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                                       Mixing Grayscale and Colored Images
                                                     By Anna Lim

    Mixing Grayscale and Colored Images by Anna Lim

Photoshop has really come a long way. It has been widely used because of its great and numerous
capabilities. With it, we are able to come up with our unique works of art. Our imagination and creativity
are really enhanced by this software application. We can make impossible things especially in
photographs to be possible. It has become so important in graphic art, graphic design, web design, and

The mixing of grayscale and colored images are excellently done in Photoshop. You just need to be
familiarized with the numerous tools in this application to mix grayscale and colored images
successfully. It will also take you some time before you master it.

Truly, great concepts always come from experienced people. I agree that texture is a continuing theme
in Dale Glaser's works. I’ve seen it in the three images which are included in the article. In “The Barn”,
you’ll see how the second image is perfectly matched to the mood and tone of the overall photograph.
In the "Rest Stop", texture truly provides color and visual continuity. The image is certainly difficult to
decipher at first look but the shapes help the eye understand the unusual planes which have been bent
to support the structure. In "The Beach", texture is everything – providing both field and substance.

I agree that the article must have the title “Photoshop Collector” because Glaser, the featured
Photoshop enthusiast, is the main subject of the said article. I’m impressed with Glaser’s works
because of their unique concepts. The mixing of grayscale and colored images has a great appeal to
me. There’s something in it that I can’t explain. All I know is that I love staring at those photos.

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                            Capturing the Vintage Charm through Modern Techniques
                                                    By Michelle J. Nepomuceno

Capturing the Vintage Charm through Modern Techniques by Michelle J. Nepomuceno

Images that are dramatically stained with age carry a distinct charm that sometimes leaves us staring
at them with utmost awe and inexplicable nostalgia.

Undoubtedly, there is always glamour and romance in a vintage piece of art. That is why, in this day
and age, a lot of people (especially contemporary artists) are inspired by the photographic language of
the olden era.

With the many modern techniques and tricks available in this digital age, even an amateur shutterbug
or a simple vintage-photo enthusiast like me can create faux antique images that look like the real

The remarkable tools of the digital darkroom, or in simpler terms—your home computer, make it
possible to create nostalgic images quite easily, especially since the necessary software is available
for free on the Internet. One example is BWorks from Mediachance, a company that has already
produced a whole range of helpful programs for digital image editors.

BWorks transforms digital color images into black and white photos or so-called duotones. In this
context, the Windows program can not only take care of reducing the images to the grayscale, but can
also apply numerous effects to make them look as if they were photographed 100 years ago. Yup, just
like those antique photos that you adore. Noise, color defects and the like are some of the phenomena
that give the nostalgic effect to a modern image— and they're precisely what BWorks can produce on
your pictures. Let me tell you how.

After installing and starting the program, the software opens a dialog box in which you can first load the
original photo, which BWorks displays on the left side of the window. There is a drop-down menu
underneath this window that contains all the effects of the Mediachance software. As a standard
function, the software converts the image into a conventional black and white photo (as would also be
possible in a normal image editing program) by reducing the color saturation.

In addition to simple black and white copying, BWorks can add severe noise to the photo. You can also
change the color to create sepia pictures, produce photos with hard contrast borders and achieve other
artistic effects.

By following the no-brainer steps presented by different digital photo software like this, you can already
capture the mystique and the dreamy quality of your great grandma’s old photographs and give your
latest snapshots a sophisticated aura and style.

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