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									                                                                               WEB SITES

         Caregivers are: wives, husbands, parents, children, friends, employees…
   Are YOU caring for a parent, spouse or sick relative? You‘re a caregiver.
               Learn to care for another and care for yourself, using these web sites.

Surfing for Solutions?
As a caregiver, you may find that your
questions about issues you and your loved-one
are (or will be) facing seem overwhelming. For
those with computer savvy, below are a few        BenefitsCheck Up
websites which are good places to find  
supportive resources, learn more about your       User-friendly service that identifies federal and
important role as caregiver, and participate in   state assistance programs for older adults.
"virtual communities," sharing your feelings
with others around the world who share your       Caregiver Survival Resources
caregiving concerns.                    
                                                  This web site has all types of resources and a
                                                  wealth of information with links to other
Caregiver/aging web sites                         health-related web sites, information on books,
                                                  and disease-specific resources.
Agenet Eldercare Network Broad range of topics    
focused on caregiving and the older     
population.                                       This is an information and referral network for
                                                  caregivers and seniors. Its most notable
American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry      feature is its selection of search engines for                                   housing, geriatricians, lawyers, care managers,
Information on a wide variety of older adult      and hospice care.
mental health issues.
                                                  Caregiving Online: Wellness for Caregivers of
American Association of Homes and Services        an Aging Relative, Friend, or Neighbor
for the Aging                                                                This web site is an offshoot of Caregiving
                                                  newsletter offering moral support from fellow
American Association for Retired Persons          caregivers and other links
(AARP) (in English and Spanish)             CareGuide by Global CareGuide, Inc.
Very diverse web page with many different
areas of interest for caregivers, including an    CareGuide is a care management company
online chatroom.                                  dedicated to helping people at every stage of
                                                  the aging process lead more comfortable,
                                                  secure, and independent lives.

                                         or call 616-456-5664
Family Caregiver Alliance                         National Association for Home Care                       
This agency serves only California, but its web   This association provides an online guide on
site offers helpful information and informative   how to choose a home care agency. Its web
links for both in-and out-of-state caregivers.    site also lists resources by state.

Friend’s Health Connection                        National Center on Elder Abuse                        
A nonprofit support network that connects         1225 I Street NW, Suite 725
people with similar health problems for the       Washington, DC 20005
purpose of mutual support.                        (202) 898-2586

The Grief Recovery Institute                      National Family Caregivers Association                  
At this site you can order a handbook and         A national organization offering support to
articles about grieving and loss. It also has     caregivers along with free membership in the
information about the grief recovery counseling   organization.
specialist certification program for
professionals.                                    Nolo.Com, Inc: Self Help Law Center
Health Insurance Association of America           This web site offers articles, books, and other                                      information on topics ranging from how to deal
This site offers good consumer information,       with employment issues to wills and power of
and it has brochures and online order forms for   attorney.
other publications.
                                                  The Third Age e-zine
Hospice Association of America (HAA)                               A diverse web page with excellent family
                                                  caregiving information, resources, and                           software.
This site is designed by a caregiver, and it
provides all sorts of information and support,    The Caregivers Marketplace
both technical and emotional.           
                                                  The Caregivers Marketplace (TCM) is the
Little Brothers: Friends of the Elderly           nation's first free cash back and discount                            buying program for everyone who needs, gets
This national not-for-profit organization is      or gives care.
committed to relieving isolation and loneliness
of the elderly.                                   Well Spouse Foundation
Living with Grief: When a Loved One is Dying,     An association of spousal caregivers.
by Yvonne Sun
This web site offers help to those with a dying
relative or friend. On-line chat available.       Local/Michigan web sites
Mobility International                            Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan                           ,
                                                  Serving 9 area counties. Web site still under
                                                  construction but provides a list of services and
                                                  opportunity to contact.
Caregiver Resource Network                       West Michigan United Way              
A partnership of Kent County organizations       West Michigan's premier information and
providing information and support for family     referral resource, is now on line through this
and professional caregivers.                     address.

Gerontology Network                              West Michigan Caregivers Alliance                ,
Web site lists and describes services and        Focused on family caregiving issues in the
provides links to state and area services.       West Michigan area. Provides educational and
                                                 news features, resources and regional
Grand Rapids Dominican Center                    information, links to services and more.
List of programs offered at the Dominican        Government web sites
Center. Check the Healing Space listing for
information on stress reduction.                 National Institute on Aging
                                        (in English and Spanish)
HHS, Health Options                              Public Information Office
Agency serves 12 West Michigan counties with     National Institute of Neurological Disorders and
services for frail elderly and adults with       Stroke
physical disabilities.                 
Heartland Home Health Care and Hospice                      Medicare Information
Agency provides skilled nursing, therapies,
infusion, social work, chaplain and              The official U.S. government site for Medicare
bereavement care in-home, and in nursing and     information.
assisted living facilities.
                                                 Medicare Basics: A Guide for Caregivers
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services
                                                 giversbrochure/default.asp Provides
                                                 caregivers a guide through eight critical
Mental health issues are the focus. Extensive,
                                                 decision points in the health care process.
in-depth articles on specific conditions.
Information on stress and stress management.
                                                 Michigan Dept. of Community Health
Michigan Aging Services
                                                 Lists services by county with links to other
                                                 resources, both state and federal. Good site,
The Michigan Aging Services System (MASS)
                                                 but information may not be up to date.
                                                 Administration on Aging
Senior Neighbors
                                                 A diverse web page with broad range of
Provides essential services for independent
                                                 information on many topics of interest to older
living to older adults 60+.
                                                 adults and their issues.
Senior Resources of West Michigan
The Area Agency on Aging that covers
Muskegon, Oceana, and Ottawa Counties.
Medical & Disease-specific Sites
                                                                       The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association.
AEGIS HIV/AIDS                                               
This giant electronic bulletin board is updated                        Brain Injury Association, Inc.
hourly. Pools resource information from 66                   
countries for those who are infected or are
caring for someone who is infected with HIV.                           Cancer Information Service
The Alzheimer’s Association, National Office                           (In English and Spanish)
For local chapter: (800) 272-3900 (toll free)                          HotelDocs
Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral                   
Center (ADEAR)                                                         Arranges doctors for those who may need
                                                                       medical attention while they are on vacation.
American Cancer Society (ACS) (in English and Spanish)                                Mayo Clinic
American Diabetes Association (ADA)                                    Broad range of topics regarding health care,                                                       specific disease conditions.

American Health Assistance Foundation                                  The National Multiple Sclerosis Society
This web site describes the AHAF’s current                             National Spinal Cord Injury Association
research and education programs about age-                   
related and degenerative diseases. It has a
program that may provide emergency financial                           OncoLink, University of Pennsylvania Cancer
assistance to eligible families with a loved one                       Center
suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.                                    Extensive information and statistics on all types
                                                                       of cancer.
American Heart Association National Chapter                                                  The Spinal Cord Injury Ring - Resources for
                                                                       the disabled.
American Parkinson Disease Association                                                  National Organization for Rare Disorders
American Stroke Association

This Fact Sheet is provided as a public service of the Caregiver Resource Network. The Caregiver Resource Network is a
collaboration of Kent County organizations dedicated to providing for the needs and welfare of family and professional caregivers
within the community. Funded by the Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan with Older American’s Act Title IIIE, Family
Caregiver Support Funds.                                                                          Revised 4/30/03

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