515                                     Traffic, bicycle lanes and paths, advisory committee,
 Advanced technology education and training,                     366.112
   public-private partnerships, 326.382                     Bingo, lotto, and raffle games and Monte Carlo
 Advocacy Commissions Office, Oregon, 185.015                events, see GAMBLING
 Agencies, see STATE AGENCIES                               Birth certificates, see VITAL STATISTICS

RULES (Cont.)                                        RULES (Cont.)
  Birth control, contraceptives, wholesale and          Cogeneration facilities, energy purchase, 758.535
   manufacturing licenses, proceedings, 435.080         Collection agencies, see COLLECTION AGEN-
  Blind, Commission for the, 346.150, 346.540            CIES
  Blood, bacteriological and other examinations,        College Savings Board, Oregon 529, 348.853
   431.310                                              Colleges and universities, see COLLEGES AND
  Boats and boating, see BOATS AND BOATING               UNIVERSITIES
  Body piercing technicians, 690.530, 690.550,          Columbia River Gorge Commission, 196.150
   690.570                                              Columbia River Highway, Historic, preservation
  Boilers and pressure vessels, see BOILERS AND          and restoration, 366.553
   PRESSURE VESSELS                                     Commercial code, see COMMERCIAL CODE
  Bonds, see BONDS                                      Commercial fishing, see COMMERCIAL FISHING
  Boxing and wrestling, see BOXING AND WRES-            Commercial vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES
   TLING                                                Commodities
  Brands                                                   Contracts, see COMMODITIES CONTRACTS
     (Generally), 604.670                                  Marketing, see MARKETING OF COMMODI-
     Use, prohibitions, 604.071                              TIES
  Brownfields redevelopment and cleanup,                Common school grazing land, application to pur-
   285A.185, 285A.188, 285A.190, 285B.139                chase, 273.825
  Budget estimates and requests, guidance of state      Community college districts, see COMMUNITY
   agencies, 291.206                                     COLLEGES AND DISTRICTS
  Building codes, see BUILDING CODE, STATE              Community corrections programs
  Bureau of Labor and Industries, 651.060                  (Generally), 423.525
  Buses, see BUSES                                         Financial grant, 423.530
  Business registry functions, fees, 56.140             Community work and training programs, see
  Businesses, see BUSINESSES                             PUBLIC ASSISTANCE
  Camping, membership camping, 94.959                   Compensation and salaries, see COMPENSATION
  Cancer and benign tumor registry system,               AND SALARIES
   432.510                                              Comprehensive land use planning, see LAND
  Capitol planning, review process, 276.033              USE PLANNING
  Car pools and ridesharing                             Computers and data processing, information
     Parking facilities, state, rates, 276.601           resources, state agencies, 291.037, 291.038
     State-owned vehicles, employee use, 276.598        Conciliation services
  Carcasses, see CARCASSES                                 Counties, domestic relations suits, fee, 21.112
  Career schools, see VOCATIONAL EDUCATION                 Funding by marriage license fees, 107.615
   AND REHABILITATION                                   Condominiums, see CONDOMINIUMS
  Cemeteries, see CEMETERIES                            Conflicts of interest, public officers, information
  Census, state, 190.580                                 provided to Oregon Government Standards
  Charitable and benevolent organizations, see           and Practices Commission, 244.130
   CHARITABLE AND BENEVOLENT ORGANIZA-                  Conservation easements, highway scenic preser-
   TIONS                                                 vation, care etc., 271.775
  Charter schools                                       Construction contractors, see CONSTRUCTION
     Grant and loan program, 338.185                     AND CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS
     Waiver of provisions, exceptions, 338.025          Consular corps credentials, 192.190
  Child abuse, see CHILD ABUSE                          Consumer and Business Services, Department of,
  Child care agencies, see CHILD CARE AGENCIES           see CONSUMER AND BUSINESS SERVICES,
  Child care facilities, see CHILD CARE FACILI-          DEPARTMENT OF
   TIES                                                 Consumer finance
  Child welfare services, see CHILD WELFARE                (Generally), 725.410, 725.505
   SERVICES                                                Licensing fee, payment, 725.185
  Children, see MINORS                                  Contested cases
  Children and Families, State Commission on,              (Generally), 183.415, 183.745
   417.735, 417.745                                        Discovery methods, 183.425
  Chiropractors and chiropractics, see CHIRO-              Lay representation, 183.457
   PRACTORS AND CHIROPRACTIC                               Order by hearing officer, 183.464
  Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act, Federal,         Validity, judicial determination, 183.400
   state enforcement, 323.865                           Contraceptives, wholesale and manufacturing
  Cigarette tax, see CIGARETTE TAX                       licenses, proceedings, 435.080
  Circuit court, see CIRCUIT COURTS                     Controlled substances, see CONTROLLED SUB-
  Citations, criminal, uniform forms, 133.066            STANCES
  Cities, see CITIES                                    Cooperatives, see COOPERATIVE CORPORA-
  Civil penalties, state agencies, hearing period,       TIONS
   183.745                                              Copies, documents of public record, 59.920
  Civil procedure, see RULES OF CIVIL PROCE-            Corporations, see CORPORATIONS
   DURE, generally                                      Correctional institutions, see CORRECTIONAL
  Civil service, see CIVIL SERVICE                       INSTITUTIONS
  Claims management, public bodies, insurance,          Counselors and therapists, see COUNSELORS
   278.120                                               AND COUNSELING
  Clinical laboratories, see LABORATORIES               Counties, see COUNTIES
  Clinical social workers, see CLINICAL SOCIAL          County clerks, employment of election board
   WORKERS                                               clerks, standards, 246.310
  Coast Guard, United States, oil and hazardous         Court fines, costs or restitution, nonpayment,
   substance spills, prevention, 196.180                 161.685

RULES (Cont.)                                           RULES (Cont.)
  Court of Appeals, see COURT OF APPEALS                   Drugs and medicines, see DRUGS AND MEDI-
  Courts, see COURTS                                        CINES
  Credit and debit card receipts, 646.889                  Earthquakes, emergency response drills, 401.543,
  Credit cards, bail, security deposits, 1.005              401.546
  Credit service organizations, see DEBTORS AND            Easements, conservation, highway scenic preser-
   CREDITORS                                                vation, care etc., 271.775
  Credit unions, see CREDIT UNIONS                         Economic development, see ECONOMIC DEVEL-
  Crematories, regulatory, recommendation, Cre-             OPMENT
   mation Association of North America, 692.275            Economic Stabilization and Conversion Fund,
  Crime victims, see VICTIMS OF CRIME                       expenditure, 285A.224
  Crimes and offenses, see CRIMES AND                      Education, see EDUCATION
   OFFENSES                                                Education and Workforce Policy Advisor, 326.370,
  Criminal Fine and Assessment Public Safety                660.312
   Fund, distribution, 137.302                             Eggs, 632.756, 632.811
  Criminal record inquiries, see CRIMES AND                Elections, see ELECTIONS
   OFFENSES                                                Electric utilities, joint operating agencies,
  Cultural Development Board, Trust for, 359.416            262.055
  Cultural resources, promoting, 289.240                   Electricians, see ELECTRICIANS
  Custodian, 192.430                                       Electricity, see ELECTRICITY
  Dead bodies                                              Electrologists, see ELECTROLOGISTS AND TAT-
     Disposition, 97.210                                    TOO ARTISTS
     Retaining body tissue or organs, 146.117              Electronic materials, exception, 56.100
  Death                                                    Electronic signatures, 84.064, 194.582
     Birth certificate, posting facts of, 432.122          Elevators, see ELEVATORS
     Investigations, 146.015                               Emergencies, see EMERGENCIES
     Simultaneous, survivorship, 112.570 et seq.           Emergency Management, Office of, earthquake
  Debt consolidating agencies, registration proce-          emergency response drills, 401.543, 401.546
   dure, 697.632                                           Emergency medical technicians, see EMER-
  Deeds                                                     GENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS
     Execution and record of, 273.306                      Emergency services, see EMERGENCY SER-
     Land, 273.075                                          VICES
  Deferred compensation plan, state, 243.470,              Employee suggestion program, productivity
   243.507                                                  improvement program, secretary of, 182.320
  Definition, 183.310                                      Employment, see LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT
  Degrees, academic, authorization, 348.603,               Employment agencies, 658.155, 658.210
   348.606, 348.607, 348.609                               Employment Relations Board, 240.086, 243.686,
  Delegation, rulemaking authority, officer or              243.766
   employee of agency, 183.325                             Encumbrances, definition, state financial admin-
  Demand deposit accounts, public funds, estab-             istration, 293.075
   lishment, 295.205                                       Endangered animal species, see FISH AND WILD-
  Dental hygienists, see DENTAL HYGIENISTS                  LIFE
  Dentists and dentistry, see DENTISTS AND DEN-            Endangered plant species, protection and con-
   TISTRY                                                   servation, 564.105, 564.110
  Denturists, see DENTURISTS                               Endowment care cemeteries, salespersons, regis-
  Deschutes River Scenic Waterway Recreation                tration, 97.931
   Area, 390.934, 390.936                                  Energy, see ENERGY
  Deschutes River, passes, 390.848                         Engineers, see ENGINEERS AND ENGINEERING
  Destroying public records, 192.001                       Enterprise zones, see ENTERPRISE ZONES
  Detainers, agreement on (Art. VII), 135.775              Environmental health specialists, see ENVIRON-
  Dietitians, 691.495, 691.505, 691.515                     MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALISTS
  Disabled persons, see DISABLED PERSONS                   Environmental laboratories, see LABORATO-
  Discrimination, 659A.805                                  RIES
  Diseases, see DISEASES AND INJURIES                      Environmental Quality Commission, see ENVI-
  Dismantlers and dismantling businesses, see               RONMENTAL QUALITY COMMISSION
   MOTOR VEHICLE DISMANTLERS AND DIS-                      Escrows and escrow agents, see ESCROWS AND
   MANTLING BUSINESSES                                      ESCROW AGENTS
  Disposal systems, sewers and sewage, see SEW-            Evidence, see EVIDENCE
   ERS AND SEWAGE                                          Evidence-based programs, state agencies, expen-
  Dispute resolution, see DISPUTE RESOLUTION                ditures, 182.525
  Dissolution of marriage, judgment, filing, 432.408       Execution sales, postponement, 18.932
  Dissolution, business entities, notification, nota-      Explosives, manufacture, sale, possession and
   tion of inactive status, waiver, conditions,             transfer, 480.280, 480.990
   56.105                                                  Facsimile transmissions, filing, fee, 56.016
  Documents, filing, 56.022, 62.030                        Fair Dismissal Appeals Board, 342.930
  Domestic and sexual violence services program,           Fairs and exhibitions, see FAIRS AND EXHIBI-
   147.465                                                  TIONS
  Domestic water supply districts, 264.430                 Family Health Insurance Assistance Program,
  Driver licenses and permits, see DRIVER                   735.731, 735.734
   LICENSES AND PERMITS                                    Family violence programs and projects, location
  Driving under influence, see DRIVING UNDER                of, confidentiality, 409.292
   INFLUENCE                                               Farm labor, see FARM LABOR

