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									NAME: Richard Anthony Smith


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Phone: China - +8615060230915 Philippines - +639167783103

Hello!! My name is Richard A. Smith. I am an American English teacher that has over
two years teaching experience. I have lived in the Philippines for 3 years and have
tutored many Filipinos and have helped them build better English skills. I worked in
Alabang, Philippines at Fermat / Class-On Academy where I taught English to Korean
children from the ages of seven to sixteen years old. My current work is located in
Fujian, Fuding, China. Since November of 2011, I have been working at DONAL
English School teaching students for ages three to fifteen years old. DONAL is a very
nice school that has awesome teaching and learning methods for the students and
teachers. I have recently been interested in finding a better working environment
that is more professional and understanding. I am looking for a good school that is
above all honest and will honor any contract that we both agree on. I am a very
nice guy that is willing to negotiate with business and I can work with all types of
people. However, I must say that I am direct with my point and that I do not settle
for less than I deserve. I work very hard with my teaching and with promoting a
school, but I will not allow people to take advantage of me. I am a trustworthy and
honest person that enjoys building new relationships with people, both personal and
professional. I look forward to exploring the best opportunities in China and settling
down with a good company. Thank you very much!!

I really like everything. Some of my hobbies are: Spending time with my friends,
Running, Badminton, Camping, Movies, Chess, Ping-Pong, Billiards, Internet and
arcade gaming, Reading, Learning new languages, Learning about different cultures
and world religion, and learning about different types of careers and business. I have
always enjoyed trying new things. I have done part-time work in private
investigation and security, acting as an extra in film, advertising and face modeling
for companies, network marketing with some of the best and oldest international
companies, restaurant and food service, research assistant for a law firm in my
hometown in America, Direct door to door selling, and lastly I have had a chance to
work as a care giver and personal healthcare aid for elderly people in nursing homes
and people suffering with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as
"Lou Gehrig's disease.

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