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									                  DATA ACQUISITION

                  SmartLog X

Rev: 2009-09-10            
                               Why SmartLog X ?                                      3

SmartLog X

     •    Real-Time test data
     •    Eliminates manual/paper logs
     •    Faster, more accurate testing of grounding devices
     •    Track grounding device longevity
     •    Test records available at all times
     •    Archive test data
     •    Satisfies ISO and S20.20 record keeping requirements.

SmartLog X

     Key Features:

 •       1 second test cycles of all grounding devices
 •       No dedicated computer necessary for each SmartLog X3 system
 •       Insures consistent employee testing
 •       Solid State Touch Tester eliminates wearing of previous mechanical button
 •       Decreases test times as much as 1/3rd
 •       Powerful Windows based software
 •       Network & E-mail compatible
 •       Team Basic & Enterprise compatible
 •       Simple wall mount

                                        SmartLog X                 3

SmartLog X

 Keypad Features:
 •    10 digit keypad for optional entering of the employee ID’s

 Clock Features:
 •    Large internal RAM (stores up to 11,000 tests)
 •    Relay terminal for door unlocking capabilities
 •    1” x 4” LCD screen that displays 7 different languages
 •    Infrared barcode reader for use with 39 and 128 barcodes
 •    32 SmartLog X3 devices can be daisy-chained

 Tester Features:

 •    Solid State Touch Tester
 •    Blue illuminating LED indicating “ready to test”
 •    Tests both single and dual-wire wrist straps
 •    Independent testing of individual footwear
 •    1 second test cycles of grounding devices
 •    Audible and Visual alarms

 Footplate Features:
 •    Heavy duty durable footplate
 •    Split design for testing of individual footwear

                                  SmartLog X                            3

SmartLog X

 New Upgrades:
 •   NEW! Back plate design
       All connecting wires are now hidden
                                                                                 Blue LED
 •   NEW! Location of hardware                                                   indicating
       Bar Code Reader has been re-located for easier swiping                   ready to test

        of user barcodes

 •   NEW! Solid State Touch Tester
       No moving parts. Eliminates wearing or previous
       mechanical button

 •   NEW! Electrode button with Blue illuminating LED
       Blue LED provides a visual ready to test indication

 •   NEW! Increased test voltage
       30 Volts DC

 •   NEW! 1 second test cycles
       For quicker, more efficient testing of ESD garments

 •   NEW! Large internal RAM
       Stores up to 12,000 ESD tests without the use of the software

                                         SmartLog X                3

SmartLog X

 Easy to Install:

 •   Includes everything needed for single unit installations:

                SmartLog X3 Tester
                10-digit Numeric Keypad
                Infrared Barcode Reader (clock)
                15” x 14” yellow back plate
                Team Basic Software (50730 only)
                AC power adapter
                Heavy duty footplate
                Additional mounting and connection hardware

 •   Mounts on just about any wall

 •   New back plate design hiding all connecting wires

 •   No need for a designated computer

 •   Microsoft Windows compatible

 •   Daisy Chaining of up to 32 SmartLog X3 devices

 •   Technical support available for hardware and software setup

                                       SmartLog X                       3

SmartLog X

 Optional Accessories:

 •    50443: Laser Barcode Scanner eliminates card wear and
      allows for quicker scanning of the employee barcodes.

 •    50461: Ethernet Adapter allows for a universal connection
      to your network.

 •    50421: Limit Comparator for calibrating the SmartLog X3 tester

SmartLog X

 Optional Readers:

 •    Magstripe reader offered as a custom for use with Magstripe
      cards. (contact factory for information)

 •    Proximity interfacing offered as a custom for use with customer
      owned reader and cards. (contact factory for information)

                                 SmartLog X                               3

                                TEAM Software
SmartLog X

 Team Basic:
 •   Included with the initial purchase of the SmartLog X3 (50730 only)
 •   Specify tests and shifts for each employee in database
 •   Auto or manual polling of data to computer
 •   Auto archive and network data posting
 •   Allow data to be saved and stored automatically
 •   Data retrieval at selectable time intervals
 •   Allow easy data analysis

SmartLog X

 Team Enterprise:
 •   Recommended for large multi-division companies
 •   Better tracking of employees and test data
 •   Notifications for system failures and re-calibrations                      TEAM
 •                                   3
     Better visuals of all SmartLog X s installed                             Enterprise
 •   Better organizing and filtering of employee test data                     Software
 •   Included label maker program
 •   Can view live test data from an internet ready device
 •   Plus more…

                                     SmartLog X                3

                                     TEAM Basic
SmartLog X

 Team Software
 •   Includes everything needed for easy installation
     (50730 only):

             TEAM Software
             Green USB Flash Drive License Key

 •   User friendly, software installation and hardware setup
     are completed within minutes.

 •   Minimal computer requirements for installation of the

             MS Windows 2000, 2003 or XP Professional
             100MB available disk space
             64MB Ram
             One available USB or Com Port

 •   Hardware and software support available via phone or

 •   Software updates available off the

                                           SmartLog X

                                           TEAM Basic
SmartLog X

 TEAM Basic:

 •   Easy set-up of clock, badge,
     language and relay properties.

 •   English language default, 6
     additional languages available.

 •   You can create custom clock user

 •   Lists all SmartLog X3 units

 •   Green/Red colors indicate
     On/Offline of all SmartLog X3 units

 •   Software will detect when
     SmartLog X3 units are offline
     within seconds

 •   Polling can be left on or activated
     when needed

 •   Provides current Date and Time

 •   TEAM Basic manual available
     within the software

                                           SmartLog X

                                           TEAM Basic
SmartLog X

 TEAM Basic:

 •   Instant test feedback, know who
     “passed” “failed” “not tested”
     “not required” real-time

 •   Provisions for re-testing

 •   Lists last result first

 •   See current or historical data

 •   Sort or filter results by
     department, shift, name, etc.

 •   E-mail, print, or archive data

 •   Lists total employees imported
     and percentage of “passed”
     “failed” “not tested”

 •   Network Status Monitor feature
     allows you to view live tested data
     throughout your facility

 •   Colors indicate the test status of
     each employee

                                  SmartLog X  3

                                TEAM Enterprise
SmartLog X

 Team Enterprise:

 •   Time stamps all system changes

 •   Password protected

 •   Administrators only have the
     capabilities of updating employees
     and test data.

 •   Monitors users, machines and

 •   More filters for better organizing
     of employee test data

 •   Numerous reporting features
     including custom reports

 •   System notifications for re-
     calibrations of each device

 •   Automatic shut down if exceeds
     programmed failure rate.

 •   Contact the factory for a full list of
     the TEAM Enterprise features

               SmartLog X            3

        Need More Information?

For a demonstration contact EMIT for your local sales
  representative. or 909-664-9980
          30-day demo program available.


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