RULES (Cont.)                                               RULES (Cont.)
  Farm products, see AGRICULTURE AND HORTI-                    Ginseng growers or dealers, licensing system,
   CULTURE                                                       576.810, 576.815
  Farming or forest practices, special proceedings,            Grain
   30.942                                                         Farm credit, storage as basis, 587.040
  Federal                                                         Warehouses and warehousemen, 586.225, 586.230,
     Internal Revenue Code, Secretary of Treasury,                  586.550
       application, 317.013                                    Grazing lands, common school, application to
     Laws and rules, corresponding state rules, policy,          purchase, 273.825
       183.332                                                 Guardian and ward
     Rule adoption, 183.337                                       Advance directives, witnesses, qualifications of,
     Transitional rules, application, 314.746                       127.515
  Feeds, see FEEDS                                                Life-sustaining procedures, withholding or with-
  Fees, rule authorization, see FEES                                drawing, 127.635
  Ferries, 384.430                                             Gun dealers, criminal record check, sales, 166.412
  Fertilizers, see FERTILIZERS                                 Hanford Cleanup Board, Oregon, waste site
  Field burning                                                  review, 469.583
     (Generally), 468A.595, 476.380, 478.960                   Hazardous wastes and materials, see HAZARD-
     Air pollution, 468A.595, 476.380, 478.960                   OUS WASTES AND MATERIALS
  Filing, see SECRETARY OF STATE                               Health, see PUBLIC HEALTH
  Films, production expenses, 284.368, 315.514,                Health care facilities, see HEALTH CARE FACILI-
   316.220                                                       TIES
  Financial institutions, see FINANCIAL INSTITU-               Health insurance, see HEALTH INSURANCE
   TIONS                                                       Health Licensing Agency, Oregon, generally,
  Fire protection districts, forestland, 477.225                 676.607, 676.615
  Fire service professionals, minimum standards                Health spas, delivery, buyer, 646.676
   and training, 181.640, 181.657                              Hearing aids, see HEARING AIDS AND SPECIAL-
  Firearm sales, criminal record check, gun deal-                ISTS
   ers, 166.412                                                Helmets, standards and specifications, 815.052
  Fires and fire protection, see FIRES AND FIRE                Hemodialysis technicians, see HEMODIALYSIS
   PROTECTION                                                    TECHNICIANS
                                                               Higher education, see COLLEGES AND UNIVER-
  Fireworks, see FIREWORKS
  Fiscal impact, generally, 183.333, 183.335
                                                               Highways and roads, see HIGHWAYS AND
  Fish and wildlife, see FISH AND WILDLIFE
  Food, see FOOD
                                                               Historic property, see HISTORIC PROPERTY
  Food stamp plans
                                                               HIV tests, see DISEASES AND INJURIES
     Counties, state institutions and agencies etc., com-      Home Care Commission, 410.602
       pliance with state and federal laws, 411.837
                                                               Home health agencies, 443.085
     Maintaining state eligibility, 411.816                    Home inspectors, certification, 701.350
  Foreign corporations, see FOREIGN CORPORA-                   Hospice programs, certification, accreditation,
   TIONS                                                         443.865
  Foreign jurisdiction, advice on law of, Supreme              Hospitals, see HOSPITALS
   Court permitting, 9.242                                     Housing, see HOUSING
  Forests and forestry, see FORESTS AND FOR-                   Human Services, Department of, see HUMAN
   ESTRY                                                         SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF
  Foster care, children, psychotropic medications,             Hydroelectric power projects, see HYDROELEC-
   use, 418.517                                                  TRICITY
  Foster homes, see FOSTER HOMES                               Ignition interlock devices, see MOTOR VEHI-
  Franchises, see FRANCHISES                                     CLES
  Fraternal benefit societies, see FRATERNAL                   In-home care agencies, 443.315, 443.340
   BENEFIT SOCIETIES                                           Income tax (state), see INCOME TAX (STATE)
  Fuel, underground storage tanks, see UNDER-                  Independent contractors, standards, 670.605
   GROUND STORAGE TANKS                                        Indictments, pleadings, 132.510
  Funds and accounts, see FUNDS AND                            Indoor air pollution, see INDOOR AIR POLLU-
   ACCOUNTS                                                      TION
  Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Protection                     Initiative and referendum, see INITIATIVE AND
   Trust Fund, 97.945                                            REFERENDUM
  Funerals and funeral businesses, see FUNERALS                Inmates, correctional institutions, see CORREC-
   AND FUNERAL BUSINESSES                                        TIONAL INSTITUTIONS
  Gambling                                                     Innovation Council, Oregon, 284.706, 284.735
     Bingo, lotto or raffle games, 167.118                     Insects, allergen treatment programs, 433.810
     Monte Carlo events, 464.380                               Insurance and insurers, see INSURANCE AND
  Garages and repair shops, insurance, 746.305                   INSURERS
  Gasoline and gasoline dispensers, see GASOLINE               Insurance producers, adjusters and consultants,
   AND GASOLINE DISPENSERS                                       see INSURANCE PRODUCERS, ADJUSTERS
  General assistance, see PUBLIC ASSISTANCE                      AND CONSULTANTS
  Genetic information, Department of Human Ser-                Interagency services, 283.110, 283.120
   vices, 192.537, 192.547                                     Interagency shared information system, confi-
  Geologists, see GEOLOGISTS AND GEOLOGY                         dentiality, 657.736
  Geology and Mineral Industries, State Depart-                Intergovernmental entities, 190.080
   ment of, 516.090                                            International agreements, 190.490
  Geothermal wells, see GEOTHERMAL WELLS                       Investigators, licensed, 703.430, 703.435, 703.480

RULES (Cont.)                                        RULES (Cont.)
  Job training programs, records, inspection,           Meats and meat products, labeling, see MEATS
   660.339                                               AND MEAT FOOD PRODUCTS
  Judges and justices, censure, suspension or           Mediation, see MEDIATION
   removal, 1.415                                       Medical assistance, see PUBLIC ASSISTANCE
  Junkyards, 377.615, 377.620                           Medical Examiners, Board of
  Jurisdiction, see JURISDICTION                          (Generally), 677.265, 677.270
  Justice courts, order of proceedings, 52.030            Pain management, education, 409.570
  Justice, Department of, School Safety Hotline,        Medicare, see HEALTH INSURANCE
   180.650, 180.660                                     Medication, school students, administration to,
  Juvenile courts and proceedings, see JUVENILE          339.869
   COURTS AND PROCEEDINGS                               Memorials, veterans and war, state funding to
  Juvenile delinquents and dependents, see JUVE-         nonprofit entities, 390.180
   NILE DELINQUENTS AND DEPENDENTS                      Mental disease or defect, see MENTAL DISEASE
  Juvenile Justice Information System, adminis-          OR DEFECT
   tration, Oregon Youth Authority, 420A.223            Mental illness and health, see MENTAL ILLNESS
  Labor and employment, see LABOR AND                    AND MENTAL HEALTH
   EMPLOYMENT                                           Mental or emotional disorder or chemical depen-
  Laboratories, see LABORATORIES                         dency, right to treatment, 109.695
  Land Board, State, meetings and notification,         Metropolitan Service District, special district
   273.035                                               planning, cooperative agreements, review,
  Land Conservation and Development Commis-              195.020
   sion, 197.040                                        Midwives and midwifery, see MIDWIVES AND
  Land use planning, see LAND USE PLANNING               MIDWIFERY
  Landlord and tenant, see LANDLORD AND TEN-            Milk products, see MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS
   ANT                                                  Mines and minerals, see MINES AND MINERALS
  Landscape contractors, see LANDSCAPE CON-             Minors, see MINORS
   TRACTORS                                             Mobile homes and manufactured structures, see
  Landslides, duties of local governments, state         MOBILE HOMES AND MANUFACTURED
   agencies and landowners, 195.260                      STRUCTURES
  Law enforcment, see PEACE OFFICERS                    Model rules of procedure
  Legal assistance, public bodies, Attorney Gen-          Agencies adopting, 183.341
   eral, charges, 180.160                                 Contested case hearings, administrative law judges,
  Legislative review, see Review, this topic                use, 183.630
  Legislature, see LEGISLATURE                          Money orders, bank checks, return by agencies,
  Licenses and permits, see LICENSES AND PER-            293.265
   MITS                                                 Money transmission businesses, see MONEY
  Liens, see LIENS                                       TRANSMISSION BUSINESSES
  Life insurance, see LIFE INSURANCE                    Mortgage bankers and brokers, see MORTGAGE
  Life-sustaining procedures, withholding or with-       BANKERS AND BROKERS
   drawing, 127.635                                     Mortuary and Cemetery Board, State
  Lifesaving services, ocean shores, 390.280              (Generally), 692.265, 692.320, 692.350
  Limited liability companies, see LIMITED LIA-           Publication of statutes, 692.350
   BILITY COMPANIES                                     Motor carriers, see MOTOR CARRIERS
  Limited partnerships, see LIMITED PARTNER-            Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES
   SHIPS                                                Motorcycles, safety program, fee, 802.320
  Literacy hotline, statewide, 329.950                  Multistate Tax Commission, procedure, practice,
  Livestock, see LIVESTOCK                               305.655
  Loan companies, see CONSUMER FINANCE                  Museums
  Local budget investment pool, investment                Commission, 358.330, 358.365
   officer, 294.815, 294.825, 294.895                     Grant programs, 358.730
  Local government boundary commissions, see            Names, business
   LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOUNDARY COMMIS-                      (Generally), 648.125
   SIONS                                                  Registration, forms, 648.014
  Local governments, see LOCAL GOVERNMENTS              Naturopaths, see NATUROPATHS
  Local Health Officials, Conference of, adminis-       Newborn hearing screening test registry, 433.323
   tration, 431.350                                     Noise pollution, see NOISE
  Lottery, State, see LOTTERY, STATE                    Nonalcoholic beverages, identity, marking, label-
  Low-income housing, see HOUSING                        ing, etc. standards, 635.045
  Manufactured dwellings and structures, see            Nonprofit corporations, see NONPROFIT COR-
   STRUCTURES                                           Notaries public, see NOTARIES PUBLIC
  Maritime pilots, see SHIPS AND SHIPPING               Notices
  Marketing of commodities, see MARKETING OF              Intended action, 183.335
   COMMODITIES                                            Public lands, deed application, 273.870
  Marriage certificate, standard form, 106.165            Voters pamphlets, counties, arguments or other
  Mass transit districts                                    matter, rejection, 251.415
     (Generally), 267.540                               Nuclear energy, uranium mills, adoption, 469.556
     Board of directors, 267.125, 267.140               Nurses and nursing, see NURSES AND NURSING
  Massage therapists, see MASSAGE THERAPISTS            Nursing Home Administrators, Board of Examin-
   AND THERAPY                                           ers of, 678.820
  Meat dealers and slaughterers, see MEAT DEAL-         Nursing homes and care facilities, see NURSING
   ERS                                                   HOMES AND CARE FACILITIES

RULES (Cont.)                                            RULES (Cont.)
  Nursing, Oregon State Board of, 678.150                  Plumbers and plumbing, see PLUMBERS AND
  Occupational therapists and therapy, see OCCU-            PLUMBING
   PATIONAL THERAPISTS AND THERAPY                         Podiatrists and podiatry
  Ocean, see OCEAN                                            Licensing, qualifications, 677.280
  Odometers                                                   Reciprocal licensing, 677.830
     Disclosure, 803.102, 803.120, 803.122, 803.124        Police officers, minimum standards and training,
     Notice of repair, 815.415                              181.640, 181.657
  Oil and gas, see OIL AND GAS                             Political parties, see POLITICAL PARTIES
  Oil and hazardous substances spills, prevention,         Pollution control facilities, see POLLUTION
   196.180                                                 Polygraphs and polygraph examiners
  Optometrists and optometry                                  (Generally), 703.230
     Continuing education, requirement, 683.210               Licenses, fees, 703.110
     Optometry, Oregon Board, 683.270                      Ports, see PORTS
  Optometry, Oregon Board of, 683.270                      Prehospital care events, providing information
  Oregon Health and Science University, see ORE-            about, 682.056
  Oregon Health Plan, physician credentialing              Private Activity Bond Committee, 286.615
   coordination, 442.807                                   Private Health Partnerships, Office of, 735.707
  Oregon Liquor Control Commission, 471.730                Private security service providers, 181.875,
  Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure, see RULES OF             181.878
   CIVIL PROCEDURE, generally                              Probate, see PROBATE
  Organizations, registration, fees, 649.090               Product liability, 30.920
  Outdoor mass gatherings                                  Products and services, nonprofit agencies for
     Organizers, health, safety, compliance, 433.740,       disabled persons, 279.845
       433.755, 433.760                                    Professional corporations, see PROFESSIONAL
     Permit application, procedure for issuance, fees,      CORPORATIONS
       433.750                                             Property, see PROPERTY
  Outfitters and guides, see OUTFITTERS AND                Protective headgear, standards and specifica-
   GUIDES                                                   tions, 815.052
  Oversight, legislative, see Review, this topic           Psychiatric Security Review Board, procedure,
  Pacific Ocean Resources Compact, 196.180                  promulgating, 161.387
  Pain management, education, health care profes-          Psychologists and psychology, see PSYCHOLO-
   sionals, 409.560, 409.570                                GISTS AND PSYCHOLOGY
  Park and recreation districts, see PARK AND              Public assistance, see PUBLIC ASSISTANCE
   RECREATION DISTRICTS                                    Public buildings, see PUBLIC BUILDINGS
  Parking facilities, 276.594, 276.595                     Public contracts, see PUBLIC CONTRACTS
  Parks and recreational areas, see PARKS AND              Public Employee Benefit Equalization Fund,
   RECREATIONAL AREAS                                       administration, 238.492
  Parole, probation and post-prison supervision,           Public Employees Benefit Board, 243.125
   see PAROLE, PROBATION AND POST-PRISON                   Public Employees Retirement System, see PUB-
   SUPERVISION                                              LIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM
  Patient safety reporting program, see note fol-          Public health, see PUBLIC HEALTH
   lowing, 442.835                                         Public lands
  Pawnbrokers, see PAWNBROKERS                                Deed application, notice, 273.870
  Payday loans, 725.625                                       Transfer, lease etc., 271.300
  Peace officers, see PEACE OFFICERS                       Public officers and employees, see PUBLIC
  Pedestrian malls                                          OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES
     (Generally), 376.820                                  Public records, see PUBLIC RECORDS
     Prohibiting vehicular traffic, 376.810                Public reports, standardized form, 192.220
  Pedestrians, proceeding along highway,                   Public Safety Memorial Fund Board, 243.970
   improper, 814.070                                       Public safety memorial, classifications of person-
  People’s utility districts, 261.430                       nel to be included, 181.714
  Personal services contracts, 279A.065, 279A.070          Public Safety Standards and Training, Board on,
  Personnel relations law, see PERSONNEL RELA-              181.640, 181.657, 181.667
   TIONS LAW                                               Public Safety Standards and Training, Depart-
  Pests and pesticides, see PESTS AND PESTI-                ment of, see PUBLIC SAFETY STANDARDS
   CIDES                                                    AND TRAINING, DEPARTMENT OF
  Petitions                                                Public utilities, see PUBLIC UTILITIES
     Applicability of rule, 183.410                        Public Utility Commission of Oregon, see PUB-
     Requesting promulgation, amendment or repeal of        LIC UTILITY COMMISSION OF OREGON
       rule, review, considerations, 183.390               Races and racing, see RACES AND RACING
  Pets, mobile homes and manufactured structures           Racing Commission, Oregon, 462.250
     Rental agreements, 90.530                             Radioactive wastes and materials, see RADIOAC-
     Restrictions, 446.115                                  TIVE WASTES AND MATERIALS
  Pharmacists and pharmacies, see PHARMACISTS              Radiologic technologists, see RADIOLOGISTS
   AND PHARMACIES                                           AND RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY
  Physical therapists, see PHYSICAL THERAPISTS             Ragweed control, 452.530
  Physicians and surgeons, see PHYSICIANS AND              Railroads, see RAILROADS
   SURGEONS                                                Real estate appraisers and appraisals, see REAL
  Planned communities                                       ESTATE APPRAISERS AND APPRAISAL
     Adoption, 94.630                                      Real estate licensees, see REAL ESTATE LICENS-
     Compliance, 94.777                                     EES

