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									                              January 2012      Vol.31    Issue 5        NEW WEBSITE:
                                                                                         Arcado Elementary
Greetings and Happy New Year!                                                            5150 Arcado Road
                                                                                         Lilburn, GA 30047
                                                                                         Ph.: 770-925-2100
I hope your winter break was a happy and healthy one. We welcome                         Fax: 770-931-7026
everyone back to school. 2012 is going to be another great year at
Arcado.                                                                                  Penny Palmer Young

                                                                                         Kristina Jackson
I would like to welcome Dr. Ricardo Quinn and Dr. Jackie Tison to the
                                                                                         Assistant Principal
administration staff at Arcado. Ms. Jackson and Mrs. Thomas are
currently participating in the Quality Plus Leader Academy's Aspiring                    Mary M. Thomas
Principal Program. A requirement in the program is to complete a 90                      Assistant Principal
day residency at another Gwinnett County Public School. We wish
them much success in the role of principal.                                              Dates to
                                                                                         1/5 Thursday
Dr. Quinn and Dr. Tison are both veteran educators in the Gwinnett                       Annual 4th & 5th
County Public School System. We are very happy that they will be                         Grade Spelling Bee
joining our staff. Both leaders are here to support our core business                    8:30 am—10:00 am
which is teaching and learning. Dr. Quinn will serve grades 3, 4, 5 and
Dr. Tison will serve grades Kindergarten, 1 and 2. If you have any                       1/10 Tuesday Chick
questions or concerns that require an administrator's attention please                   -fil-A Spirit Night
                                                                                         5:00 pm—8:00 pm
email them at or                                                         1/16 Monday— NO
                                                                                         SCHOOL Martin
                                                                                         Luther King Jr.

                                                                                         1/24 Tuesday Cici’s
Penny Palmer Young                                                                       Pizza Night 5:00
                                                                                         pm—8:00 pm

                                                                                         2/3 Friday—PTA
PE Notes
                                                                                         Family Bingo Night
          Just a reminder that tennis shoes/sneakers are required for participation in   6:30 pm—8:30 pm
          physical education not to mention recess. Proper footwear helps performance
                                                                                         2/6 Monday—Local
and safety. I realize that many children received new boots over the holidays and want   School Council
to wear them to school. PE always follows the science special so ask                     Meeting 8:00 am—
your child what special they had to help determine proper footwear or                    10:00 am
have your child bring a pair of tennis shoes in their back pack.
Stay Active,
Kathy Muir—PE teacher
 Literacy Coach’s Corner
 Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break! It's great to be back at Arcado with the best staff,
 students, and parents in the world! Every time a new year comes around, people make promises to do certain things to
 help their new year be successful. As you talk with your child about their New Year's resolutions, please share with
 them the importance of making reading at home every evening for a minimum of 20 minutes a goal for 2012. The
 more students practice reading, the better readers they will become!
 As your child reads at home, have him/her read a short passage aloud to you to see how their fluency sounds. When
 we read, our goal is for the words to flow naturally just like the way we talk to someone. When teachers work with
 students, we explain to them that as we talk with others, we don't speak word by word in a slow, choppy voice. We
 don't talk really fast either. Speaking to others too slow or too fast would make it difficult for others to have a good
 conversation with us.
 As you listen to your child read aloud, if you notice that he/she is reading in a choppy voice, word by word, or if they
 read too fast, there are two strategies you can use to help them. Reading too slow or too fast interferes with
 comprehension, so try these strategies with your child.
 Echo Reading - For students reading shorter books at lower levels, begin on the 1st page of the book. The parent
 reads the page aloud to the student as they follow the words in the book with their eyes. As the parent reads, they are
 modeling the use of commas (pausing and moving on) and ending punctuation (stopping at the end of each sentence
 and using a voice with the expression that goes along with a period, question mark, or exclamation point). Start with a
 short paragraph or even one sentence depending on how the student reads and build to longer passages. After a
 parent has read the passage, the goal is for the student to attempt to echo or copy the passage to sound like mom or
 dad. As parents practice this strategy with students, their fluency will increase and help them be able to concentrate
 more on what they are reading versus struggling with individual words or reading so fast that they are having
 difficulty thinking about their reading.
 Choral Reading - When choirs sing, they sing words at the same time to music. Choral reading is the same idea
 except that a student reads the words in a book aloud with a parent as the parent helps the student acquire new
 words. Choose a passage in your child's book and have them read the words aloud with you. The goal is for you to
 read in unison and model good fluency. This will help improve fluency as well.
 For both strategies, parents can make it fun!
 In addition to echo reading and choral reading strategies, please refer to the following website for high frequency word
 lists to use with your child to improve fluency.
 Fluency website:
 Thank you so much for your support at home!

 Dr. Vickie Nash
 Literacy Coach

   Remember to be reading and recording your minutes on the Six Flags reading log. Return the
   sheet to your teacher by February 24, 2012 so she will have time to register your time by the
   deadline!! Six hours of being read to, for the younger students, or reading to yourself if you’re older than
                    1st or 2nd grade, will get you one FREE ticket to Six Flags Over Georgia!

              Book It!! Students who meet their class’s reading goal each month earn a
                certificate for a FREE personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut!!! Mmmmm!
                 This reading award program runs through March 31, 2012!

January 2012 / Vol.31 / Issue 5                                                                                       2
 REMEMBER: save your box tops and earn money for our kids!
 To date, Arcado Elementary has earned $1,471.00 in the Box Top for Education program. Trey
 Deal, Hannah Deal, Paige Lord, Katelyn Brown, Sarah Grace Moise, Thomas Foster and Antara
 Tabassum each collected 400 Box Tops during our contest that ended in December. Our winners had an
 opportunity to play and jump in a Bouncy House.
 Please continue collecting Box Tops for Education! Each is worth ten cents – this is a wonderful and easy
 way to make money for our PTA! Depending on how many Box Tops collected, our students can earn
 prizes including homework passes, ice cream coupons, and even a special top prize for 400 coupons during
 our next contest period that ends May 2, 2012.
 Box Tops for Education can be found on hundreds of products that we all purchase at the grocery store including
 cereals, juices, Betty Crocker mixes, Kleenex, Zip-lock bags and many more! Please note we are not able to
 count the Marketplace Box Tops for Education and Kroger credits in student’s totals.
 For more information, or to learn how to earn Box Tops while shopping online, visit

 Arcado’s PTA is in need of some more volunteers. Maybe you’ve thought the following:

                    I don’t know who to contact.
                    I’d like to help, but I work during the day and can’t come in during school hours.
                    I submitted my name, but I haven’t heard anything.
                    I can only spare an hour or two of my time.
                    I don’t know what there is to do.
                    I don’t want to end up doing everything.
                    They don’t need me; they’ve got everything covered.
                    I can’t help all year long.

 PTA needs everyone, parents and teachers, to volunteer to help our school and children and make Arcado great!
 Arcado’s PTA sponsors many events and programs, and we would love everyone to have a chance to help pull it off.

 But just what is needed? Come to the PTA Volunteer Open House and see what there is to do. Yes, we do need
 some volunteers to head up some committees so we have continuity over the years, and this does require some
 time. We also need many volunteers to help carry out the planned events and programs, and much of this doesn’t
 require a large time commitment. The PTA Volunteer Open House will begin with a short “Introduction to PTA”
 followed by a Job Fair where you can learn what is needed, and how you can help, now or in the future.

 For more information, email

                                              Save the Date!
                                     Arcado PTA Volunteer Open House
                    Monday, January 23rd, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm in the Arcado Media Center

January 2012 / Vol.31 / Issue 5                                                                                    3
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