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1. Evaluate what to consider before becoming a parent.
2. Understand what it means/takes to be a responsible parent.
On your notes outline, reflect on:

       2 positive characteristics of your parents/guardians
        that you hope to carry on when you are a parent
        explain why these 2 characteristics are important to you

       2 characteristics about your parents/guardians you
        hope to not continue when you become a parent
        explain why you do not want to carry on these 2
    Due to overpopulation, the government of the United States
    has added a natural chemical to the water supply which acts
    as a contraceptive. In order to receive the pill to counteract
    the contraceptive, a person must obtain a parent license.

   Your task, as members of the community, is to set standards
    that must be met before a parent license will be issued.
   You will need to consider the following items, and feel free to
    include any of your own.

Marital status

Physical/Health Issues

1. To build up one’s ego

2. To compensate for something that is missing in one’s life

3. To conform to what peers are doing or what others expect

4. To Love and guide someone
 Read the following
 If you agree with a
  statement, place an ‘x’
  or a check mark to the
  left of the sentence.
 If you disagree with a
  statement, please
  briefly write in why you
  disagree to the right of
  the statement.
   In your notes outline:
     Read the following 21 statements carefully.
     Circle the number of your top five you agree with.
     At the bottom of the page, write a statement why
     you believe those five you choose are the most
     meaningful to you.
How much does it cost to be a parent?

On your notes outline, come up with a list
of costs that a new parent may have during the
first year of childrearing.
 Health and Hospital Insurance
 Prenatal care for the mother-to-be
 Maternity clothes
 Delivery and postpartum care for mother and baby
 Hospitalization
 Pediatricians visits, regular baby checkups
 Immunizations, sick visits, medications
 Nursery furnishings
 Clothing for baby
 Diapers
 Formula, food and vitamins
 Baby supplies, bottles, swabs, baby wipes, powder etc..
 Possible child care, day care
The financial burden of having a baby is
considerable, with the cost of raising a baby
estimated to be $11,000 in the first year alone.

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