RULES (Cont.)                                             RULES (Cont.)
  Real property, see REAL PROPERTY                           Semi-independent state agencies, 182.462, 182.466
  Reapportionment, 188.010, 188.015                          Senior citizens, see SENIOR CITIZENS
  Reclaimed plastic products                                 Sentence and punishment, see SENTENCE AND
     Certification of investment, fee, 468.461                 PUNISHMENT
     Transportation, collection, processing, costs,          Service contracts, 646.267, 646.281, 646.285
       468.486                                               Sewers and sewage, see SEWERS AND SEWAGE
  Reclamation, lands, see RECLAMATION                        Sex offenders, medical treatment programs,
  Records and recording, see RECORDS AND                       421.590
   RECORDING                                                 Sexual assault crisis centers, 409.273, 409.276
  Recreational areas, see PARKS AND RECRE-                   Sexually dangerous, prisoners, assignment and
   ATIONAL AREAS                                               treatment, 426.675
  Recycling, see RECYCLING                                   Shellfish, see SHELLFISH
  Refrigerated locker plants                                 Shelter homes, location, confidentiality, 409.292
     Communicable diseases, definition by rule, 628.270      Shuttle bus services, state agency use, 283.140
     Construction, maintenance and operation, 628.280,       Slaughtering and slaughterhouses, livestock
       628.350                                                  (Generally), 603.085
  Refugee children, placement, 418.945                          Establishments and equipment, maintaining,
  Regional or community child abuse assessment                    603.045, 603.055
   centers                                                   Small businesses, see SMALL BUSINESSES
     Application for funds, 418.792                          Small claims, 46.415
     Grants, 418.788                                         Small scale local energy projects, see SMALL
  Reports, standardized form, 192.220                          SCALE LOCAL ENERGY PROJECTS
  Residential facilities, disabled persons, see DIS-         Smoking, see TOBACCO AND SMOKING
   ABLED PERSONS                                             Snowmobiles, see SNOWMOBILES
  Respiratory therapists, 688.830, 688.834                   Soft drink bottling, 635.045, 635.055
  Rest areas, roadside, coffee and cookies, 366.490          Solid wastes, see WASTE DISPOSAL
  Restaurants, see RESTAURANTS                               South Slough National Estuarine Research
  Retirement and pensions, federal Social Security             Reserve, 273.553, 273.554, 273.558
   Law, 237.470, 237.500                                     Special Public Works Fund, administration,
  Revenue, Department of, generally, 305.100                   285B.419
  Review                                                     Speech-language pathologists and audiologists,
     (Generally), 183.715, 183.720                             see SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS AND
     Agency review, 183.405                                    AUDIOLOGISTS
     Considerations, 183.390                                 Speed rule, basic, see MOTOR VEHICLES
     Legislative review                                      Spinal Cord Injury Research Board, grant pro-
        (Generally), 183.715                                   gram, 431.290
        Criteria, determinations, 183.720                    Sports and convention facilities, 263.230
        Definitions, 183.710                                 State agencies, see STATE AGENCIES
        Legislative Counsel                                  State Archivist, see STATE ARCHIVIST
            Agency response, 183.722                         State census, 190.580
            Review, member request, 183.720                  State institutions, see STATE INSTITUTIONS
        Reports, 183.720, 183.725                            State lands, see STATE LANDS
     Public comment, 183.390                                 State Library
     State agency appearance, requesting, 183.722               (Generally), 357.015
  Rivers and streams                                            Grants, 357.209, 357.760
     Adopt-a-River Program, Oregon, 830.055                  State officers and employees, see STATE OFFIC-
     Beds, security requirement, leases, 274.560               ERS AND EMPLOYEES
  Rule against perpetuities, see FUTURE INTER-               State police, see STATE POLICE
   ESTS                                                      State rules, federal law, correspondence, policy,
  Rules coordinator, appointment, 183.330                      183.332
  Rural fire protection districts, district board,           State School Fund allocations, Youth Corrections
   meetings, 478.250                                           and Juvenile Detention Education Programs,
  Safety belts, standards, 815.055                             327.026
  Sanitary districts, board members, staggering              State Treasurer, see STATE TREASURER
   terms, 450.062                                            Student Assistance Commission, Oregon, 348.530
  Savings associations, see SAVINGS ASSOCIA-                 Student assistance, alternative student loan pro-
   TIONS                                                       gram, 348.645
  School boards, see SCHOOL BOARDS                           Student athlete agents, 702.063
  School buses, see BUSES                                    Submerged and submersible lands, see SUB-
  School finance, see SCHOOL FINANCE                           MERGED AND SUBMERSIBLE LANDS
  School officers and employees, see SCHOOL                  Support of dependents, see SUPPORT OF
   OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES                                      DEPENDENTS
  Schools and school districts, see SCHOOLS AND              Supreme Court, see SUPREME COURT
   SCHOOL DISTRICTS                                          Surveys and surveyors, see SURVEYS AND SUR-
  Schoolteachers, see SCHOOLTEACHERS                           VEYORS
  Secretary of State, see SECRETARY OF STATE                 Survivorship, simultaneous death, 112.570 et seq.
  Secured transactions, see SECURED TRANSAC-                 Sweepstakes, removal from mailing list, 646.876
   TIONS                                                     Swimming pools, public, see SWIMMING POOLS
  Securities, see SECURITIES                                   AND FACILITIES
  Security deposits, credit cards, bail, 1.005               Tanning devices
  Seeds, see SEEDS                                              Registering, fee, 431.940
  Seizure, 144.405                                              Warning signs, 431.945

RULES (Cont.)                                               RULES (Cont.)
  Tansy ragwort control, 452.620                              Veterinary Medical Examining Board, Oregon
  Tattoo artists, see ELECTROLOGISTS AND TAT-                  State, 686.135
   TOO ARTISTS                                                Victims of crime, see VICTIMS OF CRIME
  Tax consultants and preparers, see TAX CON-                 Violations, see VIOLATIONS
   SULTANTS AND PREPARERS                                     Vital statistics, see VITAL STATISTICS
  Tax Court, hearings and proceedings, practice               Vocational education, see VOCATIONAL EDUCA-
   and procedure, 305.425                                      TION AND REHABILITATION
  Tax liens, certification fee, 87.816                        Volunteers Commission for Voluntary Action and
  Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission,                 Service, Oregon, 458.555
   294.670                                                    Voters’ pamphlets, see ELECTIONS
  Taxation, see TAXATION                                      Wage and Hour Commission, 653.525
  Teachers and school personnel, see SCHOOL                   Waste disposal, see WASTE DISPOSAL
   OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES; SCHOOL-                            Waste tires, see TIRES
   TEACHERS                                                   Waste water specialists, see ENVIRONMENTAL
  Telecommunications, see TELECOMMUNICA-                       HEALTH SPECIALISTS
   TIONS                                                      Water and water rights, see WATER AND WATER
  Telephones and telephone companies, see TELE-                RIGHTS
   PHONES AND TELEPHONE COMPANIES                             Water control districts, 553.230
  Television, see TELEVISION                                  Water development projects, 541.845
  Temporary rule adoption, amendment or suspen-               Water improvement companies, 554.080
   sion, 183.335                                              Water improvement districts, see WATER
  Threatened or endangered species, see FISH AND               IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS
   WILDLIFE                                                   Water pollution, see POLLUTION
  Timber and lumber, see TIMBER AND LUMBER                    Water supply districts, 264.430
  Timber taxes, see TIMBER TAXES                              Water supply systems, see WATER SUPPLY SYS-
  Timeshare estates, 94.915                                    TEMS (DOMESTIC WATER)
  Tires, see TIRES                                            Water surveys, certification to conduct, 537.797
  Title I Bank Fund, administration, 285A.306                 Water utilities, rates, 757.061
  Title loans, 725.605, 725.625                               Watershed Enhancement Board, Oregon, 541.396
  Tobacco and smoking, see TOBACCO AND SMOK-                  Weather modification districts
   ING                                                           (Generally), 558.315
  Tobacco products tax, 323.575                                  Board meetings, 558.410
  Tollway projects, see HIGHWAYS AND ROADS                    Weights and measures, see WEIGHTS AND MEA-
  Tourist facilities                                           SURES
     (Generally), 446.330                                     Wells
     Licensing, fee, 446.321                                     Civil penalties, recording deed information, failure,
  Towing businesses, certification, 822.205, 822.217               537.992
  Trade practices, unlawful, 646.608                             Geothermal, see GEOTHERMAL WELLS
  Trademarks, see TRADEMARKS AND TRADE                           Waiver, pump test, 537.772
   NAMES                                                      Wetlands, see WETLANDS
  Trails, Recreation Trail, Oregon, protection,               Wheat Commission, Oregon, 578.025, 578.060,
   management, etc., 390.971, 390.980, 390.986,                578.105, 578.211, 578.216
   390.995                                                    Willamette River Greenway, 390.340
  Training Center Review Board, State, 427.205                Wine Board, Oregon, 576.766, 576.768
  Transportation, see TRANSPORTATION                          Winter recreation parking, permits, 811.595
  Transportation Commission, Oregon, 184.616,                 Women, Infants and Children Program, 409.600
   184.635                                                    Woodstoves, manufacturer or dealer fees,
                                                              Workers’ compensation, see WORKERS’ COM-
     Sellers of, certified associations, 646.189, 646.191
     State agency personnel, 292.220, 292.230, 292.286
                                                              Workforce system performance measures, 657.734
  Tri-County Building Industry Service Center,
                                                              Wreckers and wrecking businesses, see MOTOR
   455.044, 455.048
                                                               VEHICLE DISMANTLERS AND DISMANTLING
  Trust administration, defining, Revenue Depart-
   ment, 316.282
                                                              X-ray machines, 453.757, 453.775, 453.795
  Trusts and trustees, see TRUSTS AND TRUST-
                                                              Youth Authority, Oregon, 420A.025, 420A.223
  Tuberculosis, investigation and control, 437.030
  Underground storage tanks, see UNDER-                     RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE
   GROUND STORAGE TANKS                                       (Note: Text of the Oregon Rules of Civil Proce-
  Unemployment compensation, see UNEMPLOY-                      dure appears in ORS volume 1, following chap-
   MENT COMPENSATION                                            ter 10.)
  Union labels, filing, registration fee, 661.245             (Generally), ORCP 1
  United states, see UNITED STATES                            Accord and satisfaction, affirmative defense,
  Vaccinations, immunization and registry and                   ORCP 19B
   tracking system, 433.100                                   Actions and proceedings
  Vaccines, shortages, prioritization guidelines,                Attachment, where allowed, ORCP 84A
   implementation, 433.040                                       Class actions, see Class actions, this topic
  Veterans, see VETERANS                                         Commencement of actions, see Commencement of
  Veterans’ Affairs, Department of, 406.030, 406.050               actions, this topic
  Veterinarians and veterinary hospitals, see VET-               Dismissal, see Dismissal, this topic
   ERINARIANS AND VETERINARY HOSPITALS                           Pending, submission, ORCP 66B

