Angelina Jolie fears the vengeance of George Clooney by dadamayo1


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									Angelina Jolie fears the vengeance of George Clooney
In recent years, Brad Pitt and George Clooney to play practical jokes. Angelina Jolie, her fingers crossed
that the next bad shot does not fall on her wedding day.

George Clooney is a sneaky prankster. The actor, who loves to make mischief with his friends, preparing
for a very long time a joke to his friend Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie and fears that this joke, in preparation
since Brad started the fighting, is setting up the day of her marriage.

Terrified at the thought that George Clooney can sabotage what she hopes to be the best day of
his life, Angie phoned the actor and begged her not to prepare any mischief on Aug. 11, when
the ceremony.

Brad, this little squabble into mischief with his friend George a lot of fun, even he would have
also taken up the phone to warn the actor. Angelina Jolie has made it clear to her husband
George and it would tolerate no joke at her wedding.

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