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)                              RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)
 Actions and proceedings (Cont.)                                Attorney fees
    Procedural distinctions, actions and suits, aboli-             (Generally), ORCP 68
      tions, ORCP 2                                                Award and judgment entry, ORCP 68C
    Testimony, perpetuation by action, ORCP 37C                    Class actions, ORCP 32N
 Addresses, summons, contents, post office                         Compromises, withdrawn, payment, ORCP 54D
  address, ORCP 7C                                                 Defined, ORCP 68A
 Admissions                                                        Judgments, ORCP 68C
    Requests for admissions, see Requests for admis-               Pleading, ORCP 68C
      sions, this topic                                            Summons, service on persons liable, ORCP 7C
    Service, proof, written admissions, ORCP 7F                 Attorney General, service upon state, ORCP 7D
 Adverse claimants, ORCP 81C                                    Attorneys
 Advisory jury, trial by court with, ORCP 51D                      Affidavit or declaration, expert opinion, ORCP 47E
 Affidavits and declarations                                       Fees, see Attorney fees, this topic
    Declaration, defined, ORCP 1E                                  Pleadings, signatures, ORCP 17A
    Health information, individually identifiable, custo-       Audita querela, writ abolished, ORCP 71D
      dian of records, ORCP 55H                                 Avoidance, pleading, matters constituting,
    New trial motions, ORCP 64D, ORCP 64E,                       ORCP 19B
      ORCP 64F                                                  Bankruptcy, discharge, pleading as affirmative
    Non-military, filing, default judgments, ORCP 69B            defense, ORCP 19B
    Provisional process, contents, ORCP 83A                     Banks and banking
    Service, publication, ORCP 7F                                  Attachment, exception, ORCP 84A
    Summary judgments, see Summary judgments,                      Definition, ORCP 81A
      this topic                                                Bar, members, distribution required, promulga-
    Sureties, ORCP 82E                                           tion, amendment or repeal of rule, 1.735
 Affirmative defenses, ORCP 19B                                 Bills in the nature of a bill of review, abolished,
 Agents and agencies                                             ORCP 71D
    Law enforcement, subpoenas, service on,                     Bills of review, abolished, ORCP 71D
      ORCP 55D                                                  Bonds, security
    Summons and complaint, service, ORCP 7D                        (Generally), ORCP 82
 Alternate jurors, calling and impaneling,                         Affidavit or declaration, sureties, ORCP 82E
  ORCP 57F                                                         Approval, ORCP 82C
 Alternative statements, claims and defenses, con-                 Attachment, sheriff indemnity, ORCP 84D
  sistency, ORCP 16C
                                                                   Form, ORCP 82A
 Amendments, pleadings, see Pleadings, this topic
                                                                   Hearings, objections, ORCP 82G
 Annotating, 1.750
                                                                   Objections, ORCP 82F
                                                                   Public bodies, judgments, enforcement proceedings,
    Pending, relief from judgments, ORCP 71D
                                                                     stays, ORCP 72C
    Perpetuation of testimony or evidence pending,
                                                                   Redelivery of property, attachments, ORCP 84F
      ORCP 37, ORCP 37B
                                                                   Service, benefited party, ORCP 82E
    Record designation, service, ORCP 9
                                                                Captions, pleadings, ORCP 16A
    Deposition, failure to attend, sanctions, ORCP 46D          Certificates and certification
    Failure to appear for trial, ORCP 58E                          Certifications to court
    Service, parties in default for failure to appear, need            (Generally), ORCP 17C
      for, ORCP 9A                                                     False, sanctions, ORCP 17D
 Application, ORCP 1C                                              Depositions, transcript, ORCP 39G
 Arbitration and award, affirmative defense,                       False certification, sanctions, ORCP 17D
  ORCP 19B                                                         Pleadings, signature as certificate, ORCP 17A
 Assessments, jurisdiction, personal, ORCP 4H                      Summons, service, ORCP 7F
 Associations                                                   Citation, 174.580, ORCP 1F
    Capacity to sue or be sued and joinder, ORCP 26B            Cities, corporate existence, pleading, ORCP 20D
    Judgments, ORCP 67E                                         Civil pleading and practice, effect, 1.745
    Receivers, appointment, ORCP 80B                            Claim and delivery
    Summons, service, ORCP 7D                                      (Generally), ORCP 85, ORCP 85A
 Assumption of risk, affirmative defenses,                         Custody and delivery of property, ORCP 85B,
  ORCP 19B                                                           ORCP 85C
 Attachment                                                        Delivery by sheriff, ORCP 85B
    (Generally), ORCP 84                                           Dismissal of action, prohibited, ORCP 85E
    Actions, where allowed, ORCP 84A                               Notices or orders, service, ORCP 81B
    Banks, exception, ORCP 84A                                     Order, filing, ORCP 85D
    Claim of lien, ORCP 84C                                        Surety bond, ORCP 82A
    Defined, ORCP 81A                                           Claim of lien, attachment, ORCP 84C
    Notices or orders, service, ORCP 81B                        Claims
    Property                                                       Joinder, see Joinder, this topic
        Attachable, ORCP 84B                                       Multiple, judgments, ORCP 67B, ORCP 72D
        Disposition after judgment, ORCP 84E                       Portion exceeding counterclaim, judgment,
        Provisional process order, ORCP 84A                          ORCP 67G
        Redelivery, ORCP 84F                                       Relief, see Relief, claims, this topic
        Writ, execution etc., ORCP 84D                          Class actions
    Receiver, appointment, ORCP 80B                                (Generally), ORCP 32
    Release, adverse claimants, hearing and order,                 Affirmative relief statements, ORCP 32F
      ORCP 81C                                                     Attorney fees, ORCP 32N

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)                            RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)
 Class actions (Cont.)                                        Contempt (Cont.)
    Commencement, see Commencement of actions,                  Notice or other paper, service, ORCP 9B
      this topic                                                Orders or judgments for specific acts, enforcement,
    Common questions of law or fact, pending actions,             ORCP 78B
      coordination, ORCP 32L                                    Subpoena, disobedience, ORCP 55G
    Complaints, equitable relief, amendment to request          Summary judgment, affidavit or declaration, bad
      damages, ORCP 32J                                           faith filing, ORCP 47G
    Compromises, court approval and notice,                   Contracts
      ORCP 32D                                                  Consumer, judgments by confession, prohibited,
    Conduct, court authority over, ORCP 32E                       ORCP 73A
    Costs and disbursements, ORCP 32N                           Failure of consideration, pleading as affirmative
    Damages                                                       defense, ORCP 19B
        Maintenance limitation, ORCP 32I                        Jurisdiction, personal, ORCP 7A
        Notice and demand requirement, ORCP 32H               Contributory negligence, affirmative defense,
    Dismissal or compromise, court approval and                ORCP 19B
      notice, ORCP 32D                                        Controversy, submitted, see Submitted contro-
    Equitable relief, ORCP 32J                                 versy, this topic
    Joinder, persons needed for just adjudication, excep-     Copies
      tion, ORCP 29C                                            Depositions, ORCP 39G
    Judgment, contents, ORCP 32M                                Summons and complaint, service, ORCP 7D
    Maintenance, ORCP 32B                                     Coram nobis, writ abolished, ORCP 71D
    Maintenance determination, court order, ORCP 32C          Coram vobis, writ abolished, ORCP 71D
    Names, members, inclusion, judgment, ORCP 32I             Corporations
    Notice, ORCP 32F                                            City or county, corporate existence, pleading,
    Particular issues, action commencement or mainte-             ORCP 20D
      nance, subclasses, ORCP 32G                               Depositions, notice, ORCP 39C
    Requirements, ORCP 32A                                      Personal jurisdiction
    Statute of limitations, tolling, members, ORCP 32O              (Generally), ORCP 4A
    Statutory penalties, maintenance limitation,                    Director or officer, action against, ORCP 4G
      ORCP 32K                                                  Receivers, appointment, ORCP 80B
 Clerk, defined, ORCP 69E, ORCP 81A                             Summons, manner of service, ORCP 7D
 Commencement of actions                                      Costs and disbursements
    (Generally), ORCP 3                                         (Generally), ORCP 68
    Class actions                                               Allowance, ORCP 68B
        Damages, notice and demand requirement,                 Award and judgment entry, ORCP 68C
         ORCP 32H                                               Class actions, ORCP 32N
        Particular issues, ORCP 32G                             Compromises, withdrawn, payment, ORCP 54D
 Comparative negligence, affirmative defense,                   Dismissal, previously dismissed action, payment by
  ORCP 19B                                                        plaintiff, ORCP 54D, ORCP 54E
 Compensation and salaries, summons, persons                  Counterclaims
  service, ORCP 7E                                              (Generally), ORCP 22, ORCP 22A
 Complaints                                                     Default judgments, application of rule, ORCP 69D
    Class action, equitable relief, amendment to request        Dismissal, ORCP 54C
      damages, ORCP 32J                                         Portion of claim exceeding, judgment, ORCP 67G
    Commencement of action, ORCP 3                              Separate trial, ORCP 22E
    Party names, action title, inclusion, ORCP 16A              Summary judgments
    Service, mail, ORCP 7D                                          For claimant, ORCP 47A
    Telegraphic transmission, ORCP 7H                               For defending party, ORCP 47B
 Compromises                                                  Counties
    Acceptance or rejection, effect, ORCP 54E                   Corporate existence, pleading, ORCP 20D
    Class actions, court approval and notice, ORCP 32D          Party, process service, ORCP 8
 Conditions precedent, pleading, ORCP 20A                     Court clerks, judgment notwithstanding verdict,
 Confession of judgment, see Judgments by con-                 duties, ORCP 63E
  fession, this topic                                         Court Procedures, Council on, see COURT PRO-
 Consent                                                       CEDURES, COUNCIL ON, generally
    Jurisdiction, personal, ORCP 4A                           Courts
    Jury trial by consent of parties, ORCP 51D                  Clerks, judgments notwithstanding verdict, duties,
 Conservators                                                     ORCP 63E
    Incapacitated parties, appearance by, ORCP 27B              Jurisdiction, see Jurisdiction, this topic
    Minor parties, appearance by, ORCP 27A                      Orders, see Orders, this topic
 Consideration, failure, pleading as affirmative              Cross-claims
  defense, ORCP 19B                                             (Generally), ORCP 22, ORCP 22B
 Consolidation, actions involving common ques-                  Default judgments, application of rule, ORCP 69D
  tion of law or fact, ORCP 53A                                 Dismissal, ORCP 54C
 Construction                                                   Separate trial, ORCP 22E
    (Generally), ORCP 1B                                        Summary judgments
    Pleadings, liberal, ORCP 12A                                    For claimant, ORCP 47A
 Consumer transactions                                              For defending party, ORCP 47B
    Definitions, ORCP 81A                                     Cross-examination, deponents, ORCP 39D
    Judgments by confession, prohibited, ORCP 73A             Damages
 Contempt                                                       Class actions, ORCP 32F, ORCP 32H, ORCP 32I
    Discovery order, failure to comply, ORCP 46B                Money, demand, judgment exceeding, ORCP 67C

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)                           RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)
 Damages (Cont.)                                             Depositions (Cont.)
   Statement, request, ORCP 18                                  Procedure and recording, ORCP 39D
 Death, parties, substitution, ORCP 34A,                        Questions, written
  ORCP 34B, ORCP 34D, ORCP 34F, ORCP 34G                           Responses and record preparation, officers,
 Declarations in lieu of affidavits, see Affidavits                   ORCP 40B
  and declarations, this topic                                     Service and notice, ORCP 40A
 Declaratory judgments                                          Submission to witness, ORCP 39F
   Summary judgments                                            Subpoena for taking, ORCP 55F
      For claimant, ORCP 47A                                    Taking, errors and irregularities, ORCP 41C
      For defending party, ORCP 47B                             Time for taking, ORCP 39A
 Default judgments                                           Directed verdicts, see Verdicts, this topic
   Application of rule, ORCP 69D                             Discharge in bankruptcy, affirmative defense,
   Non-military affidavit or declaration, filing,             ORCP 19B
     ORCP 69B                                                Discovery
   Setting aside, ORCP 69C                                      (Generally), ORCP 36
 Defaults, entry, ORCP 69A                                      Depositions, see Depositions, this topic
 Defendant, defined, ORCP 4O, ORCP 7A, ORCP 81A                 Expenses, failure to admit genuineness, ORCP 46C
 Defenses                                                       Extent of disclosure, court order limiting,
   Affirmative, ORCP 19B                                          ORCP 36C
   Denial of motion, filing of responsive pleading, non-        Failure to make, ORCP 46
     waiver, ORCP 25C                                           Health information, individually identifiable,
   Preliminary hearings, ORCP 21C                                 ORCP 44E, ORCP 55H
   Presentation, ORCP 21                                        Inspection, failure to respond to request for,
   Statement, ORCP 19A                                            ORCP 46D
   Strike motion, ORCP 21E                                      Methods, ORCP 36A
   Summary judgments, affidavit or declaration,                 Motion for order compelling, ORCP 46A
     requirement, ORCP 47D                                      Order, failure to comply, ORCP 46B
   Sureties, attachments, redelivery bonds, ORCP 84F            Sanctions, certification, rules inapplicable,
   Waiver or preservation, ORCP 21G                               ORCP 17E
 Defined, 174.580                                               Scope, ORCP 36B
 Demands                                                     Dismissal
   Judgment, effect, ORCP 67C                                   (Generally), ORCP 54
   Service, ORCP 9                                              Amendment or pleading over after motion, non-
 Demurrers, abolition, ORCP 13C                                   waiver of defenses or objections, ORCP 25A
 Denials                                                        Claim and delivery, prohibited, ORCP 85E
   Failure, effect, ORCP 19C                                    Class actions, court approval and notice, ORCP 32D
   Form, ORCP 19A                                               Costs, previously dismissed actions, ORCP 54D,
   Negative pregnants, pleading, effect, ORCP 20G                 ORCP 54E
 Depositions                                                    Counterclaims, cross-claims or third party claims,
   Administration                                                 ORCP 54C
      Outside Oregon, ORCP 38B                                  Involuntary, ORCP 54B
      Within Oregon, ORCP 38A                                   Motion granted, judgment, ORCP 21A
   Attendance, failure, sanctions, ORCP 46D                     Motions, defenses and objections, presentation,
   Certification, filing, exhibits and copies, ORCP 39G           ORCP 21A
   Completion and return, errors and irregularities,            Voluntary, effect, ORCP 54A
     ORCP 41D                                                Disqualification, depositions, officer taking,
   Discovery, prior to perpetuation deposition,               ORCP 41B
     ORCP 39I                                                Dissolution, annulment, separation
   Errors and irregularities, effect, ORCP 41                   Money judgments, enforcement, ORCP 78C
   Expenses, failure to appear, payment, ORCP 39H               Personal jurisdiction, ORCP 4K
   Foreign, ORCP 38C                                         Documents
   Motion, examination, terminating or limiting,                Genuineness
     ORCP 39E                                                      Failure to admit, expenses, ORCP 46C
   Notice                                                          Request for admission, ORCP 45
      Errors and irregularities, ORCP 41A                       Jury deliberation, ORCP 59C
      Examination, ORCP 39C                                     Official, pleading, ORCP 20F
      Perpetuation deposition, after commencement of            Production, see Production, this topic
        action, ORCP 39I                                     Domicile, jurisdiction, personal, ORCP 4A
      Written questions, ORCP 40A                            Duress, affirmative defense, ORCP 19B
   Oaths, ORCP 38, ORCP 39D                                  Effective dates, 1.735
   Officer, disqualification, ORCP 41B                       Equity
   Oral examination, ORCP 39                                    Class action, equitable relief, ORCP 32J
   Order, failure to comply, sanctions, ORCP 46B                Procedural distinctions, actions at law and suits in
   Perpetuation of testimony                                      equity, abolition, ORCP 2
      (Generally), ORCP 37                                   Estoppel, affirmative defense, ORCP 19B
      Action                                                 Evidence
          After commencement of, ORCP 39I                       Insufficiency, involuntary dismissal of action,
          Before, ORCP 37A                                        ORCP 54B
          Perpetuation by, ORCP 37C                             Perpetuation
      Appeal, pending, ORCP 37B                                    Before action, ORCP 37A
      Filing, ORCP 37D                                             Depositions, see Depositions, this topic
   Prisoners, court order, ORCP 39B                                Pending appeal, ORCP 37B

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)                           RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)
 Evidence (Cont.)                                             Hearings
    Postponement, grounds, absence of evidence,                   Attachment release, adverse claimants, ORCP 81C
      ORCP 52B                                                    Joint, ORCP 53A
    Provisional process, admissibility, ORCP 83C                  New trial motions, ORCP 64F
    Referenced matter, ORCP 65C                                   Preliminary
 Examinations                                                         Defenses, presenting, ORCP 21C
    Depositions, see Depositions, this topic                          Injunctions, ORCP 79B
    Jurors, ORCP 57C                                              Provisional process
    Mental, see Mental examinations, this topic                       Show cause, ORCP 83F
    Perpetuation of testimony or evidence, before                     Waiver, ORCP 83G
      action, ORCP 37A                                            Sureties, objections, ORCP 82G
    Physical, see Physical examinations, this topic           Holidays, process, service or execution, ORCP 8C
 Exceptions, ORCP 59H                                         Illegality, affirmative defense, ORCP 19B
 Execution                                                    In rem (jurisdiction), ORCP 5
    Process                                                   Incapacitated persons
       Proof, ORCP 8E                                             Default judgments, ORCP 69B
       Sundays and holidays, ORCP 8C                              Guardians or conservators, appearance by,
    Receiver, appointment, ORCP 80B                                 ORCP 27, ORCP 27B
 Exhibits                                                         Summons, service, ORCP 7D
    Depositions, ORCP 39G                                     Indexing, 1.750
    Jury deliberation, taking exhibits, ORCP 59C              Individually identifiable health information,
 Expenses                                                       ORCP 44E, ORCP 55H
    Depositions, failure to appear, payment, ORCP 39H         Injunctions, preliminary, see Preliminary injunc-
    Discovery                                                   tions, this topic
       Motion for order compelling, award, ORCP 46A           Inspections
       Order compelling, failure to comply, sanction,             Land, entry upon, ORCP 43
         ORCP 46B                                                 Requests, failure to respond, sanctions, ORCP 46D
    Genuineness, failure to admit, ORCP 46C                   Instructions to jury, see Juries and jurors, this
    Postponements, incurred by opposing party, pay-
      ment, ORCP 52A
                                                                  Discovery, agreements or policies, ORCP 36B
 Failure of consideration, affirmative defense,
                                                                  Jurisdiction, personal, ORCP 4I
  ORCP 19B
 Failure to appear for trial, ORCP 58E
                                                                  Real party, prosecution of action, ORCP 26A
 FAX machines, service, ORCP 9
                                                                  Transfer, parties, substitution, ORCP 34
 Fees, referees, delinquent, ORCP 65A
 Fellow servants, affirmative defense, injury by,
                                                                  (Generally), ORCP 31
  ORCP 19B
                                                                  Attorney fees, ORCP 31C
 Filiation proceedings, jurisdiction, personal,
                                                                  Parties, ORCP 31A
                                                                  Procedure, ORCP 31B
 Filings, pleadings and other papers, with court,             Interrogatories, see Depositions, this topic
  ORCP 9E                                                     Intervention
 Findings                                                         (Generally), ORCP 33
    (Generally), ORCP 62                                          Definition, ORCP 33A
    Effect, ORCP 62B                                              Permissive, ORCP 33C
    Entry of judgment, ORCP 62C                                   Procedure, ORCP 33D
    Necessity                                                     Right, ORCP 33B
       (Generally), ORCP 62A                                  Involuntary dismissal, ORCP 54B
       Appeal purposes, ORCP 62E                              Issues
    Proposed findings and objections, ORCP 62B                    (Generally), ORCP 51, ORCP 51A
    Time, extending or lessening, ORCP 62D                        Fact, issues of, how tried, ORCP 51C
 Fines and penalties, class actions, statutory pen-               Law, issues of, how tried, ORCP 51B
  alties, recovery limitation, ORCP 32K                           Written statement, jury deliberation, taking into
 Foreign countries                                                  jury room, ORCP 59C
    Depositions, ORCP 38B, ORCP 38C                           Issuing officer, defined, ORCP 81A
    Summons, service, ORCP 7D                                 Joinder
 Foreign states                                                   Claims
    Act or omission in, local injury arising from, per-               (Generally), ORCP 24
      sonal jurisdiction, ORCP 4D                                     Forcible entry and detainer and rental due,
    Depositions, ORCP 38B, ORCP 38C                                     ORCP 24B
 Forms, statutory                                                     Permissive, ORCP 24A
    Summons                                                           Personal jurisdiction, ORCP 4N
       Notice to parties served, ORCP 7C                              Separate statements, ORCP 24C
       Service, affidavit or declaration of publication,          Parties
         ORCP 7F                                                      (Generally), ORCP 28
 Fraud, affirmative defense, ORCP 19B                                 Additional, ORCP 22D
 Guardians                                                            Feasibility, court determination, ORCP 29B
    Incapacitated persons, appearance by, ORCP 27,                    Misjoinder and nonjoinder, ORCP 30
      ORCP 27B                                                        Partnerships or unincorporated associations,
    Minors, appearance by, ORCP 27, ORCP 27A                            members, ORCP 26B
 Health information, individually identifiable,                       Permissive, ORCP 28A
  ORCP 44E, ORCP 55H                                                  Persons joined if feasible, ORCP 29A

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)                         RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)
 Joinder (Cont.)                                            Juries and jurors (Cont.)
    Parties (Cont.)                                            Right to trial by jury, ORCP 50
       Persons needed, just adjudication, ORCP 29,             Selection procedure, compliance, challenging,
         ORCP 29C                                                ORCP 57A
       Separate trials, ORCP 28B                               Separation before submission of cause, ORCP 58C
 Joinder of claims, see Joinder, this topic                    Sickness, effect, ORCP 58D
 Joinder of parties, see Joinder, this topic                   Trial, see Jury trials, this topic
 Joint obligations                                             Verdicts, see Verdicts, this topic
    Judgment by confession, ORCP 73D                        Jurisdiction
    Judgments, effect, ORCP 67E                                Corporate officer or director, domestic, ORCP 4G
 Judgments                                                     Defendant, defined, ORCP 4O
    (Generally), ORCP 67                                       Domestic relations and marital actions, certain,
    Attorney fees, ORCP 68C                                      ORCP 4K
    Class actions, contents, ORCP 32M                          Foreign act, local injury arising out of, ORCP 4D
    Confession, by, see Judgments by confession,               In rem, ORCP 5
      this topic                                               Insurance or insurers, ORCP 4I
    Default, see Default judgments, this topic                 Joinder of claims in same actions, ORCP 4N
    Defined, ORCP 67A                                          Personal
    Demand, effect, ORCP 67C                                      (Generally), ORCP 4
    Dismissal, effect, ORCP 54B                                   Act or omission, local, ORCP 4C
    Enforcement proceedings, stay                                 Actions where prosecution within state not
       (Generally), ORCP 72                                          unconstitutional, ORCP 4L
       Discretionary, ORCP 72A                                    Presence or status, local, ORCP 4A
       Multiple claims or parties, ORCP 72D                       Property, local, ORCP 4F
       Other stays, ORCP 72B                                      Securities, ORCP 4J
       Public bodies, bond not required, ORCP 72C                 Service of summons, without, ORCP 6
    Findings, proposed, entry after, ORCP 62C                     Services, goods or contracts, local, ORCP 4E
    Following motion to dismiss, ORCP 21A                         Statutes, special jurisdiction, ORCP 4B
    Joint obligations, effect, ORCP 67E                           Taxes or assessments, ORCP 4H
    Multiple parties or claims, ORCP 67B, ORCP 72D             Personal representatives, ORCP 4M
    Notwithstanding verdict, see Motions, this topic        Jury instructions, see Juries and jurors, this topic
    Offer of, service, ORCP 9                               Jury trials
    Personal property, recovery, ORCP 67D                      (Generally), ORCP 50
    Pleading, ORCP 20B                                         Advisory jury and jury trial by consent, ORCP 51D
    Specific acts                                              Defined, ORCP 56
       (Generally), ORCP 78                                    Issues, fact, ORCP 51C
       Application of rule, ORCP 78C                           New trial grounds, ORCP 64B
       Enforcement, contempt, ORCP 78B                         Order of proceedings, ORCP 58B
       Requiring performance, equivalent to judgment,          Referenced matters, waiver, ORCP 65B
         ORCP 78A                                              Right to trial by jury, ORCP 50
    Stipulation, by, ORCP 67F                                  Verdicts, see Verdicts, this topic
    Summary judgments, see Summary judgments,               Laches, affirmative defense, ORCP 19B
      this topic                                            Law enforcement agencies, subpoenas, service
 Judgments by confession                                     on, ORCP 55D
    (Generally), ORCP 73                                    Levy defined, ORCP 81A
    Application by plaintiff, ORCP 73C                      Libel and slander, pleading, ORCP 20E
    Consumer transactions, prohibited, ORCP 73A             License, affirmative defense, ORCP 19B
    Joint debtors, ORCP 73D                                 Limitation of actions
    Money due, where allowed, ORCP 73A                         Affirmative defense, pleading statute of limitations
    Statement by defendant, contents, ORCP 73D                   as, ORCP 19B
 Juries and jurors                                             Class actions, members, ORCP 32O
    (Generally), ORCP 57                                       Relief from judgments, ORCP 71B
    Admonition, ORCP 58C                                    Loans, consumer, judgments by confession, pro-
    Advisory jury, ORCP 51D                                  hibited, ORCP 73A
    Alternates, ORCP 57F                                    Local rules, ORCP 1D
    Bias, challenge, ORCP 57D                               Mail agents, tenants of, summons, service,
    Challenges, ORCP 57D                                     ORCP 7D
    Circuit court, number, ORCP 56                          Mail and mailing
    Deliberation, ORCP 59C                                     Receiverships, special notices, ORCP 80F
    Drawing, ORCP 57B                                          Service
    Examination of jurors, ORCP 57C                               Additional time after, ORCP 10C
    Exceptions, statement of issues submitted to jury,            Completion upon, ORCP 9B
      necessity of noting, ORCP 59H                               Summons, ORCP 7D
    Instructions                                            Medical records, individually identifiable health
       (Generally), ORCP 59                                  information, ORCP 44E, ORCP 55H
       Charging jury, ORCP 59B                              Mental examinations
       Electronic record, ORCP 59B                             (Generally), ORCP 44
       Error, exception, necessity of noting, ORCP 59H         Health information, individually identifiable,
       Evidence, comments on, ORCP 59E                           ORCP 44E, ORCP 55H
       Further, ORCP 59D                                       Order for, ORCP 44A
       Proposed, ORCP 59A                                      Reports
    Oath of jury, ORCP 57E                                        Copies, personal injury actions, ORCP 44C

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)                           RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)
 Mental examinations (Cont.)                                 Notice
   Reports (Cont.)                                              Actual summons service, disregard of error,
       Examining physician, ORCP 44B                              ORCP 7A
       Failure to comply, effect, ORCP 44D                      Class actions, ORCP 32D, ORCP 32F, ORCP 32H
 Minors                                                         Depositions, see Depositions, this topic
   Default judgments, ORCP 69B                                  Dismissal for want of prosecution, ORCP 54B
   Guardians or conservators, appearance by,                    Perpetuation of testimony or evidence, before
     ORCP 27, ORCP 27A                                            action, ORCP 37A
   Summons, manner of service, ORCP 7D                          Preliminary injunctions, ORCP 79C
 Misjoinder, parties, ORCP 30                                   Provisional process, service, ORCP 81B
 Mistakes, judgments, relief, ORCP 71A, ORCP 71B                Receiverships, ORCP 80E, ORCP 80F, ORCP 80G
 Motions                                                        Service, ORCP 9
   (Generally), ORCP 14                                         Summons
   Defenses, consolidation, ORCP 21F                               Parties, ORCP 7C
   Depositions, examination, terminating or limiting,              Service, ORCP 7D
     ORCP 39E                                                Oaths
   Directed verdict, ORCP 60                                    Depositions, ORCP 38, ORCP 39D
   Discovery, motion for order compelling, ORCP 46A             Jury, ORCP 57E
   Dismissal, ORCP 21A                                          Referees, administering, ORCP 65C
   Filing, time, ORCP 15, ORCP 15A                           Objections
   Form, ORCP 14B                                               Denial of motion, filing of response of pleading, non-
   Judgment notwithstanding verdict                               waiver, ORCP 25C
       Alternative new trial motion, joining, ORCP 63C          Depositions, ORCP 39D
       Time, ORCP 63D                                           Presentation, ORCP 21
   Judgment on the pleadings, ORCP 21B                          Proposed findings of fact, ORCP 62B
   Judgments, relief from, ORCP 71B                             Sureties, ORCP 82F, ORCP 82G
   Jury selection, procedures, challenging compliance,       Offer of judgment, service, ORCP 9
     ORCP 57A                                                Officers
                                                                Corporation, domestic, personal jurisdiction,
   More definite and certain pleading, ORCP 21D
                                                                  ORCP 4G
   New trial
       Grounds, specification, affidavit or declaration,
                                                                   Disqualification, effect, ORCP 41B
         ORCP 64D
                                                                   Written questions, taking responses and prepar-
       Judgment notwithstanding verdict, after,
                                                                      ing records, ORCP 40B
         ORCP 63F
                                                                Issuing, defined, ORCP 81A
   Pleading after motion, ORCP 15B
                                                                Public, party substitution, death or separation from
   Pleading, judgment on, ORCP 21B
                                                                  office, ORCP 34F
   Receiverships, termination, ORCP 80G                      Official acts, pleading, ORCP 20F
   Relief from judgments, ORCP 71B                           Orders
   Request for admission, motion to determine suffi-            Attachment release, adverse claimants, ORCP 81C
     ciency, ORCP 45C                                           Class actions, maintenance determination,
   Strike pleading, ORCP 21E                                      ORCP 32C
   Summary judgment, ORCP 47C                                   Default, setting aside, ORCP 69C
   Writing and grounds, ORCP 14A                                Defined, ORCP 67A
 Motor vehicles, summons, service, actions involv-              Discovery, extent of disclosure, limiting, ORCP 36C
  ing, ORCP 7D                                                  Examination, physical and mental, ORCP 44A
 Names, class action, judgment, members names,                  Involuntary dismissal, failure to comply, ORCP 54B
  inclusion, ORCP 32M                                           Perpetuation of testimony or evidence, before
 Ne exeat, writ abolished, ORCP 79F                               action, ORCP 37A
 Negligence, comparative or contributory, plead-                Prisoners, deposition or production, ORCP 39B
  ing as affirmative defense, ORCP 19B                          Provisional process
 New trials                                                        (Generally), ORCP 83H
   (Generally), ORCP 64                                            Attachment, ORCP 84A
   Counteraffidavit or counterdeclaration, former pro-             Claim and delivery, filing by sheriff, ORCP 85D
     ceedings, consideration, ORCP 64E                             Service, ORCP 81B
   Courts own initiative, ORCP 64G                                 Show cause, ORCP 83F
   Definition, ORCP 64A                                         Receiver, appointment, form, ORCP 80D
   Grounds                                                      Reference, ORCP 65C
       After jury trial, ORCP 64B                               Restraining, see Temporary restraining orders,
       After trial by court, ORCP 64C                             this topic
       Specification, affidavit or declaration,                 Specific acts, enforcement, see Judgments, this
         ORCP 64D                                                 topic
   Judgment notwithstanding verdict                             Voluntary dismissal, ORCP 54A
       Alternative motion, ORCP 63C                          Ordinances, pleading, ORCP 20D
       Motion for new trial after, ORCP 63F                  Oregon, State of, summons, service, ORCP 7D
   Motion, counteraffidavit or counterdeclaration,           Parties
     hearing and determination, times, ORCP 64F                 County, process service, ORCP 8
 Non-military affidavit or declaration, filing,                 Depositions, failure to attend
  default judgments, ORCP 69B                                      Expense payment, ORCP 39H
 Nonjoinder, parties, ORCP 30                                      Sanctions, ORCP 46D
 Nonresidents, attachment, when subject to,                     Disability, substitution, ORCP 34A, ORCP 34C,
  ORCP 84A                                                        ORCP 34G

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)                           RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)
 Parties (Cont.)                                             Personal property (Cont.)
   Fictitious, pleading, ORCP 20H                               Verdict, action for specific personal property,
   Incapacitated persons                                          ORCP 61D
       Guardians or conservators, appearance by,             Personal representatives, jurisdiction, personal,
         ORCP 27, ORCP 27B                                    ORCP 4M
       Summons, service, ORCP 7D                             Petitions
   Interpleader, ORCP 31A                                       Perpetuation of testimony or evidence, before
   Joinder, see Joinder, this topic                               action, ORCP 37A
   Less than all in action, judgments, ORCP 67B                 Provisional process, order for issuance, ORCP 83A
   Mail agents, tenants of, summons, service,                Physical examinations
     ORCP 7D                                                    (Generally), ORCP 44
   Minors                                                       Health information, individually identifiable,
       Guardians or conservators, appearance by,                  ORCP 44E, ORCP 55H
         ORCP 27, ORCP 27A                                      Order for, ORCP 44A
       Summons, service, ORCP 7D                                Reports
   Multiple parties, judgments, ORCP 67B, ORCP 72D                  Copies, personal injury action, ORCP 44C
   Names, pleadings, ORCP 16A                                       Examining physician, ORCP 44B
   Nonparties, independent action against, production               Failure to comply, effect, ORCP 44D
     of documents and things and permission to enter         Plaintiff, defined, ORCP 81A
     land, ORCP 43D                                          Planning, comprehensive plans, pleading,
   Pleadings, signature, ORCP 17A                             ORCP 20D
   Real party in interest, prosecution of action,            Pleadings
     ORCP 26A                                                   (Generally), ORCP 12, ORCP 13
   Security bonds, approval, ORCP 82C                           Abandonment, submitted controversy, ORCP 66B
   Substitution                                                 Adoption by reference, pleading statements,
       (Generally), ORCP 34                                       ORCP 16D
       Death                                                    Alternative statements, consistency, ORCP 16C
          Continued proceedings, ORCP 34B                       Amendments
          Surviving parties, right enforcement,                     (Generally), ORCP 23, ORCP 23A
             ORCP 34D                                               Defenses or objections, previous pleadings, not
       Disability, continued proceedings, ORCP 34C                    waived, ORCP 25B
       Interest transfer, effect, ORCP 34E                          Evidence, conforming, ORCP 23B
       Nonabatement, death, disability or transfer,                 Procedure, ORCP 23D
         ORCP 34A                                                   Relation back, ORCP 23C
       Procedure, ORCP 34G                                          Responding to, ORCP 15C
       Public officers, death or separation from office,        Attorney fees, ORCP 68C
         effect, ORCP 34F                                       Captions and parties names, ORCP 16A
   Summary judgments, multiple parties, ORCP 47H                City or county, pleading corporate existence, ordi-
   Third party claims, see Third party claims, this               nance or comprehensive plan, ORCP 20D
     topic                                                      Complaints, see Complaints, this topic
   Unknown heirs, property action, pleading designa-            Conditions precedent, ORCP 20A
     tion, ORCP 20I                                             Construction, liberal, ORCP 12A
   Unknown, pleading designation, ORCP 20J                      Defenses, see Defenses, this topic
 Partnerships                                                   Definition, ORCP 13A
   Capacity to sue or be sued and joinder, ORCP 26B             Demurrers and pleas, abolition, ORCP 13C
   Depositions, notice, ORCP 39C                                Denials, see Denials, this topic
   Judgments, ORCP 67E                                          Errors, disregard, ORCP 12B
   Summons, manner of service, ORCP 7D                          Fictitious parties, ORCP 20H
 Payment, affirmative defense, pleading,                        Filing
  ORCP 19B                                                          (Generally), ORCP 9
 Penalties, statutory, class actions, recovery limi-                Time, ORCP 15, ORCP 15A
  tation, ORCP 32K                                              Form, ORCP 16
 Perpetuation of evidence                                       Issues, ORCP 51, ORCP 51A
   Action, before, ORCP 37A                                     Judgment or other determination, ORCP 20B
   Appeal, pending, ORCP 37B                                    Kinds allowed, ORCP 13B
 Perpetuation of testimony, see Depositions, this               Libel and slander, ORCP 20E
  topic                                                         Motions, see Motions, this topic
 Personal injuries                                              Objections, presentation, ORCP 21A
   Mental examinations, see Mental examinations,                Official document or act, ORCP 20F
     this topic                                                 Paragraphs, statements, and separate claims or
   Physical examinations, see Physical examina-                   defenses, form requirements, ORCP 16B
     tions, this topic                                          Private statutes, ORCP 20C
 Personal jurisdiction, see Jurisdiction, this topic            Property action, unknown heirs, designation,
 Personal property                                                ORCP 20I
   Attachment, writ of, ORCP 84D                                Recitals and negative pregnants, ORCP 20G
   Jurisdiction in rem, ORCP 5                                  Responsive
   Personal jurisdiction, ORCP 4F                                   (Generally), ORCP 19
   Provisional process, see Provisional process, this               Filing, non-waiver of defenses or objections,
     topic                                                            denied motion, ORCP 25C
   Recovery, judgment, ORCP 67D                                 Service, ORCP 9
   Unknown heirs, pleading designation, ORCP 20I                Signatures, ORCP 17
   Unknown persons, pleading designation, ORCP 20J              Special rules, ORCP 20

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)                        RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)
 Pleadings (Cont.)                                         Provisional process (Cont.)
    Submitted controversy, abandonment, ORCP 66B             Show cause hearing, order, content and service,
    Supplemental, ORCP 23E                                      ORCP 83F
    Time, enlarging, ORCP 15D                                Waiver of hearing, ORCP 83G
    Unknown persons, designation, ORCP 20J                 Public bodies
    Unsigned, effect, ORCP 17B                               Judgments, enforcement proceedings, stays, bond
 Postponements                                                  not required, ORCP 72C
    (Generally), ORCP 52, ORCP 52A                           Summons, service, ORCP 7D
    Evidence, absence of, ORCP 52B                         Public officers, parties, substitution, death or
 Preliminary hearings, defenses, presenting,                separation from office, ORCP 34F
  ORCP 21C                                                 Publication
 Preliminary injunctions                                     Service, affidavit or declaration, ORCP 7F
    (Generally), ORCP 79                                     Summons, service, ORCP 7D
    Application of rule, ORCP 79E                          Real party in interest, prosecution of action in
    Availability, ORCP 79A                                  name of, ORCP 26A
    Consolidation, hearing and trial, ORCP 79C             Real property
    Form and scope, ORCP 79D                                 Attachment, claim of lien, ORCP 84C
    Hearings, ORCP 79B                                       Entry, inspection and other purposes, ORCP 43
    Notice, ORCP 79C                                         Jurisdiction in rem, ORCP 5
    Notices or orders, service, ORCP 81B                     Personal jurisdiction, ORCP 4F
    Security, ORCP 82A                                       Unknown heirs, pleading designation, ORCP 20I
 Prisoners                                                   Unknown persons, pleading designation, ORCP 20J
    Depositions or production, ORCP 39B                    Receivers and receiverships
    Subpoenas, service and attendance obligation,            (Generally), ORCP 80
      ORCP 55E                                               Appointment, ORCP 80B
 Probate                                                     Notice, appointment, adverse parties, ORCP 80C
    Personal representatives, personal jurisdiction,         Order appointing, form, ORCP 80D
      ORCP 4M                                                Persons interested, notice, ORCP 80E
    Unknown heirs, pleading designation, ORCP 20I            Receiver, defined, ORCP 80A
 Procedural distinctions, actions and suits, aboli-          Security, ORCP 82A
  tion, ORCP 2                                               Special notices, ORCP 80F
 Proceedings, see Actions and proceedings, this              Termination, ORCP 80G
  topic                                                    Recitals, pleadings, ORCP 20G
 Process                                                   Records and recording
    (Generally), ORCP 8, ORCP 8A                             Appeal, designation on, service, ORCP 9
    Provisional, see Provisional process, this topic         Attachment, real property, claim or lien, ORCP 84C
    Service, see Service, this topic                         Depositions, see Depositions, this topic
 Production                                                  Health information, individually identifiable,
    Documents and things                                        ORCP 44E, ORCP 55H
       (Generally), ORCP 43                                Referees and reference
       Notice, ORCP 39C                                      (Generally), ORCP 65A
       Request procedure, ORCP 43B                           Appointment and compensation, ORCP 65A
       Scope of request, ORCP 43A                            Delinquent fees, ORCP 65A
       Subpoena, ORCP 55B                                    Powers, ORCP 65C
    Prisoners, depositions, ORCP 39B                         Proceedings, ORCP 65D
 Promissory notes, consumer transactions, judg-              Reference, ORCP 65B, ORCP 65C
  ments by confessions, prohibited, ORCP 73A                 Report, ORCP 65E
 Promulgation and submission to Legislature,               Relation back, amendments, pleading, ORCP 23C
  1.735                                                    Release
 Proof of service, see Service, this topic                   Affirmative defense, ORCP 19B
 Property                                                    Attachment, ORCP 81C
    Attachment, see Attachment, this topic                 Relief from judgments, ORCP 71B
    Claim and delivery, see Claim and delivery, this       Relief, claims
      topic                                                  Class actions, complaints for equitable relief,
    Damage threatened, provisional process, issuance,           amendment, ORCP 32J
      ORCP 83D                                               Contents, ORCP 18
 Prosecution, dismissal for want of, ORCP 54B              Reports
 Provisional process                                         Mental examinations, see Mental examinations,
    (Generally), ORCP 81, ORCP 83, ORCP 84,                     this topic
      ORCP 85                                                Physical examinations, see Physical examina-
    Adverse claimants, ORCP 81C                                 tions, this topic
    Claim and delivery, under order, ORCP 83                 Referees, ORCP 65E
    Consumer transactions, prohibited, ORCP 83B            Requests for admissions
    Defined, ORCP 81A                                        (Generally), ORCP 45A
    Evidence, admissible, ORCP 83C                           Effect of admission, ORCP 45D
    Issuance, order, court authority, ORCP 83H               Expenses, failure to admit genuineness of facts or
    Notices or orders, service, ORCP 81B                        documents, ORCP 46C
    Petition, contents, ORCP 83A                             Forms of response, ORCP 45E
    Property, damage threatened, issuance, ORCP 83D          Number of requested admissions, ORCP 45F
    Remedies, court determination, ORCP 83C                  Response, ORCP 45B
    Restraining order, ORCP 83E, ORCP 83F,                   Sufficiency, motion to determine, ORCP 45C
      ORCP 83H                                             Res judicata, affirmative defense, ORCP 19B

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)                           RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)
 Restraining orders, see Temporary restraining                Statements
   orders, this topic                                            Damages, supply, request, ORCP 18
 Rule, defined, ORCP 1D                                          Judgments by confession, defendant authorization,
 Sales, consumer goods or services, judgments by                   ORCP 73B
   confession, prohibited, ORCP 73A                           Statute of Frauds, affirmative defense, pleading,
 Sanctions                                                     ORCP 19B
    Discovery, application, rule, ORCP 17E                    Statute of limitations, affirmative defense, plead-
    False certifications to court, ORCP 17D                    ing, ORCP 19B
 Scope, ORCP 1A                                               Statutes, private, pleading, ORCP 20C
 Securities, personal jurisdiction, ORCP 4A                   Stays
 Security                                                        Judgments, enforcement proceedings, see Judg-
    (Generally), ORCP 82                                           ments, this topic
    Preliminary injunctions, ORCP 82A                            Jury selection procedure, challenging compliance,
    Receivers and receiverships, ORCP 82A                          ORCP 57A
 Security interest, defined, ORCP 81A                         Stipulations
 Separate trials                                                 Judgment by, ORCP 67F
    (Generally), ORCP 53, ORCP 53B                               Trial without jury, consent, ORCP 51C
    Counterclaims, cross-claims or third party claims,           Voluntary dismissal, ORCP 54A
      ORCP 22E                                                Striking
    Joinder of parties, ORCP 28B                                 Amendment or pleading over after motion, non-
 Separation actions, marriage, money judgments,                    waiver of defenses or objections, ORCP 25A
   enforcement, ORCP 78C                                         Discovery order, failure to comply, ORCP 46A
 Service                                                         Motions, pleading, ORCP 21E
    (Generally), ORCP 9, ORCP 9A, ORCP 9B                     Submitted controversy
    Bonds or undertakings, ORCP 82E                              (Generally), ORCP 66
    Complaints, mail, ORCP 7D                                    Pending case, ORCP 66B
    Contempt, notice or other paper, ORCP 9B                     Without action, ORCP 66A
    Depositions, written questions, ORCP 40A                  Subpoenas
    Filing, ORCP 9C, ORCP 9D                                     (Generally), ORCP 55
    Judgments, relief from, motions, ORCP 71B                    Depositions, taking, ORCP 55F
    Mail                                                         Disobedience, refusal to be sworn or answer, sanc-
        Additional time after, ORCP 10C                            tions, ORCP 55G
        Summons service, by, ORCP 7D                             Health information, individually identifiable,
    Perpetuation of testimony or evidence, before                  ORCP 44E, ORCP 55H
      action, ORCP 37A
                                                                 Issuance, ORCP 55C
                                                                 Mail, service, ORCP 55D
        County as party, ORCP 8B
                                                                 Production, documentary evidence, ORCP 55B
        Proof, ORCP 8E
                                                                 Service, ORCP 55D
        Provisional, ORCP 81B
                                                                 Trials or hearings, witness obligation to attend,
        Sundays and holidays, ORCP 8C
                                                                   ORCP 55E
                                                              Substitution, parties, see Parties, this topic
        (Generally), ORCP 9C
                                                              Summary judgments
        Provisional process, ORCP 81B
        Subpoenas, ORCP 55D                                      (Generally), ORCP 47
        Summons, ORCP 7F                                         Affidavits and declarations
    Provisional process                                              Bad faith, ORCP 47G
        (Generally), ORCP 81B                                        Expert opinion, attorney affidavit or declaration,
        Show cause hearing, order, ORCP 83F                            ORCP 47E
    Public bodies, manner of service, ORCP 7D                        Form and defense requirement, ORCP 47D
    Receiverships, special notices, ORCP 80F                         Unavailability, effect, ORCP 47F
    Relief from judgments, motions, ORCP 71B                     For claimant, ORCP 47A
    State, manner of service, ORCP 7D                            For defending party, ORCP 47B
    Subpoenas, ORCP 55D                                          Motion and proceedings on, ORCP 47C
    Summons                                                      Multiple parties or claims, limited judgment,
        Actual notice and disregard of error, ORCP 7G              ORCP 47H
        Attorney fees, persons liable, ORCP 7C                Summons
        Manner of service, ORCP 7D                               (Generally), ORCP 7C
        Personal jurisdiction without, ORCP 6                    Definition, ORCP 7A
        Proof of, ORCP 7F                                        Issuance, ORCP 7B
        Servers, qualifications and compensation,                Return, ORCP 7F
          ORCP 7E                                                Service, see Service, this topic
    Telegraphic transmission, procedure, ORCP 8D              Sundays, process, service or execution, ORCP 8C
    Telephonic facsimile communication device, service        Support of dependents, money judgments,
      by, ORCP 9F                                              enforcement, ORCP 78C
 Settlement conferences, ORCP 54F                             Sureties
 Sheriffs defined, ORCP 81A                                      (Generally), ORCP 82
 Sickness, jurors, proceeding after, ORCP 58D                    Objections, ORCP 82D, ORCP 82F, ORCP 82G
 Signatures                                                      Proceedings, ORCP 82B
    Pleadings                                                    Qualification, ORCP 82D
        Party of attorney signing, certificate, ORCP 17A      Taxation, personal jurisdiction, ORCP 4H
        Unsigned, ORCP 17B                                    Telephones and telegraphs
    Submitted controversy, ORCP 66A                              Depositions, telephone, ORCP 39C

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)                          RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (Cont.)
 Telephones and telegraphs (Cont.)                           Verdicts (Cont.)
    Service, telegraphic transmission, procedure,               Setting aside (Cont.)
      ORCP 8D                                                      Motion and ruling, time, ORCP 63D
    Summons and complaint, transmission by tele-                   New trial
      graph, ORCP 7H                                                   Alternative motion, ORCP 63C
 Temporary restraining orders                                          Motion after judgment, ORCP 63F
    (Generally), ORCP 79, ORCP 79B                              Special verdicts
    Application of rule, ORCP 79E                                  (Generally), ORCP 61B
    Availability, ORCP 79A                                         Specific personal property, action for, ORCP 61D
    Contents and duration, ORCP 79B                          Vessel owners and charterers, summons, service,
    Dissolution or modification, ORCP 79B                     ORCP 7D
    Form and scope, ORCP 79D                                 Voluntary dismissal, ORCP 54A
    Notices or orders, service, ORCP 81B                     Waiver
    Property protection, ORCP 83E, ORCP 83H                     Defenses, ORCP 21G
    Security, ORCP 82A
                                                                Depositions, errors and irregularities, ORCP 41A
    Without notice, granting, ORCP 79B
                                                                Jury trial
 Third party claims
                                                                   Issue of fact raised by pleadings or evidence,
    (Generally), ORCP 22, ORCP 22C
                                                                     omission of instruction, ORCP 61B
    Default judgments, application of rule, ORCP 69D
                                                                   Motion for directed verdict, ORCP 60
    Dismissal, ORCP 54C
    Separate trial, ORCP 22E                                    Pleading, ORCP 19B
 Time                                                        Witnesses
    (Generally), ORCP 10                                        Depositions, see Depositions, this topic
    Additional, service by mail, ORCP 10C                       Referenced matters, ORCP 65C, ORCP 65D
    Computation, ORCP 10A                                       Refusal to be sworn or answer, sanctions,
    Depositions, enlarging or shortening, ORCP 39C                ORCP 55G
    Expiration of court term, effect, ORCP 10B               Words and phrases
    Findings of fact, extending or lessening, time for,         Attachment, ORCP 81A
      ORCP 62D                                                  Bank (provisional process), ORCP 81A
    Judgment notwithstanding verdict, motion and rul-           Clerk, ORCP 69E, ORCP 81A
      ing, ORCP 63D                                             Consumer goods (provisional process), ORCP 81A
    Motions and pleadings, filing, ORCP 15A                     Consumer transaction (provisional process),
    New trial motion, counteraffidavit or counterdecla-           ORCP 81A
      ration, hearing and determination, ORCP 64F               Customer (class actions), ORCP 32F
    Pleadings and motions, filing, ORCP 15                      Declaration (in lieu of affidavit), ORCP 1E
    Temporary restraining orders or preliminary                 Defendant (personal jurisdiction), ORCP 4O
      injunctions, ORCP 79A, ORCP 79B                           Defendant (provisional process), ORCP 81A
 Transcripts, see Records and recording, this topic             Defendant (summons), ORCP 7A
 Trial by court                                                 Individually identifiable health information,
    (Generally), ORCP 51                                          ORCP 55H
    Findings of fact, ORCP 62                                   Issuing officer (provisional process), ORCP 81A
    Issues of law, ORCP 51B                                     Judgment, ORCP 67A
    New trial grounds, ORCP 64C                                 Legal holiday (time computation), ORCP 10A
    Order of proceedings, ORCP 58A                              Levy, ORCP 81A
 Trials                                                         Order, ORCP 67A
    Discovery, see Discovery, this topic                        Plaintiff (provisional process), ORCP 81A
    Failure to appear for trial, ORCP 58E                       Plaintiff (summons), ORCP 7A
    Joint, ORCP 53A                                             Provisional process, ORCP 81A
    Jury trials, see Jury trials, this topic                    Qualified protective order (health information),
    New, see New trials, this topic                               ORCP 55H
    Procedure, ORCP 58                                          Receiver, ORCP 80A
    Separate, see Separate trials, this topic                   Rule, ORCP 1D
    Trial by court, see Trial by court, this topic
                                                                Security interest (provisional process), ORCP 81A
 Unincorporated associations, see Associations,
                                                                Sheriff (provisional process), ORCP 81A
  this topic
                                                                True copy (summons), ORCP 7A
                                                                Writ (provisional process), ORCP 81A
    (Generally), ORCP 61
    Directed                                                 Writings
        Motion for, ORCP 60                                     Admissions, proof of service, ORCP 7F
        Reserving ruling on, ORCP 63B                           Depositions, written questions, ORCP 40
    General verdicts                                            Motions, ORCP 14A
        (Generally), ORCP 61A                                   Production and inspection, effect, ORCP 43C
        Accompanied by answer to interrogatories,               Service, ORCP 9
          ORCP 61C                                           Writs
    Jury, discharge without, ORCP 59F                           Attachment, ORCP 84D
    Return, ORCP 59G                                            Audita querela, abolished, ORCP 71D
    Setting aside                                               Coram nobis, abolished, ORCP 71D
        (Generally), ORCP 63                                    Coram vobis, abolished, ORCP 71D
        Clerks duties, ORCP 63E                                 Defined, ORCP 81A
        Directed verdict motion, reserving ruling,              Ne exeat, abolished, ORCP 79F
          ORCP 63B                                           Zoning and planning, comprehensive plans,
        Grounds, ORCP 63A                                     pleading, ORCP 20D

RUNNING AT LARGE                                          RURAL FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS
 Dogs, see DOGS                                            (Cont.)
 Livestock, see LIVESTOCK                                    Definitions, 478.001
                                                             Deposit, banks, district funds, 478.460, 478.560
RURAL FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS                              Directors
 Abolishing prior districts, 478.002, 478.004                   Assistants, 478.280
 Ambulance service, 478.260                                     Bonds, 478.410, 478.420, 478.430
 Annexation                                                     Boundary commission counties, boundary changes,
    Boundaries, Forestry Department consultation,                 199.450, 199.476, 199.490, 199.505
      478.150                                                   Compensation, expenses, 198.190, 478.280
    Creation, certain, 478.002                                  Contracts, see Contracts and purchasing, this
    Determination of territory, 478.115                           topic
    Incorporation or annexation to city, liability and          Disposition of funds, 478.460, 478.560
      function transfer, 222.510                                Duties and powers, 478.210, 478.250
 Bonds                                                          Elections
    (Generally), 478.420                                           (Generally), 478.221
    Formation, organization change petitioners,                    Laws applicable, 478.231
      198.775                                                      Method, 478.221
    Indebtedness limitation, 478.410                               Position numbers, 478.215
    Officers, employees, surety, 198.220                           Special, 478.240
    Payment, 478.420, 478.430                                      Subdistricts, question submitting at election,
    Sale, 478.420                                                    478.234
    Tax levy, 478.410, 478.430                                  Employees, see Officers and employees, this
 Boundaries                                                       topic
    Changes, filing, tax purposes, 478.160                      Fighting equipment, 478.260
    Consultation, Forestry Department, 478.150                  Fire chief, selection, 478.260
    Fires outside, 476.280, 476.290, 478.310                    Fire house, location, 478.260
 Budgeting                                                      Fire prevention code, 478.910
    (Generally), see LOCAL BUDGET LAW, generally                Fire suppression, unprotected areas, 476.280,
    Property rental, lease, purchase agreements, excep-           476.290
      tion, 478.410                                             Funds, disposition, 478.460, 478.560
    Retirement system, employees, 478.360, 478.370              Gifts, receipt authorized, 478.440
 Burning permits, see Permits, burning, this topic              Identification name, notice, 478.972
 Cities over 100,000, district powers when near to,             Insurance, medical and hospital, employees,
  478.290                                                         478.335, 478.340
 Code, fire prevention                                          Interest on warrants, 478.470
    Adoption, 478.910                                           Leases, real, personal property, 478.410
    Building permits, review, 478.927                           Medical and hospital services, employees, 478.335,
    Cities and counties, approval, 478.924                        478.340
    Contracting agency, adoption, violation, 478.300,           Meetings, 478.210, 478.250
      478.990                                                   Oath of office, 478.210
    Filing with state, 476.030, 478.940                         Officers, 198.220, 478.250
    Permits, 478.927, 478.930, 478.960                          Position numbers, 478.215
    Scope, 478.920                                              Property, lease, purchase, rental, 478.410
    Violation, 478.930, 478.990                                 Purchasing, see Contracts and purchasing, this
 Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area,                       topic
  response, cost payment, 478.315                               Qualifications, 478.050
 Combustibles, storage, 478.920                                 Receipt of gifts authorized, 478.440
 Communication systems, 478.305                                 Rentals, real, personal property, 478.410
 Composition, 478.010                                           Reports and information, furnishing State Fire
 Condemnation powers, 478.260                                     Marshal, 478.270
 Consolidation, merger, identification name,                    Reports, monthly, 478.270
  478.980                                                       Retirement system, employees, 478.355
 Contracts and purchasing                                       Road lighting tax, 478.450
    See also PUBLIC CONTRACTS                                   Sinking Fund, 478.440
    (Generally), 478.250, 478.300, 478.410                      Special
    Ambulance service, 478.260                                     Election, calling, 478.240
    Communication systems, 478.305                                 Meeting, calling, 478.250
    Domestic water supply districts, fire protection,           Surety bonds, officers, employees, 198.220
      264.340, 264.349                                          Taxes, 478.410, 478.430, 478.450, 478.460
    Fire protection, equipment, 478.300, 478.410                Term, 478.210, 478.221
    Medical, hospital services, 478.335, 478.340                Unprotected areas outside district, fire suppression,
    Regional oil and hazardous material emergency                 476.280, 476.290
      response, 478.308                                         Vacancies, 198.320, 478.221
    Road lighting, 478.300                                      Volunteers and assistants, selection, 478.260,
    Water supply, 478.260, 478.305                                478.280
 Corporate landowners, elections, voting, 478.240               Warrants, 478.460, 478.470, 478.560
 Costs, fire suppression, recovery, 476.290, 478.310,           Water contracts, storage, 478.260
  478.965                                                       Withdrawals
 County zone 2, districts within, 476.340                          Forest lands, 478.665
 Creation by statute, 478.002, 478.004                             Funds, 478.460, 478.560
 Defects in formation deemed immaterial, 478.100                Zoning of district, 478.260

 (Cont.)                                                    (Cont.)
 Dissolution                                                  Formation of tax zones (Cont.)
    City annexation, 222.530                                      Prior to 1939, effect of statutes, 478.090
    County service district, transfers to, 451.573,               Zone 2, county, districts within, 476.340
      451.575, 451.577                                        Forms for reports, preparation, 478.270
 District board, meetings, rules, 478.250                     Funds, disposition, 478.460, 478.560
 District powers in directors, 478.210                        Gifts and bequests, receipt authorized, 478.440
 Domestic water supply district territory, 478.010            Grazing and timber land within, excluded from
 Donations, receipt authorized, 478.440                         fire protection law, 477.220
 Elections                                                    Hazards, failure to remove, 478.930, 478.990
    Ambulance, rescue services, 478.260                       Hours, maximum, 652.050, 652.060, 652.070, 652.080
    Bond issuance, 478.410                                    Identification names
    Directors, see Directors, this topic                          Abandonment and reuse, 478.982
    Initiative and referendum powers, electors, 478.231           Assignment, 478.972
    Laws applicable, 478.231                                      Consolidation of districts, procedure, 478.980
    Special, 478.240, 478.260, 478.410, 478.450                   Merger of districts, procedure, 478.980
    Subdistricts, creation and boundaries, 478.225,               Purpose, 478.970
      478.228                                                 Incorporated areas, inclusion, 478.010
    Tax levies, 478.410                                       Indebtedness, see Bonds, this topic
    Voter qualifications, 478.001, 478.240                    Inspection of buildings, 478.920
 Emergency Conflagration Act, see FIRES AND                   Insurance
  FIRE PROTECTION                                                 Employees, medical and hospital, 478.325, 478.335,
 Emergency response, oil and hazardous material,                    478.340
  contracts, 478.308                                              Fire, classification, city annexation effect, 222.530
 Employees, see Officers and employees, this topic                Rating statistics, 478.970
 Equipment, acquisition, 264.340, 478.260                     Irregularities in formation, effect, 478.100
 Extraterritorial operation, emergency medical                Leases, real, personal property, 478.410
  service equipment and vehicles, 478.260                     Licenses and permits, see Permits, burning, this
 Fees, authority, 478.410                                       topic
 Field burning, permits, 478.960, 478.990                     Lighting of streets or roads, 478.290
 Filing and posting, prevention code, 478.940                 Medical and hospital services, insurance,
 Fire                                                           employees, 478.325, 478.335, 478.340
    See also FIREFIGHTERS                                     Merger, consolidation, identification name,
    Agricultural, permits, 478.960, 478.990                     478.980
    Chief, 476.060, 476.210, 476.280, 478.260, 478.960        Multifamily housing, fire safety systems, installa-
    Escapes, 478.920                                            tion, financial incentives, 478.880, 478.885
    Fighters, hours, 652.050, 652.060, 652.070, 652.080       Names, see Identification names, this topic
    Fighting equipment, 264.340, 478.260                      Nonresident landowners, elections, voting,
    House, 478.260                                              478.240
    Permits, see Permits, burning, this topic                 Notices
    Prevention code, see Code, fire prevention, this              Bond sale, 478.420
      topic                                                       Fire hazards, notice to remove, 478.930, 478.990
    Suppression, unlawful fires, cost recovery, 476.290,          Fire suppression costs, unprotected areas, 476.290
      478.310, 478.965                                            Forestland inclusion, owner consent, 478.010,
    Unprotected areas outside district, extinguishing,              478.140
      476.280, 476.290, 478.310                                   Posting, defect, 478.100
 Fire safety systems                                          Ocean shore lands, exclusion, 478.010
    (Generally), 478.840 et seq.                              Officers and employees
    Bonds                                                         (Generally), 478.260, 478.280
        Authorization, revenue bonds, 478.845                     Benefits, length of service awards, investments
        Payment sources, restriction, 478.850                       authorized, 478.390
        Securing payment of bonds, powers granted,                Bonds, 198.220
          478.870                                                 Directors, see Directors, this topic
    Definition, 478.840                                           Employees of district, governing body service, eligi-
    Loans                                                           bility, 198.115
        Breach of loan contract, remedies, 478.875                Insurance, life, 243.005
        Contract, 478.865                                         Medical and hospital services, insurance, 478.325,
        Eligibility standards, 478.860                              478.335, 478.340
        Enforcement, loan contracts, powers, 478.870              Officers, 198.220, 478.250
        Loan fund, bond proceeds, 478.855                         Retirement system, 478.325, 478.355, 478.360,
        Repayment plan, 478.865                                     478.365, 478.370
    Multifamily housing, installation, financial incen-       Outside fires, extinguishing, 476.280, 476.290,
      tives, 478.880, 478.885                                   478.310
 First-aid services, 478.260                                  Penalties, 478.990
 Forest protection districts, see FORESTS AND                 Permits, burning
  FORESTRY                                                        Issuance, authority, 478.300, 478.920
 Formation of tax zones                                           Pollution control, 478.960
    Boundaries, Forestry Department consultation,                 Required, 477.710, 478.930, 478.960, 478.990
      478.150                                                 Petitions
    District with tax zones, 478.155                              Forest protection districts, inclusion, 477.220
    Irregularities, effect, 478.100                               Formation, irregularities, effect, 478.100

 (Cont.)                                                    (Cont.)
 Position numbers, directors, 478.215                         Voters, elections, qualifications, 478.001, 478.240
 Powers, additional if near city, 478.290                     Warrants, 478.460, 478.470, 478.560
 Prevention code, see Code, fire prevention, this             Water
   topic                                                         Storage, contracting, 264.340, 478.260
 Property, lease, purchase, rental, 478.410                      Supplies, obtaining, 478.260, 478.305
 Purchasing, see Contracts and purchasing, this
 Railroad lands, inclusion, 478.010                              Forest lands, 478.665
 Rangeland fire protection, cooperation, 477.320                 Funds, 478.460, 478.560
 Real property, acquisition, lease, etc., 478.410             Zone 2, county, districts within, 476.340
 Registered offices, agents, 198.340
 Regulations, see Code, fire prevention, this topic        RURAL HEALTH CARE
 Removal of fire hazards, crime, 478.990
 Rentals, real, personal property, 478.410                    See MEDICAL CARE AND TREATMENT
 Reports and information, furnishing State Fire
   Marshal, 478.270                                        RURAL HEALTH CARE REVOLVING
 Rescue services, 478.260
 Retirement system, employees, 478.325, 478.355,
   478.360, 478.365, 478.370                                  Establishment, 442.480
 Road lighting tax, 478.450
 Rules, district board, meetings, 478.250                  RURAL HEALTH COORDINATING
 Services outside district, 476.280, 476.290, 478.310
 Sinking Fund, 478.440                                      COUNCIL
 State Fire Marshal, 476.030, 478.270, 478.940                (Generally), 442.490
 Statutes                                                     Responsibilities, 442.495
    Application of water district laws, 264.340
    Prior districts, 478.090
 Storage of combustibles, 478.920
                                                           RURAL HEALTH SERVICES FUND
 Street or road lights, 478.290                               (Generally), 442.570
 Subdistricts, 478.225
 Successor districts, 478.002, 478.004                     RURAL HEALTH, OFFICE OF
    Ad valorem tax, levy limitation, 478.430                  Creation, 442.475
    Area, 478.010, 478.120, 478.130
    Bond payment, 478.430                                  RURAL INVESTMENT FUND
    Boundary changes, filing, 478.160                         (Generally), 285B.254, 285B.257, 285B.264
    District with tax zones, tax levy, determination,
    Double taxation, prohibited, 476.340                   RURAL MEDICAL ACT
    Fire suppression costs, 478.965                           See PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS
    Forestland, dual assessment, 478.010
    Formation of tax zones
        (Generally), 478.480 et seq.                       RURAL MEDICAL EDUCATION LOAN
        Annexation, requirements, 478.140, 478.150          FUND
        Election, dividing districts into zones, 478.490      (Generally), 348.390
        Petition for tax zones, 478.505
        Public hearing, notice, 478.485
        Tax levy determination, each tax zone, 478.500     RURAL MEDICAL EDUCATION LOANS
        Tax zone boundaries, changes, limitation,             (Generally), 348.310
          478.495                                             Amount, 348.330
    Medical and hospital services, insurance, employ-         Cost-sharing community loan fund program,
      ees, 478.325                                              348.340
    Motor fuel, refund, 319.831                               Cost-sharing hospital loan fund program, limita-
    Power to tax, 478.410, 478.430, 478.450                     tion, 348.350
    Retirement system, employees, 478.325
                                                              Eligibility, application and written agreement,
    Road lighting, 478.450
    Special tax, levy, limitation, 478.410
                                                              Family practice residency programs, priority
    Structures, forestland containing, 478.010, 478.120,
                                                                admissions, loan recipients, 348.350
    Uncollected, annexation to city, 222.510                  Hospital loan fund program, cost-sharing, limita-
    Withdrawal of forestland, 478.665                           tion, 348.350
    Zone changes, filing, 478.160                             Renewal, 348.360
 Territory, proposed annexation, determination,               Repayment and exception, 348.340
   478.115                                                    Repayment, interest, conditions and exemptions,
 Training programs, 476.030                                     348.370
 Undertakings, see Bonds, this topic
 Unprotected areas outside district, extinguish-           RURAL MEDICAL LIABILITY
   ing fires, 476.280, 476.290, 478.310
 Violation, prevention code, 478.930, 478.990               REINSURANCE FUND
 Volunteers and assistants, 478.260                           (Generally), see note after, 656.780

 Trust assets                                  COMMISSION, OREGON
   Application for return, 566.320                Commodity commission laws, see MARKETING
   Return by Federal Government, 566.320           OF COMMODITIES
                                                  Established, 576.062


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